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  1. Amber§

    Jane Austen

    At school we studied a lot Jane Austen and her works but I have never read from the beginning to the end one of her works, maybe because, as she was part of school programm, I felt a bit constricted to read and study her works, so I have always prefered to avoid them... My mom has read almost all her novels and she says they're so contemporary, even if they have been written in another century, that people are the same today as at Jane's time. Reading what you all have written, it seems that she was a very intelligent writer; I though her novels were a bit....hummm.....like romantic novels, you know, love, love delusions, feelings and so on, things that I hate. But now I'm not sure about that. Maybe I'll start with one of the most famous novel and I'll tell you if I like it
  2. Amber§

    Recently watched movies

    Brother bear (rewatched) - 8/10 I've cried more or less from the start to the end together with laughing (yes, that's kind of dramatic and funny at the same time to me, I need some medical cares).
  3. Amber§

    Molly Hooper

    So curios, neither I have noticed that before! Sherlock's a heartbreaker :P I think that maybe it's a way to relate to the opposite sex of really self-confident people who put themselves above the others. Like Sherlock. I've seen a lot of boys acting like this with girls and girls with boys in the same way.
  4. Amber§

    Episode 4.1 "The Six Thatchers"

    Maybe because Amanda was trying not to hurt herself by staying in uncomfortable position? Might it be?
  5. Amber§

    Need help for a birthday

    I...I...I....WANT IT!!
  6. Amber§


    About male or female, I don't think that the name Euros (or Eurus) has a gendre. As the name Ariel: Ariel was a male spirit in a Shakespeare's work, but then was assingned to Disney's siren. Or as a lot of other names, here in Italy, at least. For exemple we use the name Andrea both for girls and boys, the firs case is less frequent but it happens.
  7. Amber§

    Need help for a birthday

    Hi! If your friend uses to rewatch the episodes and if he doesn't have dvds of the series, maybe you could buy one or two or how many you want; I'm sure he would appreciate it!
  8. Amber§

    Countdown from 100,000

    96.979 times I'd love to give a Sherlock watching party but, I really don't understand why, nobody is interested. 96.978 times I try to convince my mother to watch Sherlock with me but there is no way, she always has better things to do. 96.977 I'll rewatch Sherlock alone, that's sounds even better, after all -_-
  9. Amber§

    Mycroft Holmes

    I think that, apart from all the reasons concerning feelings, real love and so on, Mycroft has no time for relationships. If you are one of the people at the top of the World, you don't have time for yourself or for other people, you work 24 hours a day. Then, maybe there's also another reason: Mycroft certainly has a lot of enemies. To love someone or at least to let other people know, is dangerous for that person, Mycroft's enemies could menace him through hurting the ones he loves. So marriage isn't a possibility, in my opinion.
  10. This topic is so intersting! I haven't seen it before (I wonder why) I think that maybe John has started to take things for granted. Mary, his daughter....I think that in the first episode of s4 his behaviour was a bit bad. But then, with the loss of Mary, I think he changed and really tried to become a better man. THIS made him a better man, even better than how he was in s1,2,3. And I think that, now more than before, Sherlock really participated to John's pain and really suffered for him. s1,2,3' Sherlock wouldn't really have behaved like that.
  11. Amber§

    Word Association

  12. Amber§


    Have you seen Hunger Games, the two last films? Peeta's mind was manipulated, adding torture, so he thought Katniss wanted to kill him. So, Euros could have easily done mind manipulation in this way, maybe using also a sort of verbal torture, making pressure on special themes that worried the victims or something like that. But we need a Psicologist to explain ahaha :D
  13. Amber§

    Good Old Times

    I'm a scout (you know, boyscouts, those who wander with shorts in the woods even if there is snow) and I used to go very often on a camp. Of course we didn't have electricity and we have to wash ourselves in the river, cook on fire, you know, things like that. For the first times I was very excited and I loved it, then I started to miss all the facility I have at home, electricity at first, hot water, cooking on gas (cooking on fire was quite difficult...a lot of things burned and burned and burned...) :D
  14. Amber§

    Recently watched movies

    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - 8/10 I watched that film because I didn't know what else to watch, but I liked it pretty much. The story was interesting and original, the only negative aspect is that it's too much, how can I say, impossible, unrealistic. But that's a fantasy film, so that's fine :D
  15. Amber§

    Recently watched movies

    I liked that film, I appreciated that they talked about a different aspect of war : the war that destroys not only people and buildings but also art, which is people's past and also a part of people's humanity.

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