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  1. I think he wouldn't mind since he doesn't watch tv and so on. I think he would be happy and running around the appartment opening up every little compartment, trying to find some stuff for an experiment. Then he would probably run out and try an experiment he wanted to do for a long time, knowing that the camera's aren't working now. He would probably leave John wondering "WHAT?!" again. What would Sherlock do if he was cut off in traffic by someone (or just driving a car)?
  2. I can't believe this was just two and a half week ago. i really want to do this again! I mean London, Sherlock, amazing people... We should have our own bar or something haha.
  3. Hey guys! So, since I've spent some time on this forum and I'm feeling very comfortable over here, I thought I could post a new topic myself. I hope you guys like it. I really love the way Mark and Steven re-wrote every little detail of original Sherlock Holmes books. I've often heard them say that they thought to themselves: "What would Sherlock do? How would he handle this kind of situations in the present day society?" So, I thought it would be kinda funny to do the exact same. What would Sherlock do in the situations you have to deal with on a everyday basis? Maybe we can throw in our own experience (getting to know each other a bit more!) and describe what you think he would do. I think Steven and Mark did this in a very clever way. I'm very excited to find out if we know Sherlock well enough to do this ourselves. ps. I'm not sure if we already have a topic like this one... If we do, don't hate me!
  4. 99.574 ways Sherlock takes off his scarf
  5. http://m.digitalspy.co.uk/tv/s129/sherlock/news/a646591/steven-moffat-reveals-that-sherlock-series-4-will-begin-filming-in-spring-2016.html?utm_source=tw&utm_medium=dsuk&utm_campaign=twdsuk Has anyone seen this?
  6. Oh! I hate it when someone repeats the same thing over and over and over again and don't even know that they have said it like a million times.
  7. No no I know. I blame the one who thought: LET DO IT IN A TREE!! Not benny.
  8. Johnairty hahahhahahaa still have to get used to this kind of things. Oh and by the way. I'm wearing my "I love Sherlock" shirt in public today. Obsession all over the place!
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