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  1. Is that your dogggggg??? Can I come over?? Don't worry we don't need to socialize, just leave the dog (and cake) outside and I'd come to play and go and you wouldn't even notice anything. I wear fur loaded clothes with pride everyday, my dog is blonde and I love black shirts. Please put the sign around the cake that "This is reserved" "Mycroft distancing area". Don't worry about translating anything, I heard he is good at languages.
  2. So it seems that we are stuck at exactly same place. Haiz... I thought you would come to my rescue and tell me that I have nothing to worry about in those things I didn't enjoy and it will get better, because I really like the first there eps..
  3. Hey remember when we had nightmares about toilet? How have you been sleeping lately?
  4. Haven't felt it around here. But I have been thinking that all my life seems like fitting with the concept of social distancing. I don't like to shake hands, I don't hug, yes I keep bubble of personal space around me when I could, I stay at home, and I wash hand like a maniac almost all the time, and I always avoid event or crowd whenever I could. Now I'm wondering if extroverts are suffering right now. It probably boils down to two things; that they find our kind of lifestyle is actually healthier and we will be more understood than ever, or, they think we are nuts even more than ever now that they are trying to live like us. Either way, fine by me!
  5. I believe there were mentions about Altered Carbon here before? Is it recommended? I've been liking first three episodes, I like the concept, the idea of the world, it's certainly unique. But, but! Not liking and . Too bad, I've been liking the Kovac (he has good voice!) and Poe character a lot and the story progression, but this kind of putting me at a stop if I really want to continue.
  6. The last movie I watched on cinema is The Gentlemen, I like it. It's fun, well written and there are excellent acting performance. Hugh Grant is really believable as this sleazy opportunist and I like Charlie Hunnam's character a lot. There are quite a lot lol moments, enjoyed the direction, settings and dialogues. 8/10 Another random movie: Another Version of You, telling a story about a man's quest to find the girl of his dream in parallel universe when the 'original' one married to someone's else. It seems like those flicks, but surprisingly, there are a lot more to it, and will get you thinking a lot of how sad the reality on in this case, fiction reality is. Feeling generous for 8 today.
  7. Maybe it's American thing. Tbh, there are plethora of very sue-able things here that have good ground but the law (or action?) on all those are just not that intensive. In one hand I'm actually grateful that it's less complicated on the other hand I have a lot of problem with a lot of people and would like to see them punished if I have the energy, money and time and system that allows me to win. Just give me that superhero power, I'd like to toss a lot of people into the space.
  8. Do it via video call! I saw my sister in-law does that. I am amused actually, I don't (thankfully) have regular meet-ups. One reason is because I stay abroad from them, but we never feel the need to do video call as well, or even regular messaging. I think my pattern of relationship are, get in touch when we feel we want it, as in very irregularly, but we click all the same. Same thing with my siblings. I'm the only female, maybe that explains, our group chat is mostly quiet all the time except, where is mom? (she is hopping between kids). Does it work? Long long long time ago, I was in this training and expected to survive on nature, given nothing so had to forage or whatever for food. Found banana and happily collected some plant, imagining grill banana and vegetable soup to fill the belly on cold night under the stars. I knew how to differentiate dangerous plant but definitely didn't know which one is edible. The banana was full of rocks, tiny little stone (not sure if that is the norm of because it's merely grew up) and the 'soup' was bitter. Tossed all of it. My concept that time, any plant can be used for veggie soup, how bad could it be?? I wish for the other way around, I wish they would avoid me like a plague. Maybe it's not really taken seriously here yet, but people bumped into me (when they could easily avoid) and I gave a death stare to a woman who grabbed my shoulder to offer me something at the market. I jumped and turned around, it's rude even in normal situation. I would have same reaction but never this pissed.
