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  1. Is that your dogggggg??? Can I come over?? Don't worry we don't need to socialize, just leave the dog (and cake) outside and I'd come to play and go and you wouldn't even notice anything. I wear fur loaded clothes with pride everyday, my dog is blonde and I love black shirts. Please put the sign around the cake that "This is reserved" "Mycroft distancing area". Don't worry about translating anything, I heard he is good at languages.
  2. So it seems that we are stuck at exactly same place. Haiz... I thought you would come to my rescue and tell me that I have nothing to worry about in those things I didn't enjoy and it will get better, because I really like the first there eps..
  3. Hey remember when we had nightmares about toilet? How have you been sleeping lately?
  4. Haven't felt it around here. But I have been thinking that all my life seems like fitting with the concept of social distancing. I don't like to shake hands, I don't hug, yes I keep bubble of personal space around me when I could, I stay at home, and I wash hand like a maniac almost all the time, and I always avoid event or crowd whenever I could. Now I'm wondering if extroverts are suffering right now. It probably boils down to two things; that they find our kind of lifestyle is actually healthier and we will be more understood than ever, or, they think we are nuts even more than ever now that they are trying to live like us. Either way, fine by me!
  5. I believe there were mentions about Altered Carbon here before? Is it recommended? I've been liking first three episodes, I like the concept, the idea of the world, it's certainly unique. But, but! Not liking and . Too bad, I've been liking the Kovac (he has good voice!) and Poe character a lot and the story progression, but this kind of putting me at a stop if I really want to continue.
  6. The last movie I watched on cinema is The Gentlemen, I like it. It's fun, well written and there are excellent acting performance. Hugh Grant is really believable as this sleazy opportunist and I like Charlie Hunnam's character a lot. There are quite a lot lol moments, enjoyed the direction, settings and dialogues. 8/10 Another random movie: Another Version of You, telling a story about a man's quest to find the girl of his dream in parallel universe when the 'original' one married to someone's else. It seems like those flicks, but surprisingly, there are a lot more to it, and will get you thinking a lot of how sad the reality on in this case, fiction reality is. Feeling generous for 8 today.
  7. Maybe it's American thing. Tbh, there are plethora of very sue-able things here that have good ground but the law (or action?) on all those are just not that intensive. In one hand I'm actually grateful that it's less complicated on the other hand I have a lot of problem with a lot of people and would like to see them punished if I have the energy, money and time and system that allows me to win. Just give me that superhero power, I'd like to toss a lot of people into the space.
  8. Do it via video call! I saw my sister in-law does that. I am amused actually, I don't (thankfully) have regular meet-ups. One reason is because I stay abroad from them, but we never feel the need to do video call as well, or even regular messaging. I think my pattern of relationship are, get in touch when we feel we want it, as in very irregularly, but we click all the same. Same thing with my siblings. I'm the only female, maybe that explains, our group chat is mostly quiet all the time except, where is mom? (she is hopping between kids). Does it work? Long long long time ago, I was in this training and expected to survive on nature, given nothing so had to forage or whatever for food. Found banana and happily collected some plant, imagining grill banana and vegetable soup to fill the belly on cold night under the stars. I knew how to differentiate dangerous plant but definitely didn't know which one is edible. The banana was full of rocks, tiny little stone (not sure if that is the norm of because it's merely grew up) and the 'soup' was bitter. Tossed all of it. My concept that time, any plant can be used for veggie soup, how bad could it be?? I wish for the other way around, I wish they would avoid me like a plague. Maybe it's not really taken seriously here yet, but people bumped into me (when they could easily avoid) and I gave a death stare to a woman who grabbed my shoulder to offer me something at the market. I jumped and turned around, it's rude even in normal situation. I would have same reaction but never this pissed.
