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  1. happy birthday CAMPer i hope it's good one
  2. well it's not like i hijacked this thread again by saying i need some more ideas for music.
  3. yes your on the right track but which one is it.
  4. 96.983 just be glad i'm not one of them shadow dweller. 96.982 times i need to make Extroverts see the truth about me.
  5. it is not dw 8. there's a game that is like dw and it's sister series
  6. 96998 when you should go to sleep but you can't because you can't wait for the superbowl (monday i will be sleeping in i just know it)
  7. 97009 we have to many rants in my opinion. 97008 ways to put your anger aside that's what i do. 97007 times i need to watch YouTube to calm myself down.
  8. 97015 i would know because of what she does.
  9. 97034 times you will need to watch sherlock this year i'm not joking. 97033 ways to kill both john and mary. 97032 times i've tricked sherlock into leaving his friend to get more clues on how to get me.
  10. well it's not like we've hijacked this thread 4 times all ready.
  11. this is always fun even when you hijack your own thread in the process.
  12. Don't listen to her she hijacked her own thread at least 20 times.
  13. Bravo Johnspec! thanks Arcadia and it was really funny because sherlock showed up and saw that something was wrong.
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