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  1. Artemis

    GIF Your Mood

    ^ Same. I actually don't think Facebook is responsible for that; but what is, I couldn't tell you. I just know that I was noticing it long before Facebook. Whether social media has made it worse, or if it's just always been like that, I don't know either. I've had several of those. I tend to end up in a "free therapist" role in relationships, where I'm basically just a sounding board for someone's latest woes when they can't talk to their other friends. I've grown somewhat accustomed to it, and I'm actually glad that people feel like their problems are safe with me; but it's very one-sided, and fickle. When I was deep in depression, I had no one. Those people gradually disappeared and aren't part of my life anymore, and in recent years I'm a lot less open to people who show signs of using me like that, because I want a real friendship. Hence, I'm alone. I think what's missing in a lot of friendships these days is trust. A lot of people have several friends they spend time with and go do things with, but how many of those friends would they say they trust and feel like they can count on? Probably not many.
  2. Artemis

    GIF Your Mood

    I think it depends. My mother and brother are both extroverts, and they make friends very easily, without doing much of anything. People want to be friends with them. Other extroverts in my acquaintance make friends with similar ease. But I couldn’t say it’s the same for all extroverts; I doubt it is.
  3. Artemis

    Game of Thrones

    I started watching GoT today. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the first two seasons, so I’m rewatching them. I tend to go through shows fast, so I’m sure I’ll be getting to season 3 before long. Should be fun...
  4. Artemis

    GIF Your Mood

    ^ Ditto. *Sigh*.
  5. I'd like to hire a cat, please...
  6. Artemis

    GIF Your Mood

    That’s funny, isn’t it? Once when I visited Las Vegas, the temperature was in the mid 70’s and people were talking about how “cold” it was. Cold. And I kid you not, I saw some people bundling up in winter coats. I was too warm, and thoroughly baffled. In Minnesota, people start wearing shorts and cooking outside again as soon as it hits 20’s and 30’s in February/March, lol. A few wear shorts year-round. 30 feels warm after a month or two of temps in the negatives, lol. I should clarify that for my Germany trip I was told specifically to pack for temps in the 60’s. I was just too lazy to Google the conversion to Celsius for other readers, so I generically converted “60’s” to “warm spring”, which is what I’d consider 60’s to be (in Minnesota, at least). I didn’t expect colder than 50’s, maybe 40’s. Especially seeing as we were experiencing a global heat wave at the time and temps in MN were in the 90’s. I even asked our experienced travel guide (who had visited Germany every year for over 20 years) if I should expect temps lower than the 50’s, and he said definitely not, lol. Live and learn. But when I do that, they’re always “too busy” to find time for it. Yet they’re never too busy for each other. After awhile of being turned down, I start to feel like maybe I’m just being an annoyance and they’d secretly rather I didn’t ask so they wouldn’t have to come up with excuses not to. I know that at least one of my cousins in the “girls group” has a very poor opinion of me. (Which is weird to me, because I feel like I barely know her.) My aunt lived with me for awhile when she was low on funds, and she used to talk to her daughter on speaker phone, and not very quietly. So I heard everything they said about me. I don’t know if that has anything to do with why I’m not invited to their outings, but I can’t help but wonder if it just boils down to them not caring for my company. I’m not sure they’ll ever give me a chance.
  7. Artemis

    What song is stuck in your head?

    Heard this one drifting from one of my neighbors’ backyard barbecues yesterday, and it’s been in my head since.
  8. Artemis

    GIF Your Mood

    I get you. It's hard, and it can be very lonely. Especially when, like you said, you're watching everyone else enjoying family activities.
  9. Artemis

    Recently watched movies

    ^ Ditto. There's too much focus on him in the films, too, in my opinion. I know he's kind of like the Batman of X-Men, but I don't want it all to revolve around him. We've seen enough of him, let's see some others. For what it's worth, the Dark Phoenix film bears only a slight resemblance to the Dark Phoenix comics (from what I've read), and Wolverine is not in it at all.
  10. Artemis

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    I guess my people missed that lesson, lol. I think grad parties are more common for high school graduates than college, but I'm not sure. Do either of you have any younger relatives, or friends with younger relatives, who you've heard of having a grad party?
  11. Artemis

    GIF Your Mood

    I'm sorry kimber. I know the feeling. My sister-in-law invited practically everyone but me to her baby shower next week, and my niece's 4th birthday party this weekend. (Though in my case I have conflicted feelings; I'm relieved about not having to go make small-talk with people I barely know, but it would still be nice to feel like I'm wanted there.) And I also just found out that all my female cousins and two of my aunts get together every month for a "girls' trip". They're in Denver right now. I like to travel, I'm a girl... why don't they ask me? Anyway, I hope you're able to see your great niece soon. I know it's small consolation, but maybe seeing her and giving her your present separately, without all those other people around, will focus her attention and cement her memory of you better.
  12. Artemis

    GIF Your Mood

    There must be a lot of space between you and your neighbors. I can glimpse my neighbors' yards through the trees, and out front. I'm about to leap over some lawn games and make off with a hotdog from the neighbor's grill, they smell so good. Enjoy your trip! When I went to Germany I was told to pack for warm spring temps, so I brought mostly t-shirts and a light jacket. By the time I got there, temps had fallen below freezing and it was snowing. Since then I always pack at least one item for all kinds of weather.
  13. Artemis

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    I guess this is more for my fellow Americans because it's kind of a cultural question: Is it very common to have a graduation party? I mean, is it more unusual not to have a graduation party than to have one? I'm asking because I'm seeing a lot of them right now, and thinking back, it seems like a good majority of the people I knew had one. I didn't have one, but I didn't have any friends, and my family doesn't celebrate my accomplishments. I guess I'm just curious if that's far outside the norm or not. I didn't get any money or presents from my parents (or anyone) upon graduation either, and whenever that's come up in conversation, people tend to act like it's really strange and crazy, 'cause they all got something.

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