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  1. Like besleybean, I'm a republican. A monarchy is outdated, archaic and a waste of taxpayers money that could have gone to the NHS and the poor. I only watched it because of the bragging rights to the generation that is born now. Also, it's unclear on what grounds the leader is arrested. But I've heard (idk if it's right) that England has passed harsher anti protest laws, my respect for England has gone ever since they want to change the Equality Act to excludes transgender and non binary people, and because of the harsher anti protest laws it's even lower.
  2. It's a pity they arrested the leader of the republicans, I thought the uk was a democracy, apparently not.
  3. Thanks for the tips Carol! I will certainly try them out. I have yet another rant, I'm on fire these past days. I hate my job, not because of colleagues or the work I need to do but because I had furlough for almost 3 months now. So I get half of my paycheck. There's also some financial support from the government, but I lost a paper. So I didn't get anything since January. The good news is that I’ve asked a copy of the paper I lost and I can get it next week, hopefully I can get all the money I lost since January and fast.
  4. The second time it happened went like this: in 2016 my friend Endy whom I mentioned before, there was charity hosted by a furry for furries to collect money for people with ALS. So we went together, halfway through he wanted to go back because he was overheating in his suit. Tia volunteerd to go with him, I stayed with the furries. He was pissed, he said that I abandoned him while I promised to be his handler. Which meant that I carried his stuff, and that I valued people I never met more instead of him and I know him since I was 8. Then we had a huge row late 2019 with caused us not to speak to each other for six months. In April 2020 I send a message to his brother Tom to wish the brother happy birthday, and I asked If he was well and that I missed him. Tom told Endy and we reconciled and I apologised for the row and neglecting him back in 2016.
  5. So normally I'm the person who apologises directly, but it happened twice now that I apologised for something that happened more than a few years ago. In 2015 I had a depression and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, a few months later my dad was also admitted but in a different ward. And his sister, my aunt, expected from me that I visited him, while I was recovering myself! We even had a row about it: How I was selfish, how didn't care about him only his inheritance, that I abandoned him Etc. I tried to tell her that it was too difficult for me, but it didn't help. She said that I just needed to endure it, it ended in me threatening to go to cops and file a complaint for stalking, we haven't spoken since. I'm feeling much better now and occasionally visit my dad a few times a year with my mother, a few days ago me and my mom came upon the house of a great aunt on my dad's side of the family by coincidence and saw the windows were shattered. So I phoned my cousin whom I have a better relationship with than my aunt if he knew if she passed away, he didn't know and said that his mom knew it. I waited with excitement for how would go, I hadn't spoken with her since 2015. It went well and that Thursday I finally apologised for it.
  6. 1. Idk, I use the app, not the website. 2. Yeah, Imagine this kid has a sleepover and the parents of her friend say no. Ooooh boy. Or when that kid is old enough to go to school. 3. They were three different hairs.
  7. The skip ad seems not present in Europe :(. And think that parents not being strict is because they are afraid of the child having a meltdown in public. Anyway, on to my rant. In 22 days I'll be 29, and so far I have found 3 grey hairs in my hair in a year. WHY do I already have grey hair?! I thought that was supposed to happen in your late 30's early 40's.
  8. Wait, YouTube has a skip button? I didn't know. Anyhow I have another rant, I hate children. I find them impatient, loud, obnoxious, insufferable and chaotic. But what I hate more than children is parents who don't reprimand their spawn! I went swimming with my mother today and there was a bubble bath, we both entered it to enjoy it. But there was a child splashing water in the direction of her mother and us who didn't say anything about her behaviour, my mom got fed up and left to enjoy the sauna. Eventually she left, shortly after that three boys entered the bubble bath who started splashing in each direction, thankfully the life guard pulled them out of the water. Then my mother returned and we went to a section that had back massage, and another child was splashing water with a mother who didn't say anything. She left briefly, while she left me and my mom got talking to the couple opposite us how we didn't understand that the mother failed to read the room. When she returned my mom returned to the section we went before, and there was another child splashing there and thankfully the mother reprimanded her child, after that we went home.
