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  1. Van Buren Supernova

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    You are right, I shouldn't subject my dog to that kind of inconvenience. But if it helps anyone should be worried about their face's well-being for attempting. Not sure I should I don't want you to be disappointed with my answer. Let's say it involves 'some' conservation and 'some' research. Anyway, when I first switching to this industry, I thought it'd be my dream job. But as with everything (same thing applies with knowing a human) the more exposed you are to something, the more you know about the whole package, good and bad. And there could be things that don't gel with you or your principle. In my case, it strikes my conscience and ethic, my idealism. My colleague who is more hands-on put it as 'selling our soul". For me I could say luckily I'm not at that level or practically I could say I tried in my position to counter those negativity, well, for a little bit. That was what I tried to do, using little bit of power I have to make things better, however, realistically, it doesn't work as much as I wanted to. I was only another cog in the wheel, they would run better with me but without me they are fine. I could only make that much noise. I'm the fly trying to get them to eat that medicine by buzzing on their head so that it helps their actual headache that they try to deny. (I never say I'm good in example!!) In fact I got into a lot of hot water trying to. With little success I have, there were much more push back. I realize as well that the burden I have in my head for being connected to what I do is gone when I left. It still makes me feel bad, but at least, I'm not there as part of those if you get what I mean. In fact, there was a very bad example of this poor ethical situation on my last week and it really goes against what I want to be, I was left scrapping around trying to make the situation better but at the end there was nothing I could do. The worst it, if I really really put my myself in the shoes of the company, I could see their reasonings. It's valid, it's just not the best. The best means costing the company a lot of money, so they do what everyone do; make it look good in the surface. So, I guess I'd say this turns something I like into something I don't. Something I thought it's good but then you realize the good might outweigh the bad and something that still seems good to almost everyone else. Gotta go, hope that explains??? I don't have time to check what I wrote, hopefully I explain what I have in mind correctly.
  2. Van Buren Supernova

    The WTF Thread

    Do you guys know about manchineel tree? I've just found out about it recently, this is the most dangerous tree in the world. All parts of it are extremely poisonous. The sap oozes out of everything and could cause severe blisters when in contact. Even standing under the tree while raining is dangerous, because the diluted sap could still burn severely.
  3. Van Buren Supernova

    The Cute Animal Pics/Videos Thread

    Guilty me. Do we still need DNA test here? Is this the syndrome of anything you can do I can do better?
  4. Van Buren Supernova

    The Political Thread

    I think he is one of the most dangerous person in the world, and I don't mean it in criminal mastermind way.
  5. Van Buren Supernova

    Recently watched movies

    It is funny for me, do you know it's a remake of French's The Intouchables? I didn't know until after I had watched it. Yes, been liking Bryan Cranston's work since he was just a a goofy dad in Malcolm In The Middle.
  6. Van Buren Supernova

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Yes! And yesterday my laptop tried to electrocute me at least ten times for the stretch of the time I spent here, not mild ones, but the kind that makes you jump. Now, what is YOUR excuse? Excellent idea. How could I forget about Mycroft. This seems like good present to my nosy relatives too. My final days of the job, how do I put it. Weird, actually. I tried to keep busy as I still stupidly trying to help as much as I could because I know all the burden would fall on my colleague and the boss I don't have a problem with. He, the boss, tried to have last word with me by persuading me to come back for at least a couple of days in the future when my replacement arrived, which of course I said no. But he has trouble finding any and until now, there is no one. One of my last attempt to help is dealing with our external consultants, which, surprise surprise, ended up with two of them, different firms, offering me jobs. I'm not sure how sincere are those since I don't think I'm the right person for their requested specialities. Anyway, it's not in my agenda to find new boss now, or hopefully, ever. Another surprise (well, maybe it's common for others) that a consultant seems very down with me leaving and seemingly tried to get to know me on personal level as in trying pretty hard to make dinner plans and even inviting me to his place and forced me to agree on contacting him (my second home is where he comes from and he knows about my plan of going back there for a while). Not saying he had agenda, pretty sure he just wants to be friends but I'm very uncomfortable because he was very adamant to the point that all my valid excuses didn't work, so I have to say, regretfully, I said yes that I would contact him knowing full well I'd bail and I did bail. I have to be a liar.. ☹️ Another thing that was uncomfortable, I actually felt guilty and touched because those colleagues of mine, got me carefully chosen stuffs, which I never expected them to do, especially from one I have only known for couple of months, and I know he doesn't make much. And they seem pretty down and actually trying to talk me out of leaving, which wore me down after quite a lot of attempts. (To be fair, it seems common that people actually do change their mind or it's not uncommon that resignation is being used as empty threat, actually I should know, but it's still surprising to me to see their confidence at the beginning, especially my boss that I probably just need more perks to stay) after which they still contacted me for work matter for awhile which unfortunately I have to distance myself with so it wouldn't disrupt with the process of bosses getting my replacement or them having to take responsible for decisions I have no right to make. Another thing that surprised me, this was the longest I spent time in a company. But maybe, I'm getting very good knowing you shouldn't get attached to work that I had started detaching myself when things started to go south, which was quite a long time ago. The detachment was disrupted for a while, for this group of colleague, but I managed to stand my ground, or so I thought. Anyway, I had zero, zero feeling of sadness or sentimental for leaving the company which really surprised myself, well, until they screwed it up by unexpectedly showing they care and actually I think I do too, for my team, my colleagues. The company can kiss my dog. To be honest, I have been going around places so I manage to avoid socialising with them since I have valid excuses, but I'll be back to town next week aaaandd I'm running out of excuses. I haven't decided on new job but I want to do something I like on my own. To be honest, it's scary and relieving. I had to, for the last ten years on my last two jobs, close half eyes for my conscience to the nature of my work. I'm not directly involved or responsible and I maintain my ignorance but I know, beside other positive things, there are also a number of shady things going on in that industry and it's eating me slowly. It's hard to understand without knowing what I actually did, but rest assured, it has nothing to do with anything gangsta or plan to ruin the world and destroy humanity. It's actually a very lame job but unusual, that's all I'm doing fine, for now, thanks. Although I have this naggy feeling that I have to make something happens soon, but I know it'd take time. It's long is it???? Pretty sure you regret asking!
  7. Van Buren Supernova

