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  1. It's a very moving, but funny series. I think Sherlock and merlin have many things in common.
  2. By the way, how long before Sherlock met John do you think he was off drugs? I mean, before he turned into a "occasional user" instead.
  3. Thank you ^_^ That scene is hilarious XD Haha
  4. Hahah. xD Nope. Totally not. Hm. Good to know. Molly has a cat.
  5. If they met 2010, then Sherlock is 29 I think. If 1981 actually is when he was born that is.
  6. Sherlock can be a bit difficult to write, yes. xD You have to use all the difficult formal words you can think of. Oh. Let me see. I think I have a pic on one of my inquisitors and Iron bull. I love drawing those two right now. Here! Otherwise, I think I've draw almost all my dragon age characters at least once. I play all the games.
  7. Thank you! I love Dragon age! I have recently started drawing all the characters I have made. It's super fun. Haha. I'm writing some right now, but I write mostly angst and hurt/comfort I think. x3 Do you write yourself or are you a reader?
  8. I'm writing some fanfiction and I'm just wondering what year you peeps think our dear boys met?
  9. Hello there! My name is Ian. I'm a sassy person with a love for mystery and adventure. I'm a firm believer of Sherlock's probable asexuality, and love fluffy fanfictions. By joining this forum I hoped to be a part discussions and speculations about the series. I also like things like Merlin, Harry Potter, Endeavour and Dragon age. I also have a huge interest in 60's fashion!
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