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  1. It looks to me like the corner on the green part of the coat sticking up in the first picture, just moved closer to his face. I think whoever that person is may be putting their arm around him or something. Looks like hair to me, and in a shape similar to the portion of the hair closest to his nose in the first picture (some strands sticking out, some in loops). I do now!
  2. Ah, yes. Here's the larger version. I still think it looks more Benedict than Sherlock. Possibly even the same moment but a few seconds later, as you can still see the woman's hair strands on the right. But hard to tell one way or the other.
  3. I could be wrong, but I think it may be an off-screen moment. It looks more like a Benedict smile than a Sherlock smile. Here's a fuller version. He appears to be standing close to someone with long blonde hair, in a coat. (I think I spot Martin's hair behind his head.)
  4. I run into that problem as well. Another issue I've had with clubs lately is that very few people stick with it. Most only show up for one meeting, and then you never see them again. It's harder to make friends when you don't get to spend time with the same people consistently.
  5. The rumors are true. I used to have a long shelf where I lined up little stuffed animals. My cat would jump up there and look me straight in the eye as he slowly knocked each one off the shelf, one by one. Then as soon as I moved in his direction he would leap off the shelf and race out of the room.
  6. I wish that'd work for me. When I participate in clubs or classes that interest me, it always turns out that everyone else there came with friends, and they don't really care to engage with anyone outside of their own group. Even if it's just two people. At this point I'd settle for just 1, lol. Ugh, ditto.
  7. Or it may wait until you're watching to make sure you're witness to its flagrant disrespect of your authority.
  8. Yeah, that's the way I look at it, lol. Bars and clubs and intoxicated people aren't my thing anyway. I have no plans of ever moving out of the area in my lifetime. That doesn't stop everyone else from leaving though, lol. In fact, all of my childhood classmates now live in other states. Ironically, even though I've remained, it's now as if I'm living in a place where nobody knows me. The majority of people have their core friend group set by the time they graduate high school. It's difficult to make long-term friends with anyone after that point. Definitely true for me. Would make sense, generally speaking. (Though obviously there are exceptions, as seen above.)
  9. I believe it is some variety of fruit bat. Have another!
  10. I could, but it's a bit pointless, because if I'm not drinking then I'm not "having fun" like them. And once they know I don't drink, they don't want to invite me again because it's a buzzkill. I don't know if it's an age thing, I guess I'll find out one day. I don't have a hard time saying no, but the trouble is that people generally don't want to spend time with you when you say no to things. If I already had a friend group who knew and accepted me, that would be different. But when it comes to making new friends, if I don't participate in a way that makes them feel comfortable then they lose interest. I've tried to suggest other types of activities, even a cafe instead of a bar/club (hey, you're still drinking something!). But people don't go for that and I half suspect it's because they're afraid of awkwardness if there's no alcohol involved.
  11. The awkward silence after I'm asked if I have a partner or children and I say "No" is deafening. People just don't know what to say after that. Sometimes I wish I could say "Yes" just to avoid it, but then I'd be lying and have to make up answers to the inevitable follow-up questions. ^ Ditto there. So many social activities revolve around drinking, it's easy to be excluded when you're a non-drinker. That could be viewed as a positive thing when you're not a social person, but then it's hard to make friends when you do want to.
  12. I'm officially ignoring the rest of the year.
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