  9. So my best friend Endy lied to me, he's also depressed so I'm guessing that in his depressed state he sees everything as a personal attack. This will be a long story fyi. Endy is a furry, a furry is like a mascotte you see in sports and amusement parks. Furries create an animal with its own colours, that’s called an fursona. Some create their own fursuits, Endy created a fursuit and commissiond another. Here is where the story begins: a year ago Endy commissioned dragon legs by someone called Julliette, Endy made a comment saying it would be nice if they would be ready for a convention. Julliette interpreted this as that it SHOULD be ready for that convention and pulled a few all nighters to complete it by that time. Endy got his fursuit and went to the convention, unfortunately the quality was shabby: the stitching went loose, a dragon nail came loose and there was dog manure in the stuffing. He got a refund thankfully. A few months later he went with me and five others to another convention, me, and the five others spend the night at Endy's place. At the convention he went to take a group picture from him and the other furries. He claimed someone called kjell deliberately stomped on his foot, jesse looked at the video made before and during the group picture and said that Endy was deliberately attacking kjell because there was no evidence, Endy got a temporary ban from the furry group chat and claimed that the video was edited to make him look bad and promptly deleted his telegram account. And then jesse who was among the five people that spend the night at Endy's was pissed about the fact that he got two fines because he parked longer than was allowed. Endy was like "I'm sorry, I thought you knew you how long you were allowed to parked because you parked here before." And then Endy payed half of the fine out of guilt, then it was the end of the convention everyone who spend the night cleaned up and left. Now here is where the lies begin, as I mentioned Endy told several people that kjell stomped on his foot. I saw the video and spoke to jesse about it, he told me the pictures and video made during the video was made by a professional photographer. Who is not a furry, who is not part of the community, who doesn't know who Endy or kjell are. Why would he omit the part where kjell stomped on his foot? Then I overheard a phonecall between Endy and his brother and more lies were told, how jesse and two of the five people who spend the night didn't clean up and how jesse demanded he would pay half of his bil. None of this happened, I witnessed it with my own two eyes. I saw them clean up, jesse didn't demanded that Endy, Endy gave it out his free will. So I started thinking, if Endy lied about jesse and kjell, did he lied also about Julliette? Turns out he did, julliette is a beginning fursuit maker and when Endy commissioned his dragon feet she felt unsure about it but Endy kept pressuring her until she gave in. And then Endy demanded the dragon feed should be made his way not her way and that everything should be finished by a convention. The loose stitching was because of something sharp cut into it not because of lousy stitching, the dog manure was also not his fault, the only thing that was his fault was the loose nail. I'm disappointed in him, he never lied to me, the worst thing is that he put doubt in my mind. I'm doubting everything that comes out his mouth now.
  10. I have 2 rants, here they are: So a friend of mine said Facebook does ads in its videos now, I checked and he's right. Effing adds on Facebook videos, as if YouTube wasn't enough. Either I haven't changed much since I was a child, or I have a very recognisable face or the people I've come across don't have face blindness. Due to sheer coincidence I have come across four people who I haven't seen in years, three of them I went to school with, though I wasn't close to any of them that all recognised me. They were all like: "Hey its been a long time that I last saw you, I was like who the fudge are you? Just one time I want to hear that I've changed a lot but I'll only get if visit my previous school, but was I young and can't remember any of the teachers name. Oh well.
  11. I don't know if I'm getting more sensitive with getting older, or getting older makes having certain things less tolerable due to having autism. I went twice to a fair once at night with all the noise included, once on a "silent" where the noise was less. Boy did it make a difference, when I went at night it was a sensory overload. One attraction had lots of lights flashing at once that really hurt my eyes and would couse epilepsy. But when I went the second time it was like a weight was lifted from my chest, I'm seriously considering to go on the silent day next year, it's so much better!
  12. Indeed, I know that I used a lot more electricity. Because I didn't have heating in my bedroom, I used a portable heater and an electrical blanket. But to have to pay that much? Seems like overkill. Anyway, the bill is adjusted. I now have te pay almost 900€, so I'm pleased. But the whole thing caused a discussion between me and my mom. She sweared up and down that my monthly bill will be higher and that I had to change my energy company. So I said they weren't going to change the monthly bill and that changing company wasn't going to change my bill because I have the cheapest bill possible. But did she believe me? Noooo!
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