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  1. I loved it! Gosh I missed Sherlock so much! I think a rewatch is in order...
  2. Hello! I use Chrome as my main browser as well, on all my devices. The only times I've seen the behaviour you describe is, as Carol mentioned, when the connection is slow. The forum is quite CSS-heavy, CSS being what makes the plain old unformatted page you get when it plays up "look like the forum is supposed to". Unfortunately, CSS is also the last thing to be downloaded and applied to the page, so when the internet is slow, it's the first thing to disappear. One reason it may be persisting is caching. All browsers do it, and cache pages (or parts of them) locally every time you visit them. If they cache a "good" version of a page, that can really speed up your experience of the web. If they cache a "bad" version of the page, you can get problems like the one you describe persisting. If it is that, clearing the cache or forcing a reload without using the cache should sort it. How does one do that? Veeeery simply! Next time the page loads "white", simply press Ctrl+Shift+R (I think that's the shortcut in chrome!) to reload without using the cache. If that doesn't work, you may want to clear the whole cache... I would need to look up the steps for that, it's very easy to do when I have the browser in front of me but I can never remember what they are off the top,of my head :-) Let us know if that works!
  3. Don't think I've read that one, no. I have a couple of books sitting on my bedside table but I haven't started any of them yet... Too much to read! Will see if I can get hold of it. Bletchley Park was open to the public a while back, and they are working to restore the huts to their original state (it fell into disrepair after the war). Have a look at the website (http://www.bletchleypark.org.uk/), they have tons of information on their current projects and special events!
  4. I can't wait! :-) he's such a great choice to play Turing, and, as you say, how often do we get movies about mathematicians? I can only think of previous stories about Turing / Bletchley Park and "Wonderful Mind"... I think that was the title anyway! UndeadMedic and I have been to Bletchley Park several times, and it's a very interesting place. They have a replica of Colossus, the first programmable computer, and I still get a bit emotional thinking "this is why I have a job today" (I'm a software engineer, a.k.a. Computer programmer) whenever I see it. We had the privilege of attending a short talk by one of the code breakers (his name escapes me right now) about how Alan Turing designed the machines to determine the settings of the day for the Enigma machines. The thing that impressed me most, however, was not the very clever way in which Turing approached the problem... But rather how much I was struggling to follow the (no doubt dumbed down for general consumption) explanations given by a very sharp 90-something code breaker, which made me realise how much we depend on computers these days, and how much we have forgotten how to think... Is there a release date for the movie yet? :-)
  5. Nice! I'm pretty sure something could be arranged, Bristol is not too far away from London, and it's always nice to have an excuse to visit London :-) let us know when you have firm dates, and we'll see what we can arrange!
  6. For those that have been wanting to watch "Elementary", Episode 1 of Series 1 is on Pick TV at 9pm tonight. I know, I know, that's just about "now", but I've only just noticed... (It's followed by Game of Thrones, series 1, for those that want to watch it)
  7. Harry Dresden! I absolutely adore the character, and it's not just because James Marsters reads the audiobooks. The whole series is really well written, there are very interesting moments of character deconstruction, nobody is as white or as black as they appear when we first meet it, and the Sidhe and other Faes are hilarious at times. And I'm stupidly fond of Inspector Gadget and his way of messing up. And I love Brain (although he was never called that when I watched in Spanish, but never mind. I'm still translating half my childhood, please bear with me). I do enjoy Agatha Christie's sleuths as well, although I find some of the stories quite predictable... And I do like Lewis, but I think that has something to do with Hathaway's sarcasm as well...
  8. A really bad year when it comes to deaths... One can only assume that BBC will start repeating Sky at Night for those of us that never watched it?
  9. Well... I don't like them... For starters, it just makes it harder for everybody else to join a fandom... I mean, reading that list you provided of Sherlock fandom pairings, I'm glad you provided the names alongside them, or I wouldn't have had a clue what most of them were! They just complicate everything! There is also the fact that it reduces two separate individuals to nothing but their relationship... And in my head, that's one of the things that leads to an awful lot of fanfic forgetting that the characters are individuals, and have separate personalities and suchlikes...
  10. Well, ours arrived yesterday (at 7.43 am... Bloody Royal Mail!!), and we've already had our first game. I need more people so we can play longer gaaaaames!
  11. Well, I personally am very happy to define myself as a geek... It may be a case of reclaiming the word back, but I like it
  12. That is my favourite SG1 episode ever! O'Neill and Teal'c playing golf on the open stargate is just hilarious...
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