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  1. Artemis

    Recently watched movies

    Yeah, it was "just fine". I'm sure the movie will be great, but for me, whoever developed this trailer failed to make it look even a little intriguing, lol. I got a distinct "same old, same old" feeling while I was watching it. Hopefully the next one will be better. You think so? I wouldn't have thought that, but maybe!
  2. I posted this comic in the other thread too, but considering the topic at hand I thought it was fitting. I don't feel sorry for you, Thanos. [Link]
  3. "MCURewatch Day 19 - AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR" [Link]
  4. Artemis

    Funny Non-Sherlock Pictures

    Writing. [Link]
  5. "Here’s a question for your soul; How many times can a broken thing break? And the Gods whispered: Let’s see, shall we?" - Nikita Gill [Link]
  6. "Throwback to that time Tom wouldn’t let anybody get in the way of his defense of Loki - MTV Movie Awards, 2013" [Link]
  7. "Who is the Avengers' biggest enemy?" [Link]
  8. Artemis

    Recently watched movies

    'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' teaser trailer. (This one is not the 'official', which is set to different music; but the footage is the same. I just thought this was more interesting, lol. The official trailer is a snore.)
  9. Hawkeye sings about his superpowers.
  10. Bringing Captain Marvel up to speed. 'Endgame' car commercial, lol.

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