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    I think it's quite common. For example there are all these words ending in -ismus, such as Kapitalismus, Extremismus, Autismus, Kommunismus, Impressionismus, but also Zirkus, Campus, Exitus (and probably many more). There might be exceptions though. It also doesn't really work for one syllable words with an au in the middle, such as Haus (neuter) or Maus (female). I guess that's because "au" is a diphtong on its own. They both look masculine to me, but then I learned Latin as well as Greek. So -us and -os are both endings I associate with masculine nouns. I wondered about the goddess now because of the name ending in -os despite being female and found that in Greek it's apparently spelled Ἠώς. The typial masuline ending is -ος though. There are different o-sounds. I guess that makes a difference, only that you cannot distinguish these two in Latin letters. But then Euros (the male God) is Εὖρος, with the typical masculine ending. So that wouldn't really explain their name choice for a female child (like it works with the name Eos). I'm not an expert on this though, so there could be other factors playing a role in all of this. That's just what I tried to figure out from my knowledge of Greek I remember from highschool.
  2. I haven't found a video (but think I have seen him mention it in one too, but don't remember where), but here's an interview with BC with this quote: article link: http://www.bigissue.com/features/interviews/3405/benedict-cumberbatch-interview-i-went-to-public-school-but-im-not-a-public Maybe he said the same in another interview (video)?
  3. Since I have recently read The Sign of Four, I remembered Holmes made some comments about her during the story. I looked the scenes I remembered up to get them literally, so here are a few quotes: Directly addressed at her: Conversation with Watson: Another conversation with Watson at the end of the story:
  4. I don't usually do that in general unless I have spent too much time watching/reading stuff in English for a while at the same day, but I always do that with Sherlock quotes, just because they are in my mind that way. So it can be that I suddenly think of a Sherlock quote in a situation, switch to English for that one and then the rest of the conversations goes on in German. Probably obsession too...
  5. Hello and welcome, MaryJane! It's sad that you missed TAB on TV, but there will be a second chance some day. If I find out about a new air date here, I will let you know (unless you haven't found another source until then and don't need to know that anymore).
  6. I think I know what you mean, Bluebell. It probably has to do that the sound of the voices is different and this alone influences the mood somehow independent from the language, just the voices. Then there are those little differences in pronunciation/stress of specific phrases. That can have to do with the language (sentences sometimes are just stressed differently in different languages), but also with the acting and if the dubbing is able to keep for example the emotional part of some sentences like the actor did. I guess it can change the feeling about some things as well. Another reason might be the feeling regarding specific words or the associations with them. I cannot really explain it, it's just that the choice of words is important too and depending on what they decide to use as a German word for an English one it can lead to a different view of certain scenes and so changes the mood of them.
  7. Just continuing in another post since I wasn't allowed to quote that much in one reply: Yes, it's a control thing for me most of the time. If I have the control and can stop something any time I want to, I can handle it better because I know I can turn it off if it annoys me. I go to the same hair saloon for many years now. They know me and know I am not a chatty person, so they stay silent. I still don't like it though... Just reminds me of my appointment there in a few days. Me too. It took my parents a while, but when I was a teenager I was finally "allowed to" stay at home. It was still terrible when the relatives came together at our home. I spent many of those meetings in my room, reading or playing something on my own. I usually don't share my problems but rather try to solve it by myself. I think I do that for various reasons. I don't want to bother others with my problems, I don't like to share those problems with them because I don't want them to know about them and I always wonder if it would actually help to tell them about a specific problem. Could they help me with it or would it just bother and worry them as well? I was very relieved when I finally discovered the term sensory overload. It put me in the right direction for further research and I agree that knowing makes things easier. It helped me to understand a part of me better. It even somehow made me more comfortable with doing stuff that is good for me and not just trying to stand it, so I take care of the possiblity to leave when I feel like it with feeling less pressure of having to stand it. What about T-shirt for that too? Or you've got it? Good idea.
  8. Me too. But I still hate buying clothes in shops the most of all things I have to buy. Yes, that's probably why I don't mind supermarkets as much as smaller clothes shops for example. But then I don't like some of them either due to other reasons (like the annoying background music and advertising jingles). Okay, clothes shops have that background music too, so one more reason to hate them. I think my favourite shops are book stores. It's usually silent and as long as there's no shop assistant around to ask what you are looking for you can look around all by yourself. Even avoiding the shop assisitant's attention is easy by reading a bit in an interesting book. I can imagine since I experience the same. I am usually the one who wants others to stop listening to music that is too loud for me. Well, to contribute something that has actually to do with the thread title: I spent four hours in a car today with two other people arguing about the volume of the music. Furthermore I was in a crowded restaurant with other people trying to have boring conversations with me. I was happy when I finally was at home. In addition to that I am annoyed by tones no one else hears. It usually leads to conversations like this: Me: What is this noise? Where does it come from? Other person: I don't hear it. Oh, you better should avoid speaking about some things to me when you don't want to turn me into a person who is suddenly not so shy anymore and goes on and on in a conversation. People seem to be confused by that. The volume at those places is really awful. It is so exhausting and painful that I usually leave (or avoid) them even more than I would if the music were acceptable. I guess I am doing stuff in my mind too often then. I hate being disturbed while I am doing it. The result is either 1. I am so absorbed that I don't even realize someonewas talking to me (or it takes an unusual amount of time to realize it) or 2. I am answering, but try to keep it as short as possible to avoid a further conversation with the person. I have to say that I do that especially when I am outside on a walk and so often miss people's greetings because I don't pay attention. They don't like that. Maybe I should wear a "Do not disturb" shirt while I am on such walks like that one: That would probably rather work than one with "Do not disturb, am inside mind palace, will surface eventually." although I like that phrase. I don't know how well-known the phrase mind palace is for people who don't watch Sherlock. Hmm, my mum has watched all Sherlock episodes, so I could try that explanation too.
