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  1. Van Buren Supernova

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    I have to disagree, I think it does have significant effect. The most efficient way to control supply is to control demand. Again, I'm talking about plastic bags though, as I'm more laser focused on the aftermath. And looking at the way mostly people behave, the most efficient control, unfortunately, is through banning. Most people wouldn't care or think twice about using excessive plastic, or wasting helium as long as they don't feel the inconvenience of cost, for example, or scarcity. By banning it, it automatically reduce demands. Without demands, supply would be cut, production would be cut. I'm afraid it's not the case at all. We could decide the last attempt to make use of plastic bag and give it multiple lives, it's true. But at the end, it's still plastic bag. Even if we reused and recycled them, it'd still end up somewhere you can't control. There are many landfills but they are questionable and simply not enough to cater our waste. Most likely the treatment and re-purposing of those only cover small percentage of actual waste. How do they get into ocean? I know some landfills could be uninhabited island, or they could be island of their own. Plastic bags could also travel from inland waterways, or wind. It's more likely that there are many ways that the plastic bag that you use, even when you are not living near the ocean, could end up at the ocean. Even when you dispose it responsibly. Certain months of the year, the pristine beach that I frequent would become a thrash site. The monsoon and strong wind would carry up a lot of garbage from I'm not sure where. When I meant a lot, it's a lot. Piles and piles of garbage, from tree trunks to mostly...plastics. I have comparison pictures somewhere. There could also be times when we sailed through a nice beautiful ocean and island, and suddenly find that we were in between streak of garbage floating on the ocean surface. It could come from neighboring island, it could be dumped from ship. The point is, unless you see it breaks down (I did have couple of so-called more environmental plastic bags that breaks down to pieces and dust after I used it to keep something for couple of years), plastic bags would end up somewhere.
  2. Van Buren Supernova

    The Political Thread

    EU is not the suitable example for now, I suppose. But for what I've known, many others with states or at least geographically distinctive division mostly still exercising the same law throughout. There could be differences, but normally not major. But don't quote me on this, I probably get it wrong. Same-sex marriage and abortion are two things that stand out for me, same with medical drugs. If you can just go to another state to do so, what is the purpose of them being a law in respective state? And why they have the authority of imposing certain law in certain state? I'd say it'll leave the possibility of law being discriminative; depends on majority and beliefs of that said state. Isn't it scary?
  3. Van Buren Supernova

    Game of Thrones

    I guess my biggest problem with Bran is, I don't buy that they believe him. We are never shown why everyone buy his 'stories' and 3eyedraven stuff hook-line-and-sinker. Not once! Put it into comparison that a group of chosen characters put up an idiotic mission to go beyond the wall to retrieve zombie just to convince Cersei. For the ending and everything else, I probably don't mind the what, but the how ruins what I think of the what. So I don't believe my own judgement of the what anymore, if that makes sense. I can't justify it, so I won't try. (You think you are the only one who can say that, Jon Snow? ). I think I had too hard of a fall from ep 2 to 3, while previously I fractured my bones but keep walking this time it's exploded. No energy for sensible metaphor.
  4. Van Buren Supernova

    Recently watched movies

    I just hope that it'll regulated properly. For something as essential as medical related, she shouldn't able to get away as long as she did. And I'd think, if she allowed flexibility, things could turn out...better? For example, one of the engineer actually asked if they could make the machine bigger, it could solve some of the problems they have. The irony is, the amazing size is also one of the contributing factor to its success.
  5. Van Buren Supernova

    The Political Thread

    On the side line, what is hard for me to understand, that in US, you seem to have different laws for different states. That is quite mind boggling to be honest, don't you think so? So, is it possible to do something that is prohibited in your state, in another state that allows it? Are you restricted as residence of particular state therefore have to follow whatever your origin's law? If not, what is the point of that as well? How does it work?
  6. Van Buren Supernova

