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  1. Great to see you and the forum still going strong Carol! Hope you are keeping well these days. Really miss Sherlock this year, it would have been amazing to see a a new special, even. I don't know why my phone recommended this piece to me- the mention of Sherlock I suppose, but more fool me for reading it! As you say, it starts with an obvious agenda and is written to prove a point, skewing everything to fit that. Added to which, I just don't see how they could equate Benedict Cumberbatch's layered performance as portraying such a one-note quality as I understand toxic masculinity- in fact there are times when the script might sit on the page as sexist but he plays things with far more complexity. Misguided as some of the show's efforts towards feminism are, also, surely they should get some credit for at least trying. I also dislike using Conan Doyle's line about holding cold reason above all else (I think that's from the original, anyway) as some proof the Original Holmes was the somehow a toxic masculine type- there are women who favour reason too. It's annoying when a piece supposed to challenge stereotypes is so chock full of them. Anyway, clearly I am bereft of more high quality content. Interesting the author discusses the Asperger's theory in a more balanced way, but I guess that isn't the idea being sold in the article.
  2. I find a lot to disagree with in this article, on our Sherlock, anyway, I haven't seen 'Elementary'. Sherlock and Toxic Masculinity I find 'toxic' to be one of those contemporary buzzwords that is often over-used, and though at times I have found the show's overall writing in terms of its depiction of women iffy, I don't think Sherlock is a good example of toxic masculinity at all over all. I would be curious what others think if anyone reads it.
  3. Yes I am, so far so good. I wish the same for everyone here.🤗
  4. I hope everyone on here is doing okay in these strange and unpleasant times. Life has become a bit like the kind of scary pandemic movie I don't have the guts to watch. And best wishes to Joe too, that would be silver lining.
  5. Oh so glad you did like it. Like a lot of good shows, I do question the ending a lot, but I totally agree about the guys, especially Ray. In a weird way, he felt like my grumpy spirit animal. Marnie drove me demented but then in a way I sort of loved to hate her!
  6. Just crawling out of my heart shaped sherlolly coffin to say I also want more Sherlock and Molly! Actually it kind of alarmed me that they left such an open-ended ending as I can't really imagine how they would satisfyingly pick it up. Don't even talk to me about The X files, my first television true love. I would also watch more even though they really botched the end of the reboot imo. I really want more Sherlock, even if I end up complaining about it I don't care, I still want more. 😭
  7. I am thinking of growing my own heirloom tomatoes. I love the way the ones with the ridges look. I bought one in a high end food shop once and it was 4 euro for one tomato! But it made a serious tomato sandwich. - Sorry my page hadn't refreshed i thought people were still talking about tomatoes 🤣
  8. I got Sherlock too! I doubt the scientific nature of this quiz, some of the questions are rigged.
  9. It occurred to me reading the chat on other threads, that it would be really cool if Moriarty and Eurus first met as children (perhaps in a therapist's office) and began to plot Sherlock's demise together at that time. It's sort of like childhood sweethearts gone wrong.
  10. I will take my next thought on this over to TFP in case anyone wants to chat more about the above.
  11. I'm not sure if its the story you are looking for, but Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of The Pigtail Twist by MJH Simmonds seems to have some reference to silver polish on a footman's shirt in chapter 4.
  12. I have very few problems with Eurus- I mean, sure, in my heart if the lost Holmes sibling was Mary, or Moriarty, I would have loved it, but to drive the story forward, it might make more sense to close those chapters and start something new. The only thing I'll be upset about is if we dont get any more. 😢
  13. I agree about the fatalism, which to me is most pronounced by the time they introduce Eurus, which kicks up the nods to the ancient greeks more than a notch. To me, Moriarty and Sherlock are like old enemies from past lives. It's interesting to think what they must all have been like at that age, (the Carl Powers time) taking into account Eurus was already institutionalised and Mycroft probably as imperious as ever. Perhaps, as a criminal, Moriarty was from the start a particular kind of deranged mixed with devious that only Sherlock could understand and identify. Maybe, also, if we're allowed to fill in the backstory, having lost a hyper intelligent, criminally inclined sister, Sherlock might have started to subconsciously seek ingenius criminals elsewhere, whilst on some level really looking for her? (I know, it's giving them too much credit for planning!)
  14. Oh wow, if that scene was ever filmed, it would be so amazing to see it! I just think their chemistry would be so incredible (the actors and the characters). I'm just the same, I always want there to be a reason that will make sense of everything, even Moriarty. Thinking he knew about Sherlock and Carl Powers instantly makes me think, but how and why and for what reason and how far back does it go? Frankly it's so exhausting I might need a Christmas sherry to recover from all the mental gymnastics.🤣
  15. Oh Yes! Or maybe she got even with her husband's brother/cousin! I don't know enough about the Sherlock family tree to speculate further 😂 And before anyone says it, I do take note that this is Sherlock and not The Bold and The Beautiful.
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