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  1. Hey everyone, this is my first post so I'll try to make it a good one - so...things I want from S4: 1) Strip it back. I feel that in lots of ways the show became too overblown in the third series - everything feels like Sherlock is becoming James Bond rather than what he is - a somewhat known detective in an unassuming flat in London. I'd like less "be excited" music, unnecessary slow-mo, "be shocked" plot twists and "Helicopters! Geniuses! Excitement?" scenes. The crimes should be believeable - like A Study in Pink, brilliant but not utterly fantastical. 2) Darker. Make it darker. A whole lot darker. This is just my kind of thing, but I think it would be a really good thing to have the show become grittier - for want of a better word. Have the crimes be less "OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING" and more stripped down, personal. For me the most intense, dark and brilliant puzzle in Sherlock has been those ten seconds were Sherlock has to prove the painting is a fake. It wasn't an international terrorist cell, the British Government wasn't involved, it was the voice of one scared child. Simple, dark, scary plots are better than big, epic, finale-ish ones. Have characters genuinely question their relationships for more than 5 minutes. Make it feel like if, how, and when the crimes are solved has a genuine, personal consequence. Less cutesy scenes of the Holmes family or wedding arrangements etc...Happily it is apparently going to be darker so that's a good sign. 3) Keep Mary as a side character and then get rid of her at the end. I don't think killing her would be smart, we've had enough shots of John moping over dead people. He doesn't need to go through anymore, it should be a peaceful end where the contrast between Mary's desire for a quiet life is against John's need for an exciting one. What should happen with the baby is debateable, as long as it isn't important. I.e. No mushy birth scene, or watching hilarity ensue as Sherlock comes into contact with it. 4) Make it a detective show Make the focus of every episode the puzzle that needs solving. Simple. Everything else, characters, relationships, whatever, should revolve around that. One problem with S3 is that the puzzles were second fiddle to the characters. 5) Unless there is a REALLY tight, solid way Moriarty is alive - keep him dead. Obvious, but I don't want a forced explanation like blank shots and blood packets.
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