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  1. 221B_BakerSt

    What about Sherlock's feelings for Molly?

    Woo hoo! Welcome to the forum, 221B! Look here, folks, I have an ally!!! *pushes 221B in front of her as a shield* :D At least I'm safe behind my laptop screen :looks around fugitively: At least I hope so...
  2. 221B_BakerSt

    Let's Play Murder

    I'd poison him with the thing Moriaty used in the great game, I'd chuck water over him with it in so he'd think it was an accident, later he'd die and I wouldn't get the blame
  3. 221B_BakerSt

    Word Association

  4. 221B_BakerSt

    Word Association

  5. 221B_BakerSt

    What about Sherlock's feelings for Molly?

    I honestly think he's just using her

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