    The Language (and travel) Thread

    I was a bit confused in my last post talking about TV show Lucifer in other thread. But since you said it's logical, at least I don't feel that bad. I don't think they have agenda, maybe they just simply worry that it's offensive word although I don't understand why. As you said, how are we supposed to be educated without knowing the term, and it also send wrong idea about something that is in category of proper language, especially in this case, when the word is used in arguably educational games. The other example of banned word that I remember is slut.
  8. Van Buren Supernova

    The WTF Thread

    Not really. It sounds familiar though, ...robin hood?? Anyway, those you have.. Are..are they sporting big cowboy hat, bushy moustache and walk like they have groin problem? Yes, 100 meter is definitelyyyyy further than I used to. It sounds nice though, very. I imagine running around like crazy and jumping on grass ball and hopping on tree. Maybe that's why I'm sucker for nature because I don't have it on my yard. At least I have 'some' tiny yard now, used to have just couple of potted plants when I used to stay at apartments. Is this WTF moment: my dog always have problem with Golden Retriever, he dislikes them and always tries to scare them away. I assume it's because they like to charge into our personal space since they are very friendly. Lately, he tolerates them better, as the result, two huge goldens jumped on me when I was a knee deep in the sea, super enthusiastic and it almost knocked me down a couple of times, luckily I was using those drybag and wore dark colored clothes because I'm drenched all the same. Hence, he chased them away again. So he is my tiny dear protector!! P.S. I don't mind doggy assault though, it's just that sometimes it feels like my life is flashing before my eyes. 😝
  9. Van Buren Supernova

    The Cute Animal Pics/Videos Thread

    I think Liberia and Myanmar. I'm surprised with Myanmar being listed though. Didn't remember noticing that on my couple days visit donkey years ago (update: just check with a friend working there, and yes, it indeed uses imperial) I think Celcius has similar advantage with metric. It's easy to get the base of it being the freezing and boiling degree at 100 degree apart. But then easy is relative depends on whatever system you are familiar with. On general view, it's just troublesome to write feet and inches imo. Actually, most metric countries are still using inches for dimension of pipes, cable, bolts and nuts etc, I have never seen those in metric. Geez, this creature must have escaped from Harry Potter's world.
  10. Van Buren Supernova

    Recently watched movies

    Had watched a couple of movies and actually like quite a number of them, the rest are forgotten as soon as I finish watching. The Green Book: Viggo Mortersen did an excellent job. He seems like totally different person. I like the overall slow burn and the revelation of the plot (knew nothing about it prior to watching). The Upside: There are lol moments and I actually enjoyed every minutes of it. Bryan Cranston is brilliant with only his face and I find appreciation for Kevin Hart. Searching: I like the layer by layer story through unusual way of telling which brings me also to Unfriended, The Dark web: I enjoy good thriller and actually like this one eventhough there are things to nitpick. Isle of Dogs: weird animation, but I like it. It's weird but I like it. It's weird but I like it. There are jagged repetitive jumpy scenes just like my review.
  11. Van Buren Supernova

    Adding pics in posts.

    Ehem. Not that I'm criticising the method ...
  12. Van Buren Supernova

    The Language (and travel) Thread

    Two questions: 1. When you are telling story about someone you know from the past (even recent past) do you use present tense or past tense? I use past tense to describe the thing relevant back then, like he sounded or looked like, did this that..etc etc. But when I want t describe something that I know as general truth about him, what should I use? Is it present tense? For example, he always likes (something that is very constant all his life), he is tall. Because for those, I don't feel good using past tense, somehow I feel it sounds like I'm talking about someone who is no longer alive. ??? So I use present tense, but then it seems like I have very mixed sentence. Of course, when all else fails, I'd play dead and use third language card. 2. I'm pretty sure 'rape' is a proper word? I have been playing WoW (Words with Friends) forever and find that sometimes, in very rare occasion though, they don't accept certain words, but mostly they are words that can be considered vulgar. I know rape is a sensitive and bad event, but it is a proper word, isn't it? And it is used formally everywhere? What do you guys think about this game banning it? The way they reject it as 'not acceptable' is the way they reject every gibberish and words that are written wrong. So I'm not sure what if the message is right.
  13. Van Buren Supernova

    The WTF Thread

    Errrrr... I'm not sure whether I'm more fascinated by the arrow or the fact that your neighbor is 100 meters away, or that you have sheriff (I know I know it's just that I've always associate the term with movie, or cowboy movies specifically.) I don't have WTF story on top of my head now, but this evil looking thingy is Magnolia seeds Or this
  14. Van Buren Supernova

    Discussions, thoughts and ramblings on religion

    Whoa, I would never get those on my own. Or with help of anyone I know in real life.
  15. Van Buren Supernova

    Favorite Superhero pictures, GIFs, etc.

    You will never know who will you get. https://i.postimg.cc/50kpC7xm/Smart-Select-20190204-122504-Chrome.jpg

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