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  1. I can't believe that so many people didn't know about house and holmes. XDD If I hadn't known, the random name "House" would've driven me crazy. It's no great mystery, all great stories take on this format. Best of all, Batman!! Oh yes, I've seen that episode! Ok, everybody needs to watch House now. I've decided. So, the pool cannonball scene, when you watch it, doesn't appear to have the same vibe as the great game at all XD its sort of one of House's fun, ridiculous stunts (he's always this crazy,,, and he's actually high I think), while Sherlock's scene is more emotional and suicidal and beautiful.. but also stunt in the end lol But there are so many connections between these 2 shows, i don't even.. the last episode. Seriously. Just watch that, even if it ruins the entire series for you. The main difference I'd like to point out is that House has... 8 seasons... or something... maybe Moftiss could jump on that band wagon too.
  2. It's like a ghost town over here.. 0.o
  3. Exactly :] We all go bit mental sometimes, okay maybe not mental mental, but surely there's been a point in time when you felt like shooting the wall?
  4. Actually laughing right now about strawberry cheesecake. 7) When Mrs. Hudson walks in on him, I feel like that was meant to be the scene where she walks in on the two of them dancing lol I think a little too much heart was shown in TSoT but that's just me. I would've done it with less pathetic fallacy.. 8)That reminds me how weird I feel about the fact that Mary could have really killed him, and John still forgave her. Oddities indeed. But Sherlock is indestructible I suppose. Unless he's not. Why do I have a sudden craving for Sherlock to be dead in the end? Sherlock might be better off dead, maybe.. but then again, might we all? It's contentious. and existential. I'll not to go there. He is relateable, isn't he? idk why.... "I'm bored." when he says that, I'm like yes! me too!
  5. Haha they weren't my ISFJ. Chance encounter- and my only one irl. Annnd they never spoke to me again, but I can't blame them. When I say "one thing wrong".. probably an underestimation. Lovely friend, yours tho. I digress. My thoughts on Sherlocks heart.. If you were to ask me, I'd say he doesn't have one. He has an external apparatus that follows him around hooked up by handcuff called John. Alternative question to continue the topic.. what can you deduce about Sherlock's heart from other scenes? Or.. which scenes do you think are the most telling?
  6. lol no worries. It's an opinion really, of how much overlap you see. If you did think they were alike, even tho you don't, that would be totally valid. And I think it's normal to see some resemblance in some instances but I really can't. In any. Mycroft and Gatiss seem a little more alike to me, and I do think at least those two are the same person, but you know, it's all arbitrary. It's also cool seeing Gatiss in Mycroft, and thinking of Mycroft as not only the british government, a mastermind pulling strings, but also 'god' in a sense as both co-creator and actor.
  7. I don't think so. I full-heartedly believe SHerlock and Ben are not the same physical person. I do. Benedict is NOTHING like Sherlock, so much so I had a bit of a shock. I mean, you assume he must be more like Sherlock than the average person, say me or you, because he must know his mind so intimately. But noooooope. They are like polar opposites, Ben is so sentimental, describing one of the major differences between him and Sherlock is him having a family (where I face-palmed and said "dear lord, he is sentimental") He's outspokenly romantic (apparently he has this head cannon where Sherlock and Irene "had a night". I beg your pardon, sir?) He's unbelievably caring to the point it makes me sick (no offense to him, I just dislike perfect people, my problem, not his). I didn't realise what he meant when he described himself as more "cuddly" than Sherlock, but now I do. But I guess that makes sense, seeing that he likes to show the vulnerability in the "thinkers" he plays a lot. And underneath Sherlock's exterior, there is Ben, but it always comes across in high contrast to how Sherlock usually acts and only in tiny tid-bits and usually gets contradicted later. I think this is just one more reason I have to admit how fragile this "sociopath" construct of Sherlock's really is.. severe short comings.. indeed. Don't I know it. Say one thing wrong and they'll resent you for a month. (It's so cute!) I think I could benefit from censorship.
  8. Well, you can imagine, a figure like your friends or teachers, who you saw every day, who shaped you as a person. I spent a lot of time with my brother 8 years my junior. Not because I particularly liked him but because.. well ..who else was going to take care of him? Both parents were working and too old for the kind of crap he pulled. Most definitely resents him.. maybe Mycroft refused to give him ice cream when he was seven and Sherlock never forgave him. No? well, in all seriousness, Sherlock acts very petty and defensive around Mycroft... Moftiss described it as girly or something.. I think they have drama. Oh I see. I kind of lump it all together. Romanticism/sentimentality and Rationalism. But my definition of romantic is vague and confusing because I apply it to everything. And no. Homoromantic is not a word. I made it up to confuse you. @John Yes John. Whatever you say John. I believe you. Really, I do. Especially since you just called yourself homosexual. Either you've taken truth serum or you've attached yourself to one of those monkey translators.
  9. Oh, sorry, John. I forgot. Though I think you can be homoromantic without being homosexual and that's what we're discussing, if that's amenable. Or can you...? idk, if you're the data I would say yes.
