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  1. You just pretend to hate pun, do you? Look at that masterpiece, you definitely don't beat around the bush with that one. I am stumped and pining for more!
  2. They say I'm not empathetic , but I will totally do this.
  3. I'm glad you enjoyed it because it was a totally different experience for me. I hope you don't mind that I'm about to thrash it. I remember giving it a 2/10 rating when talking with my brother. The plot sucks, the characters are flats, and all previous actors are included for the sake of nostalgia but supported by a below-mediocre plot with an impossible amount of suspension of disbelief needed. The villain is one-dimensional and makes multiple stupid decisions; nothing supports his smart-villainous-strategic impression that the movie tries to sell him. There are way too many recreations of the classic scenes that feel forced, the magic is gone, but they keep beating on the dead horse. Yeah, of course, there is an altruistic character that takes care of her own need but at the split second decides to help the protags and is willing to sacrifice everything. Of course, there is nothing to see; it's just a black market full of man-eating dinosaurs. There are barely any consequences and risks before and after the heroes decide to pay a visit. Yes, of course, one can always miraculously escape from everything, I said, everything without barely a scratch. Yes, we should support the redeeming character who doesn't think way beyond in front of his eyes about creating something devastating, and of course, it's effortless to solve the problem. And a little fire and combustion is the answer to all of the issues. Gah! I could write two pages essay and was very tempted to.
  4. Does anyone watch The Boyz? I like the first season; the subsequent seasons are fine. I lost interest here and there, but still find the series quite refreshing. Tried to watch the new Quantum Leap, as I love the classic. It's not the same and far inferior six episodes in. Better Call Saul finale season is one of the best TV Series and comparable to Breaking Bad.
  5. No, if you are living in society and have the potential to harm others. Covid vaccine is new, but vaccine science itself is not. There is something called herd immunity. Look back at our history dealing with pandemics and vaccines. Three years is too long, don't make it longer.
  6. I am a late bloomer compared to others I know. I only need to start wearing reading glasses, but still in a confusing transition period. Sometimes it gives me headaches, and sometimes not wearing it gives me headaches. I hereby declare: 1. I should be more grateful that I didn't need glasses in my younger days because having that thing perched on my nose is not so fun. Luckily I bought cheap ones (the power will increase, right?) because I ripped four frames in a very short time. This leads me to the conclusion that Clark Kent and many superheroes in disguise are not real. I ripped my glass off the way they did. I just found out you were supposed to pull it in the front direction first, before sideway. How am I supposed to get change and save the world if I have to take off my glasses in slow motion?? 2. Most of the indoor things I love have something to do with reading—computers, forums, games, and books. Now I just have to endure headaches, use gargantuan-sized fonts, or squint harder. 3. It doesn't make me look hotter or smarter, or nerdier. Again, movies lie, people. What about you, do you guys wear glasses?
  7. Imgur hates me again What, you don't fancy sautéed cat?
  8. @Carol the Dabbler Haven't seen the video but I hope the title is sarcasm. Is it worth watching? I am here to comment about nick names! I think I faintly know that James is Jim, those kind of nick name. But I totally forgot about William and Bill. This agitates me for some reason as I named a villain as William and a nice cute lovable dog as Billy. And then, when I read The Picture of Dorian Gray, I found another quite unusual one. Henry = Harry??? Why you are doing this, English name/language? In my world, Billy is Billy, Henry is Henry!
  9. He did what??? That is.. dedication! It's certainly very fitting with your user name. Do you like other Fantasy books? Personally, I'm not really into Fantasy, but I do like The Song of Ice and Fire, although I don't really categorize it as Fantasy as there is a lot of realism in them with some sprinkle of magic and dragons. Harry Potter is okay for me and once in a while I enjoy those like Miss Peregrine's. My favorite genre is Scifi, but not those hard space cowboy or alien scifi, I think the more accurate category would be Speculative Fiction in Dystopian category, and I picked my recent books from Goodreads suggestions (based on previous books that I read). The latest I read was 1984 by George Orwell. It's really embarrassing, I thought I was reading Animal Farm (by the same author). I chose AF because I thought it is a 'lighter' read, I would like to read 1984 someday, but not now, as I feel depressed enough with the current world situation, but I have to admit 1984 being banned made me curious. Still, I wouldn't want to read it too soon. So there I was, happily thinking I read Animal Farm, and until I had finished the book and wrote the review, I went on to read others' reviews and found out we were not talking about the same book! And I had, indeed, read 1984. No wonder it was so depressing. I won't re-read it again as it's exhausting, but it's a brilliant book. Before that, I had just finished reading Fahrenheit 451 and The Giver, Goodreads seems to give me great recommendations but I need to look for something lighter, unfortunatelu my kindle library is limited to older books.
  10. If you watch the whole season, I'd love to hear your take. For me, I just binged season 1-8 not too long ago, maybe it helps because I was not as disappointed as others. To me, Season 1 and 2 is the best though.
  11. Why am I worried that you will reveal bits by bits lower and we will eventually see what we are not supposed to see??? Is this her as well?
  12. Oh yes, I watched the original language too with subtitles, and cringed very hard when I saw the clip of the English dub one of the first game. It's so different! I wasn't aware with the series until the hype was almost gone, but seen so many memes around and decided to get to it instead of being spoiled. The other Korean show that I watch (still like to rewatch) and love is The Genius. Why nobody sees it???!! I need to talk about it!
  13. Recently I rekindle (PUN!) my love for reading. I used to love it, I have couple of walls filled with books (with a very good chunk of unread ones). When I moved almost a decade ago I was gifted a Kindle with plenty of ebooks. I still pick up books here and there but it was never at the same capacity, I'm more distracted with many other things. But now, I am back! Any readers here? Genre?
  14. Hey, it seems like you all get complicated instructions. Mine is very simple
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