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  1. There are some days I’d pay them the $12! Anyway, sending good thoughts your way and hoping next week is better. You ever want to have a rant feel free to DM me. 🙂
  2. Yesterday was a bank holiday, which zoomed by way too fast, and means today is essentially Monday.
  3. Nope. Was the U2 iTunes incident a thing over there too? Where their newly released album was put on everyone’s iTunes account whether they wanted it or not? That’s not why I hate them, I just find them overly arrogant and preachy... sorry Arcadia!
  4. I hate U2, lol! Though I admit I haven’t heard Hawkmoon, I’ll give it a listen. 😁 I’ve got a bit of a weird day ahead, I’ve moaned before about being pestered into spending time with my niece and nephew when they come down and so to make it easier than just sitting about making awkward conversation I offered to take them looking for slowworms on a nature reserve. Could go well, could not. Dunno if you have slowworms there, they’re a legless lizard that look a bit like a snake.
  5. I love finding a song I enjoy enough to want to play on repeat
  6. Having one of those days where everything is stupid and pointless and I'd just like to sleep for the rest of my days.
  7. Binge-watched Lucifer, now I'm slightly obsessed. I remember someone else mentioned watching it, but I'm too lazy to go back and find out who. Had a bit of a weird moment earlier, after lots of perving on Tom Ellis I saw he was in a sitcom over here, looked it up, and realised that when he's looking 'normal' he actually looks a bit like someone I know, who I might have trouble looking in the eye next time I see him.
  8. On a Monday morning when someone tries to be chatty.
  9. Next doors stupid screaming spawn are ruining my Sunday.
  10. I love gardening, so relaxing, so zen. I've had a really stressful full-on day but when I can come home and spend my evening digging through compost everything is okay. :) Spent Monday evening out jogging followed by looking for grass snakes and slow worms. Found 4 slow worms, 2 grass snakes and a newt larvae... which is a LOT cuter than it sounds. :D
  11. I'm sorry Kimber9ada, that sounds tough - can you go around another day or has it made things awkward? Oh please say you're wearing that hat too 😂 I've spent all day packing and cleaning. I'm off on holiday to Scotland, my dad said he'd come and feed my cats mid-week (I have an automatic cat feeder for the other days), and I said he could stay in my room since I switched my spare room that had a bed in it into an office. But... my room is a tip, since I'm the only one who ever sees it, so I spent the day tidying and cleaning to try to pass as an actual functioning adult. Also packing, we're getting epic level rain here and it's been freezing, so do I pack winter clothes or summer clothes? Hm... mega tired right now, want to go to sleep, but still so much left to do.
  12. He was lucky it was a vegetarian who found him then! 😂
  13. Scotland is just for a holiday. Not attractive but maybe interesting - saved this on the beach a while back, thought it was dead until it started gasping
  14. It was on mitigating the effects of heatwaves in urban areas, not my fave so glad it's done. The block we did on the Amazon was definitely the best. Yeah the course is good, glad I signed up though I've had a few major stress-outs when I've got a deadline and forty thousand other things to do! I've been doing some conservation volunteering for a couple of charities, I quite enjoy tromping around beaches looking for beasties. I also did a brilliant reptile and amphibian course a few weeks ago, surveying and IDing local species, the little guy in the pic below was my fave, gorgeous fella, didn't want to put him back! Hm, what else? I dug a little wildlife pond in my back garden, hoping I'll get some interesting things move in over time. I'm doing a bat course at the end of the month. I'm off kayaking next Friday, which should be good. Then I'm on holidays the week after, heading up to Scotland for a week.
  15. Busy mainly! I've just submitted my last project before summer break (from uni, not from work unfortunately) so now I get to have a social life again. WOOP WOOP
  16. Lol! *pat pat pat* How are you?
  17. TAH DAH!!!!! Thank you for the birthday wishes 😊
  18. I never got into Black Books but since I love Bill Bailey and I really like Dylan Moran I should probably give it another go
  19. Oh wow they’re really cool! Thanks 😊
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