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    I'd like to believe that, but sadly, circumstances points otherwise. One of it being this is the regular stretch of beach that me and many others go, we'd know if there is a new abandoned dog pretty soon (and sadly, it's really not uncommon). At least two of the acquaintances go there twice daily, walking the same path, and they would do something for the puppy as they always do (the things they do for strays restore my faith in goodness a lot). The puppy was barely able to walk, it's unlikely it's a run away. Again, sadly (!) most people in places that I live know the concept of pet as fun, cute companion. They 'forget' that they get sick, they grow up, they could have unwanted behaviour and they could be expensive. I get that there is a possibility that the owner couldn't afford the treatment, but pet is family. You'd expected to do everything you could in your power when you decide to have one. Even for the last resort, at least be there for them. We have seen so many examples of bad owners before, so it'd cloud my judgement, yes. I guess when I said there are people who restore my faith, there are many more who destroy it. Most time, not this one, I'm unable to do something to help and it's terrifying.
  7. Van Buren Supernova

    Game of Thrones

    The way I think of the ending are kind of ruined because of how or the lack of how they get there. So I don't think I can be objective anymore. But tbh, I feel very indifferent which is the phase that is probably worse than being annoyed or angry, good for me though. You are right, I want to believe the book will do a better job, but I'm worried that I might not care anymore, although I'd probably still be the first to get it. The thing of don't want to be spoiled, is very annoying but I'm cursed with that. So yah, I'd devour the book in hours, unless I have to plan my 78th birthday party when Winds of Winter finally out. OH who am I kidding, I never celebrate birthdays. Actually, I see almost everyone complains about this, but I'm with him on that. I think I'd do what he did, but the reason...uhm.. how can you live as someone you are not? And it's pretty hard to promise something you don't intend to keep, it'd undermine everything you do, and that is all he is. One thing about the ending.
  8. Van Buren Supernova

    Recently watched movies

    That's true. That's true. I'd try to explain why I thought what I said (in a very simple way) But it's been awhile, feel free to throw cake at me if I got something wrong or if I indeed misunderstood the documentary. Basically Elizabeth Holmes (nope, not another sister) was selling this idea of affordable medical check-up. It's some kind of amazing compact, very small machine that only needs a simple finger prick and just few drops of blood, unlike regular check-up that requires vial and vial of blood. It also produce speedy result. It's awesome idea, it'd help medical world a lot, it'd help people. The things is, the technology is not there yet. It's impossible to fit those algorithm and analytical sophistication or whatever needed to get check-up in that compact machine. It's impossible to get it from only few drops of blood. She kept selling the idea, believing on the idea and obtain millions of investment from it. That is an interesting view shared by one of people in the documentary about how people are more likely to think that it's okay to lie if it's for good cause. So allegedly (and proven and testified I believe) to get the check-up result that their machine can't handle (even those it can handle are questionable), they would revert to common way by using just regular lab and method, sometimes making excuses for the patient to draw more blood, sometimes..diluting the sample, the results are of course, are at big risk of being inaccurate. I don't think explanation is needed on why inaccurate result is very dangerous. Although she is very aware of the shortcoming, she continues to deny and believe that she does no wrong, and lies. Actually most of the footage in the documentary are real advertising footages that she or her company produced.
  9. Van Buren Supernova

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    I think plastic is more harmful for the aftermath, but that's more on how they affect ocean and animal life for example. So maybe you are looking more into the impact for producing them while I'm looking at the actual physical product itself. But I do agree that one of the best way to help is to reduce consumerism. It is overwhelming and growing at a very scary rate. For example, I stayed in a place where it's more expensive to move a fridge than buying a new one when you change residence, same with the cost of repairing them and most appliances. I've always b*tched here before about how short-lasting is modern phone generation. Electronic wastes are terrifying. That's why I despise people who worship trend and owning new piece of technology just for the sake of flaunting without the actual ability or need to use it, that's why I despise brand that purposely create the needs for extra spare parts just for the sake of exclusiveness and style. Ah well, I'm guilty of owning too many stuff as well. I probably don't need 50% of my home's content. It's scary how fast stuffs could build up sometimes.
  10. Van Buren Supernova

