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  1. Van Buren Supernova

    The WTF Thread

    So in the news couple of days ago, I read an article about a businessman hiring a hitman to kill his competitor. The hitman then hired another hitman who hired another hitman who hired another hitman who hired another hitman. The last hitman decided to meet up with the target and persuaded him to play dead which resulted in everyone being caught.
  2. Van Buren Supernova

    GIF Your Mood

    I like U2! With or Without You is still a pretty good car trip companion. Wait, so what happened if you take a sick day? They cut your annual leave? I'm lucky to have sick days, but we need to prove it with Medical Certificate. Some company had annual cap, some didn't. I hardly used it, but some of my colleagues really made use of it for the slightest reasons they felt uncomfortable. Which I think, one of the reasons that makes companies restrict them maybe? It kind of ruining the concept imo, some really only take it when we need it. But in my experience, honesty pays. I didn't skip work and very seldom took sick leave, but when I need to, like unable to obtain certificate from clinic because I was too sick to go or urgently need to skip works without prior notices, my bosses were very lenient and trusting, but they behaved differently with my colleagues who abused the priviledge.
  3. Van Buren Supernova

    The Cute Animal Pics/Videos Thread

    They are taking over the world, one donkey at a time.
  4. Van Buren Supernova

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Two week after next? I'm threatened to host something next month, which I have to be the one to do it, because it's my thing, which is supposed to be happy thing, and I am terrified.
  5. Van Buren Supernova

    The Political Thread

    Wait, whaattttt? What are they doing? On topic, it's pretty messed up everywhere eh? I was hoping to find in the news, Finally! New Robots that could do detail cleaning! Cancer cure, All Cancer! Super Tree, Grow In a Day! Super Plastic, Compose by Commands! Dogs Now Have Same LIfespan as Human! Not wars, diseases, miseries, murders, again, again, again, again.
  6. Van Buren Supernova

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    Forgive me if I sound ignorant, I'm actually confused about why many are so angry when they are asked to cover up. I need to make myself clear that I don't see this in term of discrimination, bottle vs breast, right etc. But to be really honest, I feel that this could be unpopular, can I be uncomfortable looking at exposed body parts? No ill meaning, I know it's necessary, I don't connect it with something sexual. It's just that, I'd rather don't see it, hopefully you guys get what I meant. I read often that many got really mad and protesting that it's violation of right and maybe other reasons I don't understand.. so please enlighten me. I know, and I did and could, to just ignore or look away, which is fine. Again, what I don't understand is why many are so pissed about it, is it because they are using wrong reason when asking people to cover up? If I remember correctly, one of airlines I took often, was criticised strongly when a woman was asked to cover up because, their reason, other passengers are not comfortable. I wouldn't be the one who would comment or complain about that, as mentioned, I'm fine to ignore it, but if you ask me, I'd say I'd rather don't see it. So, is it wrong to be uncomfortable? Sigh, I'm probably will be very misunderstood with this.
  7. Van Buren Supernova

    Myers-Briggs personality types -- and quiz

    Still say it's not a defect? It's a defect! If you don't mind me asking, Do you have heavy on the scale T friend? And have you ever felt hurt with their comments/reactions or lack thereof? Or frustrated when you think they should feel guilty/apologize but they never did, or worse, didn't understand or aware that they are hurting your feeling? Or appealed at their lack of compassion/sympathy or indifference or seemingly cruel comment? I had been called all those, by FJs I mentioned, which is confusing to me, if I am so mean and hard to be friend with, they really don't have to. (Sometimes I really wish that to be honest, there were those who gave up and tbh, it's very alright and works well actually although this probably sounds a*holic). I appreciate that they still try, but it's tiring sometimes that I'm always pushing invisible buttons. I can't always take care of your feelings if you don't understand that I actually didn't mean to hurt it. And it doesn't make me feel good as well when you always think that you are the only one making effort.
  8. Van Buren Supernova

