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  1. I want force field invented. We can choose to activate it at home, with the ability of letting the wind goes through. A lot of problem with people abusing and abandoning animal here is, sadly, neighbors. People live in close proximity, side by side, and there are more than a fair share of clash regarding animal noises, teritories or irresponsible owners, from little stuff to serious and deadly consequences. I'm lucky my neighbors are all good. How nice would it be if there is force field to protect us from outside and vice versa, physically and noise purposes. One, there shouldn't be reason for animal abuses, and two, I could sing my heart out without killing anyone's appetite.
  2. I will look for it, thanks. Into season 6 now, so far haven't been dissapointed. There are a lot of things I learn about the main character. Still think that overall this is more like a tragic sad story about how a person, not a normal one, trying to fit in the world. His bubble head is very similar to what I have sometimes during social interactions. This is one example (when witnessing the fight of two people that whichever side he takes he will be in trouble): would it be weird if i just left? And this is one of those sadness? false hope? dissapointment? they make it look so easy connecting with another human being it's like no one told them it's the hardest thing in the world And this certainty, that nothing, nothing is set in stone, not even darkness while she was here, she made me think, for the briefest moment, that I might even have a chance to be human but wishes, are of course, are for children
  3. I suspect we have similar passion about kids. or birthdays or maybe we exaggerate a bit
  4. Maybe we could choose to interact like a hologram in the future, with button to reveal ourselves only when we want to. How nice it would be! Actually, I sort of enjoying this masking thing, it makes me feel.. more peaceful? As beside health factor, I prefer to be in mask. The only setback is when I want to express my gratitude to someone, I stupidly smile behind it. Moral of the story, beside all things, maybe we could develop a better sense of judging people. There is old saying that fake people's smile don't travel to the eyes (don't look it up, I botched it for sure, more or less it means one should be able to differentiate whether a smile is fake or genuine from the eyes).
  5. I'd like to see an episode of Sherlock and Mycroft dealing with evil Pierre! He could be the next big villain. Step aside, Magnussen, go scrub that fireplace with Hydrogen Peroxide or something, and Moriarty, go take care of your back comb, we have found better villain!
  6. But the thing is, maybe we seem like a bunch of capable detective wannabe, but in reality, we only like to tear apart things, sometimes without conclusion. Look at these two, three? They are busy discussing Star Trek instead of actually finding out the real answer of your avatar? Tsk right??? I don't know what to do with them! And me, I prefer calling them out than finding the answer too, you see, I'm a bit rusty, I need to rewatch, and it's more fun too.
  7. Wait, what?? Tsk Carol! Actually, really, I swear I didn't think of what Carol did. (geez, C! ) I was still relating it to Mycroft and Lady Smallwood with leather jackets, tight-fitted pants, gloves, chain accesories, sunglasses and headbands, riding a harley from Buckingham Palace to Diogenes, or to visit Sherlock in crime scene, where the little brother is frowning and being embarrassed by the spectacle, and John be like..
  8. Yes Carol! sweet dreams about those 42 degree suns and rainbows. Please do me a favor, include John with his perfect gelled hair riding down the rainbow curve. It remains perfect, but why?? Why?? Why is that? And why does he have that hair? And that is how the sweet dream turns into nightmare. Night night!
  9. @Jen, you see what happens here? We are sleuthing over your avatar with deep analysis and discussions. This is our nutty world when we run out of Sherlock episodes to discuss, although I wonder why we haven't cracked the 247 (237?) types of tobacco's ash. Geez guys, slackers! It seems like you are as nuts though, the fact that you haven't run away screaming tells me that. Thank you!! I've been looking for someone to validate me on that, but everyone else told me to network for my advantage (pssst, including Carol), but I worry it would make me unlove doing what I love (excuses!). My wallet disagrees strongly with me, sigh.. This world belongs to extrovert people, at least the wealth, so it seems to me.
