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  1. Seconded. Oh the luxury of being Sherlock.
  2. If you’re storing movies then I’m not surprised! I know the struggle. My 16GB phone is screaming “PHONE STORAGE ALMOST FULL” at me all day long. With the operating system alone taking up about 12 of those GB’s, I’ve had to delete almost everything at this point just to keep using it.
  3. Sherlock didn’t have to worry about unemployment, lol.
  4. Nope! It seems like that would make the most sense, but it's fall. Things start picking up as September approaches and start dying down again sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. October is the busiest month. We were swamped last October. I was working 18-hour shifts back-to-back for days at a time. It's been a little less hectic this year so far, what with Covid. More people are having private funerals, and we have an occupancy limit now, so we don't see the crowds we used to. We've also closed off the downstairs (where we used to host luncheons) because we're no longer allowed food on the premises, so I only have one level to manage now instead of two. On the other hand, people are ornery about the restrictions (which we have no control over) and do pretty much nothing but complain loudly about them, so my job's a little harder in that regard. I'm not disturbed by the nature of the business; it's dealing with the living that gets stressful. I'm also responsible for setting up before and cleaning up after the event, and it's a large building, so after a long day of dealing with emotional people I still have several hours of cleaning to do. It's not unusual for me to be there well after midnight even if the funeral was over at 6pm, especially if I have to set up for another funeral the next morning after I'm done cleaning. It's just tiring. One of my new post-Covid duties is to wipe down about 300 pens with Clorox wipes after people have used them to sign the guestbook. So that's not tedious at all. Never thought I'd be sanitizing pens for a living, lol.
  5. He started in the late ‘80’s. Definitely after mouses (mice?) came along, but computers were still fairly barebones back then.
  6. Lol! Yes, I started up again 2 months ago. But my hours were cut to a fraction of what they had been. No, not really. It’s the work itself. It’s arduous and draining. And fall is the busy season.
  7. I can’t be seen having fun at a funeral. *Sigh*...
  8. I learned the CTRL method long after right-clicking. I think right-clicking you can figure out on your own by process of discovery, but you have to be taught the CTRL method. I still use right-click most of the time.
  9. Yes! That’s kind of where I was going in my response, but I couldn’t find the right words. You have summoned her!
  10. I'm really dreading work tonight. Reeeally dreading it. And I'm not even sure why. I'm training in a new employee, and it's going to be busy (which isn't abnormal), but other than that it's going to be an average night. I just don't want to deal with it. I want to sit around and do nothing. Maybe I'm just worn out.
  11. Just to be a fly in the ointment, I have worked in a library and not as a children's librarian. I've no idea why you might be encountering this phenomenon. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say that people who become children's librarians are fond of their own childhood memories involving books and stories, and there's likely a correlation between being a lover of fiction and being part of a fandom. People who join fandoms tend to be imaginative, and that's practically the realm of children. Could also just be a coincidence.
  12. I'm feeling blue as well. That was nice to read.
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