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  1. So I'm sick, I asked my doctor to get a leave of absence until tomorrow. She refused and said she would give me a leave of absence until today because I would be "healed" by then. I'm not, so I have to go back tomorrow to get a new leave of absence. Like I know my own body, I know how it takes to heal from a cold. This could all have been prevented if she listened to me, stupid female canine.
  2. On a completely different subject, covid restrictions loosened here you no longer have to wear a mask at work or in public places, only on public transport. It feels weird to walk around without one, though I think we will have to wear a mask again because the numbers are climbing again. How are restrictions at your place ?
  3. Black widow I'm kind of disappointed in this movie, it didn't feel like an solo movie more like an orgin story for her replacement. The intro drags on too long, it's nice cover of an existing song but the whole time I like got on with it! Plus the amount of plot armour is just insulting, I give it a 6/10.
  4. I need to get something off my chest: I'm disabled, and because of that I had a hard time applying for jobs because I don't have a degree. And people who are autistic like me seem to end up doing either IT or working at an assembly line. I refused to work in IT because customers are entitled assholes, and I refused to work at an assembly line because people who work there are considered mentally challenged and because it's boring and repetitive. Despite that I did two internships at a assembly line and one in a mushroom factory, at the end of my last internship I was fed up with my previous job where I was a dishwasher. So I was like if an assembly line job is the only alternative to this so be it, so I worked at an assembly line factory for the past month. Is it boring and repetitive? Yes, but it's an improvement to my previous job. Are my colleagues mentally challenged? No, most are normal. I feel like I wasted a lot of time, if only I wasn't so stubborn and swallowed my pride sooner I would have spared myself a lot of job hunting frustrations and stress.
  5. I have just been called ma'am by a teenager, I officially feel old. I have been called ma'am by people older than me except by seniors who call me young lady, this is the first time I've been called ma'am by someone younger than me. He wanted directions, but I was tempted to say "Excuse me young whippersnapper, but it's miss. Historically, it's always been miss until some people decided it was offensive that women were reduced to their marriage status and changed it so miss was only used for minors. Personally I find it ageist and propose the following: miss is used until the age of 30." But I didn't and gave him his directions. What do you think? Do you hate being called ma'am? What you propose about when to use miss or ma'am?
  6. I'm boycotting them because they treat their employees horrible.
  7. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-leeds-52096629 walter is cute.
  8. I'm afraid I can't help you, I never owned more than 1 dog at the same time. But I know a colleague who did that and when one his dogs passed away, he adopted another one after a while.
  9. I don't like my childhood photo's, I had bowl cut hair and looked like a boy.
  10. I don't see anything, I'd say my phone is to blame, I mean I don't see anything even if I use the desktop version.
  11. Hopefully next month will be better for both of us then 😊.
  12. Lady luck doesn't seem to be on my side this month, first I had a hernia, then I sprained my ankle and then my country went in lockdown and there is a possibility of my internship being cancelled ☹.
  13. Funny, I recently saw a post on tumblr that was a picture of a cat sitting on a stone staircase with the words "Please do not sit here." On the staircase. Apparently, cats just don't care about human laws.
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