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  1. Biting the inside of my cheek, and for some reason, it's very likely that I will bite it again accidentally a couple more times on the same spot. It's painful, eventually becomes annoying ulcer. Gah gah gaaaaah!
  2. Thank you! If only everywhere is as cosy as here, too bad we don't have real cake.
  3. It is a plot of a fiction that never seems this close to reality, but it is. This is more than Bystander Effect. I can't imagine being there, I'd be scared but hopefully, I think, I would do something. Maybe not something easy and smart like calling for help, but stupidly trying to fight the guy or stab him with a pen or something. I can't imagine the heartbreak of the victim. Spoiler box is the fiction and episode.
  4. We always have mask mandate here, fortunately we don't have too many of those who refuse to comply or freedom-fear shit (when they are not caught), but I could see many people walking around without those. Personally, I never stop wearing it in public. Safety, and I actually like hiding behind it.
  5. Thanks, I did try to look for some and found some, mostly people whose works I already enjoy (podcast, youtube contents). I want to look for interesting commoners because personally, I'm not really interested in celebrities unless they are doing something interesting (so many interesting words!), but you are right about people behind the scene. I was thinking of Sherlock but when I searched for it, I saw a couple of Johnlock posts and ran away screaming, I remember the stories you guys share about those and I don't know, some fandoms scare me. You mean there are mean people in internet? Yah, I am not looking forward to that, hopefully I'm able to detach myself. I like good debate but most likely the ones that are common are empty intangible arguments that I don't care about. Thanks for the warning. Currently I don't get many content suggestions that I like, or at all. So most times I look at it blankly or try to search for it but I'm not sure. It's also still confusing to me. I'm 'quite' familiar with instagram, with those handle and hashtags. I think it's about the same but twitter looks very messy to me. I was about to ask, how, then I see it! Don't tell me, I'm very proud of discovering it. Will you know it's me? I'm too shy if that makes sense, iIt's ridiculous actually, because I don't disclose much there too. 😁
  6. I meant, I imagine that social media must be very natural for extroverts. I suppose for some people, it's easier to put themselves out there and interacting with everyone? This is very possible. At the very least, I don't think I'm as comfortable around you guys in real life. I might hide in the corner and you have to poke me with a stick to get my response in conversation, after you promise to give me giant paper bag to cover my head and big cake of course. Haiz, I actually not sure what I am trying to say. It's likely that I just get frustrated sometimes that we can't really survive without all those. Everything needs a market, you need to exist. Unless you already make it in life, we need to get out there.
  7. Ahhh thank you! And now I could see all my threads too, which is.. very few I used my phone when I searched for it, maybe it didn't fully display them? Because pretty sure there were only two threads in my profile (that I started) or this Although slightly faulty memory is an understatement for me. I have been using this memory excuse forever and more frequently now. Basically, I blame everything on that. So, when I was on my third grade, I had to go for tonsil's removal operation because I got problem, high fevers and they were swollen. I lived in small town, healthcare was questionable, my family was poor but it reached the point that it had to be done. Questionable healthcare explanation: for example, they used chloroform to sedate me, not in gentle way. The surgeon sneaked out behind me, while the nurse distracted me with conversation, and he put the cloth with chloroform to my face and held me down until I passed out. My parents said I gave them a couple of good kicks. My dad had to carry, I supposed oxygen tank during some complication because they didn't prepare for proper standard procedure when I had to be moved. Anyway, why am I rambling here. Before and after the surgery, I was told that some memory lost was expected. Can't remember whether they blamed it on frequent high fever or something. Finally, we come to the end of story, every time my family laugh at me for forgetting something, I always say, "because I had my tonsil removed." It doesn't make a lot of sense, but I think I have to use it outside my family now therefore I told the story. Yes I see that now! There goes my hope to get some carrots.
  8. I wanted to check on my old thread because I remember that I did some article research that I could use now. It was 'Sherlock Fun Facts and Trivia' but I can't find it anymore? I don't remember putting any keywords but I remember the title and sub-area I posted it. So I checked my own profile to see that it should appear on threads I started I suppose, but I only found two. I have only started very few threads during my whole existence here, so I remember them all (I think) and there should be at least four missing including the one I mentioned. Is there any clearing up for old threads? It seems very unlikely that they are gone by themselves, because I could even find my online footprints on other sites decades ago. What happened and are there ways to find them?
  9. I know it's ridiculous, I should be grateful. But to me, the world is scary out there. It seems impossible to detach myself from social media. I have done it for years (unless this forum counts), but quite long time ago I quitted my job and I am trying different things. The problem is, there is the need for me to exist in virtual world in order to make it work. So begrudgingly, I'm trying to. While it could be enjoyable when it's something of my interest, I can't help but feeling so helpless and uncomfortable. I'm not even sure if it works at all. Also, it takes too much time. If I remember correctly, I stopped cold turkey almost a decade ago because I felt it took up too much of my time, and things started to get weird too. People that I knew had these unrecognizable 'online personas', it's almost like a fake world to me, and I want to genuinely hear and be heard. Yah, sound condescending, who does that anymore! Wake up! Anyway, this time I try to exist as someone anonymous, detached from personal life, but as Sherlock said.. wait, Sherlock said something like self-portrait?? You know what I mean. Before I ramble too much, is this the world for extroverts? Do you guys at least feel something similar and struggle with it?
