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  1. Oh, and after watching I now don't think Moriarty is dead, it just dropped to many hints.
  2. I haven't seen it twice yet but I am certainly going to. I thought it was brilliant I found the whole premise of it being all inside his mind palace a little unrealistic and unnecessary, but I did make a fun Christmas romp. I don't like using the word romp because it is so overused but it was, a fun Christmas romp. It worked as a good bond between series 3 and 4 and acted as a good bond between the two but after watching it, it just felt a little pointless as it is probably only about half an hour in modern day time from start to finish. I didn't really notice a change in Sherlock's character I don't know weather that was deliberate but his costume was superb. Martin Freeman was fantastic once again proving that he can be the comedy character. I didn't really get what was going on with Molly Hooper so I guess when I watch it again I will have to pay close attention to her scenes. The plot was great and is definitely the most scary Sherlock episode yet.
  3. When you will watch literally anything that has Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in
  4. Oh, kill definitely Steven Moffat
  5. 98.685 hours till we finish this.
  6. For me it was The blind banker The great game The rechinback fall Comment, I'm interested!!!
  7. I couldn't chose between Sherlock, John or Greg But I just love Greg, I don't know why I just find him really interesting to watch. Without Sherlock Gatiss and Moffat have said he would be the main character. I think Graves has done a miracle making him interesting and not just a plot device. Look closely at his chemistry with Sherlock.
  8. Welcome Amber. I love Sherlock too. Haven't read any of Doyle's books yet thought but maybe in the future?
  9. Why I left was that I was getting really bored of the wait for episodes. Last week though I rewatched all 9 episodes (even TBB) and I thought I would make my return.
  10. I do like 'The blind banker', but it falls into a lot of the crime drama clichés like the murderer being the brother and the opening scene having the person scream. I do love the ending though.
  11. In order of best to worst I would say (apologises for spelling) The richenback fall A scandal in balgravia His last vow A study in pink The empty hearse The sign of three The hound of the baskerville The great game The blind banker Really I love them all though apart from 'The blind banker' which I like.
  12. For me my least favourite is series 1. This is because it features my worst episode - The blind banker. Also Sherlock is short of portrayed as a anti-protagonist and is sometimes unlike able. A study in pink does brilliantly introduce the characters and Moriarty is set up well as the villain with that brilliant final scene at the pool. In the middle I have placed series 3. I love series 3. Charles Augustus Magnesun is a superb "business man". What a reunion scene between John and Sherlock as well. Why haven't I placed it at my favourite series? Well, I feel like Sherlock and John don't have quite as much chemistry now that John is married and lives elsewhere. My favourite series is series 2. "the rechenback fall" has the greatest cliffhanger in TV history in my opinion and is my favourite episode of all time. Scandal is my second favourite episode and I love Hounds as well. Three really well done stories with really intriguing plots.
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