  9. I hope you guys are holding up well. Thing has been affecting me a little bit differently. My SO is staying in different countries, so is the rest of my core family, even the one in the same country are separated by flights. Last week, he was supposed to be here for one and half week but the trip was cancelled last minute because of restrictions on both sides. We cancelled it first for precaution, as the plane he was supposed to take was coming from badly hit Europe, also with other consideration that he might be put on two weeks quarantine on each side, ton of paperworks and it would be problematic with work. Apparently even if he didn't cancel, the flight was also suspended. I have to be grateful that at least we are okay for now, but I was just feeling really down that time. We have been looking forward to meet and I need his support here. The mellow hours had passed, now we are just keeping each other's spirit high, although I can't help to think when we could actually meet again. Now is even stricter than last week. But again, nothing to complain about as long as we are well. With these restriction, I am more aware than ever that I actually staying in a place where I have zero real friends. I have distanced and limited myself so much all my connections here are strictly professional. I'm not sure I regret anything, it's just something that I think of, so I actually have no one that can visit me anytime if I got into trouble, since people I care about and vice versa are all thousand of miles away, and with lockdown and all, it feels like we are staying in different planet. But not too worry, I'm in good relation with my dog's original family, they are the only people who know where I live (Geez I have no idea I'm this successful in hermit-ing myself, but again, wouldn't change a thing). Not sure if social distancing works around here. Just couple of days ago I saw people grouping on the street, not for something important but part of die-hard local life. There are measures taken, hopefully it's taken seriously. Food and necessity supplies are okay here, I haven't seen hoarding the last time I bought grocery, no panic buying eventhough the queue were much longer. Medical supplies like face mask and hand sanitizer hasn't been seen since forever though. There haven't been business restrictions, I think majority of business are still open as usual, but haven't been going around for a week, not sure if things has changed. Haven't visited my regular beaches, can't help to think how the strays are doing if everyone stop the visit to feed them. And if the surrounding food businesses are closed, how would they find any food? As you guys, I am more terrified with the social and economy impact. I had experienced the ugliness of humanity when it was pushed to breaking point, I hope it doesn't come to that. It's worrisome to read the news about India couple of days ago when some of the locked-down citizens didn't even know about Covid-19, and many are surviving on daily wage that goes non-existent. For every panic buying, there are those who can't even afford tomorrow's food. Haiz. Take good care guys, be safe!
  10. We are not the only species who suck at our job.
  11. Had cats more than two decades ago and they ate human food. Back then we, mostly everyone, knew nothing about proper animal care like today, as long as we give them shelter, food and love, we knew nothing about vaccination or proper nutrient. I'm not sure proper vet existed in my area. We adopted this female cat and she had multiple kittens. We fed them boiled fish (they love the innards too, we mixed them with rice to get more quantity), milk once in a while (it's luxury for us too) and everytime we called them for meals, you could hear them running from a mile away, so excited for meal time. We had a shop back then and let them roam around to help catching mice and they loved to lounge on the ceiling space. Always fish for them, chickens and other meats or leftovers were for the dogs. Recently, when my parent's home had regular stray visitor, they fed her same thing plus some dry food once in a while and she loved them all.
  12. People in my area are genearally pretty calm about it. There are longer than usual queue in grocery store, but it looks like common weekly necessity, not a hoard-up or something. The main popular hoarding items are in stock and I don't see people getting excessive amount. I guess what most people are not ready about, is how to have enough stuff to keep yourself fed and taken care of for two weeks. Unease is more relevant word than freaking out, especially from the development of the last few day. Much needed travel plan especially, not me, but I'd be very affected, fingers crossed.
  13. Again, I don't mind if it's essential to the story and they don't bang for the sake of banging. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against those, I just hate it so much (oh well I think I am against then) when a good story turn into unnecessary romance and it disrupts everything from then on. I hate that there are many series feel the need to have romance, no, they don't, look at the best series, most of them don't (well best to my rating). Anyway, if you guys see anything like that when they can't resist to get the main character doing it, please remember in another part of the globe I was in pain trying to get my eyes to roll back to the front. There is nothing wrong with shipping, I think I talk more about those fans who throw tantrum when they don't get something they want.
  14. If only I have his ability. I still not sure if I'm considered a germaphobe, I don't think I am. Maybe I'm inspired to, but definitely too lazy to do so. I can't even maintain my room to be the way I want it. I was accused of always cleaning up when my friends were visiting my room, uni time. But I was simply bored just sitting there, my hands need to be at something, but I have to admit there was no dust even on top of my cabinet as the small room was very manageable. Now there are too many things to do, my hands are barely free, I need to visit forum. Nope. I don't get sick often as well, and that goes way beyond I can afford to be me. We are just stubborn, that's all, and I hope we remain that way.
