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  1. It actually sounds really awesome, and sounds like holiday for me. But you don't have problem with internet, so it seems. So it sounds perfect! Except when there is murderer out there, blackout, and late at night when you stay alone and your dog is howling at nothingness or worse, a pair of sparkling eyes that may or may not have some kind of axe or chainsaw on its hand, or swarm of blood thirsty rats that have nothing else to bother in 75 meter radius except you.... yah, I would like that place please. Ah.. firefly, I love firefly, and actually travelled to purposely see firefly. The setting is always so surreal for me. Traditional boat, quiet, everyone shut up, dark, and all we could see are them. Not sure about now, the last experience I had was flip phone time, and phones were mostly kept aside in holiday because no service anyway. Now those bright screens and the desire to share every single experience to internet ruin everything.
  2. Yah, I went from merely okay to curious stage because I was watching a mafia game, and they did that (announce the pronouns in person) and NOTHING ELSE. It's like, I am Floccinaucinihilipilification, and my pronoun is It/Its. Common thing like profession, even location or others were never mentioned. Only names and pronouns. On topic: I want to ask about able. Can it be considered a verb, or adverb? Because it's a bit confusing to me. But when I try to search for the usages, I didn't really find it. Abled is not used as the past tense that I know, so the example is physically abled, less abled. It's not used like, ermmm, how to say it, classic verb. Not like I abled to understand you (huh??) but more like I was able to understand you. Please correct me if I'm wrong at any point. And in past participle, the usage is I have been able to, not I have been abled to! And it's not he unabled to kick you out, but he wasn't able to kick you out. So I haven't seen the classic usage of what I put in quote box to put it simply, so I thought it is not a real verb? Or did I get everything wrong? Another one, in this sentence: It gave the example of children being able to have better lives... Is it grammatically correct? It sounds correct for me but as non English speaker, I could read a mumble jumble of all tenses in one sentence and it still feels natural for me as I don't have the radar and just look at the big picture. Or is there a need for was/were? Thanks in advance for anyone who understands this shenanigan and bothers to answer my question.
  3. Actually I found myselft almost drooling dumbfoundly (?) this morning trying to think about how a hurricane shifted a river. Shifting it manually,,, yeah it's possible with a lot of retaining wall maybe and all crazy efforts I don't think it's worth while. With correct and updated GPS. Gasp.. maybe it's not the GPS fault that it was known to send people into river. Maybe the river shifted! Geez, I will make less fun of it.
  4. That is Choluteca bridge in Honduras. The interesting thing is, it's not a mistake, but some kind of expensive joke from mother nature. The bridge is so well built it withstood hurricane Mitch, but the hurricane was so powerful it reroute the river. Stranger things have happened, Sherlock! Such as this!
  5. I wouldn't mind it for crappy movies, or as I understand, most of horror movies. But when the characters make smart decision for others, and do one or two extremely glaring stupidity, it's way too distracting. Especially when it is against the value that is portrayed as something super important to them and emphasized throughout the movie, in this case "protecting family", without much explanation why the stupidity happens or makes it believable. Not to mention that they had actually survived for a while. Yah! And of course it's completely understandable to hammer a nail upward and leave it there. Again, if it's not obvious, I actually like the movies.
  6. But to be frank, we'd be dead and remain buried if we are not necrobumped
  7. So it's quite common now. I'm just imagining that it would be hellish for example, an office meeting in my previous work place, where there were normally some representatives from various countries, but the language used was English. If someone started to add pronoun to their introduction, the rest in different cultures/language would be ??? It adds so much to the stress of my nightmare (roundtable introduction). I'll have a lot of upcoming language question, but for today I'm taking it easy.
  8. Okay, all these stories don't help with my imagination that you guys are staying at some fairy lands or something, when someone could crawl out below your house and say, my precious...... So I suppose your areas are considered as rural? Or something between urban and rural? I guess I have never stayed in rural areas before, despite moving around various states, cities and countries. No wonder it's so refreshing and everytime I go holiday I would seek out nature. Although can't say I'm envious of the inconvenience. And @Arcadia, I guess you must be very patient (but understand the need to in that case) but if those happened to me, it would drive me full nut and I'd end up with colourful appliances because it would be gaaaaaahhh, wouldn't have the patience to keep on waiting.
