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  1. I'm not a fan of rules, but I think it is needed now. False advertisement is one thing, but wastage is already a crucial problem. This is in the same level with ridiculous excess-packaging. These are the sample of excess packaging I myself have just receive my online shopping, four tiny tupperwares, packed in box (that can fit approx three dozens of those), each wrapped in more than one meter bubble wrap in length. And more bubble wraps to fill the empty space inside the box. I now have enough materials to open an online store.
  2. This is my favorite. My feet looks exactly the same with Keanu's; the jeans, I have same shoes, three pairs, two colors, and I could never get my jeans-shoe connection symmetrical, it almost always ends up like this.
  3. This and Covid makes me realize how bad is the street IQ of the world. Unlike me, Sherlock knows this all along, for more than a century. That's why he is a great detective and I'm a struggling nobody. On another note, I just found out the existence of Diet Coke button, when it's pressed, it would summon butler with Diet Coke on silver platter. At leasr it's not Nuke button.
  4. I have no words, can't imagine being in your situation, it would wreck me possibly beyond repair. Hugs to you and the poor kid.
  5. Whenever I go to some market, there are vendors who still try to get my attention by nudging or poking me. I hate that with passion even before Covid BC was born. Icy stare doesn't work. Many times I have to actually be rude. Habits die hard I guess, theirs and mine. But you are right, the silver lining is, not wanting to shake hand doesn't look impolite anymore.
  6. See, I know nothing about fashion. And I had to google Pillsbury dough boy. And google these, broccoli and garter but instead of answers, I have more questions. Broccoli body type turns out nothing, what is it like? I know about guitar, pear-shaped, pencil shape, but Broccoli? You are not that fella from the classic swamp thing yes? And garter! Okay I googled it and all my page is filled with those racy thingy possibly worn by Irene Adler or the kind of lacy stuff worn by bride on tigh. So you guys can imagine what J.P looks like in my head. Greeny swamp thing wearing Irene Adler's style garter. Help me guys. P.S. I remember taking the test here to see what I am, I think I turned out to be autumn, and purchased an autumn color T shirt but then it doesn't look good. I have a long coat in same color and I think it looks great. Then I tried the T shirt again and it looks good. One day I look great in white the other I could look like something from garage sale. I conclude it's inconsistent guys.
  7. I stuck here because I find other 'different' people here. Eventhough we are unique, just like everyone else here 😋, we are not so alone after all.
  8. I think for current situation, we reserve a right to push them away hard with ten-foot pole or turn around and run away, no?
  9. Hey, what gives? I am on perfect mental and humor state now. For example, I think I need to yell at my chips for trying to control my life. It has this audacity written "Sharing Pack". Hey chips, it's for me only and you are not the boss of me!
  10. What about non-tail business that is also ... gasp! a pun! Like this mean step brother.
  11. The only thing that I had heard and really agrees with about color with pale lilac doesn't suit redhead. But then again, I know nothing 😁
  12. I believe I had shared story that I had plenty, plenty of silver hairs during teenager year (it's more shiny and silverish, not greyish, are they the same?). It affected my self-confidence because some meanies boys made fun of that. Other than that, I think I don't have feminine hands, I have big legs, I have high forehead, all those things made me self aware but I have come to know that my hands are fine, my strong legs are not meant for catwalk but proven to be precious assets in sports and nutty activities that I love, and high forehead means intelligence (said mom who has even higher forehead 😋) In my uni years, I got even more silver hairs but I had learned to embrace it, in fact, a good friend liked to braid it together for me (they are kind of scattered but she managed) and it actually looked special (I insist!). Then I lost them during my adult years, they actually turn back into my actual hair color (very dark brown), it's like reversed aging for hair, I have no idea what happened or noticed when it actually happened. Now I have normal hair age, I think, got silvery sprouts here and there but not allocated like yours. Actually, those 'can't', why can't, I mean, how reliable stylish are these people who commented on that? I wore quite a lot of brighter colors back then, now I stick to dark and neutral colors like black, white, army, navy, brown and beige, or jeans when I wear one. But I don't remember thinking whether those bright colors suit me or not, yah, I'm not the best person to ask about style anyway, but I remember developing something in my head; that if I feel confident that day, somehow I think it projects out and raises the level of attractiveness because confidence affect comfort and we are more free to express our energy and 'charm' instead of worrying about appearance. But what I know, maybe I appear as more cheerful than usual so it could annoying on my confident days, but I am those selfish person who doesn't care what they think as long as I feel good. I had spent too much energy to worry about those people when I was young. P.S. I thought black and white suit everyone, I am serious. Noone looks bad in them?