  9. Yes, even in the trailer just before it started today they spread spoilers. Well, bit not good. Or rather very much not good. It's so annoying. I mean, it cannot be that difficult, can it? I don't think John has a new voice (I haven't seen the dubbed one for a while, but it still sounds like Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory like it did before (that's one of the reason I don't like his German voice, I just cannot take him seriously somehow because of that association)). I hate those changes too when I notice them by the way. Wichtel :lol: I agree that was very funny. Easter elf, according to the air date? :D
  10. Thanks for the tip, J.P.! I have once watched a movie about Temple Grandin's life (called Temple Grandin) that I found interesting, so I think this could be interesting for me as well.
  11. Welcome, Bluebell! I also looked Sherlock up after seeing The Hobbit and then realized that both Martin and Benedict play together in it. I remember watching bits of it before when I randomly switched TV programmes, but never really watched one episode as a whole. Apart from the channel I have to say that the times when it aired in Germany were usually later in the evening which is not so good when it's not weekend. But after watching The Hobbit I finally watched a re-run of some episodes and bought the DVDs afterwards. The special airs on 28.03.16, 21:45 at ARD. Here's their announcement: http://www.daserste.de/unterhaltung/film/sherlock/die-braut-des-grauens-sendetermin-100.html
  12. I was searching for Sherlock-related stuff via google and somehow came across this forum. I am the same about forums and other sites where you can register. I read and check it for a while until I am rather sure I am going to really use it and that I am not just "there", but never contribute anything.
  13. Okay, I finally managed to sort my thoughts about the special a bit and afterwards reading the whole thread. I found it a bit funny when it finally turned out that the Victorian stuff was in Sherlock's mind palace because although I had read that the special would be something on its own I had a dream about the special a few nights before the special aired where Victorian scenes were only in Sherlock's mind palace to solve a problem. In that dream I wasn't able to find out what the problem was he wanted to solve and after I woke up I thought: "That's a bit crazy, why would it have to be a Victorian setting? It's probably not going to happen." The reason of the dream probably was the title of the special which I somehow connected with Mary shooting Sherlock in a wedding dress in his mind palace. In general the dream was so confusing and I wasn't sure how they could make that really happen that I thought that cannot come true, but then it actually happened! But it really was confusing, I have to say, even when it made more sense than my dream. As it seems I have missed a lot, so it was interesting reading all your thoughts and understanding a bit more through that. I agree with this theory. Moriarty is dead, but there are still many possibilities of how his "work" can be continued. What do you mean with "was dieing anyway" regarding Moriarty? I get it with the bride, but Moriarty? I think you don't mean the obvious that Moriarty would die when the bomb at the pool would have exploded. Is there anything I have missed? ... especially since the word "virus" (in the sense of a disease organism) was not used until 1898. I didn't know about since when the word was used, but I guessed that something is wrong nevertheless. The expression just seemed to be quite out of place for the time. But the first moment when I started to wonder was when Sherlock once said "he" instead of "she" and is then corrected. I think that scene was earlier than the "virus in the data" one. I am still thinking about what all those representations mean and what that says about Sherlock himself. But during the first time it was just too much to deal with at the same time, especially when you don't even have the information that it's just going on in Sherlock's mind for a long time. I agree that the Diogenes Club scene was quite funny. But besides that John was so bad at it I found the idea of using sign language there quite funny and interesting in general. It can be, but I think it also can be that Anderson only represents his (former) job in Sherlock's mind palace without meaning that he actually works with the Scotland Yard again. Thanks for the link. I'll read it soon and think it will make some things clearer. Interesting observation about Sherlock and Moriarty. I see it now, but haven't thought about it that way before.
  14. I never really thought about the underwear of anyone in the show, but like you I always wonder about that part of the Palace scene. I mean, they probably haven't asked him or anything like that (at least I cannot imagine it, it would be a bit too weird, I guess), so they just had to pack something based on what they think what he wears under the sheet. But then I think for the Palace guys this question doesn't really matter, it's just about having some appropriate clothes for Sherlock and packing no underwear wouldn't matter anymore if Sherlock wore trousers (which they brought).
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