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  1. Van Buren Supernova

    The Political Thread

    Haiz. Same thing. Haven't read news for month, and it doesn't look very good. What happened?? I read the possible impacts of prolonged government closure and it seems like it's very risky and things could fall apart and creates domino effects. Why would.. why... gah!!! I don't know much, and ignorant enough, but isn't emergency declaration seem to fit more to the fact that the closure is still ongoing instead of wall not being built?????? Is it a mega tantrum?
  2. Van Buren Supernova

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Spoilsport! And here I am thinking that the carpet must be irresistible. I thought India is first..second biggest English speaking country? But maybe that is not their first language. Anyway I'm disappointed that there is no delicious carpet anywhere in the world.
  3. Van Buren Supernova

    Sherlock's Fun Facts and Trivia

    It's amusing to me though, the type of stuff he wants to know. Again, I'm not really sure about his timeline, from quick search, it seems like he was frozen around the forties and woke up in 2011. But why would he particularly wants to know the World Cup Final of 1996, not others, and why Nirvana in both American and British list when Queen would be more reasonable choice. And I would think Seinfeld would be more popular than I Love Lucy since they are both happened after he was frozen anyway. And why Sean Connery and not James Bond? By 2011 he is not that well-known anymore but the franchise lives on. But then, this question is outside Sherlock realm
  4. Van Buren Supernova

    Introverts, how is your day?

    HEY THAT IS NOT FAIR. Giving advice is easy because I'm not the one who needs to suffer For me, I expect you guys to help me escape. No less. You are right, I'm just worry that it would feel icky. Have to be grateful though. Normally in those projected stressful situations I always think that I will get through it and imagining the night after, lying peacefully on the bed and say, "see told ya it would be over." It used to be much easier escape for me because I'd tell people on the last minute, but this time I can't because there are too many things I need to hand over.
  5. Van Buren Supernova

    The Cute Animal Pics/Videos Thread

    For example: Meow = feed me before I claw on your face MEow = play with me before I claw on your face MeOw = let me out to mate and make you bunch of kittens before I claw on your face MeoW = surrender your tummy to be my throne before I claw on your face MEOW = nevermind, I just feel like clawing your face After a while, it's easy to get the pattern really. But as I said, it's been almost two decades since I had a cat, they might change it a bit now that I'm able to decipher their code to take over the world or just misbehave. ...Like puppy kidnapping. Coincidentally, my high school friend, the only one I'm keeping in touch with, said the same, he said there is a new small group chat (just the closest friends we both know) and it's quiet so he threw me in to make some noise. And I started by calling them all macaques and accusing them for being less cute...
  6. Van Buren Supernova

    How Did You Find Us?

    OH MY GOD!
  7. Van Buren Supernova

    Sherlock's Fun Facts and Trivia

    Somehow I missed a couple of last posts. There is a glitch in the matrix!! Anyway, haven't watched Captain America Winter Soldier, but found this small little fun fact. He has a list of thing to do/to learn, and apparently watching Sherlock is on top of his list! Welllll, at least in British version Below is the original version:
  8. Van Buren Supernova

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Having missed the festivities around here during holiday. Here, my treat. For what I've known, you guys are not from India, so feel free to munch on your airport carpet while you can. You are welcome!!
  9. Van Buren Supernova

    Recently watched movies

    Watched a couple of movies during my holiday. Aquaman. Some parts are cheesy, but I did enjoy it. Aquaman was my chosen superhero power to have beside Flash back then, it would be nice to breathe underwater and communicate with fish, and I could mess with annoying land dweller as well. I hope DC will pick up more from here because I think I'm more of DC fans. The costumes seem different with Justice League which I'm grateful, because I remember hating Aquaman's costume in JL. Could remember wrongly though. 7.8/10 Bumblebee. Didn't know I would catch another transformer movie, haven't watched any since falling asleep in the first one. But we had time and mood for movie. It's not as bad and as dumb, I guess they changed the director, because it's not Michaelbayish anymore. Cliche, predictable and repeated joke though. 7/10 Seven Psychopath. Hey, I like this one more Entertaining, unusual and original enough. I like the casts and the madness. 8/10 The Voices. Another fun quite unpredictable crazy. Dark comedy, quite sad if you think about it but entertaining. Ryan Reynold is great here. 8/10
  10. Van Buren Supernova

