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  1. I'm sorrrryyyyy! [Link]
  2. I hope nobody minds if I create a space to geek out about Marvel stuff. Everyone's welcome to geek out with me! Just keep in mind that it likely won't be completely spoiler-free. It's not restricted to Marvel; DC and general superhero content is welcome too. Note from the staff: This thread is still the place to share Superhero pictures, videos, fan art, etc. There is now also a separate thread for news and discussion of the Superhero universe(s), here.
  3. "Ukiyo-e Endgame Japanese illustrator Takumi blends pop culture with the ancient Ukiyo-e art form in his latest series of superhero illustrations. To celebrate the recent Avengers: Endgame film release, the talented fantasy fan rendered each famous character in the style of authentic Japanese woodblock illustrations." [Link]
  4. "The villian is in control. The villian is a mask of elegance and style behind which is a worying and brilliant intelligence but the tricky is to make it all look easy. We never bring us sweat, we don’t get our hands dirty." - Tom Hiddleston in Jaguar commercial. [Link]
  5. "Concept art." [Link]
  6. "Loki with Children" [Link]
  7. "Here comes the Sun!" [Link]
  8. "My cat after a bath. She’ll probably kill me in my sleep now." [Link]

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