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  1. Yep, just had my third visit today. And there goes my entire paycheck, lol.
  2. "your blog isn't complete until you have Loki banging on your dash, you're welcome." "Don't let him out." [Link]
  3. "Thor... how did you even come up with that..."
  4. For almost two weeks I've been virtually bedridden with debilitating lower back pain.
  5. MCU viewers were looking everywhere for A Big Bad Villain to pop up in WandaVision, sometimes reading way too far into things; and many were absolutely sure Mephisto would make an appearance. But nothing ever came of it all. The hilarious end result is that "Mephisto sightings" have now become a running gag among people watching the Marvel series', lol. That suspicious-looking guard? "Mephisto!" The devilish figure in the stained glass? "Mephisto!" That bug over there? "Mephisto, confirmed!" It's pretty funny watching everyone poke fun at it and themselves, lol.
  6. It's related to "WandaVision". There was a postman in the show who many people (including myself, briefly) thought was suspicious. Theories about his true identity abounded, the most prominent being that he was the sinister supervillain, Mephisto. But in the end, he turned out to be entirely innocuous. "Just the messenger."
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