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  1. Pseudonym

    Introverts, how is your day?

    My bro and fam are coming to visit my parents on the weekend, I was waiting for the inevitable emotional blackmail to go along, got a text earlier but it's shockingly straightforward, just a hey, we're about if you're free. ...I am... but I'm not. Still, shockingly non-blackmail-y. Of course he might still sic our mother on me.
  2. Pseudonym

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    Just spend five hours tweaking an assignment trying to get the word counts right, think I can scrape by on the others but I'm still over a 100 words short in one section. I'm not good at waffling, I give my argument, give my facts to support it, explain why, and move on. I have nothing more to say! And that section is on a particularly dry article, so I really have nothing more to say.
  3. Pseudonym

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    Yeah, they aren't a discount shop.
  4. Pseudonym

    Introverts, how is your day?

    I'm going to be crippled with guilt for the next few hours.
  5. Pseudonym

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Does anyone else ever get get asked to help someone (a stranger) and then feel guilty for hours afterwards that they didn't do it well enough? Just helped an old guy cross the road and now feel bad that I didn't wait for a longer pause in the traffic and that my friendly, jokey comment might have been taken the wrong way. Last week I had to get milk off a shelf for an old lady, which I never get asked to do because I'm tiny, and after I gave it to her she just stood there smiling, she didn't disengage. So asked if she needed more, she said no, still smiling and engaged so I smiled awkwardly and just sort of walked off. Then felt guilty because it's like she was hoping for more... was she lonely and hoping for a longer conversation? If so why choose me, I don't think I'm particularly friendly looking, in public I think I mainly look stressed or annoyed. *stumped... and guilt ridden*
  6. Pseudonym

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    John Lewis are known for their Christmas ads.
  7. Pseudonym

    Hot Gifs

    Back when he was young, pretty and happy.
  8. Pseudonym

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    Mainly that its a Monday and there's nothing to enjoy or look forward to
  9. Pseudonym

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    I'm so depressed it's Monday. It's cold and dark and I'm sad.
  10. Pseudonym

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    I just stood barefoot in cat sick. I had chunks stuck all over my toes. 🤢
  11. Pseudonym

    Recently watched movies

    My school was pretty big but the boys and girls still did PE together. 😕
  12. Pseudonym

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Of course, hot could I forget looking at hot gifs! The most important thing!
  13. Pseudonym

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Yes! Horrifying! I'd never heard of a wet market either!

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