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  1. OK, mixing up my fandoms there (topic title from Discworld in case you wanted to know) but I just thought I'd drop the forum a quick line. I've not been around much due to work, and my dog needing unexpected surgery. This has left me with less time and brain power than usual and as Sherlock demands brain power, so does the forum. I haven't abandoned the place, I like it far too much here, but I'm not going to be a frequent visitor for a while yet.
  2. I remember in the 1990s when they were looking for authors for the "Strange New Worlds" fan written anthologies, it was advertised on the alt.startrek.creative newsgroup. Also, Marion Bradley (RIP) used to let people 'play' in her Darkover universe and gave many a budding writer their first exposure through fan written anthologies. Seems to have very much gone out of fashion now. I know Eric Flint encourages fanwritten works in his 1632 Universe to be submitted to official sources and published as part of the "Grantville Gazette" e magazine anthology.
  3. The Seventh Doctor meets his teddy bear counterpart...
  4. have some of Bob's snark, just because... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tczR4Y8Ujy4
  5. Which is why I have no problem viewing it as an AU, which makes it fit better with other fandoms. Many fans seem to forget that it not being in exactly the same world was the intention all along and have nothing but criticism for the differences and the 'wrong' casting of 2 of the female characters. Having said that, most people, even if they don't like the tv series, seem to like the casting of Paul Blackthorne as Harry and Terrence Mann as Bob. There are elements of the same quirkiness in Castle, which is why I probably like that even though I'm not a fan in general of cop/detective shows.
  6. I'm a fan of the books too (the Dresden Files book series is on #14 and counting) though some book fans don't rate the tv series.
  7. Dresden Files was on my original list I love it so much I decided I had to cross it with Sherlock in a fic...
  8. I always rather liked Cumberbaebes (with that spelling)...
  9. I like Supernatural, but I wouldn't exactly describe myself as a fan and certainly not in the same way as I am with regards to Sherlock and Doctor Who. Some of the monsters and special effects in classic Who look crap in comparison to what they can do today, but many of them were pretty good for their day (and some of them were crap even without the comparison to New Who).
  10. All the female members of my family have cried over Helen Burns and as we all read my mum's copy of the book first, now the pages have gone a bit strange in that part...
  11. There are also a bunch of Welsh people in Patagonia; the Welsh emigrated there originally in 1865 - Patagonian Welsh is the third main form of spoken Welsh in the world. Very appropriate subject for St David's day. The English bits of my mum's family are from Cornwall and Somerset (the English bits of my dad's are Yorkshire and Liverpool). According to family tradition, I'm descended from a smuggling and wrecking family in one of the last Cornish speaking areas. As my great uncle and great grandfather were both sailors (they worked for the White Star line, great granddad being a captain on their big ships) I suppose the sea was still in their blood.
  12. If you go here (Chapter 7 of "Let's Play Murder") you will notice that the thing with Magnussen and the phone is brought up there too. Hmmm.
  13. I like the idea of it being the default smiley - but we do have some wonderful custom ones on here And when I say "in the Tardis" they'll have the console and the rest will be green screened in afterwards. I've been trying to meet Sylv for a while, as he's MY Doctor, but circumstances have conspired against me so far.
  14. So are we all going to pop up in various places on the forum with an "I'm free!" now?
  15. Sherlock Sherlock or The Tudors?
  16. Agree with you there... Mrs Hudson leave Baker Street? England would fall!
  17. This is the 'steampunk Tardis' And I also have the same Tardis key as was used in this pic (Seventh and Eighth Doctors) although it wasn't actually the key used by them in the tv movie - apparently someone had forgotten the right prop on the day of the photo.
  18. I am going to meet Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy in just over a week and have my picture taken with them in the Steampunk Tardis! This is Paul McGann btw, the Eighth Doctor...
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