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  1. So yesterday I had my first vertigo, hopefully the last. I had watched my mom had hers, so I understand what was going through, especially when everything started to spin out of control. Still, it sucks a lot. It got to the point that I threw up three times but luckily, still able to function. The culprit should be the long exposure of strong wind right next to my left ear that could be the cause of imbalance, with addition that I just had some irritant on the left side of my throat days earlier, really hope that is the reason. Just a day and two ago I did some two-storey climb and walking next to the edge because I needed to check my water tank, and I wouldn't want to miss the ability to do all those. I have done some reading and wish it's one time thing, which is very possible. Have you guys experience it? If yes, what cause yours and how do you cope?
  2. Try to scrabble on something made of plastic, the heat and friction it creates would make the ink flows back. It works with me. The thing that I notice with pens, DO NOT drop them. It turns them, either makes it dysfunctional, or it wouldn't be as nice to write with. Common sense actually, I wouldn't feel like working if I accidentally drop myself to the ground.
  3. Same here. Most of my colleagues are male who are less chatty, and even females in my line tend to be quieter except when we were discussing about works. Then there was this purchasing guy who came and thought we all need something to brighten our days. He stood behind me watching me doing my works and asking me questions, while I need all the peace and quiet in order to function. So I chased him away, nicely. Didn't work until I actually had to chase him away in effort that is equivalent to throwing a brick to a dog to prevent it from following you. He thought he was cute and repeated it again the day after. About the fish, I think you should have brought it home on the first place, but of course you wouldn't know the history of how it ended up there. I can't understand people who use animals as gifts, especially to kids.
  4. Where does the carpet ends and the cat starts?
  5. The settings are exceptional as well. All those trenches, ruins. I feel the character's desperation and hope without him needing to say much. Does it have some nominations because it deserves some! I do wish I didn't know Andrew and Ben are in it, it would be great surprise, but still happy to see them. The things about these two, especially Andrew, I could forget that he is Moriarty in different works that he is in, which is great and can't be said for many other actors. That is why I'm not really into RDJ Holmes, imo, he is the same person in many of his works, while Andrew and Ben have the ability to turn into their roles, which thankfully are diverse enough.
  6. Same here. I tried to cut my bang though (I seriously couldn't find the right word and mistakenly put fang until before I posted it, imagine how bad ass it is when you guys read it with fang). I do feel bad with my hair, it's not troublesome at all, but many times I think it deserves more products and treatment than just shampoo and conditioner (no John, according to Sherlock, shampoo is not hair product, but you shouldn't hear him since you have too much product now)
  7. Don't throw things at me (but if you must, fresh produces only please), I really only ship Sherlock with his detective life/everlasting thirst of knowledge. It's not that I feel represented, as that is not my current path, but it's good to know that it is an alright way of living and existing, and there is equal happiness to that despite the normal 'normal'. And who is the best in that except Sherlock who has existed for more than a century, I think that what makes him special, and that what makes me like the series. But feel free to ship, who knows, you might change my mind.
  8. Oh that one belongs in Political Thread or ducky would scol...whac.. no, she would let you know nicely, which I agree, since this thread is dedicated more to things we can't really explain, such as: I always thought the hair style's name is inspired from horse's tail, it seems like I got it in reverse all this time.
  9. Wha... why you get a head start? But I won't be able to do rewatch for the time being. Just that I remember I didn't feel bored at all when I rewatched SIP almost every week when I used to travel often, that's the best choice they have on the plane. But yah, of course, John and Sherlock's interactions are the best part. TBB, tell me you don't miss the way he straightened his suit after beating up the bad guy in sword. I think you guys know that I loathe General Shan, but somehow she does seem fitting for good old classic original Sherlock? No? Have I gone soft on her?
