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  1. Artemis

    Recently watched movies

    I understood your question, but I can see how my answer didn’t make that obvious. This was already brought up, but I think that there are some absolutes. Some hurts are self-evident, and everyone knows that they’re hurtful, whether they argue about it or not. (I’m certainly guilty of playing Devil’s Advocate in this regard, for the sake of exploring logic.) Others can be legitimately debated, but not as many, in my opinion. I think the real debates come when you start discussing which hurtful things should be punishable by law, and which things you should leave alone and hope that people will be considerate and work it out themselves. I took some theology in college, but it didn’t seem all that definitive to me. Most of the classes and assigned papers were spent debating theological questions and varying interpretations of texts, including whether it benefits humanity or makes sense for God/gods/religion to exist at all. For instance, in my Philosophy and Religion class, we discussed and wrote a paper on the contradictory claim that God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good. In light of all the suffering in the world (and various other factors I won’t spend time listing), the idea is that it would really only make logical sense for God to be 2 of the 3 things. Apparently theologians have been trying to reconcile this belief for centuries.
  2. The episode where Q was sentenced to become human as a punishment is one of my favorites, it was hilarious, lol.
  3. Artemis

    Recently watched movies

    Generally speaking I would probably say it's okay to believe what you want, but not behave as you want. For instance, if you think homosexuality is a sin, then that's your right; but that doesn't give you the right to (mis)treat homosexuals any way you deem fit. Likewise, you can be a psychopath and believe whatever you believe, as long as you don't hurt/violate others as a result. I agree here too, I don't think that psychopaths are as rare as believed. I do think that truly sadistic psychopaths, the ones who hurt people (whether it be physically, emotionally, or psychologically) purely for the enjoyment and satisfaction of it, are the rarest of them. But I'd say it's not uncommon to encounter those who hurt people out of self-interest and feel entirely remorseless or indifferent about it. In my experience they can do this because they are able to justify their actions easily to themselves, in a warped way. Occasionally you will encounter one who doesn't even care enough to have a justification. But oftentimes, when you dig deeper into their thought process, you will find that there is twisted logic behind their actions and they have weaved themselves a narrative that justifies them.
  4. Artemis

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    I watched that in the 90’s too. No idea what I would think of it now... maybe I’ll just keep my fond memories, lol.
  5. Artemis

    GIF Your Mood

    I recently picked up an evening/weekend job to make ends meet, and my new boss looks, dresses, and behaves very much like Michael from "The Office". His name is also Michael. I was alone with him in the office today. Just me and Michael...
  6. Artemis

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    "Carnival Row" on Amazon Prime. A bit heavy-handed with the political issues, and the acting was stilted at times, but the world-building was elaborately detailed and overall I thought it was a good watch. Looking forward to the next season.
  7. Artemis

    Recently watched movies

    There are a bunch of new movies coming out soon that I'm very interested in seeing. "Harriet", "Doctor Sleep", "1917", and "Gemini Man" are a few that come to mind, but I know there are more. I'm very excited to see "The Current War", I'll probably go on Halloween.
  8. Artemis

    Recently watched movies

    I too would agree with this. Long story, but I have met them and have (much too personal) experience with them. There are some truly sadistic people in this world, beyond what most people imagine. Thankfully for the rest of the world, my experience is very rare. I've recently seen the Joker movie and the Downton Abbey movie. Both were great, "Joker" was exceptional and extremely well done. Joaquin Phoenix deserves an Oscar for that performance. I saw it with my dad, who normally hates psychological thrillers/drama, and even he thought so. When it was over he just sat there going "Wow... wow...". I've never heard him "Wow" a movie, lol.
  9. Artemis

    Recently watched movies

    I wouldn’t consider either version of “IT” to be a “funny horror”. I can’t understand why anyone would, that is so strange.
  10. Artemis

    Recently watched movies

    I haven't seen much lately, been very busy. Almost convinced myself to take a chance on "IT: Chapter Two", but upon learning that it was even longer than "Infinity War", I decided to opt out and rent it at home in the future. I didn't love the first one. I just want to see a movie, lol. I've recently seen "Tag" and "The Dilemma" with my HBO subscription. "Tag" is based on a true story about a group of friends who've been playing tag since childhood. I could have done without all the swearing and sexual humor, but other than than it was a really fun movie. I especially loved "untaggable" Jerry's spoof of RDJ's Sherlock Holmes, the way he's shown anticipating his opponents' moves ahead of time. "The Dilemma" is another (alleged) comedy about a man who doesn't know how to handle it when he finds out his best friend's wife is being unfaithful. I actually found it more sad than funny, because I've been in that situation more than once and there is no good way to handle it. You'll be damned if you do and damned if you do (or at least I was). So I guess it just hit a little too close to home, brought up some buried pain. But it wasn't a bad movie, I'm sure I would have enjoyed it otherwise.
  11. Artemis

    Recently watched movies

    Another good one, seen it several times. One of my go-to films when I just want something light and familiar to pop in.
  12. Artemis

    Recently watched movies

    Loved that movie, better than I expected.
  13. Artemis

    Introverts, how is your day?

  14. Artemis

    Introverts, how is your day?

  15. Artemis

    Introverts, how is your day?


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