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  1. They say you should force yourself to memorize things in order to improve/maintain good memory.
  2. I'd be happy with either outcome. I just don't think they're as likely to go that route.
  3. Loved this callback to "Ant-Man and the Wasp" in episode 4, lol. [Link]
  4. I had to take one of my dogs to the emergency center around 2am yesterday. He's been limping for about a week, but I thought it was the cold weather making his joints stiff. Then yesterday, he stopped walking on his front left leg. I thought maybe he slipped and pulled a muscle, so I put him in his kennel to rest. After about an hour in there, he started screeching out of nowhere. The vet took an x-ray of his leg but didn't find anything, and she wasn't able to determine what was wrong with him. I wish she had x-rayed his back too, because I suspect a back injury. But she dismissed that out of hand. He was prescribed a week of pain medication and strict bed rest. I hope that takes care of it... I'm really worried about him. Meanwhile, another $650 of debt for me, after spending $300 on my other dog a few weeks ago, and close to $2000 on car and house repairs a few weeks before that. Yay. I'm getting crushed.
  5. I imagine it does have something to do with that. My father does a version of that: He points out every woman of a certain age who's pregnant on TV and says something like "See?? She's having kids. You could too."
  6. Right, that is the "polite ignoring and continuing to live my life" that I was talking about (which is how I've been handling it for quite some time now). Apparently it does not work with my parents; they continue to comment and push, and even harder lately... which is what caused me to vent about it in the first place, lol. The only "ammo" they require is for me to be within earshot. This is not a brand-new phenomenon, they've been on me for years. And I stopped trying to explain myself to them years ago.
  7. Ha, that's true. Asheville, so pretty far from the coast.
  8. "WandaVision viewers think Mephisto made a small appearance in episode 7."
  9. Hey, it's not over yet! I was already 99% certain about Agnes, but I still think she's going to end up being the small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. My theory has been that she's working with or for the ultimate Big Bad. With only two episodes left, though, I'm wondering if I might not really find out one way or the other until Doctor Strange 2 comes out, when we can see how this all connects. This multiverse phase will build and carry over into several movies, I assume, like the Infinity Stones did. I doubt Agnes is the next Thanos; I think it's got to be someone else. One minor thing that caught my attention in this episode was when she said, "Ralph says I sugarcoat things." If my theory is correct, that would fit. Because that would mean she's the "nice" one, lol. After last week's episode, I grew suspicious of "Pietro" when he started asking her how she created the reality. (Not to mention, he never did answer her "test" question, and he had no moral qualms about what she was doing; rather, he said it was "impressive".) It seemed like he was digging for information. After this week's episode, I'm suspicious of the mailman, lol. (Though I have been a tad suspicious of him since episode 2.) Everyone's so suspicious. And now I have "Agatha All Along" stuck in my head.
  10. You would think so, but nope. We may know how to dress for the cold but that doesn't mean we do, lol. We pretty much do it the way you guys do: shorts and t-shirts, even below zero. (I myself have been known to wander outside without a coat in such weather.) And I've never seen a single car with chains on its tires in my life, lol. Every winter, when the snow first makes an appearance, people drive like they've never seen it before, and we end up with 200-car pileups. I think that might be everywhere, lol. Up here we can fluctuate 50+ degrees in a day. I was visiting North Carolina once, where that happened, and Iowa. And just about everyone from every state will claim the same. I think it's just universal weather experience, lol. Maybe it happens more often some places than others, but I donno. I'd have to live in those places to really know.
  11. I don’t know what Ohio is like, but that’s just another Wednesday in Minnesota.
  12. I was watching "X-Men: First Class" the other day, and I had a passing thought that Beast resembled a blue Grinch. So apparently my brain took that and ran with it, lol. Last night I dreamt that the Grinch found out he was a mutant, and he was running around wreaking havoc in Xavier's school: playing pranks, boasting about this super strength, and challenging people who didn't like him to competitions, lol. And he doesn't even really have super strength; he was just imbued with it that one time because of adrenaline. But that didn't stop him from bragging about his heroic feat and embellishing the story like a tale-telling old fisherman at a small-town bar, lol.
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