  10. It's a stupid question, I am not ancient but I might as well be. Tips to twitter? Does one have to actively follow or search for people? But what do I search? I have put in my interests and hope to see interesting tweets show up, is that how it works? Gah.
  11. When I learned alphabet in English, I remember H being the hardest to pronounce. Imagine my rage that after all those hardship, they decide to silent it for many words.
  12. Sadly, no. It's as recent as 2019, when I still went around. But who am I to complain, Buckingham Palace is clearly air-conditioned and it was okay to smoke, apparently. I'd just do what Sherlock do, and find a place to display stolen ashtrays.
  13. Did you guys read the news about Pennsylvania train? Seriously, it drives me so mad. Basically, a woman was rape and everyone just watched, they didn't bother to call for help and I heard some even whipped out their phone to record it.
  14. I have just found out that there is such thing as 'folly of two', a type of delusion that are shared/transmitted to other person, mostly someone that is very close to them like family member. It is terrifying and there are cases when family went hiding or on the run for years because they believe some one was out to get them. I think the inability to differentiate what is real and not is one of the most terrifying thing, and that's when you rely on someone close to you to help, but that is not the case in this shared psychotic disorder, which makes it more terrifying.
  15. I am not sure why girls always look pretty when they are sleeping in the movies while I look like this.
  16. Ahhhhh,, I wish I could say the same. But it has been sooo very long since I was young. But welcome to, in your word, this world! (I notice there is a cute waving hand on top right of Fauve's avatar that seems to indicate that he/she is new member and some kind of badge at Carol's to indicate that he/she has authority to kick my butt out if I misbehave. What is the possibility that we, lowly regular member that have been alive here for too long, get something? A carrot, for example?
  17. Hey, I am trying to be empathetic with your quest, at the same time, I need to fuel my judgmental trait.
  18. I have two separate female friends, that for some reason, very curious about how cigarettes taste like, and went on to try them, but luckily, they were never hooked. I know people who are able to quit cigarette quite easily, in fact, I am with one who decided to quit just like that and he haven't touched one for twenty years. However, on the other hand, I know many who couldn't. But like you said, it's all the matter of willpower, and if you can't do it yourself, seek help. Because imo, it's very messed up if you are knowingly harming your loved ones. I've stayed in places where people take smoking nonchalantly. There are almost no rules, they smoke in crowded public spaces, and worse, even indoor (AC or natural ventilation), and trust me, smoke in AC room is so unbearable, it also lingers long after the smokers are gone. It happens in restaurants, coffee shops, airport, bars etc and the owner didn't give a fish. It's consider good if they have allocated smoking area but it is always adjacent to non smoking and you could smell them. And as mentioned, even when you are in outdoor space, other person's vaping smoke travel far. Unlike cigarette, it is very visible and obvious that you are about to inhale that. Those are in public, many people don't really care when they harm strangers. But at home, I'd say that is the most irresponsible thing to do, especially when they have children. If one don't have enough will power to protect their family from their own irresponsible behaviour, something that is arguably very preventable, I would say they don't deserve them.
  19. If I remember correctly, Mycroft said Mummy? I don't really remember hearing mummy other than those found in Egyptian tombs, but I will forever enjoy Mycroft competing with Sherlock for Mummy affection or exasperatedly complaining about potato to Mummy. In topic, silent H!!! What is the method of that madness?? Well, I don't really need explanation, I'm just saying that English drives me nuts for a lot of reasons. The more I try to understand it, the more I understand that I haven't understood way too many things.
  20. Hey guys, don't forget Billy the skull, the long suffering fire place decor, he certainly dodged a bullet before being peed.
  21. So basically, a tortoise is a type of turtle, meaning that "turtle" is the generic term, and can therefore be used for any such creature. Unless, of course, there's a wise guy around. No.. NOOOOO It matters if they are turtles that are turtles or tortoises that are turtles, because.. because! There are so many 'rescue' stories out there when the 'wannabe internet famous' 'rescue' a tortoise by tossing them into deep water. IT'S MURDER! It's life and death difference, not the same. There are way more biological explanations about how animals are categorized, and sometimes it seems weird, but the method to the madness is clear. For example, bats, dolphins and humans are mammals. Bats fly but they are not bird, dolphins swim but they are not fish, and human are tiny bit useless physically but we are mammal too, because the category are more about those weird stuffs like milk glands, red blood cell nucleolus, jaw skull hinges blablabla.
  22. Can't wait! I have suffered this second-hand anger at them for way too long!!
  23. If it makes you feel better (I know it's not), cigarette filters are actually useless. They don't filter, they create the illusion that smoking is 'less' harmful, they make profit margin thicker, in some way, they actually make smoking more dangerous because smokers would use more effort to inhale, making whatever that are harmful go more deeply into the lung. The filters also contribute significantly to the negative impact for the environment. They are gimmick, scam. Couldn't agree more. I don't really care for people who knowingly pick up harmful habit to destroy themselves. But I care when they harm others. Secondary smokers, I can't tell you how many times I see a parent smoke at home or when they are with their children, even in frigging public. Smoking cigarette is burning money too, again, there are those who prefer to fund their cigarette addiction instead of buying something essential for their home. Vape, don't get me started. Same thing, scam. And it's disgusting, this cloud of smoke is your breath, get the f away from me. No, raspberry smell doesn't help.
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