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  1. Good to know, i have been thinking about it. It always leave red marks on my nose and ears, but then again, we have agreed that my nose is always a problem. I think what makes me so pissed beside these irresponsible idiots throwing tantrum is there are actually people being killed for trying to enforce mask rule, even when they do it because it is required by their jobs. At the very least I have read about security guard shot and killed over mask, and recently, a bus driver attacked by passenger that resulted in death because of mask. Can you imagine being the family of this people, the cause of death of their loved ones??? It's sooo.. I can't put it into words. I can't.. the logic, it's too tragic. If only there is a way to put all these people isolated in an island together and let them hug and kiss and breed. Nevermind the breeding, they won't have enough intelligent to escape from the island anyway and contaminate the gene pool.
  2. I have no idea how to embed non-YouTube video but you can just click on this link/copy to your browser. (thanks if anyone can help) https://streamable.com/e/sba3ag It's probably not much, but based on my experience dealing with shitty people all my life, no, 99% of these people make false claims.
  3. Let me see if I could help: pun, just, no, red, god, 243, the, his, last = 0 nope, sherly, wikipedia, plum pudding, cake, pant, coat, dear = many many hits hudder = 2, pretty sure it was mentioned much more jim = 0, there should be at least one Jim from IT floccinaucinihilipilification: yes it has the perfect amount of hits I think you probably right, words that are to short (three letters) are tend to be ignored, the ignored four letter words perhaps because there are too many of them everyone, and the ones that show up has reasonable amount (not too many) although I'm surprised because I think I talk about cake at least 13017472 times. To conclude, I think the search engine is totally and utterly inept, because we all know there is at least ONE Jim from IT!
  4. Yes, something like that. Hmmm... I don't think I need to have 'designated area', perhaps you mean an account or something. For me, if I have a photo from internet that I want to keep, or to post on the forum later, I simply save it in my computer or phone and upload it later. Or just a screenshot (which would be stored into certain folder in phone and computer). Anyway, I don't see the need to have account for any purpose that I have now. I used to have photobuckets so that I could share a link for friends who wants to see my pictures (event, trip) but I think social media replaces it, you can just put your pictures there, for me, I simply disappear and stop posting anything but my brother used google drive (free) to share his pictures. He would give us link to access (not public).
  5. For me, at least in my place people wear them and don't question the requirement of wearing them, and we don't have stubborn government that justify those idiocy. But I do see a lot of idiots gathering, sitting side by side without them, just afternoon chitchat in the neighborhood, bring your kids, let them have fun, risk their life, it's all good. Maybe they change their minds about wanting kids and this is a subtle way out, I'm not sure.
  6. So awhile ago I realize that not all introverts would be happy with the situation if they are forced to stay indoor with...people. Lately I found another unpleasant situation for us in this pandemic. For my whole life, somehow I managed to avoid a lot, I mean A LOT of social gathering, I keep loose touch or no touch and it was all good. But just last week, starting from a couple of weeks ago, one person from high school I still keep in touch, errr.. by that I mean we have written chats couple of times a year. I used to ignore his call, because he likes to chat and I don't, but eventhough he is pissed, he understands. He always tries to 'bridge' me to reconnect with my high school friend but I could escape, until he suggested we only do three person chat with my ex-best friend. Well, ex, because we lost touch, we moved apart but there was no falling out. Anyway, I agreed, maybe because of pandemic, maybe because we had tried to reconnect a bit in the past but it didn't work well. So it started okay, we had on and off conversations, but then they suggested to invite others (who were also quite close friends back then), so they were in, and these couple new people suggested more, and before I knew it, it blew up to almost ten people. Originally I tried to go MIA but it was not too big group and I was pressurised to join the conversation because some of the chats were directed to me. And then, to my nightmare, they all agreed to do zoom call. You see, I don't do call, or worse, zoom call, not even with my SO, not even with my family, my mom and my dog. The front camera of my phone and laptop are shut. So I told them to go ahead, as I won't be attending, and gave three excuses, I'am working, I don't have zoom and don't want to install since my phone is full (true stories, I have thousands and thousand of dog pictures, every dog that I have met) and I don't like video call. These are solid excuses, I think the third one should explain it all. BUT NOOOO, what does it call? They tried to make me feel guilty, come on, we are just close buddies, etc etc etc etc etc. So when I have the freedom to avoid meeting in person back then, now with convenience of technology and being made popular by pandemic, suddenly I can't hide anymore. I have to admit it's quite nice seeing them, but it's awkward to me all the same. I don't think we are the same people anymore, at least me. I think we are all scratching the surface if that makes sense. At the very least I'm still able to play dead from my whole high school and university reunion. It doesn't help that it's our silver anniversary, everyone is out for blood to find and locate missing person, only by a friend's mercy (like high school, I only keep in touch with one person from uni) I'm still hidden.
