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  1. @Carol the Dabbler Haven't seen the video but I hope the title is sarcasm. Is it worth watching? I am here to comment about nick names! I think I faintly know that James is Jim, those kind of nick name. But I totally forgot about William and Bill. This agitates me for some reason as I named a villain as William and a nice cute lovable dog as Billy. And then, when I read The Picture of Dorian Gray, I found another quite unusual one. Henry = Harry??? Why you are doing this, English name/language? In my world, Billy is Billy, Henry is Henry!
  2. He did what??? That is.. dedication! It's certainly very fitting with your user name. Do you like other Fantasy books? Personally, I'm not really into Fantasy, but I do like The Song of Ice and Fire, although I don't really categorize it as Fantasy as there is a lot of realism in them with some sprinkle of magic and dragons. Harry Potter is okay for me and once in a while I enjoy those like Miss Peregrine's. My favorite genre is Scifi, but not those hard space cowboy or alien scifi, I think the more accurate category would be Speculative Fiction in Dystopian category, and I picked my recent books from Goodreads suggestions (based on previous books that I read). The latest I read was 1984 by George Orwell. It's really embarrassing, I thought I was reading Animal Farm (by the same author). I chose AF because I thought it is a 'lighter' read, I would like to read 1984 someday, but not now, as I feel depressed enough with the current world situation, but I have to admit 1984 being banned made me curious. Still, I wouldn't want to read it too soon. So there I was, happily thinking I read Animal Farm, and until I had finished the book and wrote the review, I went on to read others' reviews and found out we were not talking about the same book! And I had, indeed, read 1984. No wonder it was so depressing. I won't re-read it again as it's exhausting, but it's a brilliant book. Before that, I had just finished reading Fahrenheit 451 and The Giver, Goodreads seems to give me great recommendations but I need to look for something lighter, unfortunatelu my kindle library is limited to older books.
  3. If you watch the whole season, I'd love to hear your take. For me, I just binged season 1-8 not too long ago, maybe it helps because I was not as disappointed as others. To me, Season 1 and 2 is the best though.
  4. Why am I worried that you will reveal bits by bits lower and we will eventually see what we are not supposed to see??? Is this her as well?
  5. Oh yes, I watched the original language too with subtitles, and cringed very hard when I saw the clip of the English dub one of the first game. It's so different! I wasn't aware with the series until the hype was almost gone, but seen so many memes around and decided to get to it instead of being spoiled. The other Korean show that I watch (still like to rewatch) and love is The Genius. Why nobody sees it???!! I need to talk about it!
  6. Recently I rekindle (PUN!) my love for reading. I used to love it, I have couple of walls filled with books (with a very good chunk of unread ones). When I moved almost a decade ago I was gifted a Kindle with plenty of ebooks. I still pick up books here and there but it was never at the same capacity, I'm more distracted with many other things. But now, I am back! Any readers here? Genre?
  7. Hey, it seems like you all get complicated instructions. Mine is very simple
  8. When I accidentally catch my neighbour's eyes (no, dog is not pooping)
  9. Yet I am surprised you still don't bother to raise it up in your secret moderation meetings and make it happen. Hi, welcome! To answer your question: First, it was to discuss about Sherlock. Second, when I start to know the members, I find many are 'similar' or at least understand me, which is wonderful since there are only a few who do in my real life, so it's become personal. And I weirdly enjoy the calm/quiet community. Whenever it springs to life during new seasons, I'd chicken out and hide. Third, I can make weird jokes and get away with it here (or so I think). Hmmmmmm donkey-sized cake...
  10. Good heavens, Carol. Comfort over sexy, please. What would Sherlock say?
  11. Yes, although some, to my wonder, have their own vocabs but the borrowed words are also widely used. You know what guys? I think I'll never stop finding things that 'annoy' me. A unique and an honest, how on earth are we, the humble non-English speaking creatures know what is silent and not... I have come with one conclusion, that English language is.... THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE!
  12. It's very cool information, Carol. But how on earth did you come up with that topic and actually checked the cemetery? I mean... I have many odd ideas and known for starting to laugh randomly at midnight during my uni, but this...
  13. But what happens if I come to Nothing thread, and see Nothing so I post Nothing, and then you check Nothing thread, see Nothing and post Nothing too? I'd suggest you moderators put a cake giveaway for anyone who post something in that Nothing thread, so it doesn't live up to its name, because Nothing is not created to be Nothing, right?