    GIF Your Mood

    Party with all cats and no cake. You guys certainly know how to be dull!!! I used to ask myself the same question then was convinced (a little unsuccessfully but I would still do the same) that the easy one would eat my brain alive and crush my soul and I would die long boringgggggg insufferable death. (not quite but something like cat only party with no cake :p ) There. Enjoy your challenge.
  11. Van Buren Supernova

    The Cute Animal Pics/Videos Thread

    Sea slug is one of my favorite for underwater photography. They are colorful, unique and most don't move as fast. And they have fascinating beautiful looking egg ribbons. Anyway, not sure I understand cats anymore. And..another magic trick!!!!
  12. Van Buren Supernova

    Introverts, how is your day?

    I'm having anxiety. It's one and half week before my last day at work, and resigning is still the best decision ever from seeing the mess that are soon not going to be my problem anymore. But now I start to deal with the social consequences. I had received hugs that I can't refuse. And my team had threatened me yesterday that we have to have a meal together after work, and picture, thing that I had been avoiding. No more excuse and I was made to promise that I won't disappear or escape or hide (whaaaaatttt, do they think I am...I am... huh..ehmm.. ehh...Waldo?) All those will be scary for me. Really wish I could escape.
  13. Van Buren Supernova

    Introverts, how is your day?

    How is the doggy? I understand how horrible it must be to see him suffering. My dog is having a problem that we have not able to diagnosed yet, although the symptoms are not that bad nowadays but I really really wish I could do more to find out the roor of the problem, Don't you wish you can transfer his pain? I read an article about social conduct thing recently, about things that one shouldn't ask. 99% consists of things introverts, or me, specifically hate. And one of them is actually asking about tattoos and piercings, I'm glad they list it because eventhough I had never asked anyone, I didn't know it's that annoying, since I saw my tattooed friends seemed happy to answer questions or showed theirs to others. But it is nice of you to pretend, because that means your mom's happiness is important to you, and you didn't act selfishly. It's not fun or easy, but think of it as you being better. Sound nice. I did the same thing couple of years ago. So four of us, who used to travel together, met up again in some neutral place one flight away from everybody since we are scattered everywhere, and wander around a park, I think the park is part of attraction we went to. There was a setup there and activities....pottery painting, for kids. But being old kids we were, we signed up for two potteries and split two to two, then painted and chatted happily. Me and my pair painted a turtle, and somehow we both painted on left and right side, we started on different body parts and got carried away. When it's finishing time, the other two looked at us and cracked out loud, apparently we painted the turtle in different color combination, so left and right looked like different turtle. Yah, old friends are fun.
  14. Van Buren Supernova

    How Did You Find Us?

    HI, welcome! Sorry about your situation, did they say why they hate it? I'm one of those insufferable jerks who is persistant on knowing the reasons of why someone hates or disagree with something that I approve of. I'm open-minded, ready to accept their reasoning, but they have to justify it. Many of time they realized it's not that bad, or the reasons are too trivial. And of course, I'd make them admit it. Friendly warning though, if you are sensitive to spoilers, we are actually already at the stage when we'd talk about all the seasons, even in season 1 thread. I'm not sure how to avoid it. To be honest, we talk about all seasons everywhere, even in general threads. Other than that, I'm jealous that you have the rest of the seasons to look forward to. Here she goes again..
  15. Van Buren Supernova

    The Cute Animal Pics/Videos Thread

    Persistent kitty. Love the face!

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