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    - I like the literature, history, a little psychology and the special facts which are related to these topics.

    - In my free time I read books or watch movies and series mostly , but I listen music and sometimes I write and draw...

    - I find interesting some kind of supernatural activities like ghosts for example and esoteric thoughts...
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    The Great Game
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    A Scandal In Belgravia
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    His Last Vow
  1. My first turn 1. Sherlock Like: He has heart and soul, but he able to hide what he feels usually.This help him to survive, I think. Dislike: When he use others for his own aims. 2. John Like: He's loyal and looks after his friend. Dislike: He's overindulgent. He was a solider, but he goes easy on Sherlock. 3. Mrs. Hudson Like: She's everybody's grandma Dislike: Dull-witted. Annoying that she misunderstand the friendship of Sherlock and John... 4. Molly Like: She's kind and empathic Dislike: Quite scary that she unable to move on Sherlock and she found a boyfriend who was similar to him... Little bit obsessed. ( Sometimes I see myself ) 5. Lestrade Like: His trust in Sherlock Dislike: He's too indulgent 6. Mary Like: Her style and she's confident, acts if it is needed Dislike: Cruel, that she lieing very well 7. Mycroft Like: He's more strict with his brother than John and Lestrade. He trys to hold under control the childishness of Sherlock Dislike: Grumpy, uppish, quizzical
  2. Oh, of course that I chose Sherlock... But it's hard question, because I like every character. Except Donovan... Hah!
  3. Greetings to everybody ! Although I wrote in my introduction, but I thought I write here too again, that I'm from Hungary. I live a bit farer from the capital city, Budapest.
  4. Hurray! Thank you again! :lol:
  5. First of all, I hope that not problem that I took the liberty and opened a topic here! My real name is Viola, but here just "Ryss" . I'm a student from Hungary, who's just learn yet, therefore I have to ask everybody, that you forgive me for the mistakes what I would make... (!) Well, I'm also a Sherlock fan girl, as you guessed. Was 3 year and 4 month ago , that I turned on the TV and in that moment I totally "fell in love" with the BBC version too. I knew the classic stories already, of course, and I adore the Granada series with Jeremy Brett also since I was little kid, but I become real fan after I started to watch the rethought Sherlock. True, at first I was angry because of the idea that they put the classical detective and his stories into our modern time... But yet, I love it now and I'm here! P.S: I hope, that what I wrote is understandable! Thank you!
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