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  1. Well, who knows the new owner is a bigger Sherlock fan and really convert the interior just like the show. Except eyes in the mug, foot and thumbs in the fridge, exploding drone, bullet holes on the wall, half bitten apple, stabbed Cluedo board, I think it's a decent place.
  2. So, The Purge One of the genre that I quite like is Crime/Thriller, not Horror, I hate it when they mix it up. I guess to me horror is supernatural, Crime is not. And I like dystopia. I have just found out about the series after browsing around and intrigued with the description. For those who don't know, the purge refers to future America with a new holiday, the purge night. For the period of 12 hours, all emergencies are suspended and all crimes are legal, including murder. It claims that giving people opportunity to purge, to get rid of their anger and agression make the rest of the year a better world, with very low crime, better economy and society. This is set solely in America with the rest of the world not having this. I know, it sounds like something horrible to watch, if you expect violence, well, that is a given, but what makes me interested is there are lot to explore from this. Why what how, how if the claim of right and freedom are taken to the next level? How if there is manipulation agenda? How if human are not restricted at all to do what they want? What if there is a way to act on pet peeves, a way to revenge, a way to punish? I find it very intriguing, especially the background of how the idea was born. It's from a comment of the creator's sweet wife after their dangerous incident with a drunk driver, that if there is one day you can get rid of those people. Currently I have finished the TV series, which is where I started. Not so keen of season 1, because I don't like almost all the characters, but it's new for me, the premise is interesting, but Season 2 is really my forte, where they explore the rest of the 364 days too. Too bad it is cancelled, not sure why because Season 2 is very good imo. It started with movies, had only watched the first so far and catching up. So if you are interested with the decription and could stomach grim here and there, you might like this. I found how frightening it is to be in the world that the sirene commencement always creeps me out.
  3. Is the pay good? Sign me up! I have been doing that since before Covid and noone pay me more than stink eye. If I have to guess: introvert who hate noise and talking people or a hidden sadist who enjoy seeing people struggling with physical catalogs. I lean on the second (I am still scarred of a librarian who grinned happily, you could see sudden color and spark in her bored eyes, when it was ten minutes before closing time, after I took three hour bus, asking her to help me find a book, this was time before digital and internet). And no, she didn't help me at all, but grinned the whole ten minutes. I failed to find the book, they kick me out for closing, I had to take three hours bus ride back to the uni, and missed two classes. Anyway, anything involves working with children, I salute you. I am not bad with children, but I have constant worry that they would find out that I'm scared of them. Terrified.
  4. That is probably 1 or 2 hard disks. Photo is the killer, and videos. I used to take those raw format images for my UW picture, and it takes up a lot of space. Even now, when I mainly only using phone for picture, each pic has giant size (on lowest setting) and when I do video editting, the simplest kind from free apps, each video less than a minute easily reaches 300M. And yes, I was the user of the floopy 1.44M disk. I know the struggle. My 16GB phone is screaming “PHONE STORAGE ALMOST FULL” at me all day long. With the operating system alone taking up about 12 of those GB’s, I’ve had to delete almost everything at this point just to keep using it. This too. I don't change my phone unless it breaks or obsolete. Sadly, obsolete doesn't mean style or whatever, I don't care about that, but mainly space and compability. Some phones are loaded with preinstall apps that can't be uninstalled. I had a phone that is literally full with those craps and eventually I couldn't do anything functional anymore, apps that I DO need because no space. I even wrote to the manufacturer to complain, asking for a way to throw away those apps. To my surprise, they wrote back (human, not those automatic reply) to apologize and said there is nothing they could do. It was the first android phone so I kind of believe they didn't foresee the development that fast.
  5. I have no problem watching similar scene happens in other series, or something worse than that. It surprised me too why I was really upset with John. I guess they are doing a good job in making me invested emotionally with the characters and their relationship, which I believe hardly happens. In a way, I suppose I feel that it was done to someone that I know, making it unbearable. My mom once told me a story of my dad missing for two days, and went home with his white shirt bloodied, it was the time when the law was unclear and people were picked up from the street and suspected from being against the government. I wasn't even born yet, and this story was told just like that, without more explanation when I was barely a teenager, and I don't want to know as everyone tries to forget that, but the image burnt in my head and I can't stand the thought of him being beaten bloody. In fact, I could stomach violent scenes (on screen, I'm a wussies in real life unless I have to defend something), scenes like stabbing, shooting etc, but someone being beaten when they are helpless, almost always get me. And that is by stranger. So in a way, Sherlock and John are both like someone I know, and I can't fathom one doing that to another, for reason that I fail to grasp, because almost all the time, I react like Sherlock and on his side and I don't get why John mold his ideal Sherlock and gets mad when he is not. I know it's not that simple, but it sums up a lot, from my POV. But I get that view from the other side, not surprised that not many shares mine, and frankly I still don't feel like doing a rewatch because of that, maybe I will change my minds and feel easier, maybe, but it could be worse too. I guess I'm quite a vengeful person. On the contrary, I thought quite opposite. May I ask is it selective? Because I remember we talked about other shows in the past and I got the impression that you dislike some f***ed up fiction, mostly shows that I enjoy :lol:. But I get that you might be looking with different angle of what you like or don't like.
  6. New show that I watched; Upload. Anyone seen this? It's from the same creator as the office, I was interested because of that and the concept. Overall, I find it quite intriguing, although it's very similar with one of Black Mirror episode (or multiple) but I have problem rooting for the characters, I find them a bit meh. It has very funny moments, but I found the storyline is a bit annoying for the two main characters, and so does the music that goes to it. There are a lot of blaring piano music that supposed to make me feel romantic but it makes me constipated instead, anyway, it fails to make me ship the characters, but yah, romance, pfft, it ruins a lot of plot, but maybe it works for others. The other show that I watched, The Purge! I'm very sure most of you will hate it, but I enjoyed it, will talk more when I have time. Gotta go.
