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  1. Maybe it's because you work at funeral centre? I wouldn't be able to do it, especially now.
  2. So Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, although I'm European I could tell she was beloved by Americans. I know her health was deteriorating, but I know a lot of people hoped she would live until after the election. It seems their hope was in vain, and I'm worried about the consequences. Either the orange wanker will appoint a republican which will mean that balance between progressive and Conservative is gone and Roe v Wade will be challenged, or they will wait until after the election to appoint someone. I firmly hope Biden will win, granted he's not mine or anyone's first choice. And the choice of Kamala Harris is problematic to say the least, but anyone is better than Trump. The USA cannot survive another term with him, I'm afraid he will employ the army to suppress the peaceful protests going on ever since George Floyd died, and when that happens, there will be a civil war.
  3. So I have a girlfriend now and last month we celebrated our 2 month anniversary, and when we were dating I had to tell people I met someone, including people who I hadn't came out to. I genuinely forgot the anxiety when coming out, some didn't believe me. But sometimes it was amusing, then I had a conversation that went like this: "I met someone." "That's nice, where does he live?" "What kind of job does he has?" Is he older or younger than you?" and then finally "What's his name?" So I answered each question without using a pronoun, but when I said a girl's name seeing the penny drop was just priceless.
  4. I'm not a fan of The daily mail, but it's quite funny. I've heard they use it for peacocks as well!
  5. Watched the last season of Orange is the new black during lockdown, I cried, not because it was the final season and I had to say goodbye to my favourite characters, or because my favourite character died but because in the last season it had an inmate in a ICE containment center, I've always found its existence horrifying but seeing an inmate ending up there made it more heartbreaking, and I just don't get it. The universal declaration of human rights states that you have the right to travel and to seek asylum, yet we let a bunch fascists dictate that if you didn't come to their country a certain way you won't be granted asylum. Because otherwise your country gets "invaded", those racists literally believe that when POC claim that they want to be treated equally it's a lie and they actually want revenge for how they were treated and start suppressing us [emoji19], it's just nonsense.
  6. Thanks for the hugs[mention=2761]Artemis[/mention]. Anyhow, no movie review today but a review of 2 Dutch documentaries. Dare to ask 8/10 If you ever wanted to ask something to someone that was inappropriate, this is for you. They asked people with dwarfism, addicts, people who are into BDSM, Muslims, wheelchair users, polygamists, priests and people with eating disorders. It had questions that I expected, but some questions that I expected would be asked weren't in it. Season 2 which will air soon will involve early dementia, nuns, people with HIV, Jews, obese people, and nobles. I'm curious already. Procreation 8/10 It involved more than why people procreate or not, it covered how in 60 years time our society changed: it went from being encouraged to have like 10 children to being criticised if you have as much as 3 children, how some people see pregnancy and children through rose-colored glasses and get PPD when they find out it's not filled with cupcakes and rainbows, whether or not it's selfish not to have children (it isn't), whether or not it's inconsiderate towards people who are infertile (also no), how the concept of a biological clock came to be and the infuriating dubbel standard that when you ask someone who has children why they wanted them, the vague answer "Because I wanted to." is acceptable whereas if you ask someone who doesn't want children the answer "Because I don't want one." isn't acceptable and you still get the bs "But who will take care of you when you are old?" and one person they interviewed pointed out the naked truth that few people actually take care of their relatives at old age, they put them in a nursing home and visit them a few times a year. There are 2 things that annoyed me about it: they interviewed teenagers who were like 11 or 12 if they wanted kids or not, and at that age you have romanticised view of the future. I'd prefer it if they interviewed people in their early 20's because they are more realistic. and at one point they interviewed someone who conducted a research about the happiness of children who grew up with same sex parents and concluded that they had the same happiness as children who grew up in a "traditional family", which kind of unintentionally implies that children of single parents, divorced parents and parents who remarried are less happy, which is bs of course. I only wish this documentary was aired last year because last year a handful of women I know got pregnant and I felt guilty about my decision to remain childless, I felt like there was something wrong with me, I was pissed about the fact that my biological clock was frozen solid in a 10 inch cube and showing absolutely no signs of thawing, and felt that I disappointed my mother by not giving her grandchildren. But some time after that we had a conversation about about it and she said it was okay that she wouldn't get grandchildren, you can imagine a huge weight fell off my shoulders.
  7. God no, I'm not in the mood for the holidays. I want this year to end, and it's the second year in a row I feel this way. Anyhow, last month I went on a holiday with my mom. My mom is usually very meticulous when she plans stuff, so she knows where to get on and off and when the bus arrives. But on that trip she decided to channel her inner boomer by asking random people on the street for directions, or the busdriver to notify us when we would arrive at our stop or rely on her memory because she went there 3 years ago so no directions were needed. So of course we got off the wrong stop, missed our stop, walked in the wrong direction and took the wrong bus, I was pissed of course.
  8. Onward Me and three other friends watched this film, all four of us related to the film. Two of them because the last memory they have of a relative is them dying with tubes, the third because he saw it as an allegory of how people lost touch with nature and I because I relate to the main protagonists. You see, I grew up without my paternal grandparents. There is this void in my life that will never be filled, questions that will never be answered. I would do anything to be able to spend 24 hours with them, so I can get a glimpse of how my life would be if they were still alive. This movie made me realise that 24 hours is not enough, I'll always want more. So a 7/10 for the movie.
  9. IDK man, I've seen several posts on Facebook of people who have anxiety and asthma and they still wear a mask.
  10. That makes me think of all those moments when a boy pulls a girl's pigtails and the mom is like "Aww, he likes you." If that kid ends up in a abusive relationship, it's because of BS like this. Also is it me, or do parents these days don't have a spine? On 4 separate occasions I've witnessed a child, all of them boys, displaying acts of physical aggression. Not once did their relatives scold them. Try sitting in a bus with a crying toddler for almost an hour with their mother refusing to comfort the child, fun times.
  11. When my country ordered those tests and delivered them to nursing homes they accidentally ordered the ones for the mouth instead of the nose and thus tested them incorrectly. [emoji2356]
  12. This thread reminds me of the yearly controversy of "Baby, it's cold outside" around Christmas
  13. I wish I could say I'm shocked, but I'm honestly not surprised anymore. I remember the murder of Michael Brown in 2014, it was horrifying to see more people being added on the list: Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and Philando Castile are the most well known for being shot by cops. I hoped those deaths would be the end of racism, I was wrong. I saw the article of BBQ Becky calling the police on a group of black people who were holding a BBQ, I saw several others like her who called the police for the most dumbest reasons. The recent being a woman who was pissed that some dude told her to leash her dog. I saw how Trump held rallies with the words "build that wall!" And "Send them back!" I saw immigrants being put in containment camps. It saddens me that stuff like this still happens, I feel like nothing changed.
  14. Thank you guys, I really appreciate it. I thought about it and came to the following decision: I'll talk to her, see what she has to say. I'll see if she feels guilty about it, but it will take a long time for me to forgive her.
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