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  1. This thread reminds me of the yearly controversy of "Baby, it's cold outside" around Christmas
  2. I wish I could say I'm shocked, but I'm honestly not surprised anymore. I remember the murder of Michael Brown in 2014, it was horrifying to see more people being added on the list: Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and Philando Castile are the most well known for being shot by cops. I hoped those deaths would be the end of racism, I was wrong. I saw the article of BBQ Becky calling the police on a group of black people who were holding a BBQ, I saw several others like her who called the police for the most dumbest reasons. The recent being a woman who was pissed that some dude told her to leash her dog. I saw how Trump held rallies with the words "build that wall!" And "Send them back!" I saw immigrants being put in containment camps. It saddens me that stuff like this still happens, I feel like nothing changed.
  3. Thank you guys, I really appreciate it. I thought about it and came to the following decision: I'll talk to her, see what she has to say. I'll see if she feels guilty about it, but it will take a long time for me to forgive her.
  4. I feel you, here we are allowed to see 4 people again. I saw 2 already, I haven't seen my friends in weeks and the urge to hug them is huge. unfortunately I could only give a wuhan shake, the skin hunger is real.
  5. My other friends told me the same thing: "You did the right thing." It doesn't change the fact that she threw a hissy fit and cut me out her life. What's worse is that I felt guilty for not saying the right thing or doing the right thing, but after my friends told me that I grew angry. She guilt tripped me and made me feel like I was bad friend and an inconsiderate wanker. How dare she? I did a lot things for her, we were friends for 17,5 year and I considered her a sister, how could she threw that away like it didn't matter to her.
  6. It seems that I forgot to post my review of Jumanji: the next level. Oops, time to post it then. Jumanji: the next level 8/10 It was a good sequel, which you can't say for several movies. There are new characters: Milo and Eddie, who are elderly and possibly have dementia. It's also possible that we're going to have a sequel, so I hope the next movie will also be good and hopefully the last because I really hope they aren't going to milk it.
  7. Guys I need your opinion on something, a while ago I posted in the rant topic about that I lost my friend and how I became annoyed that everyone kept saying that things would become okay between us eventually despite the fact that I know she is rather resentful and unforgiving. It turns out that they were right, today she reached out to make amends but I don't know if I should forgive her. But first I'll tell you how I lost my friend. Last November her mother passed away and I tried to support her as good as I could: I took her to conventions and the cinema. Then she send me a suicide note, I called an ambulance and left my work early despite the fact that I didn't had permission to leave from my supervisor. And next time we met she was mad, said that I supported her wrong when she wanted to be alone. But she never asked me to leave her alone, if she did I would've. Then there is the fact that she accused me of not knowing what the consequences were of my actions, that she would have ended up in a psychiatry which was something she didn't want and that her brother was now extremely worried about her and that was my fault. I knew that she would end up in a psychiatry, I knew her brother would be extremely worried about her, it was a risk I took. She can't tell me I didn't knew what the consequences were of my actions, I left my work early despite the fact that I didn't had permission from my supervisor, which was something I had to apologise for. I knew precisely what the consequences were of my actions.
  8. speaking about reopening things, Florida is once again taking a bad example by reopening their beaches. I predict a lot of them will end up in a hospital and I can't say I feel sorry for any of them.
  9. For those interested, the certain character is Gandalf the grey.
  10. I consider both terrible and dangerous ideas. WHO needs the funds to develop a vaccine, cutting funds will only slow down the process. As reopening everything now will only increase the death count, it's sad when the economy is valued above human lives.
  11. My social worker would disagree with you, but then again she has a toddler and a baby. The baby is crying often and the only thing the toddler is capable of saying these days is "mommy" and "I'm bored", sometimes both of them at the same time. She's struggling to balance work and family, she misses the time you could focus on one or the other, it's hard to balance three plates at the same time. Sometimes I'm glad I don't want to start a family.
  12. My mom dislikes working from home because her colleagues treat the quarantine as a holiday and don't seem to be doing any amount of work.
  13. I hope not, last summer was awful. One day it was 40 degrees Celsius, FORTY!
  14. Yes, I am referring to Tapatalk. I kinda prefer the app instead of the browser.
  15. It doesn't happen to me. Although I noticed that while I get an email update, I don't get an update from the app, perhaps I should delete it and reinstall the app. Hopefully it will be fixed.
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