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  1. I am not a big fan of kids either, but on Halloween they are somehow cute . As much as I can see here that is, I can imagine some just take it as an opportunity to vandalize and be just brats, luckily they don't run around in my area (yet). Some people didn't even send out their kids this year for trick or treating because there are currently some weirdos who watched probably too much Suicide Squad or something scaring people dressed as clowns with chainsaws and baseball bats. I never met one, but they were going through the media recently. I wonder if they'd run away when I say 'I'M BATMAN' :lol:
  2. That's true. Yes, the used media store I usually buy my stuff from had The abominable bride as UK-Import long before it was broadcast here, so I hope they have the season out on DVD soon after again.
  3. Happy Halloween, here it is past now...but dia de los muertos is still on 1st Nov I think....? Love the candy skulls. This year I decorated my front door so the kids who dared to come out in our backyard would know that here's a Halloween-friendly person who has lots of sweets :D Well, five cute little witches managed to come up trick or treating, the rest of the candy I have as every year for myself, as I always buy way too much... :popcorn: Last year there was also just one time a bunch of kids ringing my door, they were obviously very courageous after my neighbour chased them away when they tried her door. So this time I thought I put out some cheap decoration to let people know not everyone's a Halloween-Grinch. Don't know if she doesn't like kids or just thinks Halloween sucks. In Germany it becomes more popular, but it's still far away from the big deal it is over there in America.
  4. Looks way better than Travolta!
  5. Excellent - yes, I saw an ad in the shopping mall (they have a sort of news-tv-thingy going on there) that it is to be broadcast in Germany on new years. My only problem is at the moment that I need to find a spot where I can watch, because I am currently at home without tv connection (I have a tv, but only for DVD watching), and since my computer went down I can not see internet stuff either. Hopefully someone gets me a new laptop for christmas....*sigh* (otherwise there should be a 'public viewing' thing for Sherlock - they do it during football championship season, so why no Sherlock? :lol: )
  6. :lol: You'll get the tacky bedclothes if I win. :lol:
  7. :lol: what's going on here? cats vs dogs? :D I can't say anything of experience with that, I am just glad I have rabbits, haha....they are useless and cute, and they know it! :P This is Schnitzel (yes, I gave her the name and she still has it, haha...). I saved her 3 years ago from a guy who wanted to give her away as 'christmas-roast-to-be' - she lives now in a garden with other rabbits and very nice (vegetarian :D ) people, and as much as I know she is still well and happy.
  8. I saw Ali G a while ago for the first time (in english, good that I am fluent in british 'urban language', haha....in german it's probably horrible - like when I saw Wayne's World back then in german it wasn't funny. But when I had seen them in Saturday Night live it was always funny - there was a time when MTV was broadcast only in english, so I saw them there first. I know it's difficult to translate certain sayings into another language, there are also lots of german jokes who would not be funny in english either. But that's the good thing about that I learned english very early - I get a lot of things most people who had only school english would totally miss...), it's from that film, I remember. I was a bit sceptical about watching the film at all, but Martin's hilarious in it!
  9. I'll give you a little hint, shall I? Dr. Stephen Strange's middle name is Vincent .... Ah, the one from the english Hammer-Films and all that? Legendary actor of course - then I know who you mean...thanks, I'll give it a try!
  10. For the people living in or close to Bonn / Ruhrgebiet, Andrew Scott will be attending the MAGICCON in April (formerly HobbitCon/RingCon, whatever....) http://www.magiccon.de/de/ Would love to go, but it's pretty expensive and I probably would not get a rabbit-sitter that time. I hope for the next Comic Con in Berlin. September/October 2017... Please?
  11. Could not get to the page either. But anyway, BLÖD (we call it that, which means stupid) is not my newspaper of choice either, haha...so not a lot to miss. Meditation with Benedict Strange would be cool though. By the way, here's a game you can win the tacky bedcovers and a 100€ voucher for the Elbenwald store, funnily advertised as 'In Bed with Benedict Cumberbatch'....: https://www.elbenwald.de/Gewinnspiel-Ins-Bett-mit-Benedict-Cumberbatch-100-Euro-Gutschein?utm_source=All&utm_campaign=DoctorStrangeGewinnspiel&utm_medium=email&sPartner=sCampaign529 By the way, does anybody know which actor's look Dr.Strange is based on? That's the question to enter the win. I have not the slightest idea... On wednesday I went extra early to the movie theatre, so on my way I made a little tour to the Zoo Palast to see if there was anything interesting to watch, but it was probably just a private showing with a few people who also won a meet and greet with Benedict somewhere on the radio or whatever, so there was no red carpet or anything, just the usual. People waiting in front of the building and all that, and a huuuge Dr.Strange advertisement. Okay, So there was nothing really to miss if you had no tickets for that particular film screening with Benedict, Tilda and the director, who visited Berlin that day... So I went to my destination of choice to see the film in english of course, the Sony Center Original. And it was just awesome. I don't say much to spoil no ones fun, only that the waiting for the film was worth it. I saw a bit of Sherlock in the beginning, as Benedict had to play that arrogant bit. :D But furthermore I saw neither any Sherlock nor Hannibal references, and I was superimpressed by Tilda Swinton as ancient one. I mean I know she is one really brilliant actress, but that role suited her so well, and she looks beautiful with no hair. Also, I laughed a LOT (great dialogues and sitcom), and the post-credit scene (the first one, there are two) was hilarious - guest appearance by Thor is the only thing I say! :lol: So sit until the last credit has rolled through, there are 2 post-credit-scenes.
  12. There he looks like Bruce Willis, who smiles a lot like that. :lol:
  13. Today, today...just a few hours to go.....(then it's movie-time, yay!). :popcorn: (...and I just noticed I am in a different theatre than Benedict. He's in Berlin as much as I have heard (...typical, I have tickets already, and THEN I get to know about stuff...) for a premiere at Berlin Zoo Palast theatre tonight. :o Why do they chose that stupid ugly theatre for premieres recently? I haven't been there for ages, but I have heard there have been some premiere events. (usually are premieres at Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz) *Hmpf* Oh well...will enjoy the film anyway, I'll tell you guys on friday or so when I am back online. Good that nobody said Mads is here, otherwise I'd freak out and go camping at the Zoo right now.... :P ! )
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