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  1. Pseudonym

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    Had a nap, now back to studying.
  2. Pseudonym

    Hot Gifs

    Very much sarcastic
  3. Pseudonym

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    I am dying. I'm sure there was a time, centuries ago, that I was somewhere other than this office.
  4. Pseudonym

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    I know this isn't the thread, but I'm not on many of the others any more, quick question, do we ever see Lestrade roughing anyone up?
  5. Pseudonym

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    Start out with the bo, which is a staff, which I've done some of. Then move on to nunchucks, and then swords. From what I remember only blackbelts get swords.
  6. Pseudonym

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    Sorry, my stupid email didn't tell me you'd posted. It's Vovinam, which is a Vietnamese martial art. There is a lot of punching and kicking in karate, and there is also putting people off their feet, I had to practice two different self defence moves on one of the blackbelts to put him down on the floor after grabbing my wrist. The one I've started and used to do is Kyokushin (or Kyokushinkai) which also did weapon training, I'm not sure if they do weapons or not in the new club yet.
  7. Pseudonym

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    That's me too, it's almost midnight and I'm writing equations. 😫
  8. Pseudonym

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    Well, it was a real struggle to get there and not just say screw it and head home, after nine hours or work I really didn't want to be out for another two hours. However, I did get to the karate class and it went pretty well - he said I could pick up where I left off as a blue belt, so I was pretty happy with that! The class costs £5 a week, which is 6.40 USD. There is a £50 a year insurance/license fee and a £25 a year club membership fee, but that's do-able for a year and about what I expected.
  9. Pseudonym

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    More phwoar. LOL. Pretty hard to believe he's a sex symbol when he's looking like this.
  10. Pseudonym

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    Bloody hell, no it's nothing like that here. There is a yearly license fee, can't remember the amount for that, but I used to pay 3 quid a lesson. It'll be more now I'm an adult and it's years later but nothing like 150, looking at average prices a lesson is around 6 quid, and I would do only 1 a week rather than 2 so thats around 24 quid a month, maybe a bit more I don't know exact prices yet. £24 is 30 dollars. Tbh I'm trying this evening but it's unlikely I'll keep going, I'd like to but I have so much on my plate at the moment with everything else I'm doing I probably can't handle another thing on top.
  11. Pseudonym

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    Interesting, they aren't that expensive here, or at least they didn't used to be when I used to go.
  12. Pseudonym

    Introverts, how is your day?

    I'm not helping you escape because you refused to teach me scuba.
  13. Pseudonym

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    Well, thanks to making things difficult death under a pile of work is certainly approaching. I'm off to a karate class tonight to see if I want to restart... wish me luck.
  14. Pseudonym

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    It's long gone then. Why did I give myself more work by chosing something challenging instead or something easy?!

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