  13. This brings back so many memories. I love this piece too, it always brings a lot of feels, the music and the scenes using it. I still have Sherlock's ringtones, like you, I think music in Sherlock contributes a looot to the series. And the blessing and a curse of having Sherlock's ringtone as introvert, I use it as excuse to ignore calls to listen to the full song.
  14. Promise?? Please promise that handshakes and stranger's hug are things from the past too.
  15. But @Artemis, you never told us why do you want to know! Meanwhile, I hope they don't risk their lives with capes because they don't even wear mask the proper way!
  16. Please refer to what I had tried to say earlier, which unfortunately I don't have the skill to articulate it well enough. All these technicality, semantics (or other terms I'm not so sure with) is indeed applicable for common folks, or average folks, or earthlings, but NOT to someone who is known to spew unchecked facts, data, accusations, lies, denials on his ordinary life AND WHEN he is actually holding very high power (leader of the free world they say?) and when he is known to have followers who follow the same recipe, fact is pfft, who breathes and eats everything he says and then some and on shaky ground to do questionable things. (I bet many, many who stormed the capitol thought it was just harmless fun, endorsed by someone who has power to protect them). Add all those things up, his lawful remarks ARE NOT HARMLESS AT ALL; it carries weight, it pushes movements, it gives reasons and justifications, it becomes weapon. In short, it is dangerous and has significant capability to be very destructive. Having said all above, allow me to be honest with you Carol, I don't intend to be offensive, but I have to be very honest, I'm with you that things shouldn't be black and white, there are different sides, POV and shades, but many times, your fifty shades of grey frustrates me. We had talked about many things before in the past, from Bill Cosby to many other things I can't remember all, and while I enjoy level-headed and respectful discussions, which I really appreciate, I probably don't have the energy to dissect all those shades. Many times I found myself ready to try to indulge with counter reasonings, but then I stopped myself because I could picture which and which reasoning of mine that you would pick up and question, which, in my humble opinion, only send us to spiral discussion that I have to go back to my point again, after going around the forest. I blame it on my INTJ and your INTP, I have an INTP friend and while we are both normally very quiet species, people could find us talking for hours about all kind of nonsenses and like you, he always wants to look and question any, every, every, and every single angles, which is not something bad at all, which I like to do as well, but for me, something seems clearer than the other, something wronger than the other. Especially in this case, of course I habe repeated myself before, I had very bad personal experience dealing with similar situation on the wrong end of the stick, just regular people who suffers from division, chaos, hatred, unfairness, fear, sowed exactly like and from someone or organization similar the way he does thing, and trust me, words could do as much damage as action. My experience goes way way worse but the beginning is pretty similar. This is just the beginning, if nothing is being done. Me and my family suffer 'only' trauma, financial, livelihood and material lost, but there were many lives and dignities taken and things are and will never be the same. So there is only so much energy I want to spend in trying to convince you the actual damage that this guy is capable of shouldn't be judged just by him actually goes down and wields the sword himself. Words are not just imaginary, virtual, defensible coming from him. So I would let others try, this is not a battle I want to be, especially I know that you are genuinely trying to understand. This is not over but for reason above and the risk of me turning into fluffy bunny 😋, I just said what I said in the beginning of this post. Feel free to think I am just blabbering and to all, sorry if my post is messy, I am sure it's full of grammatical and vocabulary errors. P.S. Sorry for other nicer INTJ. I don't represent us and not sure what I am.
  17. My ignorance.. I thought impeachment (even the first one) would result on someone/committee taking over or limited power or at the very least putting a leash to the impeached. So I was surprised it's business as usual, but didn't care more to actually find out. Now second impeachment, I thought, okay, this one should be more impactful, but then I read, briefly, from BBC News, correct me if I'm wrong, it seems like it barely means something? I mean they vote to impeach him the first time, then vote the second time, then there would be another vote needed for conviction, and then there would be ANOTHER vote to block him from...running again? I mean, how much does it take and how much destruction that he/she needs to do to prevent them to hold that kind of power? Or actually being held accountable? In reality, ex-convict, someone simply born in different race, or every decent person would have difficulty getting decent job or decent live or have decent freedom or decent status. Is it me or is there something not good here? Change my mind, or enlighten me. Please!
  18. I can't see your image. Is it like this? If yed, answer is yes. 😇
  19. Ow come on, I'm a fluffy bunny rabbit whenever noone pisses me off.
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