  10. Have you guys ever, been soooo annoyed with other's stupidity and feel the helplessness to reason with them and just let them take your money as the result? In my area, it is cheaper to put your clothes in the laundry than do it yourself. We don't have DIY public laundry. To look for good one though, it's always a struggle. Sometimes they mess up your cloth, sometime they lost it, sometimes they didn't do a good job. I have been going to the same one as long as I am here, but because I moved away, it's quite a distance so I want to look for nearer one. I decided to give this one (tried before but they lost my shirt so I dropped them) another try. First couple of wash, it was good, they are quick (ready the day after), and then they started to mess up. The minimum load you can put is 2 kg, which is fine. That is around the amount I bring anyway. They gave me wrong information initially (that there is no minimum) but revised it later when I didn't bring enough, (so they charged me 2kg price even when I bring less) which is fine, I get that. Then there was one time when I noticed that I only bring 1.5kg, but when I left (they sent the receipt to the phone, which I normally left in the car so I didn't check on the spot) but they noted it down as 2.5kg. I asked them if they got it right, because I remembered seeing 1.5 when they weighted it. They insisted it was correct. So nevermind, I even said sorry I must have seen it wrongly then. I have no idea how many time it actually happened, but I remember this one well. And it happened again, this time I was pretty sure it was 1,7 kg, so when I saw they put 2.7kg in the receipt, I went back (I barely left the area yet anyway) and asked them. And they told me, yes, because the minimum weight is 2 kg. I said fine, then put it as 2 kg since I have 1.7kg right. They said yes, but since 2kg is minimum, they have to add it up. I was trying to hold back my disbelief, I said, sure, I understand. But why do you put it as 2.7 kg instead of 2? They looked at me blankly then repeated the same thing. I repeated too, getting really irritated, especially now I know they did the same thing back then and made me feel I was the one making a mistake. So apparently their brilliant solution is just to add another kg if you don't meet minimum account. The thing is, they have multiple staffs and these two I encountered are not the one in charge (the one in charge was very clear about everything including how the minimum is counted, and she also assured me that they always finish their order in a day although the other staff likes to give wrong information to the customers (maybe so that they can stretch the work)). Anyway, it's obvious that I was irritated that they can't give me logical explanation but still insisted on their reason. So they said they can't change the receipt because it had been sent to the 'boss' but would give me a 'discount' when it's collection time. I believed none of that but I had no energy left, obviously they looked at me as 'difficult' customer as well. The day after, my family happened to go that area and helped me collected it, my instruction was clear: I am 100% sure they wouldn't hold on to their word and would still overcharge me, if you don't feel that you have energy to question them then leave them be. I don't want this stupidity to ruin their day. Sure enough, they didn't bother with overcharging, but when my family bothered enough to ask, they said, oh, this is express service, it is more expensive so it cost twice. (It's SO does not add up, brilliant mathematician liar &^!&$@!$^). The thing that trigger my anger the most is, when people try to cover their mistake by adding a lie or ridiculous reasons. I have met too many of this breed. So yah, of course I am not coming back and no, I wouldn't bother to report or complain, it's not worth the time. I'm not that bothered about the money they 'cheated' either, I'm just.. arghhhh,, if you get what I mean.
  11. This lips enhancement trend! Where do they stop! TSK!
  12. Don't worry, 'long' is never used to describe my thumb.
  13. Phew, that is barely similar with the one I posted. I thought I have to change the way I look at you every single day. Because I myself tried to scoop up water from sinking boat that had merge into the sea. To my defense, if you do it fast enough, there is still hope.
  14. Please don't disappoint me and confirm that the character that reminds you of Sherlock is Godzilla or Mechagodzilla. Please, I have enough disappointments in my life. And one of the 3-4 people mentioned is you.
  15. What a nice blue eyes!! The thing about dog and cat is: Dog tries to make the best of all situations. While cat has best situation and says "F it. Nobody tells me what to do. Nobody tells me what is good."
  16. Oh yes, she would gladly challenge you to thumb war or debate like a third grader.
  17. You mean you expect him to get slowly decapitated by the 'helicopter' wooden blade while he patiently holding it? Okay I imagine that would be a very agonizing long hours of watching him duk 'ouch' duk 'ouch' duk 'ouch' duk 'ouch' duk 'ouch' I'd probably have gone crazy first. I take that we don't need to worry too much about anti hair-fall shampoo, it's inevitable across all species..and machinery.