    The Language (and travel) Thread

    I'd love to have grammar check!
  11. Van Buren Supernova

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    Rant, my day hasn't been good. Yesterday morning during our beach walk we found a puppy; hidden between motorcycle's wheels, very smart looking but she/he was weak. I knew something was not right but didn't know what to do. Then (let's say she) started to stand up, thought maybe she was just sleepy and wanted to play now but no, she had bloody liquid stool in amount that is ridiculous for her size, she still had the energy to move to other area nearby and rested on the ground again, while looking at me. Can't explain her look, very thoughtful and patient look. It's like she didn't ask for anything, she almost looked happy with weak tail wagging. Although I was't sure what to do, couldn't leave her like that and decided to bring her to vet, with my dog along. We were both dirty and sandy from our walk. Too bad she tested positive for Parvo, an incurable disease (can be prevented with vaccination) with less than 20% survival. They could only give her secondary treatment for diarrhoea and dehydration. She didn't even have a name. All she had with her was a plastic rope on her neck (not for torture, mostly as improper collar). Vet adviced euthanasia, for she was malnourished as well because her treatment would be long, expensive and mostly unfruitful. I would not, ever, want to be in situation where I had to make that decision. It's frightening, I didn't know what to do. Seeing my confusion, the vet, she was actually very kind, offered the option to keep her for a day and monitored how well she coped. As you might have guessed, she didn't make it. She looked quite okay when she was with me and in the waiting room, but by the time we left the treatment room she was already whimpering and when I had my final look in isolation cage she wasn't responsive. She lasted until last night, but I only had confirmation this morning (they updated me, but the language was a bit vague between she had passed or the doctor had given up and decided there was no hope). I'm so pissed that pet owner could just leave their dog outside just like that for her to suffer alone. Look how sweet is the little fellow.
  12. Van Buren Supernova

    The WTF Thread

    On a good day she seems like a fun companion though. I like people with unpredictable questions. I'd be more likely to entertain them with equally weird answers if I think the situation is safe.
  13. Van Buren Supernova

    Recently watched movies

    you are only getting it now???? That is why I'd watch whatever Christopher Nolan makes. Beside Batman, I think his work is still original. Watched John Wick 3. Didn't like it as much as 1 or 2, because the story gets weird. But I don't watch John Wick for story. I went to see a** kicking and the moral of the story is still nobody should mistreat a dog, so I got those. And watched HBO documentary The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley. This is really intriguing and seems like a story of a true sociopath. It's scary, so scary that people could believe if their intention is good, they could do anything to go there. The level of delusion is horrifying.
  14. Van Buren Supernova

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    Me too. *dazed at Lucifer's stare* My desire is... to have season 5 as good as season 4, and unlimited supply of cake... (special explanation to those who don't know, the devil's specialty is to make you confess about your desire) Anyway, I'm so glad that we have this great finale, unlike *huh*. Although I barely want to know actors outside their roles, I actually watched their reunion talk in the Youtube (forget how to include youtube video here) and very happy to see the cast's real chemistry, and they really look good in rl too (have I mentioned I like men with spec more) and it's nice that they appreciate their fans and their show. I was very lucky to find this show just recently, so it spared me disappointment when it were cancelled.
  15. Van Buren Supernova

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Yup, it could get tricky, especially for wet grocery, but they still provide those roll plastic for fruits so we could still use it to contain them. I also reuse and recycle plastic bag, so it's a bummer for me to certain extent, but not too much because I still have a lottt of clean plastic bags that I folded nicely everytime I got them and it'll take me awhile before I'm out. My other place doesn't exercise no-plastic regulation and I have to cringe to see how wasteful and casually those being thrown around because nah, it's free. So yah, I think it would make a difference. And we small residential here have wonderful garbage man (not run by the government) who actually sort the garbage right away when they pick it up and dump it on their truck. It could be embarrassing, but you can be sure nothing is going to be wasted. I always try to separate my garbage so they know the stinky ones are really trash, there is no need to dig around it. None of the thing you mentioned, I think reusable canvas bag like Carol's is a decent solution. I use fabric bag as well. No sure about glass, you meant glass for drinking etc? I do agree with excessive packaging. And toys! And clothes. I stopped giving toys to my nephew/niece (hardly start anyway) when I saw the excessive toy collections they have. It's hard to imagine them caring about those, unlike back then when we were clinging to one or two toys like I'm cutting away my cloth pile and convert many of them into rags, dog toys and bags and start to dress very identical every day. It really frees up time in the morning although I hardly spend a lot on appearance anyway. Pack them with... plastic bag? Lots of paper? Because wrapping it up with other would risk them soiling other stuff in your bag. As wash with soap and water. So I hardly see the environmental friendly factor in this. Yes, my mom used it. So does my high school friend who becomes a nun, they are required to use that still. The health problem is probably not dire, but rashes and skin problem happened to them. And to my mom, it's embarrassing and very inconvenient as well, when your laundry place is visible or public, and when the cloth didn't do a good job. Picture!

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