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  1. Hey guys =) I am really in doubt each book to choose. I really enjoyed reading Holmes, but I would like to see what else is there in the (classic) mistery fiction. I am in between The Woman in White and Crime and Punishiment. Have someone here read any of those to help me choose my next book =]? Thanks a lot!
  2. It would probably be a little bit rude if I spoke anything but english here. It seems your dutch is a bit rusty, where are you from? I am actually from Brazil, but I am currently living in Belgium and still learning dutch! The (trial) message in dutch was just a warm welcome. Indeed the best would be to keep it in english so everybody can take part in the discussions.
  3. The sirurgical camera sound good, but it would be too easy to get the wrong angle and just see a piece of flor. Maybe a small mirror smartly attached to the camera would give better results. I personaly think that he would't loose his time trying to see what he can, but would figure out a way checking what he would like to check. If he is looking for someone he can try to feel the vibration of the flor, or to listening it through the door. Or even by smell.
  4. I am reading Pride and Prejudice right now! Austen has style in her writing, one certainly must admit. She works the characters personalities really well and it adds so much to the romance. I miss some exitment though, the romance is the center of the story and it is well constructed. However, some I miss something happening in another spheare, such as politics, business or even an adventure. But I am only half way there (or 20%, acording to my tablet!);
  5. Thanks for you help! Indeed, I started myself by the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (at the time I thought it was Doyle's first work). I think I'll take the hint and just recommend this one! Thanks a LOT again.
  6. In work days: My celphone and my tablet, so I can get stuff done in my (one hour and a half long) comute! In my holidays: My boxer! I often leave as much as I can leave behind, no keys, no wallet, no celphone! Much more relaxing ;)
  7. Hello guys! A Study in Scarlet is remarcable for two reasons: It is the very first Sherlock Holmes novel and sets the ground to all the following stories. And second, the plot is weird! I have started a blog to suggest classic novels to readers enthusiastics (please feel free to join :D ), and I would like to recommend A Study in Scarlet by the great Doyle. However I am afraid that people may not like the plot, therefore, not really feel motivated to read the rest of the Canon (what would be sad, because the Canon is awesome!). On another hand, all the other Sherlock Holmes' books are not the first one! And that is against the common sense to start by the middle. See the antagony? Please, help me with your insights about how to approach this problem! Thanks in advance
  8. Just introducing myself, I am a big fan of A. Conan Doyle, though still a newbe! I hope I can find some fun here =)
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