  7. I didn't understand until I saw the news. Anyway, a rant that is quite political. I'm appalled of the actual idiocy level of human, this pandemic opens my eyes to confirm that even though I have very low expectation, I'm still surprised. How hard is it to wear a f*&@(^&*@$& mask when you are out in public?! Do they know how painful it is for the health workers to wear it every hours every day?? I mean FFS, if those idiots only harm themselves, by all means, I fully support Darwin's theory and it would be good riddance, the earth is over populated! But when your idiotic actions could harm others, they can regulate you. Just like smoking. How many unnecessary tragic deaths of those being attacked from simply asking you to put a mask in their property/work place needed? I blame the upper idiots who put in those idea, that choosing not to wear mask is f(*^^@**%&%@ right. Argh! DAMN MY LEG!
  8. I'm curious! Well, now you can proudly tell Sherlock you actually, literally "Study in Pink"
  9. I don't think it bothers to recognize me, it's probably just post and go and the picture will be there forever. You can post obscene photo anonymously (ehm,, why you want to know this ) but I assume unless you search for it, you have to be the one who put it there to know the uploaded picture code. Tinypic didn't require log in as well, and I believe I posted picture on Imgur without log-in too. Flickr, on the other hand, requires log-in. I remember it was decent, used to put some artwork hobby pictures (somehow there is a community without needing to join, if you post often enough and they like your work, you can gain...eh.. I don't remember what is the term actually, but they follow to know your updates, I believe it's not follower, this is time before twitter. Eventually I kept seeing same people appear to comment on my work, something like that, chatting up and share stuff. I don't think there is some kind of hashtag as well, but it's been loooong time. But it was a nice constructive place about hobby and you communicate mostly through pictures). I can see it fine. I think beside the problems I had sometimes ago, now mostly I'm able to see Caya's pictures, which means there is no problem with Imgur as well. But maybe I'm not here often enough lately for enough sample experience.
  10. NOOOOOOOOO Well, I think if you have a cat, an exorcist's number would be handy too.
  11. No you are not. I actually felt weird when it was very active during season 4. Nobody had time to listen/read to one another. I couldn't catch up with the post and gave up all together, I think it's more fun to actually read and respond to replies instead of just throw something at it and go. Anyway, I felt like a stranger going to party that I don't want to, felt alone and wanted to just sit at the corner and play with the dog. Imho, for a show that only has 13 episodes in the span of yearssssss, I think we are doing quite well. Heh... But yes of course, if we have new members with fresh eyes and takes, it's fun, and I'm all for resurrecting old threads, I think I'm guilty of some. Not sure why other forums are against it, who knows, maybe their show is not only 13 episodes for span of yearsssss???
  12. Nope. I vote that the picture is real, these creatures are both liquid and gravity-is-myth-er.
  13. Good God, who does that kind of thing???? I actually really want to know his research results on these.
  14. The first one is not for soup, I love it more for hygienic purpose, the squirrel legs enable it to sit on the counter without the part touching the food touches the counter, if it makes sense. Because sometimes in between cooking of if you are unsure that the counter is food-grade clean, you would want to rest the cooking spoon on something instead of directly at the counter. The nessie laddle basically, perhaps, trying to copy the squirrel but it doesn't work because the legs touch the food as well. So except from being able to stand on its own, you might as well put it on the counter. Again, from hygienic POV. Offer them two bottle of pills and tell them they have to choose one to make you do your presentation. Make sure the contain is enough for everyone.
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