  15. Nicely put, however I don't really see it as 'introverted' way, to me it's just a deep sadness of someone seeing his only friend moving on, while he stays still, incapable to, or doesn't want to, at the same time Dang it, I know this is the price to pay when I let myself getting close to someone. It is general to everyone but I agree it's somewhat relevant as introverts tend to treasure relationship more deeply because we would only commit to very few, and brings out the vulnerability of usual 'is that something wrong with me? Should I do what everybody else is doing? As accent, I find it easier to understand English and American English in the shows, but have more problem understanding the regular human. Not sure why. Like I understand Sherlock well, but ??hah?? when I heard a group of British first hand.
  16. Wait whattt... Maybe because I really don't have proper hosting-guest experience. I hardly ever be a guest or a host, at all. But talking about necessity, I just had a..near death experience two weeks ago; my neighbour had a function, some kind of house warming, what an Adrenalin rush is it?!??? As I probably had mentioned before, I stay in a cluster of ten houses where almost all of my neighbor do some kind of facelift or lately, major overhaul of their house. There are neverending construction work, one after another. And after that, they would make some kind of house warming gathering. In the past, I had managed to escape from couple of them because I got the invitation first, by magically disappear on the said date, once I even brought mom who happened to visit and my dog aimlessly for a car ride. But now, I'm juggling to stay between two places and hardly sleep at home, come back at odd hours so I didn't get the invitation because they didn't meet me. I didn't know what's going on but when I pulled near the house, there was a parking havoc and there I saw it, the elaborate decoration on their newly finished home (that is the local style). I swore I parked so fast but the hostess still managed to run to catch me as I was closing the gate. It was day long event, and Sunday is the only day I could be at home, so I can't escape so I said I would drop by later and went out for weekly grocery but it stressed me out all the time. I worried it's improper if I dropped by without anything so had to scrap something, I really don't know what is the norm, but I think I have to bring something yes? I have this new bottles of room refresher oil I asked my friend to help me buy for me overseas some time ago that seems quite appropriate. It's not expensive yet it's proper enough. How unfair, I have to go attending something I don't want to, meeting people I don't want to meet, whom (?) they most probably don't want to meet either but they feel like they have to, give something I actually want for myself, and forced to accept food that I don't want to eat, wasting time that I don't have and stressing me out on my only day off. There is something wrong in the system! Dropped by and quickly found excuse to leave, in total I was there for 4 minutes but that was because they asked me to wait (they packed me some snacks and food). When I still followed Olympic I like it. February 29th and January 1st is also my favorite fake birthday, mainly because I'd have trouble to remember if I choose other dates. But 31 of months end with 30 is my favorite too. Say, I would love to throw housewarming on 31st of April or September. This is one of the reason we are all here. I'm glad you guys are just intelligent pixelated avatars. I've been running on deficit and spending my savings away instead of earning money, but that is not because of corona. At terrifying time, I even had a moment or two to wonder if it's better that I go back to sell my soul. Hang in there, although it's really annoying that it's so expensive to stay alive. From innovation of internet to common existence of plastic to improve life to environmental problem, from connectivity used to be some kind of very luxury activities to the world about coming to a halt now that we are expect to stand still. Yes, I think it's interesting times that proves my previous point; not only life is a b*tch, it has puppies too.
  17. I feel reluctant, cause you and I are introverts, I'm sure you are sincere, so am I when I actually invite people, but not so deep down I'm terrified if they really show up . Also, if I look like my avatar, will you scream and whack my head with a pot? Worse, the ones in question are simply wooden toothpicks. I don't seem them too much in restaurants anymore nowadays. Thankfully I don't really need them, unless I eat something like corn on the cob or mango. P.S I clicked save icon in order to save my draft, as I have something to attend to now, but apparently it means submit. Oh well.. will get back later.
  18. I wonder why, I get quite a lot of this all my life. My ex boss contacted me last month asking if I want to do some freelance job, and I said as long as I could do it remotely, because I can't travel at the moment, and the first thing he asked was that. I try to refrain myself from thinking if I have those.. I think despite all the technologies that enable us to connect better with friends, it feels colder now. I used to check my mail box happily and get hand written letter, for some reason those bonds seem to be stronger than current online presence. There was excitement with appointments and meet-up and it felt more genuine. And you can tell which of those who really make the effort to get in touch and it's a thing to really miss a friend. Maybe I'm outdated, one of the reason I don't like social media is because I don't feel like I trust the people in there, and overload of presence of certain people, give me the chance to actually miss you!
