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  1. petnurser

    Benedict Cumberbatch in Black Mass

    there wasn't a lot, but he was good.
  2. petnurser

    Benedict Cumberbatch in Black Mass

    I would have to agree with this. I could tell some slips of the accents but not enough to bother me. (I am native to southeastern Massachusetts, about 45 miles from Boston)
  3. petnurser

    Benedict Cumberbatch in Black Mass

    this film was done last summer. Summers are warm here and Ben must have been broiling!
  4. petnurser

    Amanda Abbington press

    This goes beyond a joke. (I know everyone here feels the same) I hope AA and MF stay safe.
  5. petnurser

    Benedict Cumberbatch in Black Mass

    there is a lot of Oscar buzz for Depp. The times that Benedict is mentioned it is positive. I tend to not like these types of films but will see it as the story is semi-local as I am less than 50 miles from Boston and, of course, BC.
  6. petnurser

    Benedict Cumberbatch News

    I think Christopher is a very nice name.
  7. petnurser

    Benedict Cumberbatch in Black Mass

    I saw a longer clip of Black Mass a little while age and I think the accents are going to be OK. Depp seems to have nailed it, Benedict seems to be close enough as to not be annoying yet still great and the rest seem to be good from what I heard. I am really liiking forward to this film!
  8. petnurser

    Benedict Cumberbatch in Black Mass

    I'm curious about your opinion of most "Boston accents" in movies and television programs. Do you think they're typically pretty good? pretty bad? I'm not a native like you, but I did live in the Boston area for a few years, so I have a general idea what the different local accents sound like. I thought John Ratzenberger did a perfectly plausible (albeit comedically broad) accent on Cheers. I don't watch a lot of movies or television, so the only other attempted Boston accent I can think of just offhand is Tom Hanks' in Catch Me if You Can. I thought it was perfectly credible for the most part, but slipped badly every now and then, which I found distracting. Since the character's background was not a plot point, Hanks would probably have been better off either skipping the accent or toning it down -- or re-recording some lines during post-production. There's a wide range of opinions online regarding both of those performances (including some people who thought Hanks was attempting a Chicago accent!), but my favorite is this (from the comments section of this page): That cracked me up! And I think she's correct, really. Definitely! Most sound too forced. I worked to lose my accent when I went to college in the south (University of Florida). It comes out to play only when I'm tired or I want it to. Still, it drives me crazy when poorly done. I agree with you on John Ratzenburger. But he is from Connecticut and probably heard many real Boston accents growing up.
  9. petnurser

    Benedict Cumberbatch in Black Mass

    I live about 50 miles from where all this happened and was filmed. I do regret not going to Boston to watch the filming last summer. I just hope they don't mangle the accents too badly but Johnny Depp is good at accents and Benedict is good, too. I can't say it will be "enjoyable", but it should be good.
  10. petnurser

    Where is everybody from?

    Your English is probably better than mine at times and it is the only language I speak!
  11. petnurser

    Where is everybody from?

    We are sandwitched between Fall River and Swansea. My kid goes to Aggie (county-wide school) so I was in N Attleboro yesterday for a sleepover. Small world!
  12. petnurser

    Where is everybody from?

    I am from Massachusetts, USA and anxiously awaiting Christmas and it has nothing to do with the hot summer weather!
  13. petnurser

    What about Sherlock's feelings for Molly?

    Welcome to the forum, petnurser! I feel pretty much the same way; he doesn't trust himself not to destroy her. Quite rightly, I'm afraid. Thanks for the welcome!
  14. petnurser

    What about Sherlock's feelings for Molly?

    I think Sherlock loves Molly in his own way but recognizes that he would destroy her and ultimately lose her friendship. Whether that's true or not, who can say? Maybe he wants to give her more but can't for fear of destroying her.

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