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  1. Pseudonym

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    I never got into Black Books but since I love Bill Bailey and I really like Dylan Moran I should probably give it another go
  2. Pseudonym

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    Oh wow they’re really cool! Thanks 😊
  3. Pseudonym

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    Get up, 45 minute commute, 9 hours work, 45 minutes commute, 1 hour run, 2 hour tutorial, 2 hours studying, go to sleep, get up, repeat.
  4. Pseudonym

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    Douglas from Cabin Pressure!
  5. Pseudonym

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    Me too, so busy. And I decided I need to take up running again, which made me even more tired!
  6. Pseudonym

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  7. Pseudonym

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    🤣 Did you use a blender? Or mash by hand?
  8. Pseudonym

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    Chips? ...Or drugs?
  9. Pseudonym

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    Sodding valentine's day, can't even go on Instagram without photos of 'loved up seals.'
  10. Pseudonym

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    Me three, I was asleep ridiculously early last night.
  11. Pseudonym

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    I don't know what it is with romance books that the male lead always seems to be a borderline sexual predator. 😧 I guess it's because they are trying to make him as 'alpha male' as possible, but it always seems to skew off into slightly disturbing territory. It's a similar reason why I hate most rom-coms, the male lead is 100% jerk most of the time, and the woman is often 'unique and quirky' to the point that she clearly needs psychiatric help.
  12. Pseudonym

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    You haven't heard of gaslighting I take it. The dictionary describes it as 'manipulate (someone) by psychological means into doubting their own sanity.'
  13. Pseudonym

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    No possible escape?
  14. Pseudonym

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    Having fun then? I'm reading a mega-cheesy romance novel where the boss is a little bit rapey and the heroine is a little bit gas-lighty.
  15. Pseudonym

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    It's old age. She's losing her mind the poor thing.

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