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    Some furnitures like tables make sense, I think. But couch, yes, you have to try it. Mmmmmm... couch.....I have been living couchless for.. almost twenty years, really miss it. Actually I still don't understand online shoe shopping. Comfortability of shoes is the most important thing in the word. I have a hope that it wouldn't do well. Having access to air space would be too invasive for privacy and security. But drone and flying cars with assigned paths, that is likely, I think, imo, imho, imhho. I don't know them, my mom's friend just lost a twenty-five years old son to road accident. I can't imagine how she feels. Anything for future road safety, to avoid these tragic deaths, and so I don't have to see dog and cat's road kills anymore. Oh I agree, especially furniture. Always tried to buy for long term durability, but not unreasonable priced ones. Having said that, so I bought a stool. A simple, tiny stool, to help me rest my butt when I do work on the floor. *** I have one, but it was multi-functioned as bucket. I have buckets, but I placed my carwashing kit inside when I'm not washing car. I have another bucket, but it's upstairs and I need it too often to bring it down everytime. I have another stool, but it's slightly too high for the purpose I want. Anyway... I bought a simple looking stool, the one that looks and feels similar with my childhood's one. A four-legged plastic stool. It's durable (as I remember, and as I had tested it again with my current built). It's simple, nostalgic and cheap. It's secondary, tertiary stool anyway. You see, I have another stool ***.. So, as tertiary stool, it was sitting unloved for a while, until finally one day I needed it to work on the floor. I was making something that would save me couple of hundred bucks (instead of buying) and the finishing had something to do with oil paint (? Not oil painting kind, more like for metal painting). So I happily sat on it and started to mix my paint. Then one of the legs bent (it was a subtle sabotage attempt I didn't suspect anything here), causing me to lost my balance and there goes the can of thick, hard to clean paint, on the floor. As I looked in horror, and grabbed an old T-shirt (that I had re-purposed for my dog spare blankie. You see, my dog has a blankie...). So I grabbed this tertiary blankie and tried to clean some of the spilled paint, at least before it got into other stuff, and stopped half way because, wait, this paint is totally okay to be used as the base, don't waste it! So I hold the blankie with my left hand, and with my other hand I started to paint. Then one of the legs bent again (BENT, IT NEVER BREAKS IT LOOKS OKAY AND INNOCENT), and the paint on that blankie left a long trail of thick brown paint (hard to clean if I didn't make it obvious yet) on the side of my motorcycle, which was parked next to me. And I had started to get suspicious with the evil stool. As I was sitting pissed and confused, one of the legs bent again, and the magic stool flew across the garden. I have anger management issue. Finished the work well on the original stool. I lived in a place where repair would cost me more than buying new. Same with relocating, especially fridge. It's painful. Also, some manufacturer's salespersons admit to me that the brand purposely made new things less durable now so that it wouldn't be too long before people need new product. I made it a point to ask about this now, and the answer is almost always the same. Actually, one of the famous brand who admit to it was Apple, the ones I asked are mostly appliances.
  9. Van Buren Supernova

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Hey I'd count that. Did that too, but not sure it counts because I was luckier, when I finally moved I got couple of days and two weeks crash places before I/we found our own place, and that helped because new place/culture when you are an alien could be tough. I remember one thing I hated the most being an alien (and still is) was lunch/meal time, when it was (probably still) a stigma that you had to have company (or else you are loner friendless weirdo!), they liked me enough (I suppose) to ask me for lunch everyday, but then everyone spoke their language instead of English (so-called official office language) that I barely understand but then complained that I was being quiet and non-social. It was not mean-spirited, the language thing, it's just natural and had become their habit, and to be sexist, boys seemed less/not to notice this kind of thing in my experience. Although one of them, who was the only married one then, made a ridiculous remark that I didn't want to talk to him much because he was married (implying that I had nothing to gain for being friendly with him. Wait, what????!!!) Then I started to look for excuse to have better lunch companion in my daily (and free!) newspaper. And that, is the origin story of this biggest loner friendless weirdo who is more expert in escaping lunches than Sherlock solving cases. Oh wow, I had multiple first-aid trainings (all of them have been forgotten), but I think I'd shit myself if I really had to do one. Time will tell, but I hope it'll never need to happen. No. And... a wise man once said (me, ignore gender), love and hate is only separated by a thin thread. Enemy loves you more that those who are indifferent to you. I assume they are not very aware??
  10. Van Buren Supernova

