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  1. ^ I jinxed it. We had a temperature drop today; 15 below 0 (F), with a wind chill as low as -30. 🥶
  2. The last few years we’ve had snow dumped on us starting in October and up through the very end of April, even in May and September a few times. We’ve matched or broken some precipitation records. I’m hoping that won’t happen again this year. We’ve had an average amount of snowfall so far (though it did start a bit early again in October); just had another snowstorm over the weekend. But temps have been a little warmer than usual since Christmas, so that’s been nice. January and February can be tough. Last year around February 1st is when we were experiencing the “apocalyptic” Polar Vortex, lol. This winter has felt especially kind by comparison.
  3. Not even a hint of spring around here yet, way too early for that. Will be another month at least. Maybe two, but it's been on the milder side as winters go, so hopefully it will be shorter as well.
  4. Super Bowl “teaser” for the upcoming Marvel series’ on Disney+.
  5. Me neither, it would look terrible. My dad cuts his own hair, but his hair is curly, and he’d have to really mess up badly for any errors to be noticeable. My hair is straight and smooth, so the slightest unevenness sticks out like a sore thumb. There’s no way I could do it myself without it looking like I just sawed it off with a sharp knife.
  6. Gotta agree, not sure she'd be very appreciative of that.
  7. I don’t mind spoilers; and certain things I’d actually prefer to know ahead of time. When I’m able to get on my computer so I can read what’s in that spoiler box, I will. Thanks!
  8. “Love you no.” “Speech pathologist teaches her dog 29 human words: Stella "speaks" by stepping on large buttons programmed with recordings of words. She expresses her desires, comments on household events, and even offers opinions.“ More.
  9. I was wondering that myself. I have no idea. They've been adding bits of director and actor commentary at the end of episodes, but so far they haven't addressed this.
  10. I really need a haircut, but I'm too lazy to go get one. It's a predicament.
  11. "Sanditon" on PBS. It's based on Jane Austen's unfinished novel of the same name. It has all the markings of a typical Jane Austen novel: aloof but handsome men with good hearts; creepy, sexist clergymen; dastardly, scheming, money-grubbing rakes; grumpy, unmarried, outrageously rich old ladies who want their nephews to marry women of fortune; annoying hypochondriacs who talk only of the weather and their "poor nerves"; a creative, educated, witty, but underappreciated and less-moneyed heroine; town gossip; and fancy balls where characters have furtive arguments and revealing conversations while dancing. But then there are uncharacteristically explicit elements, like a Crimson Peakian brother/sister who seem to be probably sleeping together, and secret handjobs in the park. The cinematography can be a bit jarring as well, rank with uncomfortably close facial close-ups. But this is the first time "Sanditon" has been adapted for television and I'm interested in seeing where it goes, so I'll keep watching as it airs.
  12. Concerning the latter, I find it depends partially on the type of work I'm doing and, by extension, the type of men I'm working with. When I work in IT environments, for instance, the men tend to be less chatty, or like you say, don't care if I participate in their chats. But at my current workplace, which is more sales-oriented, I'm surrounded by salesmen and extroverts, so there's more of an expectation that I'll be gregarious and engaged in their conversations.
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