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  1. Check this one out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocR01Ty7EZY.
  2. That would make the most sense, him being the arch enemy and all. :P
  3. I agree, it's all very nebulous (haha, yes) and not at all certain. But it's not impossible. They do like leaving us little hints.
  4. Ok, so I rewatched TAB. In the end, at the airport, John (or someone else) says "So he is alive?" and Sherlock says "Of course not, he blew his brains out, no one survives that." This would confirm that Moriarty is now a computer virus or something else techy techy. However -
  5. One theory stated that his name indeed is Richard Brook and that is why he chose that painting, rather than the opposite. When meeting Brook in Kitty's apartment, he puts out his right hand in front of himself in defense when he feels Sherlock is attacking him. Other than that, Moriarty is always left-handed. (Or actually, I haven't actually checked each scene, but the ones I've seen since reading this theory checks out.)
  6. Soo... obviously there are twins. Ever since I saw TAB I've thought about it. Sherlock dismisses it so bad, it will come back and bite him in the end. So who's the twin? I've read theories that it's Sherlock (and the third predicted brother) but also that it's Moriarty and that Richard Brook is his twin. Have you all read about it? Moriarty seems left handed (also Andrew Scott I believe) whereas Richard Brook is right handed. And there is some shaving issues involves. Cabdriver Moriarty is clean shaven, but Richard Brook has stubble just hours later. Maybe they're both twins? That'd be fun.
  7. Me too! It's really moving. The march at the ending does it for me. I too love Steph, and I kind of ship her and Bromley together. :D
  8. I agree! It is absolutely worth seeing. The story is feel-good and cozy in a perfectly complicated way. Andrew is amazing in it - especially since we all know he can be a crazy criminal mastermind. Here he is a complete cinnamon bun. And naked, if that floats your boat. Also, it has beautiful scenery. So, watch it.
  9. I've seen this movie several times over the past few days and I find it lovely. It's heartwarming and important. Despite previously having worked within the LGBT movement in Sweden, I hadn't ever heard of the connection between the British lesbian and gay activists and the mining strike in the 80's (hadn't even heard of the mining strike prior to the movie, it took a while until I realized it was based upon a true story - it just seemed too random). It was great fun to watch the movie and read up on the whole issue to educate myself a bit, having Andrew there was a great bonus.
  10. Thank you all for chipping in. It really is interesting to consider if it's a hint or a just a joke about modern day vs Victorian day Sherlock.
  11. I'm a geology minor, so I can attest to that being a good thing. B)
  12. Nice to know, as it made me feel old as dirt. The IP.Board is not only readable, but looks like all web pages did back in my days, when HTML was the limit, and makes me nostalgic.
  13. I see you figured out how to make your own place for it! ;) Maaaaany years ago I was very active on a forum for a different, long forgotten, fandom. It's all coming back to me now. :D
  14. I don't plan on writing this and I don't mind at all if someone else does. Actually, I'd be happy to read it. I'm really glad to read all your responses, it's nice to know I'm not the only one overthinking this. And this might be a little OT here: but I never quite understood the connection between Moriarty and CAM. Is there one?
  15. I thought I'd contribute a theory to the whole Moriarty back from the dead discussion. Maybe he is dead - or at least will be assumed so for a bit longer - but comes back as a virus. In The Abominable Bride Sherlock uses that particular wording in Victorian times. Maybe it can be considered a joke from modern day Sherlock, but it could also be modern day Sherlock figuring out how Moriarty can be back. So... maybe he planned to come back digitally? Not quite sure how fun that episode would be to watch. Sherlock is more hands on than a Hacker, but I can't quite let go of this theory. Has anyone else though it strange that Sherlock used those words?
  16. Well, it was between seasons 2 and 3, I believe. So 2013, then. I've been a more mellow fan since, up until lately. I've never read the books or seen any other adaptations, so it comes gradually to me how clever it all is with references to Doyle's Holmes and with the drama and storyline building up. Actually - it was one theory that I thought of myself that lead me here. Haven't quite found the right place to discuss it though, but I thought that I can't be the only one so I came here to find other crazies. B)
  17. I hadn't seen it at all before that, so I started watching A Study in Pink then. I almost stopped when the violent war images began, but I'm SO glad I didn't and actually continued watching. I then watched all the episodes/movies that had been released, missing a night of sleep. :D I must say I like all episodes equally (they're all amazing) except for The Blind Banker, which I think is a bit weak.
  18. True, I need to get in the right mindset.
  19. Thanks, that's not where I was looking! :lol:
  20. Hello all, I am Olivia, 29, from southern Sweden (close to Denmark). I've been a Sherlock fan since season 2, but never part of the online fan experience. Nice to meet you all. :D
  21. Hello all, I am brand new to this forum and before I even try to read up on all the Sherlocky goodies here I have to ask - is there a way I can change the colours of the site? I need a light background and dark text or I can't read it at all without getting a headache. Is it possible to change? I can't find this particular setting, but I am new, so I thought I'd ask.
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