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  1. I got my first Moderna shot last week and had just the sore arm for about three days. The nurse told me if you have a strong flu-like reaction it means you've been exposed to Covid, your body has recognized it and is fighting it off. I've also known people, my sister is one, who had a stronger reaction to the second shot, for possibly the same reason. I'm not scheduled for my second shot yet. I live in a rural area and the nurse said they weren't sure exactly when the next shipment would be here. So I'm waiting for a call.
  2. Yes, I've always called them lightning bugs but, like you, I do know them as fireflies also.
  3. Thanks for the quiz, Carol! My most common cities were Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky and Chattanooga, Tennessee. I live in northern Kentucky about 30 miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio so I wasn't surprised with the Kentucky cities but Chattanooga did surprise me since it's in southern Tennessee, quite a distance away. Interestingly the question that put me there was the one about "lightning bugs".
  4. I have a cousin that works at the library but haven't talked with her lately about customer volume. Several people use the website to download ebooks apparently because every time I select a book there's usually a wait list. They are usually pretty quick about getting your books together. The last time I ordered actual books I was called back in about 30 minutes. Our library is located on the outskirts of town with the pick up window around back which also leads to the return box. They want all books left in the drop box where they are collected, sanitized and "quarantined" for several days before being lent out again .
  5. When our new library was built a few years back they put in a drive thru pick up window which at the time I thought was odd. However since they've been closed to walk in traffic twice it has proven very handy.
  6. I was surprised at how easy, for me, the test was. I only missed one and I recognized her face but couldn't think of the name. I'm puzzled by some of the results. The average score for my age group was only 8.70 but I thought the subjects should all be relatively well known. Also I thought there would be more obscure choices, but it did state it was about famous faces so I guess that would explain it.
  7. Years ago I was horrified to think I might be becoming allergic to cats. But then I realized that every time my allergies acted up when I nuzzled my cat he had just come in from outside, so it was the pollen I was reacting to. Thank goodness!
  8. I've read the Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny. They are all good. I'm about two books behind, I think, so I better call the library and reserve them for pick up.
  9. I'm with Caya on this. No one is any more mean or petty than Trump. I'm not worried about Biden's health. He's not much older than Trump and has shown he's more physically fit. Any issues with his mental ability is mostly spread by Trump and his supporters. He misspeaks but so does everyone occasionally. He has dealt with a stutter his entire life and sometimes searches for words whereas Trump runs off at the mouth voicing whatever ridiculous thing pops into his mind. From what I've seen Trump isn't well liked or respected by our allies, many of which he's alienated. Biden has apparently good relationships with other countries and was in charge of several important deals as vice-president. I have confidence that he will handle the pandemic much better than the present administration. Sorry for the rant but I fell Trump has been a disaster for our country and cannot fathom, and don't want to, what will happen if he is re-elected.
  10. I was thinking of John Hillerman also. I remember being surprised to learn that the proper British major domo on "Magnum, P. I." was actually a Texan!
  11. As an American, I'm embarrassed every time he opens his mouth. And he just seems to be getting worse, saying some of the most bizarre things more and more frequently. I'm hoping that we come to our senses and vote him out in November.
  12. Irene may challenge Sherlock but he could never really trust her. She did nothing but manipulate, lie to and belittle him until he unlocked her phone and she lost her leverage. Then she turned on the tears and played the poor me card. And don't forget Molly has struck Sherlock, repeatedly, and called him on his crap more than once. She was also the one he conjured up when he was shot to help him save his life. But I have to agree that it will never happen, with either one.
  13. I love musicals but West Side Story has never been one of my favorites, but it's better than either Camelot or South Pacific which are two of my sister's favorites.
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