  18. One day as I drove through our neighborhood road, I saw these two guys on motorcycle. It's typical carefree people; very casual clothing, no helmet, and.. they carried one big pole with moving wooden two-bladed propeller at the end. The full length of the propeller could easily be 1.3 - 1.4 meter (4 - 4.5 feet?). The rider rode slowly, while it's obvious that the pillion was struggling for a bit, because the propeller..was moving like a helicopter blade above their heads. It's a challenge itself to balance this long device, not to mention it's full blown against the instability of the wind. That is not a smart way to carry that thing! They could easily tied the blade to keep it still instead of balancing it while it's moving. Nevermind, stranger things have happened before. So I drove slowly around them and hoped they didn't harm any chickens dogs or cats or humans along their way. Maybe about two three weeks later, I saw the same guy. This time he was alone, riding with one hand and balancing yet a propeller with the other hand. WHAT? Now the task seems more ridiculous without someone to help him. But he looked like he was enjoying himself and rode slowly but in constant speed. Nah. It was quiet afternoon anyway, maybe this guys was living the dream of riding helicopter. Then another week or so passed by, and I saw him again, still balancing the propeller with slight or great difficulty depending on the wind that that time. Good God! I am a curious person, would anyone explain this or do I really need to ask him? Now it's intriguing and if I knew his reason and if it's good enough, maybe I would volunteer helping him holding that bloody propeller. Gah gah gah. But I had to live with that question. Until another week after. When I passed by another neighborhood and I saw this familiar wooden propeller, rising and moving against the wind majestically higher up there, decorated a house in a way people decorated the front yard with flag. I think it's something the locals enjoy that I didn't notice before. That guys was probably a propeller crafter doing the 'test drive' for his handmade product. Mystery solved, there is no need to call Sherlock.
  19. Well for mine, their 'understanding' comes with accusations and colorful remarks, communication problem is definitely one, then arrogant, that I don't care and don't share, and the variation so what makes you decided to come out from your shell, and my favorite, are you still alive??? I take those as"'endearment annoyance". That is for those who decide to remain my friends begrudgingly. For those who are not, they mostly talked behind my back, some with stupid accusations. I guess they helped me with finding the obvious reason that I don't need to waste time on them, self filtering. And of course, I have lost some friends because I'm not extrovert enough to join whatever they planned, and they slowly drifting away. I don't mind going on outing with people I like, but not when they always bring strangers, families, kids. Or lecture me for not having the same beliefs. Or put me in the phone with their kids. Don't get me wrong, I could actually entertain or play with kids, when we understand each other enough. But asking me to speak through phone when I barely know how many and what gender they are, especially the ones who can't really speak yet or forced to do so, NOPE. Don't ever do that. Then they are annoyed that I started to reject outings or not picking up calls.
  20. That's what I'm talking about. Many of those 'imprinted' memories seems trivial, although I do have some bad ones that probably traumatic to me as a child. Or a piece or two advices from my grandma, followed by vivid scenario of when she said it. Hey, I know someone who has been following my advices 100% for as long as I.. she lives, and she turns out alright, according to the testimony of m... her..!
  21. Glad to hear that guys. The one and only reason that makes me question my path is when my loved ones are sick out there. I can't be there for them and the thought of me regretting not spending more time with them keep knocking on my head, followed with questions, what am I really doing? Is it worth it? Am I wasting time? Why don't I cherish and appreciate the relationships more? But then, there are more questions and what ifs scenario that I know, having to do what we do separately is what makes it stronger, and us happier, if it makes sense. Yet, the questions and doubt never disappear, especially when there is no clear end on sight.
  22. HEY! Spoilsport... I'm day dreaming here about Steve working on Thanos's (Thano's?) gardening project. I could use their back, I like gardening but my old back is not what it used to be since I was 18. And how I would like to collect those stones for the gauntlet just to eliminate 50% of the weed...! Bad bad weed! I haven't really been home for just a short while and I felt like walking through the wilderness in my 5x7 meter 'garden'.
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