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  1. Fantasy Lover

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    I started my internship this Monday, my work is boring, tedious and asinine and most of my colleagues aren't really talkative and it turns out that working full time is extremely exhausting, and I have to do this for two more weeks! It's my first week and I'm already 100% done with it, the next two weeks are going to suck, a lot! Help me.
  2. Fantasy Lover

    The Political Thread

    If you're referring to the person who I think you're referring to, the answer would be until there is a president who has the balls to do something. Speaking about America and the 2nd amendment, due to the fact that America refuses to do anything about gun regulation, amnesty international issued a warning to potential tourists and visitors NOT to go to public places and that is the sad reality we live in.
  3. Fantasy Lover

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    What I hate even more than people insisting that not having/wanting children makes someone selfish, is the insistence that only children are antisocial loners. If anything I consider being a only child an advantage, it makes me better at dealing with loneliness and less dependent of others.
  4. Fantasy Lover

    The Political Thread

    So I didn't have time yet to post something about it, but now I do. So without further ado, I wish to express my deepest sympathies to the UK for having Boris Johnson as prime minister.
  5. Fantasy Lover

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    Funny, I had the following conversation with a stranger twice a few years ago: Stranger: "Do you have children?" Me: " I'm a bit too young for that." Stranger: "How old are you?" Me: "I'm twenty-two." Stranger: That doesn't mean anything, I know someone who had a kid at that age. Me internally: just because I have a womb and teenage pregnancy is a thing doesn't mean everyone develops a maternal a instinct by the age of 16.
  6. Fantasy Lover

    Recently watched movies

    Because Disney is using nostalgia as a quick cash grab?
  7. Fantasy Lover

    Recently watched movies

    You're welcome . I have another review ready: Rocketman 8/10 This is another biopic about a gay singer and it even has similarities to Bohemian Rhapsody despite that, I enjoyed it and the songs ^^.
  8. Fantasy Lover

    The Cute Animal Pics/Videos Thread

    You're welcome [emoji4]. Also in celebration of the last day of pride month and the 50th anniversary of the stonewall riots, I'm going to post this picture ^^.
  9. Fantasy Lover

    The Cute Animal Pics/Videos Thread

    Since it's been awhile since I posted something in this thread so in compensation here is some spam
  10. Fantasy Lover

    Recently watched movies

    Godzilla: king of monsters 6/10 I just want to say that normally I would never have watched this movie and only watched because my best friend kept pestering me to go with her and I made deal with her that I would watch this movie with her if she would watch the lion king with me, in that case both us get to see a movie neither of us really wanted to see. Anyway, the movie was pretty much what I expected: a bunch of giant monsters making a lot of property damage, military dudes thinking shooting at a 50 foot monster will somehow kill it and most of the main protagonists having plot armour. That being said it's better than I suspected and I liked the soundtrack. Aladdin 4/10 F*** YOU, DISNEY! This movie was so boring, joyless and absolutely lifeless. And here's why: unnecessary added lyrics that add nothing but pad the runtime, unnecessary added sexism, unnecessary added romance for Genie, unnecessary added answers to questions everyone figured out already such as what happened to Jasmine's mom and Aladdin's parents, I hated how Will Smith looked with incredibly dodgy blue CGI, I hated how Hakim briefly obeyed Jafar even though he served the sultan for much longer because the movie needed conflict or something, I hated how they made Iago act like a common parrot and took all of his sass from the original, I hated how they made Aladdin briefly a power hungry twat and I hated how they made Jafar a power hungry asshole and what I hated most of all was that Jasmine forgave Aladdin for lying by pretending someone he wasn't just so he could be rich. It has absolutely nothing of the charm of the original! The fan made movie Twisted made by Starkid is so much better than something a multi million dollar company made because it was a love letter to the original movie and Disney itself! The only good thing about the reboot was the added realism of Aladdin trying to act like a prince and failing horribly at it and the fact that you just can't claim you're from a place nobody heard of and can't find on a map without anybody figuring out you're a fraud.
  11. Fantasy Lover

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    I feel this picture is appropriate considering this discussion.
  12. Fantasy Lover

    The Political Thread

    Wouldn't it also violate doctor patient confidently? I think it was governor Kay Ivey who signed the bill. As for your question, I agree with that the fact that it is inappropriate for men to make decisions about reproductive rights of women.
  13. Fantasy Lover

    The Political Thread

    Going back to the abortion topic, isn't Alabama going to make travelling to another state to get an abortion illegal?
  14. Fantasy Lover

    The Political Thread

    I sincerely hope that we can discuss this subject with the same maturity and respect when discussing religion and politics, so here goes nothing. The name is misleading and inaccurate: We need to stop calling it a “fetal heartbeat law” it should be called an “embryonic cardiac vibration law” because it’s not considered a fetus until the 10th week of pregnancy (8th week from conception) and it’s not actually a heartbeat because in the sixth week (of pregnancy. 4th week from conception) an embryo does not have a developed heart, (or brain, or spine) it has a cluster of cells that can be detected vibrating or pulsing.
  15. Fantasy Lover

    The WTF Thread

    I'm sorry, it's totally my fault. I know that's not the real reason! It's just that the conversation we had before she asked that question was pretty weird, I'm pretty sure she was high. It went like this: "Excuse me, can I ask you a question?" Me thinking she's ordinary beggar "Sure." "What do you study?" Me confused "Office management." Oh, then you can't help me." "With what do you need help?" "I'm wondering why the sky is blue. Every time I go outside it's blue." Me completely bewildered says the first thing to pop in my head "It's because it reflects the water." "I don't think so, does it have another colour besides blue? I'm thinking about contacting the local weatherman to ask him about that." Me completely creeped out at that point and just wanting to leave "Yes. Black, red and orange." and then I left.

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