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  1. Thanks Carol, your forgiveness means a lot to me. I just hope Caya will forgive me too, if she does, then I can leave this site knowing that I had closure. If she doesn't, that's fine too. And I'll still leave this site.
  2. You're both right, I'm shouldn't have said that. I have a bad habit of saying things that I regret later, this is one of them. I shouldn't have compared it to a sick old dog when I had to put down my own dog several years ago, and for that I'm sorry @Caya I'm better at managing it online than IRL, but you're right, I have no business here anymore. I made an account on the star trek website that I mentioned before, so you won't be seeing me anymore here. This is goodbye, it was an honour being an member here and meeting you all. I won't forget you! Kind regards, FL.
  3. I hate to be that person. But this forum is like a sick, old dog. You're the person who keeps giving the dog medicine when it needs to be put down.
  4. Hey Carol, you can ask that question on this site https://www.trekbbs.com/. I made an account there with the same username as this site because *gestures at the state of this site*.
  5. Wasn't there reports of infighting between the crew when it was making season 3? Maybe Shatner wasn't nice to Leonard, maybe Leonard didn't forget what happened then and was like: you know what, maybe I'll ask the director to put in a death scene so I won't have to deal with you ever again!
  6. I love them! I've brought recently a fifth one. Because my others aren't decent enough anymore.
  7. I value my wrist thank you very much, but I mean of these https://www.amazon.com.be/-/nl/VOUNOT-Boodschappentrolley-waterdicht-opvouwbaar-trappenwagentje/dp/B08FLYCSB8/ref=asc_df_B08FLYCSB8/?tag=begogshpads0a-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=633051686807&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=1215915078513503034&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1001004&hvtargid=pla-1019603098683&psc=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwysipBhBXEiwApJOcuwudLYJvwuR1ci_LlSAsMDWSLy3RHDdl-YXr0us7B6YJxatQoxqZJxoCcecQAvD_BwE
  8. I think Shatner is just jealous that Spock is the most famous character of the TOS if not whole of the franchise. Btw, here are some memes I found: https://amp.cheezburger.com/22673157/the-funniest-star-trek-memes-of-the-week-october-17-2023
  9. My effing elevator finally works again! In those 10 days I couldn't buy more than a bottle of milk and water each! And couldn't ask my friend to help me carry my trolley up the stairs because he had the the flu! But it works again! First thing I did was to buy 6 liter of water and milk.
  10. Yeah, my ex girlfriend lied to me in the beginning when we were cohabiting. She asked to borrow money from me to pay for amazon stuff (so she claimed) because she earned less and I was the breadwinner, which I gave her. But she kept asking and asking for money, one time I refused, and she was like "don't you love me anymore? You're just being greedy and selfish." So I kept borrowing her money, until she asked me to borrow money twice in one day, I was like "are you mental?" Shortly after that she went on a trip to Poland and then she dumped me and found a new apartment while on her trip, and then I had to pack her stuff because she was in Poland, which I did being the goody two shoes I am. I'm glad I'm rid off her.
  11. My boyfriend's brother is addicted to coke, my ex is addicted to a variation of drugs, but specifically coke.
  12. We'll see if she understands our point of view, because so far discussions with her about the Muslim community didn't change her mind. Anyway, I'm going to talk about a subject that might be controversial but I need it of my chest. If you asked me 5 years ago if drugs needed to be legal I'd say yes, but I now know two people who are addicted, my ex gf and my boyfriend's brother. It's not a pleasant experience, because I was the breadwinner when I was cohabiting with my ex girlfriend. The lying, the threatening, the denying, the insults, the yelling, the crocodile tears, the begging, being made into the villain because I caught her using etc.... I feel sorry for my boyfriend because he caught his brother using and his brother isn't on speaking terms with him anymore. I you would ask me now, I'd say only legalise medical cannabis.
  13. I'm sorry Carol, It won't happen again. Anyway, on to my rant. Due to inflation and the expensive energy costs my rent was only increased by half, which means my rent will increase again! I only hope that it won't be higher than 38€ otherwise I'll lose my government benefits and I'm already struggling financially. Oh AND I'm getting lousy advice from my mom and my grandfather. Mom said "don't worry about it, we'll cross that bridge when it happens" grandfather said "you need to budget better" get rekt both of you!
