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  1. So Lis Truss resigned, she barely lasted 2 months. I'm betting the other guy who ran for prime Minister is going to be prime Minister now. The uk is a mess right now.
  2. I heard it, it was to be expected with her age and the passing of her husband.
  3. No thank you, no voting rights, not allowed to work, not allowed to drive a car, no roe v wade I'll pass thanks.
  4. I've heard of male calico cats but they're rare
  5. Get well Artemis! I got covid as well, but it was a mild version: coughing, runny nose, a fever and lack of appetite.
  6. I know it's kind of redundant to rant about this with the pandemic nearly over but I have to get this off my chest. Dear antivaccers, please stop comparing yourself to a jew living in nazi Germany. The covid safe ticket and the passenger locator form are not a jew star, you are not persecuted, you are simply held accountable for being a selfish prick. So stop calling yourself the new Anne Frank. On a unrelated note, I have a friend who is still in touch with my ex and the things he told me... it's really karma for my ex, she doesn't have a single penny to her name, she keeps borrowing money from her friends who dumped her because they don't get their money back, because she's broke she's moonlighting now and the tiny studio she lives in now is infested with mice.
  7. jurassic Park dominion This was a worthy finale to the sequel trilogy and the franchise as a whole. It was nice to see the characters of the previous trilogy again, I give it a 9/10
  8. I'm here as well, I'm going to have my birthday party this evening.
  9. According to the movie trivia, it's 1932. And she's born in 1935.
  10. Secrets of Dumbledore 8/10 Well, this was better than the second one thankfully. I was really afraid it would be a disaster with the pandemic, Johnny Depp being recast, a minor character being cut out due to misconduct and Nagini being cut due the pregnancy of the actress. But Mads portrayal is better than Johnny's, Bunty gets a bigger role than in the previous movie and there is a new character is the movie by name Eulalie. Minor nitpicking: it's still possible to Apperate in Hogwarts, McGonnagal is also in the movie despite not being born yet according to Pottermore, and the plot twist that ETA I think this will be the last time we have a fantastic beasts movie: due the disappointing ticket sales, Ezra miller's misconduct and J.K.Rowling's transphobia. Multiverse of madness 6/10 I was happy that Sam Raimi directed this movie, I was also happy with despite that, I consider this movie not as good as the first, it feels mediocre, you can do better Marvel. Also, this whole movie could have been avoided if Doctor Strange cast a memory spell to make Wanda forget she had children.
  11. I used to like Harry Potter, the Twilight saga, the hunger games trilogy, the divergent trilogy, the maze runner trilogy and the Lord of the rings trilogy.
  12. I read all of the books by Rick Riordan so more than 20 fantasy books.
  13. I wash my towels and bedding sheets with my underwear, even though I have to wash my towels and bedding sheets at 60 degrees and my underwear at 30 degrees.
  14. I don't know how things are in other countries, but Belgians offered their places for people freeing Ukraine with the hashtag spot free and people are donating their stuff to be sent to Ukraine. It warms my heart to see so much solidarity but at the same time my cynical side agrees with this article: https://www.funx.nl/news/funx/e8efe7fe-5fa0-4022-b516-064a851860a9/waarom-krijgt-de-oorlog-in-oekraine-meer-aandacht-dan-die-in-andere-landen I'm not going to translate the entire article, but only the gist of it. It wonders where the solidarity was for the people in Syria or Afghanistan. Is it because its closer than the aforementioned countries? Is it because the inhabitants of the countries are people of colour? Is it because those countries are "uncivilised"?
  15. I'm European yes, but I'm from Belgium. Far away from the war.
  16. Two of my roommates are Russian, they are horrified.
  17. Watched The kingsman, it was nice to see the origin of the Kingsman but it was kind of insulting to see that WWI was started by a petty Scotsman with a grudge. I give it a 6/10 My hero academia world heroes mission 6/10 I'm not a fan of anime and certainly not shounen, what certainly didn't help was the fact that this was a movie of the anime and I felt like I missed a lot. So I watched the anime afterwards I was like WOW so many spoilers for the movie.
  18. I nearly had to celebrate Christmas alone as well, I got a stomach bug a few days before. I was mostly healed by Christmas eve but I had to skip dessert. I was able to eat dessert by Christmas but I didn't get a second portion.
  19. Stupid female canine, so my fiancee broke up with me. The reason being not ambitious enough. It's so stupid, I know my job is not something I wanted to do or studied for but it's a job, something that I finally have after years of searching. So forgive me if I'm not looking forward to find something else when I know how frustrating it was to find my job. I still think it's excuse and that the real reason that I'm broke now because of her, she just used me to drain me of my money and broke up with me when my money was gone. I did everything for her, I payed the bills, I did groceries, I cooked and she dumped me!
  20. I've seen a lot of movies last month, time to review them all Spiderman no way home 8/10 This whole movie could have been prevented if that entire conversation went like this: Dr Strange "I'm going to cast a spell that makes the entire world forget that Spiderman is Peter Parker." Peter Parker: "Okay, but I would like that a few people still know that." "Sure, no problem." But it was nice to see the old villains again. Ghostbusters afterlife 8/10 This movie ignores the the third one, it was nice to see Eternals 7/10 I definitely have seen too much Star Trek because they visit earth in 5000 BC and I was like WHAT ABOUT THE PRIME DERECTIVE!? This movie does a good job dividing it's screen time between all the actors, it's also the first marvel movie to have Venom let there be carnage 4/10 I didn't like the first movie and I didn't like this movie, I only went because venom is going to be part of the MCU and friend was going to pay the tickets.
  21. So I'm sick, I asked my doctor to get a leave of absence until tomorrow. She refused and said she would give me a leave of absence until today because I would be "healed" by then. I'm not, so I have to go back tomorrow to get a new leave of absence. Like I know my own body, I know how it takes to heal from a cold. This could all have been prevented if she listened to me, stupid female canine.
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