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  1. you're welcome [emoji4]. Saw Bad boys for life, it was pretty much what I expected: loads of action, unrealistic stunts and illegal ways to do an investigation that definitely would have Mike fired in real life. Also, is it me or did Martin Lawrence gained weight since the last movie? That being said, I'm quite proud that two Belgians directed the film so I'm giving the movie a 7/10.
  2. I know that, but as long it isn't "She just needs time" or "things are going to be alright" I can live with it. Funny you should say that, I recently saw a friend who I haven't seen in quite some time. Hopefully I can see him more often, I missed him.
  3. We had two storms in the past two weeks and there is a third on the way, hurray [emoji58]
  4. Last month my friend said she didn't want to be my friend anymore, why that happened is a story for another time. The point is that ever since that happened people keep telling me that all she needs is time or are asking me if she reached out to make amends. First of all stop asking me if she texted me, it's getting annoying. I already told one person I would let her know if she texted me, I'm sure I need to say the same to others in the future. Secondly stop telling me that all she needs is time, our friendship is damaged beyond repair! She is not going to reach out to make amends and if I would try it, she would refuse to make amends. I appreciate that you're trying to cheer me up, but you don't know her. You don't know how immature, stubborn and resentful she can be. So stop giving me false hope!
  5. I'm sure that will happen, after all the entirety of Scotland voted to Remain back in 2016. Also me and everyone else with half a brain cell knows that leaving the EU would be like shooting themselves in the foot, only with Scotland wanting independence and northern Ireland considering a reunification with Ireland it's becoming a financial and economic suicide for England. Beginning? It's been going on for 4 years! It's like a headache that refuses to subdue no matter how much painkillers you take.
  6. Finally got to watch Star wars IX, I went in with low expectations because a lot of people seemed to hate it and then I got spoilered which made me dread seeing the movie. That being said, it was alright but I understand why people dislike it. Spoilers/ranting below: I'm giving it a 5/10
  7. They are, especially since Scotland is considering holding a second referendum on their independence and Northern Ireland is considering a reunification with Ireland.
  8. Somebody once told me if they're drying out it helps to write on your shoesole, which works weirdly enough.
  9. The thing that a lot of people dreaded has happened, the UK has officially left the EU, now all that needs to be done is to arrange a deal with the EU about trade and and freedom of movement all within a year, and knowing how long it took for the UK to get this far, it will probably take another 4 years for the Brexit to be finished, hurray [emoji849].
  10. I finally had the last conversation with the temporarily replacement of my social assistant, I am SO glad my usual social assistant is coming back from her maternity leave next month. The temporarily replacement was lousy, stupid and incompetent, there were multiple times I wondered how she ended up with a psychologist degree. She constantly criticised how I run my household, she pulled the family card, she said I just needed to take more initiative to talk to my colleagues on my internship when it's a two way street and she was convinced I could ask on a job interview to change a full time job to a part time job, which is something you can't do, bye Felicia.
  11. Oh my bad, I really thought it was about evil superman. Good luck to you as well!
  12. Thanks! I could use the encouragement, because I'm afraid I set rather high standards for my next job, I doubt I'll ever find a job that meets my requirements.
  13. The fact is that Man of steel got a lot of criticism for the fact that Superman does a huge amount of property damage without caring about civilians and murdering the bad guy. So I'm not so sure that the fans will like that. I feel you, one of my new years resolutions is to find a different job. I'm so done with the work I have to do, my colleagues, my boss and especially my lousy paycheck.
  14. Tell me about it!! My hair was more or less decent when it came past my shoulder, because it's now chin length it's a mess!
  15. Maybe she felt offended that you doubted her abilities as a health Guru. Anyway I just googled it and the answer is yes, it has 358 mg per 100 g in case you were wondering.
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