  7. Without spoiling for others, maybe in spoiler box, who is your favorite character that you mentioned? I watched all season of OITNB, I like earlier seasons but there are a lot of realism in the later seasons. Some are very difficult to watch but again, it happens in real world, it's not only for major plot points, but simpler and smaller ones too. The other thing I like from OITNB is the realistic looks of the cast, in all shapes and forms, we get so used to glamorous everyone looks good show that it's refreshing to see. Another show I had watched, Lucifer 5A. I was having difficulty streaming it at first, and for some curious reason, it always stuck on the scene at episode two with Tom Ellis's naked butt, talking about Devil's power! It makes me considerably less mad that it didn't stream well. So far, I'm not liking it as much as earlier seasons, I think the plot is weak and some storylines are repetitively annoying (Maze's) but consider that it's half the season, it probably picks up at the later part, which is why I think they shouldn't separate it. It works for Breaking Bad, but that is different show. Having said that, there are enjoyable funny moments and as usual, TE is brilliant that I can recognize Michael, without being spoilery I hope.
  8. Hold on, I remember very well there is a scene when someone said OH MY GOD, and he looks at her and says "Not quite". I think it's to Mary in TEH. I think it sums up well for TLD, I have to force a rewatch soon, it's just too, I don't know, I don't like how T6T and TLD make me feel, and I still hate John in TLD. (I had probably expressed a very clear view in the past about how I hate what John did to Sherlock). So tbh, I'm a bit disappointed, I though it was earlier. I was interested because I thought the quote was from season 2, around HOB, especially Sherlock's emphasize on "even you", I thought he looks up to John as a model of good person, that eventhough he disagrees with some of John's view and expectation, he must be thinking that John is the kindest person he knows, therefore the even you is very interesting.
  9. I have no problem declining invitation from people that I know, but apparently it's not easy when it's someone I don't really know. Being a regular dog feeder on the beach, I started to know more people who have same passion. I used to walk around, going to different spots, but now there are about two regular spots because I got attached with the dogs and they are starting to talk to me (human) about a year ago. They noticed me and being kind to inform me if some regular dogs are missing or if something happens to them, which I'm very grateful knowing. We normally have simple chats, about dogs, and that's all. And this lady suddenly invited me for dinner to celebrate her belated party. Good food, live music, entertainment, night show at the beach. The beach is thriving with night life, at least it used to, I don't know much but covid ruins everything, but apparently this place survives. I don't know how to reply her, there is zero percent that I'm going. Beside current situation, I just don't feel comfortable being around stranger, I barely eat something outside, also I barely know her, and she knows everybody because she is friendly like that, and we know that is recipe for disaster for an introvert. And I can't give her my usual straight answer I just don't want to go, again, I barely know her, she doesn't know that I'm this impolite ungrateful human being, and I don't want to be r'ude' yet, so I need a good excuse as there is no way I'm going. You see, she knows what I'm doing for some reason (work) and she knows what kind of schedule I have. SO.. sigh.. I lied, I have to lie! And it annoys me but there is no other way, I told her my parents are here (they plan to visit sometimes ago when things look better, but now it's not again), to my horror, she said it can be done next week, as the special thing this place has is weekly. And when I told her I prefer to be with my parents, she asked me to bring them along, and when I told her I'm not comfortable with them being in public/crowd, she said they have good practice of social distancing, mask, separated seats etc etc, practically I have nothing on her and it just gets me deeper. And she asked again a couple more times, and each I feel really2 bad and it kind of burden in my mind. But.. I am not going. Sigh.
  10. Yah that's true. That lucky geezer. I would love to slam doors at people's faces and yell for them to check their IQ also, if that is not the restraining factor.
  11. Errrrrr...HOLD, hold on, who else is actually familiar with this??? Putting my shock aside, interesting stories Carol, although I barely know my living relatives, very confident that I could meet them on the street without recognizing them, let alone knowing how many offsprings they have. You guys are driving me nuts, I'm struggling with digital space problem, I have many 2T hard disks that are filled to the brim, I have probably four of them in my drawer now, and many at home. My phone is consider outstanding (at least when I first bought it at 64 + 128G of space, and it ran out). Now I am struggling daily to choose which one to delete. What am I doing you ask? The Hard disks are mainly for work, movie and pictures. Phone, totally pictures. Of what? DOGS! My dogs stray dogs, my dogs, dogs that I know, my dog, shelter that I visit, my dog, dogs, dogs, dogs!
  12. I have to admit I'm getting very very rusty, kinda miss them all, probably need to rewatch.
  13. I had inception level of dreaming about a week ago. I dreamt of something, say something nice happens at work, then woke up and knew it was just a dream. But then the nice thing happens again, and I woke up again it was just a dream. Was getting more conscious and check whether THIS one is a dream, convinced that it's not, and then woke up for real. Remember being quite irritated.
  14. I see that you have more protuberance in your avatar now to ensure that you indeed have earS. I heard you, but I like the original better, it's ear-replaceable. Can I lobby you with some g-listening idea to change it back? I really lobe the old one, it kinds pierces my feeling that you had it changed. There there! I made that in less than two minutes! I have absolutely no idea if I did it right, but nevermind that, noone can tell me otherwise. I have fulfilled my purpose on earth this week.
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