  14. Well my mom and I have a row with my mom's niece. How that happened? Well, my niece is racist. Having some people close to her converting to the Islam, participating in the ramadan, choosing more modest clothes because those people met and fell in love with a Muslim made her bitter and racist. Instead of going like awww, the things people do for love. She was like Muslims are forcing their faith down or throat, as if the Christians didn't do the same thing for centuries. Guess she just doesn't understand love. So she was saying stuff like: "the culture of Muslims is R word, in front of my mother, who is remarried to a Muslim. Talk about being able to read the room, if my stephdad was there he would have left her alone in the restaurant with her steak, but my mother isn't like that. My niece eventually apologised to my mom and told her it wasn't meant to be personal and that my stephdad was welcome the next my mom would visit her, yeah.... not going to happen. I sent an angry text to her saying that the next time spouts racist bs me and my mom would leave, I told her she can shove her steak and called her a sour puss. I won't let anyone hurt my mother or insult my stephdad's religion. R word scoff, those people are moving haven and earth to help their fellow brethren in Marokko and Libië after disaster befell both countries, how are they R word? I will never understand racists.
  15. Stupid effing female canine, how dare you? How dare you suggest that my backpain is just a little auwie and I need to try to work anyway?! I hope you have a hernia that takes seven months to cure, grow some effing empathy! Moderator Comment: This post sounds like it could replying to some other member's prior post, in which case it would be in clear violation of forum rules. Since there are no other recent posts on the subject of back pain, however, it's apparently "addressed" to someone in the member's everyday life. Let's all please remember to be very clear about this sort of thing -- for example, preface the above with something like "My boss is being really obnoxious today. I feel like telling her . . . ."
  16. I found this on Facebook, it was too funny not to share: https://www.facebook.com/charleskie.reblora/videos/595393552522207/?mibextid=rS40aB7S9Ucbxw6v
  17. I hate the fact that my mother likes taking pictures, it really annoys me. The fact that she also likes to take pictures and selfies of others and herself bothers me as well, like I'm some monkey in a zoo. The majority of my Facebook consists of her pictures where she tags me, finally I had enough and disabled the function that allowed her to tag me.
  18. Has anyone ever felt happy for something, but at the same time felt sad? I've felt that way ever since Hanne and her boyfriend got engaged, I'm happy for them but at the same time I'm reminded that I could have been married for 2,5 years. And I know it's probably for the best that we didn't get married as she only loved me because she needed someone who did everything in the household and paid for everything. But the thing is, I have lousy love life. I've tried speeddating, dating sites, a blind date, dating my best friend. None of this worked out, and then I met my ex. And I was so relieved, at last I've found someone. I was loved for who I am, I wasn't rejected because of my straightforwardness, I was beloved. To find out that she only loved me because I had a lot of money on my bank account and I was willing to do everything for her. She took advantage of me, and that devastated me.
  19. Does anyone know a person who has like a PHD or something and yet does something that makes you go: how are you so effing stupid? Case in point my mother: she became a real penny pincher ever since corona, and she wanted to renovate her bathroom. So she posted an add on Facebook for someone to renovate her bathroom and pay them under the table (which is dumb), someone came to see the work that needed to be done and confessed that he was still waiting for people to pay their bills. If I heard that, alarms would go off because no one would be stupid enough to pay for a renovation if they didn't borrowed enough money. But mom hired him (which is dumber), and of course my suspicions were correct, he barely did any work and the delivery date kept being postponed and unfortunately my mother kept waiting and waiting instead of kicking him out. Finally, she did so and then..... she asked asked AGAIN on Facebook if someone could redo the work that wanker did 🤡👹💀👿😡🤬😠. Thankfully, the replacement was decent. Keep in mind that my mother studied law.
  20. I can imagine that's a very unpleasant experience, but you can always adjust it by editing it on the website itself, I'm just not sure if you need an account to do this.
  21. The super mario bros movie, this movie made the inner child within me very happy. All those nods from the games! Bowser was the best thing about the movie. 8/10 Guardians of the galaxy vol 3, all the animal cruelty made me sad. And the villian was too hammy for me so 4/10 John Wick chapter 4, it's quite amusing that I saw this movie first and not as last. But I saw 1 to 3 on the plane to NYC so I noticed some similarities in all the movies: endless faceless goons, headshots, plot armour and endless ammo. 6/10 Spiderman across the spiderverse, sweet Jesus does this movie takes it's time to end! But it was worth it though, but I had to rewatch the first because it made a nod to the first and I was like: what are you talking about? I can't wait until the sequel! 6/10 The little mermaid, I'm very happy that Ariel is illiterate in this movie. Because the fact that Ariel could write in the original movie could have avoided a lot things! 8/10 Mission impossible dead reckoning, this movie gave me the same impression that Johnny English Return gave me. That is was made by a bunch of men in a midlifecrisis complaining how evil technology is, especially AI. Unlike Johnny English Returns, I liked this movie 8/10.
  22. Well, it's Sunday and I have nothing to do. So I figured I'd pop in and start posting again because I have some movies to review. I noticed it's been pretty quiet on the forum, it saddens me.
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