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    If we notice that they bring out something out of the blue in the later scene, that the writer seems to expect viewers to have some knowledge of, than that is the missing piece. Some relation could be made from familiar setting, objects and character too. Oh that weird ordinary guy was shown for a reason, oh that is to explain the other set of figurines they found earlier or there is something wrong with this place etc. @absolete I found that bookstores are dissappearing and it's not good. Used to hang out at Border (even when I'm not buying). There is something comfortable about the smell of new books. Library is not the same anymore too. @mall I like weird store that sells unique stuffs and they are still around, but not much. I have to admit I'd rather go to malls that sell cheaply made stuff (although I'd prefer decent quality) than high-end mall when I can't afford anything and everything seems like from different planets, like torn jeans for couple of hundred bucks just because of brand, and way too pissed-off looking models in their poster.
  11. Van Buren Supernova

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    That really could restore faith in existence of soulmate. From my experience, it's really a big plus starting from friendship. Just what I need!
  12. Van Buren Supernova

    Myers-Briggs personality types -- and quiz

    Why don't you? I'm sure the creator of above is an INTJ who probably thinks it's needed to explain to the world that we are just misunderstood , that we are actually slightly less annoying that they think we are. Just yesterday, someone I know well, took offense when I snapped at his judgemental and annoying comment, (that happened to stereotype a certain culture, backed-up by little knowledge that he has, which is one of my pet peeves). Something that I know he likes to make, that he knows I had snapped on it before. BUT apparently I am the rude one and he is the victim, of my rudeness and 'oversensitivism'. Even when I attempted to brush it off, extending olive branch and took it lightly as just another quick remarks and misunderstanding, which we tend to do since we are close enough friends for over a decade, and that is because he also claimed that he doesn't mean to stereotype, he still try to have the last word and insisted that I was the one being rude. Which of course I said nevermind and left it like that. Don't hit me FJs, those on extreme ends of F and J are killing combination for me and my friend is one. This happened to us before, and I kept 'hurting' him, wonder why he still always talk to me again, and never quit me as friend but then never seems to get what I am.
  13. Van Buren Supernova

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    But I do sympathize, nobody should mind other's business that way, especially something that might have layers of stories behind it. But it's always a challenge, isn't it? It's difficult to wear other people's shoes and understand their views and positions. I got this a lot from my relatives and friends about everything that they don't understand about me. And I'm sure I'm guilty as well, but I don't go around ruining their days. Yah I know, the magical woods that is shoeless and punless. So depressing.
  14. Van Buren Supernova

    Myers-Briggs personality types -- and quiz

    I hijacked and feel obligated to bring it back. Stumbled across this, 80-signs-youre-an-intj Although it supposes to represent one Mbti, I think you would find something you could relate with. And it's full of Sherlock gifs! I relate to almost all, but personal favorit that is more specific is: You keep expectations low and downgrade accordingly I can't stress how much I'd be happier if I stop expecting people to be good at what they are supposed to be good at. I think I have mellowed, but apparently I am still abrasive to many, especially strangers in professional settings. It's surprising to see how many actually 'run' away, when I had already tried to tone it down. It annoys me greatly that they though doing a decent job is too much to ask when it's what they should be competent at. More: You are blunt when you respect someone and sharper when you do not. You can be cruel to those you perceive as imbecile or wilfully ignorant. Your history is kinda mysterious, and it's bloody staying that way. Small talk is endurance sport. You can pass for charismatic, it eventually wears down with your patience. You avoid deepening relationship without good reason.
  15. Van Buren Supernova

    Introverts, how is your day?

    I agree with J.P. You are not a wimp, definitely not a normal introvert. Good god! I am not even sure I have couple of things in my yearly calendar!

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