  9. Yah, I remember those as 'thing in the past', because it didn't work or it messed up more that it fixed, and if I remember correctly, someone actually got a Nobel prize for it? So when you mentioned that a friend got the treatment, I assumed it was quite recent. Yah, but have you watched Hannibal?
  10. I thought Bilbo's feet are hairy! I remember reading the casts commenting that they stink. Ewww Regarding egg's taste, I think it's logical that the diet of the chicken itself could affect the taste, colours too. And... maybe the way it lived and killed?? I remember my cousin spat out chicken when I told her that it was killed by a car. (If I remember it correctly, one of my relative who stayed with us at the time accidentally hit someone's chicken with car, the reimbursed them for it. As nice gesture, I suppose, they gave us some of the cooked one. It was a neighbour's that we knew after all. Anyway, I hadn't eaten the chicken yet, not sure if I did, but my cousin who visited us that day had lunch. I think my brother or someone commented that she (cousin) didn't know where the chicken came from, to which she replied, it doesn't matter, she is fine, nothing would deter her or something like that. Then I chipped in, "Don't worry. It is fine! It was hit by a car, that's all." And she spat it out in shock. My memory is blurry, but I think she finished her chicken, and didn't say anything much to justify her initial shock, and insisted that it's okay. So, I still don't know, whether it's okay. I don't see anything wrong with it? I mean, if we want to debate where food comes from, it's long story with multiple angles. How they are killed, what kind of hormones kick in etc etc. Again, I don't remember eating the chicken so I don't remember the taste. But for sure, I don't want to eat anything that I've seen alive, if that makes sense. I remember buying live chicken to be slaughtered at home was a thing for my grandparent's generation, and I remember we had fish that we kept for quite sometimes that ended up on table. Nope. To be back in topic: This is not exactly what is meant by precision engineering, but...... There is never a point in my life that I find clown comforting.
  11. Thank you, I'm sort of glad I don't know her well. She is younger than me, but feel sorry for my cousin who is on top of that, now is battling it too with his children. It sucks. My SIL actually had lost some friends to it, and she is younger than me too. I don't keep in touch with many friends at all (maybe I should?) but I know one or two who recovered. If zombies eat brains only, maybe human won't extinct. Anyway, let's talk about something lighter. As Sherlock's fans, can you guys apply knowledge we learn from SIB to deduce the code of this secured entry? I mean, some of the buttons look really worn off! Anyone?? Should we get Sherlock?
  12. Please don't be offended, I know it probably sounds not PC, and I'm aware of woke culture and all... But.. The gender pronouns kind of driving me the other day. You see, my language and couple of others that I know a bit of mostly don't have gender differentitation for the third person. So I remember the long translation and wonder why they are needed when I learned English way back when. The other day, I was watching an online Mafia game, and everyone was introducing themselves with the pronouns they liked to be refer with (he/him, she/her, them/their, sometimes combination and mix match). And I had seen it's getting more common for famous people to announce their preferred pronoun. So as an non English, I feel more and more like John in asking people if they like my potato when I'm trying to talk.
  13. I am glad you still find the charm in it. I do suspect that my mood affected my viewing. Nothing in particular, but I do find some days I have flat appreciation with about almost everything (shows), and I binged this in three nights. I guess there are three main factors too: 1. it could be better if it's not a two parter, as if it's watched together with 5.01 2. they are touching subjects that is probably too big to handle 3. Most of the conflicts/problems/storylines felt a bit forced for me 3.1. As much as I like music, and Tom Ellis singing, I rolled too many eyes in ep.2. Can't help it. I love music, and I secretly love singing, but musical drives me nuts. 3.2. The one that you mentioned, also failed to touch me. Somehow it feels like Having said all that, as mentioned, I do wonder why I felt so flat, because they still maintain some of the recipes from previous seasons that I like. Some jokes are the same lines, and this is the show that made me lol. It could be just me though, so I'm glad that it's still charming because I remember wanting to know your take. I will still stick around for next season, hoping it will close it well. And I do love the last line OMM!!
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