  14. Hope he is okay, it's getting direr now. One thing is always constant, politicians always look out for their own safety/benefit, whether it's logistic, borders, future threats or economical gains. If they are deemed 'not valuable', no one would care. It's the cold hard truth, imo. Also, we humans, have short term interest and memory. Take a look at a plane crash, it would be all over the news, people tune in every minute to find out about the progress, give it couple of weeks, no one really bothers about the contain of the black box anymore. For now, Ukraine is fresh, it is almost a 'trend', disturbingly, while most have probably forgotten that there are still wars everywhere else. Ukraine is also very important, especially to Russia, with the pipe gas, natural resources and the proximity with the west. This is a loooong time built-up. I am certain it will change, unless it is resolved very soon, like you said. There will be plethora of economical and social problems. For now, at least everyone tries to do their parts, regardless of the motivations.
  15. I know two other languages that do this, one adopts quite a number of English words, the pronunciations are definitely different, but the spelling sometimes remains (when it works with the local pronunciations), sometimes adapted to suit. They sound the same with their English's counterparts, but written differently. The other language is less adapting, and tries vainly to translate everything, which I'm not a fan. It has enough vocabulary to describe everything, and wasn't under British influence historically (I believe it plays a part), but it's annoying when they translate something that should be known globally, for example, UN. It has its own term, and could be confusing for those who are not familiar with the language and politic.
  16. Very close, wall against wall, we each have a piece of backyard, so the abominable improper rooster is kept there. And my bedroom is right on top of the yard (I only have 'half' yard). But I have been sleeping better lately, perhaps I already get used to it, only wake up once or twice. That sneaky rooster randomizes his call, so I can't properly plan my air horn attack. NOOOOO! This is worse than improper roosters!
  17. Hey! Too nice is possible! I had a co-worker like that, and many times I really wanted to whack him. Can't you see they are using you??? Say no! What, you did that for them? Argghhhhhh!!! No. NO! Bad co-worker! Bad! It ended up badly. He was indeed too nice, and was dragged into covering up some corruption attempts, he was fired together with those rascals. So yeah, don't be too nice! Just elope! I am not attending a wedding party, unless you promise a safe passage to leave early, and a big fat plump plum pudding.
  18. We stayed together, then I had a good job offer and came here. We want to set up a home here for good, so I am planting the root. It's been 8 years, have mortgage a place and adopt a dog. We love it here, but we don't know when he can give up his work there as it's still financially impossible now and my attempt to be an entrepreneur will come to an end in couple of months, white flag, basically, it's hard when I'm renting and started at the same time with Covid. But this two and half year, I'm with my dog 24/7, he is the main reason I attempted the business, so I will never leave him. I blew up my savings for that, I should have just enjoy doing nothing but again and will end up better instead of working and draining them. But whenever I decide to do something, I don't have regret, experience is expensive. Not worries, we are doing fine. It's not perfect but I'm happy. Now I'm pursuing another passion that doesn't seem to pay too. Bahaha. Talk to us, Artemis.
  19. What am I doing posting cats? I am not a cat person! Here..., GAH! (J.P after swimming)
  20. I went abroad for work but we got to meet often before the pandemic by visiting each other. Originally yes, travel restriction, then it changed to quarantine measures that made it impossible (time and cost wise for the quarantine period, it could easily cost 2k and 14days just for that), but things have changed so we'll see. Yup! Never thought I could adopt this less selfish idea, but yes, I have to outlive and take care of him especially during his senior years. Nevermind it will break my heart beyond repair, but I hope he doesn't get to grieve for me.
  21. I hope this mindless craziness ends soon. I'm impressed by the courage of many, Zelensky puts Ukraine on the map and inspires many all over the world. Not all reality TV stars turn politians are created the same. Civilians are going head to head with armed enemies with their bare hands, snake island, stopping the tanks.. It's encouraging to see many come together from around the world, I hope it's consistent and not only current hype. Even hackers and billionaire join in. Great effort by Poland, J.P. It's long way to go and future is unclear but doing what it can now is very admirable. Glad you guys are in safe distance, anyway, at the rate of this is going, everyone could go down together.
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