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  1. I see this surfaced again and again in various source, so his experiment must be too successful. And like Carol said, there are a lot more ridiculous products out there that make me, (especially mostly, most of the products advertised in internet are not something I could get without effort anyway, geography an all) believe that it's real. Having said that, I think liquid egg (in cartoons mostly) has existed since forever. I never used it, not intended to, I like my egg to look like egg. Speaking about eggs, you guys are aware about fake eggs, right?? Mostly found in China and India, it never cease to amaze me, not in a good way.
  2. What sort of thing you think my parents were into? I think it was just an unfortunate candid situation that made it into a photo. Maybe it was my first time crawling or something and there was no time for pants! We barely had pictures to be honest, even now. Somehow my core family treats cameras pointing on us like kryptonite. I probably can't speak for them because I am the worst. In statistic , I think I have a good 40% of success to hide behind big guys in group photos, or purposely moved so that unclear half of my face was recorded. For outings that matter with real friends, I couldn't escape, as it's too obvious and they have known me. I am talking about those useless group photo 'I barely know you we just happen to be here or do this thing together' that I don't condone. I only had one childhood birthday picture, as in, me in front of birthday cake. It looks like a normal birthday, but in reality, we happened to have one cake (not sure where it's form) and every kids, including me, my siblings, my cousins, even my neighbor's kids took turn to take picture with the cake, as if it was our own birthday cake. I don't even remember if I ate the cake, I believe it was then kept 'in case we need something nice' for guest maybe? But it wasn't a bad memory, we had fun that day. Actually it's amazing that as kids, we remember some specific things in very detailed memory, including the resentment that comes with it, that somehow imprinted in our mind. I believe that incident more or less affecting your certain level of trust about your father in similar situation?
  3. Now, I am curious about whether curiosity is considered as emotion, because if someone asked me what is emotion? I'd think curiosity would not be my top 20 answer? Looked up the definition, emotion is described as 'a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others'. By that definition, curiosity fits a reaction from one's circumstances. I was thinking it could be categorized as instinct, which is also connected with intuition therefore is also part of emotion. Now in my scrambled mind, I supposed there are 'reactive' and 'active' sub part of emotions? Does it make sense? Those feelings that you mentioned is more like reactive, how something affects and triggesr a reaction from you, with you having much of ability to resist or contain it. Something like curiosity, is more active? It causes you to actively try to find out more instead of just reacting, therefore you have more power here. Forgive me, I'm actually not sure what I am smoking here. I have thoughts about wide variety of weird things lately, have many questions in my head that I don't have the ability to put into words to convey my points. One of them is why are we the way we are and is it beneficial if we have the ability to make us less.. bjberbgaey..we?? I haven't had my coffee today and my head is pounding. Will try again sometimes. And this had gone off topic too, so pardon me. P.S. I hate that the quote box in the beginning of post is too stubborn to be moved. So not to mess with overall of the post, I like your answer Artemis, it makes sense. I do have a lot and more questions regarding that. But again, maybe in better days when I am not having incoherent fifty mini useless thoughts.
  4. But my question is IF you are not what you are YET. But you have been told and understood clearly about the idea of emotion. I don't read your detailed posts as I plan to watch the series, I was assuming it'd be like the character of the series, when naturally he doesn't have emotion. If you were him, would you want to learn to have emotion? For the reality of us, of course we are doomed, we don't have choice and that is the part of us, like you said, with the warts and all. I'm just pondering would it be better if we are actually like that? No emotions, and like JP's, it doesn't mean we don't know right or wrong. I don't know my answer too, there are people and things that make emotions worth while, and there are little things that make me happy and giggle like little girl and a little bit or big outburst would bring up my energy or bad sides of me that makes me what I am. I'd say it gives meaning to life, but it's unstable. Take away couple of things that matter and it would be volatile and I don't like that.
  5. Ow now you guys make me miss my childhood photos! I remember there is one that I used to be ashamed of, because I was laying on the floor belly down with bare bottom. It was infant picture and there was pretty much nothing I could do yet. My annoying siblings like to make fun of that. Now sometimes I see my dog on the same position I would remember that picture and thinking, like mother, like son.
  6. I lost them too, but my teens is probably the best, before life actually happens and turns me into grumpy human that probably looks like expired shower curtain. WHa.. what about those furry yellow pictures you refer to yourself in that other thread?????
  7. Why do you think I am like this? Cat: wha..t was that!?!?!??!
  8. I hold no responsibility to anything that I said after I said them. Yes I think that is our John.
  9. Not sure about your source, but it's definitely different with mine. I was pondering about this. Would you guys want to actually be 'converted' and know what feelings are if you are Harry? (I don't know anything about the series. Say you are Harry and someone explain to you very well about the 'consequences' of having all those feelings) Human and feelings are full of pains and ugliness. One would debate the positives and beauties are worth that. But would we be better if we are nonemotional species?? I was thinking the other day that we have so, so many flaws. Gravity, age, emotions, pain, I know, I know, blah blah they make us human, but maybe, maybe we are too human??
  10. I would say at least make it less contradictive or confusing than showing the person using similar gadget, they could show for example, person using their hands to fight off the swordsman in TBB for example, or to hold the infamous sheet before it fell down because brother dear is pissed and steps on it. Hey, why we are on gadget..
  11. Tsk tsk and you call yourself a fan of John. Gah! I don't remember the birthday and call myself a fan of cake. Oh well. Eh.. no? I was called that before and remember being extremely proud. Sherlock, John and Mycroft's dynamic is why I put TFP as my favorite of S4. We only get bits in the past and TFP is the whole episode. I also like little Mycroft.
  12. Personally, I don't think it's the kind of naivete I want to live in. Being paranoid and cautious makes me weird and probably very annoying in a way, but it saved me too. I'm not changing that, but have to admit, the longer I live, I have worse and worse opinion about us. I just wonder, why, why human are created this way? Wouldn't it be better if the libido level is toned down a couple of notches?? Human are too horny, it leads to too many crimes. What are the use of that! Animal have urge to procreate, that is their instincts. We should and do know better. Seven billions and counting to eight, countless of horrible crimes, broken home, pretty sure those perverts don't have procreation in their minds, god no. I vote for less horny species, this is a big flaw!
  13. But, but! It's supposed to be hands free! Don't advertise something that says hands free and show a picture of model using hand at something that looks very questionable as the gadget that this product should help at the first place, don't you think? And oh, yes it would help on activities that you mentioned, but it would terribly block and hinder the view, especially, like you mentioned, is on the right eyesight. The only plus thing, which you also mentioned, apparently tech neck is actually a thing when I google it, and this contraption, could actually help that, in very specific way. In short, the picture shouldn't contradictive to product that is already questionable on the first place. Also, products should be useful, efficient, good for humanity, like, like.. this hamburger bed!
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