  10. @Arcadia Oh and I think John is a romantic too.. but not as much as Sherlock. Well, okay, I think John is romantic with Sherlock, but I don't think he's a romantic in general. It's not usual for him.. Sherlock seems to be a quirkly little exception. He's too guarded and practical like you said.. a pragmatist! that's the word. He seems to be a little overwhelmed/awkward with their a-bit-too-close moments ie darkened swimming pool, Sherlock's hands on his head, chinese symbols train tracks, instead of enjoying it or not caring like a romantic would... Sherlock telling him to take his hand, handcuffs, why does that come to mind? Oh right, that's not caring. Sherlock's the romantic, there you go. Or was it actually more practical to hold hands then?
  11. You're right- he'd be a completely different person.. crazy how parental figures shape you change you scar you. Intelligence might have been an isolating factor.. uncertain. But he might not even have been as smart as he is now, without his competitor. What if Sherlock's intelligence is all learned and only Mycroft is naturally gifted.. who knows. Intelligence is both environmental and genetic, and I feel like having his brother there, taunting him, calling him stupid might have hit the reverse psychology switch, driven him to ambitions of brilliance, if only to live up to his brother like you said or to get Mycroft to say "hey, you're smart. I like you." EDIT That's weird, your remark about transference made me think.. now he has John to do that. Childhood influences at play in his current relationship maybe... thoughts.
  12. Mycroft resonates with him in a way his parents don't.. His parents are very affectionate, which is a bit at odds with Sherlock's personality.. Mycroft is closer in ideology, therefore easier to relate to. It appears that Sherlock learned a lot of his behaviors from him, maybe that's why he doesn't respond well to his parents open affection. (the part where Sherlock's mom touches his face? http://hiddlesbensmith.tumblr.com/post/112229335215/tomhazeldines-new-blog-used-to-be The disgrace! XD) I think their rivalry is just.. Sherlock trying to catch up with him. Sherlock might have admired Mycroft for his intelligence and detachment. I'd even go as far as to say Sherlock might have idolized him. I could talk forever about this but in short.. it's usually the person you can't have, that you want to be with the most. And Mycroft is obviously the most emotionally distant of his family, the one person out of reach, the arch enemy posing a constant intellectual challenge. Sherlock probably became absorbed in the challenge Mycroft presented, instead of the simple, outspoken, background love of his parents. Why they act like they do now I think is because of their shared "caring is not an advantage" ideology, and perhaps Sherlock despises him a bit.. but it's not really a mystery why.
  13. I don't think anyone understands human nature. It doesn't make sense, it's not supposed to. Some of us think it's natural or empathize with it, so we don't question it. But some of us who are rigorously rational (or think we are), do. A fruitless effort, in any case. Rationalists make the most helpless romantics imo, poor things at odds with their own nature. But I think its Redbeard that makes me think Sherlock is prone to romantic attachment. If you love your dog, it's usually quite telling. With humans, less transparent, so subtext, deception, denial, throwing random american CIA agents off buildings, committing crimes of passion etc. Ok maybe that's rather transparent. And then Mycroft is there, constantly saying "don't do it don't do it", if that's not foreboding. then there's "I'm not involved" and "I'm a sociopath" if you need to defend something, it means you're likely already going downhill. Mycroft provides a bit of contrast that shows you Sherlock's true colors, until "please I'm not prone to outbursts of brotherly compassion" and "your loss would break my heart" and you realize even the iceman is falling downhill. I liked that philosopher question a lot, namely because I don't think there's an answer to that. Not that we'll no for sure anyway. I think its meant to be.. playful, open-ended, food for thought : )
  14. Oh really? Sorry, I'm not familiar with the Keirsey system, I only know Myers-Briggs. The page looks like M-B to me, unless I learned them mixed up. Is it all Keirsey, or did it mix the two together? I.. don't watch elementary.. I mean I did but.. Anyway why might ISFP be a better fit, do you think?
  15. Hm I don't actually know for sure, but I'm inclined to say no.. doesn't feel right. But since that's not really sufficient for conclusion I went and looked it up for BBC John and found a more experienced opinion. http://sherlockcharacteranalysis.tumblr.com/post/30512271044/an-overview-of-myers-briggs-personality-theory I think the suggestion here is he isn't an adventurer ISFP because he doesn't go adventuring on his own (he doesn't know how- extraverted intuition is an inferior function) and needs sherlock to enable him to adventure/ fulfill that desire. So he is deficient in this area, and therefore deprived, and that is why we see that craving to go adventure. John seems like a sentinel - but that might be because the way he protects Sherlock has a bit of a biasing effect on me lol. I felt this way when I read that "ISFJ's are the most loyal of all Myers-Briggs types" "have an ability to connect with people on an intimate level unparalleled by all other introverts" and ultimately this part "if I can protect you, I will". I assumed they meant the ACD version, but I didn't think to discard it because of that.. John is after all based off of him and the reason they put the orignal Watson in there is because of the similarities he shares with BBC John ie he's a doctor-soldier who helps, follows, protects Sherlock, makes him palatable etc. As I said, everything I say is probably biased because I'm saying it all because of a feeling, so I don't think I'm a good judge of this. And psychology is my worst science. Also.. I have no idea why this annoys me so much, but my name is not elementary, it's experimental.
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