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  1. I would love Victorian versions, but hopefully they would come out with a Molly or a Greg first before making more versions of Sherlock and John. Either way, though, I would be quite happy :D
  2. 98,701 times I was all too familiar with the grips of autocorrect. XD
  3. Underlying motifs that are wonderfully interwoven into each episode.
  4. Haha! It can be a bit dry at times but I still enjoy it and am blessed to have the opportunity to attend!
  5. Quality literature that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is known for. (Haha, sorry Inge I-w; I'm on holiday so my grammar has gone out the window xD)
  6. Good choice, sittything! I was fortunate enough to get John, Sherlock (with no objects in hand,) and Crown Jewel Moriarty. Such great quality in these figurines!
  7. Thank you guys for the warm welcome!!! I was on a bit of a ... Hiatus?.. As school has been a bit cumbersome but I intend to post more, (especially with the week long break!)
  8. When you see an otter or a hedgehog (or even better, both,) and cannot help thinking of two particular actors...
  9. Ogling at the beautiful diction employed by you guys!!
  10. 98,705 times Sherlock precariously "handled" a weapon. Would love to know the story behind that harpoon in particular...
  11. "Hot hot, oh we got it!" Always loved that Hot Chocolate scene!
  12. Salutations! And, wow, now that you mention it, "she" is definitely not what I thought! Haha! Very interesting picture indeed...
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