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  1. non_sequitor

    Kissing Sherlock Holmes

    Oh my Lord!! I'm a gonna get to the bookdepository quick smart!!
  2. non_sequitor

    Good Afternoon

    Presence noted! And hi
  3. non_sequitor

    Hi Guys!

    Wow Erika, you sound so committed, you put me to shame!! Good for you. I always did like Canada, very progressive laws And hello! Or as we say in Australia, hello!
  4. non_sequitor

    Hello There

    Hi everyone, Thought I might express my unhealthy fixation on all things Sherlock! Nah, I just love it all, I used to stay home on Mondays just to watch the old TV series (made in '84/'85 with Jeremy Brett) series ahaha. I think I've read most of the original stories, I found this really old copy from the 20's and got a bit excited I'm from Melbourne, Australia. Where's everybody from? I'm curious Anyway, its nice to meet all of you!! xxo non_sequitor
  5. non_sequitor

    Speculation: How Did Sherlock Do It?

    Hi all, I'm new here and thought I might contribute... I reckon Molly helped Sherlock in some way to enable Sherlock to seem dead (eg. to give him such a weak pulse that this could not have been detected when somebody where to check). Plus, Watson being run over was deliberate to make him woozy, woozy enough not to notice that Sherlock was not actually dead. I may have been influenced by facebook chatter but this seems to me like it makes sense, what do you guys think? xxo non_sequitor

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