  9. I hope you guys are holding up well. Thing has been affecting me a little bit differently. My SO is staying in different countries, so is the rest of my core family, even the one in the same country are separated by flights. Last week, he was supposed to be here for one and half week but the trip was cancelled last minute because of restrictions on both sides. We cancelled it first for precaution, as the plane he was supposed to take was coming from badly hit Europe, also with other consideration that he might be put on two weeks quarantine on each side, ton of paperworks and it would be problematic with work. Apparently even if he didn't cancel, the flight was also suspended. I have to be grateful that at least we are okay for now, but I was just feeling really down that time. We have been looking forward to meet and I need his support here. The mellow hours had passed, now we are just keeping each other's spirit high, although I can't help to think when we could actually meet again. Now is even stricter than last week. But again, nothing to complain about as long as we are well. With these restriction, I am more aware than ever that I actually staying in a place where I have zero real friends. I have distanced and limited myself so much all my connections here are strictly professional. I'm not sure I regret anything, it's just something that I think of, so I actually have no one that can visit me anytime if I got into trouble, since people I care about and vice versa are all thousand of miles away, and with lockdown and all, it feels like we are staying in different planet. But not too worry, I'm in good relation with my dog's original family, they are the only people who know where I live (Geez I have no idea I'm this successful in hermit-ing myself, but again, wouldn't change a thing). Not sure if social distancing works around here. Just couple of days ago I saw people grouping on the street, not for something important but part of die-hard local life. There are measures taken, hopefully it's taken seriously. Food and necessity supplies are okay here, I haven't seen hoarding the last time I bought grocery, no panic buying eventhough the queue were much longer. Medical supplies like face mask and hand sanitizer hasn't been seen since forever though. There haven't been business restrictions, I think majority of business are still open as usual, but haven't been going around for a week, not sure if things has changed. Haven't visited my regular beaches, can't help to think how the strays are doing if everyone stop the visit to feed them. And if the surrounding food businesses are closed, how would they find any food? As you guys, I am more terrified with the social and economy impact. I had experienced the ugliness of humanity when it was pushed to breaking point, I hope it doesn't come to that. It's worrisome to read the news about India couple of days ago when some of the locked-down citizens didn't even know about Covid-19, and many are surviving on daily wage that goes non-existent. For every panic buying, there are those who can't even afford tomorrow's food. Haiz. Take good care guys, be safe!
  10. Had cats more than two decades ago and they ate human food. Back then we, mostly everyone, knew nothing about proper animal care like today, as long as we give them shelter, food and love, we knew nothing about vaccination or proper nutrient. I'm not sure proper vet existed in my area. We adopted this female cat and she had multiple kittens. We fed them boiled fish (they love the innards too, we mixed them with rice to get more quantity), milk once in a while (it's luxury for us too) and everytime we called them for meals, you could hear them running from a mile away, so excited for meal time. We had a shop back then and let them roam around to help catching mice and they loved to lounge on the ceiling space. Always fish for them, chickens and other meats or leftovers were for the dogs. Recently, when my parent's home had regular stray visitor, they fed her same thing plus some dry food once in a while and she loved them all.
  11. People in my area are genearally pretty calm about it. There are longer than usual queue in grocery store, but it looks like common weekly necessity, not a hoard-up or something. The main popular hoarding items are in stock and I don't see people getting excessive amount. I guess what most people are not ready about, is how to have enough stuff to keep yourself fed and taken care of for two weeks. Unease is more relevant word than freaking out, especially from the development of the last few day. Much needed travel plan especially, not me, but I'd be very affected, fingers crossed.
  12. Again, I don't mind if it's essential to the story and they don't bang for the sake of banging. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against those, I just hate it so much (oh well I think I am against then) when a good story turn into unnecessary romance and it disrupts everything from then on. I hate that there are many series feel the need to have romance, no, they don't, look at the best series, most of them don't (well best to my rating). Anyway, if you guys see anything like that when they can't resist to get the main character doing it, please remember in another part of the globe I was in pain trying to get my eyes to roll back to the front. There is nothing wrong with shipping, I think I talk more about those fans who throw tantrum when they don't get something they want.
  13. If only I have his ability. I still not sure if I'm considered a germaphobe, I don't think I am. Maybe I'm inspired to, but definitely too lazy to do so. I can't even maintain my room to be the way I want it. I was accused of always cleaning up when my friends were visiting my room, uni time. But I was simply bored just sitting there, my hands need to be at something, but I have to admit there was no dust even on top of my cabinet as the small room was very manageable. Now there are too many things to do, my hands are barely free, I need to visit forum. Nope. I don't get sick often as well, and that goes way beyond I can afford to be me. We are just stubborn, that's all, and I hope we remain that way.
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