  10. I thought it's vampire pose, but then again, the cat is under the sun.
  11. I had leather short boot before, not sure how authentic it was, it's okay but I wouldn't say they are suitable in most situation, definitely not for rough terrains (even city ones like rubbles etc) or for running, I also think my other shoes are way more comfortable, but that's me. I prefer anything that bend together with my joints. Comfortable motorcycle wears, actually a lot of things are comfortable, when you are on the go. It's windy, breezy and sometimes cold. Under the sun, you's hope to have enough protection otherwise you could feel the body hairs start to curl. Under the rain, raindrops are very painful to the chest and some extreme would reduce visibility to close to zero. In both scenarios, it's good to be properly protected but it also requires different kind of protection. For me, still nothing leather. Hot weather is very unbearable during a stop in traffic or heavy traffic, it's sauna inside! I felt trapped in my outer wear, and leather would be crazy idea for that. In rain, ahem, what is the collection point of rainwater for motorcycle riders?? Take a wild guess! It's.. the crotch! So we would need a good wearable raincoat that is big enough to put over the regular wear. Raincoat is waterproof, equal bloody hot inside again, another sauna. And to the topic, why politicians never consider leather 😆. They mostly sit inside aircon room, no? It's probably more comfortable than suits? Well, Mycroft?? Imagine him and Lady Smallwood in leather!
  12. Please explain this one? And this is dramatidog!
  13. Quote messes up, so another post.Fortunately, noone told me exactly that as far as I remember, not can't, but shouldn't, mostly after I proved that I could. But to their credit, it seems (I hope) like compliments but delivered weirdly, Girls shouldn't able too, normally..blabla..but you did or blablabla variation, whatever. See? Cats are jerks. Regards, Dog people 😆see? Once in a while people's faces seem so punchable, right? I believe I told this before, in similar situation like yours. Four uni female students and the cab ran into my friend's car. She made a move out of the line, with signal etc, and this cab rammed at high speed straight. Nothing serious, both were at wrong, but this big guys was very bullish seeing four young females and tried to threaten my friend, who was apologizing and offered solution. But he kept on being offensive and I started to get annoyed especially he wouldn't let it rest. Then his colleague, noticed commotion involving his company's cab, stopped and helped this guy to threaten us. My three other friends were frightened but they tried to negotiate, but the guys kept trying to extort, I believe, and refused to settle at the police or whatever solution my friends offered, they got more and more agressive. At some point I was way too pissed I finally engaged verbally with them in shouting match and stood face to face with the big guy, at different height 😊 (his friend was smaller but he was much bigger and taller than me). I'd never forget what he said to me, If you were a guy, I'd punch you. And without thinking, I replied, If you were a girl, I would punch you too! Maybe it sounds like I wish he were smaller physically and more like my match, but actually I was thinking he was more some big dumb and slow guys who only relied on his loudness to claim his territory and in no way a worthy opponent unlike an actual girl 😁. And they actually let us go, because people started to stop as well and we were no way in friendly or negotiating posture. See, told you he was only a loud mouth good for nothing..
  14. Yes, I think I have decent chance to hold my own, learnt bits of martial arts, and nutty behavior when I'm provoked. But yah, dealing with aftermath of that is giving me the idea that it's more advantageous and less risky as a male. Sometimes I wish we have device to mask ourselves so people can't tell gender and ethnicity, therefore have less prejudgment for interactions.
  15. That's what I get when they find out I don't want children. Follow by WHY??? Which I reply WHY NOT?? And then the speech about being complete, it's nature, family namesake, you'll regret it blablablabla. If I'm in the mood, I would expose that their real intention (most fussy ones who feel the need to lecture are) is to have someone taking care of them when they grow old, which I would throw it in their face that they are bloody selfish, at the end of all those being complete craps. But I chose my battle, mostly I would walk away, time is too short to spend on them if they start this way. Once I had to be on the road for two hours with someone who seems chatty, work purpose, he drove me to airport, and he made mistake of asking about children and religion, finding out he is driving a monster who don't have religion and don't want children, and insist I simply not into them to avoid longer heart to heart talk or exorcism. I have a lot of peace after that though, he had tough time finding another topic. P.S Jen, like your new avatar! Again, I have problem remembering where it comes from. TRF? HOB?
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