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  1. It's high up there on the scale of how much I want to do what those characters do in dealing with other human. The other day while browsing YouTube, for some reason the algorithm gave me 'To Catch a Predator', anyone saw that before? It was quite sometime ago, the context is like the title, catching those people scouring internet trying to find young prey. I must say I am horrified, to see how many they actually get (for example, in 3 days sting they could get more than three dozen of perpetrators), how 'normal' they look, how disturbing and graphic are the conversation, and how.. these people are teachers, researcher, cops, doctor, rabbi, the list goes on. I am scared to imagine how easy it must be nowadays when people practically put everything on internet, eventhough, hopefully, there should be more effort to catch them??
  2. I mean, look at the image! She is not hand free, she is holding.... ANOTHER PHONE! And even if the device actually works, how is it more effective that putting phone in phone holder that probable cost a dollar, and could you imagine multitasking, like baking for example and this thing would flatten the dough! Or petting the dog and give it concusion!
  3. I doubt that, but you actually raise a good point. Maybe Gavel shouldn't be fired.
  4. So I don't need to feel guilty then! But aren't you tempted to see S4 for yourself at least once in case you have different opinion? Ow, now I have new excuse! But seriously, it's been sometimes I want to see if years would change my mind, especially some particular scenes that I couldn't understand. And.. I really miss Sherlock and John.
  5. I'm tempted to ask which one, but I know you would say both.
  6. At least check where your kitties are before you call plumber and IT for clogs and computer problem.
  7. I'm not my phone and sometime highlighting what to copy gets a bit tedious (it shouldn't, but that day the option seems to show only paste and others, and that would mess up, so I rely on the autosave and restorer, it works until that very post). It's weird I know. Aha!! I have proof: there is no copy option and nothing I could do about it, except being careful not to click paste and replace whatever I had written. I do have special relationship with digital world, don't I? Did the captcha work properly, at least? Surprisingly, it was. The most they asked me to spot palm trees three times. Considered that I had experienced clicking on zebra cross, traffic light mundane times, that it good for me. @seed. That is very nice of you. I was the opposite, always have too much optimism on gardening I welcome free seeds. Went to garden exhibition and brought back a lot, didn't ask, but didn't refuse. Ended up with a lot of seeds that I haven't planted yet. But I know my ability now, I only buy hardy plants that could sustain my frequent neglects, and they are well so far. And I'm surprised you managed to get reply. My complain, for example about Nat Geo persistent waste of paper, sending me subscription forms etc ten over years after I stopped, was never answered. When I am mad enough to write about something, it hardly go through, like when I wrote about a very questionable vet practice that could be dangerous, I couldn't even get it submitted. Oh well. On topic! errr, can we blame them? I mean, they actually 'get a room' Eta: I actually have annoying kitty problem now, and in the past. I live in urban area, neighbor side by side, small apartment/house. And more than once neighbor's cats wrecked havoc in my place. In apartment, we have a high ventilation (ventilation is needed) opening to the public corridor. Neighbor let their cat roamed free, and that bloody cat went in and too dumb to find way out. It ruined stuff, shit and scared us thinking there was a burglar. You would think that is traumatic for the cat not to come back. Now, in house, which I experienced many times, they find my garden cozy and love to laze there. My garden is the messiest as most neighbors make theirs into hardened floor and keep minimum plant, while mine is semi grass and there are stretch of soil around that I plant many thing, including the one covering my front door. I don't mind them lounging there, in fact, I welcome them, but then they also shit, and cat shit smell is no joke (let's say they are not on kibble's diet only). I used vinegar to deter them, but it only last couple of days and it stink of holy vinegar. So I have to cover my pot with those spiky cat repellent. These are neighbor's cat who again, they let them roam as they please. Another very unpleasant situation is I had to clean up my mom's incense pot, barely 10cm (4inch) diameter. She is Buddist and have pot for incense, and unknown cat decided to make it as toilet for its diarrhea while she was not here. I only notice because of the smell, it's nasty, not to mention how shitty it is considered the actual purpose of the pot. I believe you guys at least have good distance, yard, from neighbor etc, otherwise have you considered what your cats do outside that could be inconvenient for others, especially urban area when I literally can't get away from other settlement?
  8. Andddddd... now I see everything fine! Including a bunch of little Carols etc. I didn't move from couple of minutes ago when I failed to see them. The cat is me and the bowl or whatever is the cozyness of this forum's hatred of my nose.
  9. Good to know I am not the only one who thinks it's overrated. Wonder why it's such a hit. It's not bad, but there are many other underrated series that deserve more attention.
  10. Yes, I quit trying to figure out why. Sometimes I see them fine, sometimes I don't. I asked because I thought they are from the same source. Recently it was fine, but not today. In fact, I spent too much unnecessary time, forum kicked me out probably about twenty or more times. For long post I needed to log in couple of times, at least it still kept my draft... until the last post I did in 'A Question' thread. Couldn't recover after it kicked me out the third time and had to write from scratch, which was %@%#%$^. But nevermind, I quit trying to figure out why and always blame my nose. That keeps my blood pressure low. P.S. This short post needs three log-ins and three captcha tests.
  11. How nice! You guys are good looking, nothing wrong with the ears! My good friend doesn't grow into them, I make fun of him all the time but I know he doesn't mind.