  19. Me???? Pun joke???? Someone here told me her sister said it's the lowest form of jokes, but I'm willing to do anything just to annoy that someone. NOOOOOOO Not paranoid. I particularly avoid toothpick like plague, unless they are individually wrapped, I have heard stories and seen myself that people like to play with them, or worse, use and put it back. This is outdated opinion right? Let me read continue to read the rest of the thread before I throw something at you and you Hey I'm at the end of the thread you guys haven't changed or added what you have said so here are tomatoes!! I actually think the threat of the virus is more likely underestimated than overblown, mostly because we don't know much about it yet. The dangerous factor imho are: people who are asymptomatic have the ability to spread it, which is very alarming, and the time range of someone being exposed and finally tested positive varies from immediate to prolonged length of time. And the possibility of false negative, there are cases when someone being tested positive after multiple negatives. These three factors carry the ability of it being spread in uncontrollable way, and we don't really know yet how it really impact and complicate other conditions, they are since questioning the spreading methods, what bodily fluid etc etc. The unknown is worrisome. And as mentioned from what we have seen, it's very capable of crippling the world's economy. And we have started to see how very ugly we really are, blind racism (really??? racist people are really the most idiotic kind), hoarding, taking advantage of the situation (the opportunists selling unqualified or reused masks is very appalling to me), if the situation gets worse I can easily see full blown human ugliness when people are in survival mode.
  20. I have told you guys that I'm imagining you all stay in fantasy world that have internet and Sherlock. I know this one is some kind of phrase only Adopt me. I know it's probably not fun, but sounds fun.
  21. Maybe I am a fool. One or two weeks ago in my feed (I think they sneakily detect my algorithm) there is an article about Sherlock season 5 coming on Netflix. But the annoying thing is, it doesn't know when or if the actors are available. I want to throw my phone away since it's basically says nothing, how could you write an article that say nothing???? Here let me dig up that stupid article.
  22. Not that I am an expert, but yes. Our phone is exposed on all sort of things and like Caya said, we touch everything and transfer it to the phone. It is actually much dirtier than toilet, same thing with keyboard. They are really really nasty. As for cell phone sanitizer, I actually have one, and I got it a year ago as a gift. So not only I do that, someone thinks it's a right gift for me and he is right, I love it. It's been more than fifteen years or maybe forever in smaller scale since I get more...eh..cautious. I would never ever sit on my bed with my outside cloth, or wear outside shoes inside, it's nasty. I make my family suffer when I force them to do the same when they enter my house, but they don't always listen. I mop the path I walk in even if I wear socks if the socks had touched somewhere else (in workplace I liked to take my shoes off when I sit). I have strong urge to wash my hand otherwise I can't really function after I exchange a handshake with strangers. It's difficult when I attend meeting with new people. I wash hand way way too often especially when I bake, I'd have multiple and different hand towels. I wipe my phone everyday with alcohol swab (not that often with laptop because it's inconvenient as I remember it when I already turn it on) and yes, I have taken my desktop keyboard letter off in attempt to wash it (don't do that it always spoils them). Bottom line, I could be that weirdo. But I am functional (I think), overall I'm okay, I roll in dirt in nature, I sit on the beach and step on dog's poo without getting too icky, I hug smelly stray dogs and I have picked up food from floor (my floor!) my home is not sparkling, there are a lot of unkept areas mainly because I can't keep up with it, that's why I desire robot cleaner that can do that (not only roomba) nevermind they are going to kill us. Oh to bring us back, my handphone sanitizer look like a box, size that can fit most handphone, with cable so you can actually charge it while it's there. It takes 8 minutes to sterilize the phone and additional 2 minutes if I add some fragrance oil. I have no idea if it works well, but it does make me feel better although normally I'd still wipe it since they don't get rid of fingerprint etc. I don't use it as often as I want though, as I need my phone almost all the time. To help with paranoia, everytime you flush the toilet the particle actually goes everywhere in the bathroom. Make sure you get your toothbrush covered. Mine is. So the thing that irritates me although it probably shouldn't, this corona actually kind of change my routine. Everytime I do my grocery shopping, I always take time to look at cleaning products, and I have a lot of them, more than normal people, anything that says disinfectant, kill germs etc etc I have some kind of variant of them. But now, I am competing with everyone and we have sanitizer shortage since quite sometime ago, can't find them anymore. But I actually have enough to get by because of my habit, travel sized sanitizer, swabs, wipes all bought regularly before virus time, although I don't like thinking that I can't replenish it soon.
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