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  1. Our library has told people they can still access their internet from the parking lot. Limited to closest row to the building but I have seen a few people parked there.
  2. My cat knows the minute any greenery comes into the house, even if I try to hide it. I have two plants that were given to me when my sister passed away a few years ago but I have to keep them very high. So far he hasn't bothered them and since certain plants are poisonous for felines, and I don't have any more really inaccessible areas for them, I don't have any more (plants, not cats). That's probably a good thing because I really don't have a green thumb.
  3. My cat eats mainly dry food but he's on medication so twice a day he gets a small serving of wet food with his medicine in it. He definitely prefers the wet but is a bit picky about what flavors he likes. I opened a can of Fancy Feast beef and he refuses to eat it. He looks at it then me as if to say "are you kidding me?" His favorite , right now, is fish and shrimp flavor. He may be a little spoiled lol
  4. What worries me now is that Trump is talking about lifting the restrictions "soon", saying the cure shouldn't be worse than the disease. He seems to be focusing more on the economy, which is important, than he is on the nations health. He's also in favor of payouts or "loans" to big businesses. I realize it's important to keep these businesses solvent, but feel not enough attention is being paid to small businesses as well. That's one of the contentious issues in the bill being debated in Congress right now. There are no restrictions on how the corporations have to use the money. This means the money can be used for executive raises or stock by-backs instead of being put to use in the business itself. So now we have the finger pointing again with Republicans saying Democrats aren't in favor of the payments to the public when that isnt the issue at all. I just hope this is over soon and we don't rush into opening back up, just because some big businesses are pressuring the government. That could put us in an even worse situation.
  5. I feel Trump has really mishandled this crisis from the start. He only closed off travel from China, no other countries (like he's never heard of other international travel), he dismantled our pandemic team in 2018 (you know the ones who are supposed to watch for these things), he totally dismissed and ignored the severity of the virus, saying it would go away with warm weather and would disappear one day "like a miracle". He has repeatedly contradicted the experts by saying we have the virus completely under control and will have a vaccine in a few months. Then the poor doctors have to take time to set the record straight. Sorry for the rant but it bugs me that this man can continually lie and/or take credit for things he has not done, place blame on others and refuse to accept responsibility for anything. If the Democrats handle this properly there is a wealth of evidence proving why Trump should not be elected and I don't think a relatively small payout is going to matter in the long run.
  6. My brother-in-law owns a small dry cleaning business in our small town and business is already slowing down. I usually work on Tuesdays but I got everything pressed yesterday and nothing else came in so I'm home today. We launder a lot of shirts for bankers, lawyers and school administrators but if all of these institutions are closed or cut back (which schools and the courts already have been) I worry about the stores future. I know we are in difficult times and realize the health of our citizens is important I just wish there was more talk of helping the small businesses who will really suffer instead of already hearing about the airlines or other big businesses and what assistance they need.
  7. I don't have any artist's eye for details but I noticed the faces on the black eyed Susan's. Maybe it's the tense times we live in but that for some reason that jumped out at me. Not sure "blackface" would be used now. And I agree the animation has a beautiful flow to it.
  8. Most items are not made to last which is absolutely criminal considering the price of appliances. When I was shopping for my fridge I was shocked at the prices! I started housekeeping 25 years ago with my mother's appliances which she had owned for several years. Except for the dryer this year and a refrigerator a few years ago, the stove and washer are still working, although the stove is showing its age. My appliance plan covers everything regardless of age and it's been a life saver. I've had my furnace/ac unit replaced a few times as well as my hot water heater and some plumbing issues addressed. I don't know how long the new items will last but I'm sure it won't be as long as the ones they replaced.
  9. I feel for you. I had to get a new dryer this summer, but it wasn't as painful as it could have been. I belong to a home warranty company, American Home Shield, and for a monthly fee they repair or replace appliances. The dryer was not fixable so I got to pick out a new one. They do charge a service fee for the initial visit but I owed nothing after that. I've had this subscription for years and have had several items replaced and/or repaired. It's no fun when something breaks down.
  10. My 2 year old niece is fascinated with "The Little Mermaid " so I've had "Under the Sea" in my head for the last two weeks.
  11. My brother-in-law owns a small dry cleaning business and a local woman handles alterations and repairs for him. She charged me $7 to hem a pair of pants. So maybe you could check with the cleaners and or laundries in you area. I do live in a small town so it may be more in a larger urban area.
  12. That's the one! Thanks, Caya. (But now I'll be singing it all day lol)
  13. This one goes "If there's something that you want, what's the magic word?" Then the child pauses and says "Hmm", (my niece has that part down really well lol); then the child sings "Please, please, please, When you get something you want, what's the magic word? Hmm, Thank you, thank you, thank you." They also use sign language for please and thank you. I'm no good at posting links but I found it on YouTube by just putting in "Please and Thank You" song.
  14. It's a catchy enough tune but very repetitive; several verses of the same theme--what's the magic word? Saying please when you want something and saying thank you when you get it, saying please when you need help and then saying thank you and etc, etc. But I did enjoy spending time with my niece.
  15. I took my two-year-old niece to a Flowerbuds meeting, an offshoot of 4-H, for pre-schoolers and now I've been humming the "Please and Thank You" song for three days!
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