  12. The Casebook This is light-hearted and fun book. It gives us interaction not showed in the series. But in the opening word, Sherlock advices you not to buy it, because 'the author has transformed what should have been a series of lectures into a gross and tasteless entertainment.' But who listens to guy who keeps thumbs in his fridge right? These are the example: That's all I have. If I misunderstood your question, feel free to write to Sherlock to update him about the new status of the forum IQ. Unrelated to BBC's, I like this: It's mostly about the canon Sherlock Holmes, nice solid book. I have some other e-book of this series (other title are Math, Science, Phylosohy, Biology etc, something along those line, so I find it amazing that Sherlock Holmes is the odd topic there, which shows how remarkable he is). And Sherlock is the only one I have in physical form, had to sacrifice grocery money when I saw it in my book store. But I haven't finished reading it eventhough I have it for years (not sure why? what useless things did I do? haven't been reading a lot for a loong time)
  13. As promised, but I hope I don't misunderstand your question. Here are couple of books that link the series to the Canonical stories, some go a little bit more in depth. I suppose you guys are familiar with some or all of these books. Sherlock Chronicles This leans heavily to the details of BBC series. It's interesting; behind the scenes, the actors, the deliberation of whatever decisions made for the series. It's a thick heavy book with a lot of pictures, gorgeous paper, interesting layout. These are the examples of the canon reference Investigating Sherlock (The Unofficial Guide) This is a thin book with all words, but easy read for those familiar with Holmes. It mentions bits of House and others but not much. These are the examples If I remember correctly, there is limit of 5 images each post, so to the next.
  14. Hope you both indeed started with better month! I believe you both have cats, so do pet them, it helps. At least you won't get arrested like this man, but he gets his priority sorted. It's old news, but certainly memorable. I believe Florida Man is definitely a weird species. Goes with title "Florida Man Running from Cops Stops to Pet Cats, Goes to Jail"
  15. Let me see if I understand how it works. Hey, I like this Sherlock: Why isn’t the statue smirking at me? John: It isn’t smirking at anyone, they’re all just imagining it. Sherlock: Three of us saw it, John. How do you explain that? John: *points at Mycroft* Sleep deprivation. *points at Mrs.Hudson* Paranoia. *points at Moriarty * Delusional personality disorder. Hey! This one is mean! Sherlock: Would you guys be there for me if I was going through something? John: Nope, absolutely not. Mycroft: I hope it sucks, whatever you're going through. Mrs.Hudson: I hope it emotionally scars you for the rest of your life. Moriarty : I hope you reach out to me so I can ignore you. General Shan: I can't wait to go to your funeral, knowing I could've changed that outcome. This is so our boys! Mahaha Sherlock: There is no future. there is no past. do you see? Time is simultaneous, an intricately structured jewel that humans insist on viewing one edge at a time, when the whole design is visible in every facet. John: Mycroft: Lestrade: Everyone Else At Sherlock’s Surprise Birthday Party: John: All I asked was if you wanted to cut your birthday cake first.
  16. Another recommendation for Firefly. I even bought Serenity DVD and I only have handful DVDs (no prize to guess what other series I have!). Interested with the context of Resident Alien, however, from your description, Artemis, it seems more heartbreaking than funny? I am scared of those, it's like The Sign of Three to me. Watched Queen's Gambit recently, based on recommendation. It's intriguing, the settings are gorgeous, nice music, great actings, great accurancy in the game of chess, however Imho it misses a lot of things, scratching a lot of surfaces but don't really get into them, but maybe it's me. I still enjoyed while watching it, binged it in two nights.
  17. Can you guys do mine?? I hereby give you all the power to fix all my typos and grammars, I am genuinely terrified that my posts are annoying because they are full of those! While you are on that, please make me sound smarter and nicer too yes?
  18. I have a couple of books but not sure if it's what you asked. Will check it later and let you know.
  19. Off topic, @Caya, any difference in these posts? I could see some but couldn't see other.
  20. I like puzzle and so glad that I have dog instead of cat. I am convinced that they don't care about human misery. I mean, look at this: and
  21. I lost all of my childhood picture, so I don't even remember how I looked like. Pretty sure it's not only downhill, it's avalanche for me. Now I have to get used to you not looking like Jeremy Brett. Reality still hits me now and then that some of you are not your avatar. on vaccine again, I hope there is no serious problem with antivaxx. No NO! All this should be teamwork, we are on second year now, that is embarrassing. It shouldn't be this hard to defeat.
  22. I start to feel that now, it seems like the body starts to turn against me. Maybe I take it a bit harder because I used to do strenuous and demanding activities and I don't want to give up on those. And now if I know I have to start taking things easy it doesn't sit well with me. I don't like the idea of suggested replacement exercises or sports, or reducing the intensity, even for temporary but most likely things will never be the same. I never abuse my body; I don't smoke, drink, drugs and exercise regularly, yet maybe I could take better care of it not to push many limits? But no, I would do the same, in fact I think I should do more while I can. Sigh, what am I blabbering. On the other hand I had grown more respect to older people who had gone through it. Just like I have more respect the more I experience life. Things suck, but you guys (for older than me people) are still fine. All the emotional craps, sadness, lost, sorrow, life lessons, I have very little experience with those and already feel overwhelmed and terrified of the inevitable every single day. Not sure if I would get through those milestones and maintain my sanity. Oh, to brain thingy. I don't have good short term memory since much younger, although my long term memory seems better. And mentioned, mental math seems deteriorate a bit. Others still okay, but it's getting 'funny' now. Like I won some difficult brain games this morning with my online opponents but then I pulled a muscle trying to open fridge's door. %@%# @vaccine My parents and other relatives had their first and second shots, they are all fine, but my dad's friends who are much younger than him had to stay in bed for two days (for both shots) because they got headache and fever. Others, the most is stinging sensation or numbness just for a short while (less than an hour).
  23. Or is it because America have more 'above average' obesity? I've never been to America, in others I hardly or maybe never seen very large people, I mean those to the extent that they have visible moving difficulty, I only seen many case of those in American TV. *glance at thread title* Here: This product is useless and the ad is idiot.
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