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  1. Fantasy Lover

    "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    I know , N please
  2. Fantasy Lover

    Recently watched movies

    Ralph breaks the internet 6/10 When the trailer was released I thought it would be about Ralph and Vanellope discovering the internet and getting into shenanigans with the Disney princesses, I did not expect it to be so F***ed up. Remember in the first movie where Ralph leaving his game forever is a bad thing and should be avoided? I did, the writers didn't. When Vanellope gets tired of racing the same tracks she discovers a new and more exciting racing game and wants to leave her game and live in the new one, no one mentions this is a bad idea, not even Ralph. Speaking about Ralph, the idea of Vanellope leaving him causes him to act like a possesive boyfriend with abandonment issues. Look, I appreciate that after the events of the first movie Ralph is still insecure and afraid of losing the first friend but I just wish it was handled differently. How to train your Dragon 3 This movie was super predictable, and annoying as hell. It was still entertaining though, I give it a 6/10 Toothless is still a Marty Stu and everyone is hitting on each other -_-. Captain marvel 6/10 I legitimately teared up with the tribute they did for Stan Lee and his cameo. So at the 10 minutes mark of the movie or so, things get weird and it took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on. But anyway I expected more, and I saw the reveal in the middle of the movie coming from a mile away. but seriously, what's up with the world of The guardians of the galaxy and abducting people from earth? Also, most people watched this movie solely for the reason of finding out what happened to Fury's eye, the explanation is as dumb as well as disappointing. And then the movie gets political, if wasn't pissed by the predictable reveal in the middle and the lame explanation of the loss of Fury's eye I would have appreciated it. Speaking about Fury, why didn't he tried to contact Carol during the events of The Avengers? Why now? Why not sooner? Also Carol is too overpowered and a Mary Stu, she spends the first part of the movie struggling with her powers and then at the end of the movie in the space of 5 minutes or so she suddenly can control her powers and is able to fly -_-.
  3. Fantasy Lover

    "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    I never said you were senile, it's just that it's been a while. O please.
  4. Fantasy Lover

    The Political Thread

    Dear God, no! ANYTHING but that, a second term is going to ruin what's left my sanity! I'm not going to be to handle another 4 years of his incoherent rambling! Did you know that recently he claimed that the noise of a windmill causes cancer? The Dutch had a field day with it.
  5. Fantasy Lover

    Recently watched movies

    I admit it sounds familiar, it reminds me of that other thing that went horribly wrong. I don't know if anyone remembers, but a while back there was this person who threw a party and it was supposed to be small but it was posted as an open event where everyone could go to so of course a lot of people turned up and everything went to shambles. Or something like that, I may gotten some details wrong. Anyway, there's also a Netflix apdation made about it and it's called project x, it's extremely F***ed up and it looks like it could have been made by the makers of American pie.
  6. Fantasy Lover

    "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Thank goodness you still remember it, A please.
  7. Fantasy Lover

    The Political Thread

    Everyone in the UK right now.
  8. Fantasy Lover

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    *grabs some water and joins you* 'sup?
  9. Fantasy Lover

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    I hate it when you ask your supervisor to take care of something, and then it takes freaking MONTHS for something to happen.
  10. Fantasy Lover

    "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    It's been a while since anyone posted here, so I'm going to change that. I request an E please.
  11. Fantasy Lover

    Recently watched movies

    Mortal engines 6/10 I was worried about this movie because A. Peter Jackson was involved and I still haven't forgiven him for the abomination that was The hobbit and B. It was just another adaption of another book series of a bunch of teenagers trying to survive a post-apocalyptic dystopian wasteland. My worries were largely unnecessary, as they made a pretty good faithful adaptation of the book and it was a solid end enjoyable movie. And I finally got around to watch Hotel Transylvania 3, it was predictable but fun, I give it a 7/10.
  12. Fantasy Lover

    Introverts, how is your day?

    So awhile ago I posted on this forum that my mom met someone and how it made me feel lonely, ignored and neglected. They are now married and the whole day I spent in agony, not because I had to socialise with a lot of people I didn't know, but because I had to pretend I was happy and supportive which I wasn't.
  13. Fantasy Lover

    The Cute Animal Pics/Videos Thread

    That reminds of this:
  14. Fantasy Lover

    Recently watched movies

    Crimes of Grindelwald 6/10 Man, did nobody involved even consulted the canon? There are just so many mistakes I'm genuinely pissed. Spoilers/ranting belong
  15. Fantasy Lover

    Recently watched movies

    Bohemian rhapsody 8/10 This movie was just a giant love letter to everything related to queen: the band, the songs, every single outfit of Freddie, his relationships and even his cats! Now it's time to review trailers: Are you F***ing kidding me? After six transformers movies that subsequently became worse with each new sequel you'd think movie studios figured out that the audience became sick of them, they didn't, they just hired some idiot to make a prequel and make up all the mess Michael bay made of the transformers franchise, which is a lot of pressure. NNNOOOOO!!! Wwwhhhyyyyy?! J.k.rowling did it again, she keeps changing things that NO ONE asked for.

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