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  1. I've missed out on several programs on Netflix. My nephew was letting me use his account but sharing with other households has been banned and I'm not paying for another streaming service.
  2. Late to the party but are there any plans to broadcast this series in the states? I watch some of her programs on PBS but haven't seen or heard anything about this one.
  3. I found my first gray hair two weeks after my thirtieth birthday. Everyone is diffterent.
  4. I'm a mosquito magnet! They will chew on me mercilessly. And if I don't get medicine on me immediately I swell up and itch for days. I usually carry a Benadryl stick with me especially when I might be outdoors. One got in the house a few weeks ago and before I could kill it I had at least eight welts.
  5. I've only known one female Jewell. She lives in my community, went to the same church I attended and she's the sweetest person in the world. She in her 80's now. I've never met any male Jewells but my brother's middle name, which he goes by, is Ewell. He was named after an old baseball player named Ewell Blackwell. I thought it interesting that the names are so similar with no connection between them. It is odd that you should know two out of the six.
  6. One movie remake that always interested me was "Mogambo". It was a remake of an old Clark Gable/Jean Harlow movie called " Red Dust". The remake was done 20 years after the original and changed the location but cast Gable in the same lead role, opposite Ava Gardner and a young Grace Kelly. Of course Kelly was much too young for the Gable character and he ended up with Gardner in the end, playing the Harlow role. It was promoted as a testament to Gable's appeal and longevity that he could carry off the same part in the 30's and the 50's. As a long time Gable fan I liked the film but it is probably not to everyone's taste. I watch a lot of old movies from the 30's thru the 50's and a lot of the stars passed away when I was a child or before I was even born. Gable passed when I was three and I only discovered him after reading and the seeing "Gone With the Wind". Sorry, I've gotten off topic but most of my exposure to old time Hollywood has been thru remakes of classics and appearances of actors on tv shows I watched growing up. That spurred a curiosity to find out more about the original films and actors. So for me remakes, even mediocre ones, are of interest for other reasons. And yes the 2nd Star Trek movie with BC was the best.
  7. I've always used the sheets, basically for static control and because that's what my mom always used.
  8. I know how you feel. I've been boycotting Wal-Mart for years due to an incident over a customer service issue. I know it doesn't matter to them but it matters to me in principle and I told them so in the letter I sent their headquarters telling them I thought their customer service sucked. Surprisingly, or maybe not, I got no reply from them.
  9. Did I see the actor who played Mike Stamford in Sherlock?
  10. No time travel. Just dealing with childhood traumas and facing unpleasant occurrences. The futuristic aspect of it is very off handed, incorporated into daily life. Even though the books are classified as sci fi, to me they are really mysteries with some quirks.
  11. I've never had the flu but I have always gotten a flu shot, for at least the last 20 years or so. I worked as a medical receptionist for 17 years and it was offered, and encouraged, thru the office. I then got cancer 5 years ago and it has been definitely advised since then. I don't recall having any reaction to the shot except a sore arm.
  12. My arm was sore for several days and I had some minor joint aches, nothing very bad. But several people told me the second shot would hit me harder so I was prepared. It just hit more suddenly than I expected and I thought since I didn't have any reaction after almost 24 hours I was home free.
  13. Thanks for the info. I did have a bit more redness with the second one but nothing major.
  14. Got my second Moderna shot two weeks ago and felt fine, except for a sore arm, for 22 hours. Then the fever, chills and aches started. I also had several feet cramps, which I'm prone to, just not as frequently. All that lasted several hours and Tylenol seemed to help. But for the next two days I was very tired and wanted to do nothing but sleep. Even now I'm more tired than usual. What is Covid arm?
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