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  1. Definitely curious. I'm fascinated by the unexplained, but I'm too skeptical to believe in something like aliens without the evidence of my own eyes (not that I don't think it would be cool; I grew up watching Star Trek, lol). And I think the human brain is infinitely weirder than we can imagine. But it was an odd dream in a number of ways, not least of all because it felt so real and left such an impression. It stands out among my memories.
  2. Well, this is kind of how I see it. Forgiveness is a kind of mercy. Mercy, by nature, is compassion shown to the undeserving. If you deserve it, then it’s not mercy, it’s justice. Justice is the realm of the deserved. Justice is the paying of debts. Forgiveness, by contrast, is the cancellation of a debt. It’s a gift of grace given to you by the one you have wronged, when they feel ready to give it. It is not linked to your own merit, it is not something you earn or are owed. It is given to you, or it isn’t.
  3. I would say that's true of all stories (or nearly all). They're all lessons in some way, shape, or form. Is forgiveness ever deserved? If so, then I might postulate that it wasn't really needed to begin with.
  4. Usually not. They may be expecting one, if for instance a relative is in hospice; or they may just be looking for themselves. People can pre-plan their own funerals if they wish. We had a call from a guy who was 100% positive his father wouldn't last 3 days, so he went ahead and planned everything. That was almost two years ago now. His father's folder has been sitting out on our shelf that entire time, glaring awkwardly.
  5. As promised, here be the journal entries. I'll put them in a spoiler box, so people who want to skip it don't have to scroll all the way through. ...
  6. The closest I've ever had to a flying dream was what I might describe as gliding. I either jumped or fell off the roof of a burning skyscraper, and instead of falling straight down, I glided across the city and gradually downward for awhile, arms outspread like an eagle. I had that dream when I was very little, and I haven't had one like it since.
  7. Oh, it definitely still is. There are more and more people being forced into that situation, but you can bet they're facing shame and degradation from their family members and/or society at large. The interesting thing is that the notion of "failure to launch" is more or less an anomaly. For most of human history, in most cultures, families have shared a roof at all ages. Children only established their own space once they got married, and even that wasn't an absolute. Many families just stayed together, the elder helping with little children and the younger taking care of the elder. "Living with the parents" instead of "on one's own", especially as a young unmarried person, has only really been a mark of shame for the last 50 years or so. Interesting factoid for you: The word "wife" means "woman", and in more ancient times, boys were not considered "men" and girls were not "women" until they were married. So in traditional wedding vows, when the officiant says "I now pronounce you man and wife," they are essentially saying "I now pronounce you grown-ups."
  8. Last night I dreamt that I was on one of those ghost-hunting shows (ghosts again?). I was trying to communicate with the spirits, and one came through; but she refused to talk, she insisted on singing. So we let her sing, and she sang this really pretty song. My partner on the show theorized that it was her “unfinished business”, something she wanted but never got to do in life. Everyone saw it on TV, it went viral, musicians recorded covers of it, and it became one of the most popular songs of all time. Next thing, I was a different character in the dream, and I was in a grocery store parking lot, pulling a cart from the rack. I was hearing a woman sing the song to herself as she walked into the store; and being very skeptical about the paranormal, I thought, “I should listen closely to see if I hear anyone sing it with a matching voice, because it was probably a real person and not a ghost.” I woke up after that. Loki has been sneaking into my dreams again for some reason, lol. But only in short intervals. I know he’s popped in at least 4 times over the last week or two, but at present I only remember one in any detail. I was teaching him how to play checkers, and he was kicking my keister. I think he just liked saying “King me.”
  9. I’ve only had one dream that was even close to anything like that, and it didn’t have all those layers. I think it was only one or two. It was one of my “continuing” dreams, like the first one I posted in this thread, where I had the dream over several nights, picking up where I left off the night before. I wrote it down in my journal, maybe I should go find it later and post it here. It was one of my more “lifelike” and interesting dreams (for me personally; you all might not think so, lol). It was also rather unique in that I felt its imprint for quite a while afterward. It left a weird sort of absence when it ended that took a couple months to wear off. I just felt like I was missing something.
  10. Some librarian humor. [Link]
  11. No worries, it wasn’t just you. I was under the same misapprehension.
  12. I don’t know why yours would be deleted, but RT has done it before. Before “Captain Marvel” even hit theaters, it received a massive number of negative reviews from people who were basically just complaining about “the feminism”. RT chose to delete the ones that were deemed offensive or sounded like they came from people who hadn’t actually seen the movie. Not sure if that’s what’s happening here, but it might be.
  13. My father’s first comment was, “Why do they have to make a female version of every male hero now? I’m tired of it!” I wonder how many people are giving it a low rating for similar reasons.
  14. Yeah, exactly. That’s what’s making it difficult to enforce the Covid restrictions, too. If someone fights me on it and I push back too hard, they could be spiteful and leave a bad review for our establishment. If that happens because of something that occurred on my watch, I’d almost certainly be let go. Reputation is everything in the industry. That’s the kind of job I want but can never seem to get, lol. Other than the contract work I’ve done from home, of course.
  15. I can’t tell if those are supposed to be pigtails, or some kind of horns, or faun ears...
  16. I think a lot of aspiring librarians start off with that idea, but will eventually drop off as they find, through working the field, that it’s actually very people-oriented work. Not all of it; there are some librarians who stay more or less behind the curtain. But the librarians you interact with are basically in customer service roles. That’s one of the reasons I stopped doing it (only to end up in another people-oriented job, alas). It was too close to my experience working in retail. Yeah, that’s what I would have thought. I absolutely hate it when people do that, and being totally honest, I would have been very unhappy about it. You would never know that, because unlike sadist lady, I would have been outwardly friendly and helpful. But internally I would have been thinking, “I’m going to rant about this in the ‘Shoot the Wall’ thread later.” Speaking of which, that happened to me just today at the funeral home. It was 5 minutes to closing, I was just about to lock the doors, and a group walked in wanting a tour of our facilities. Luckily a tour only takes about 20-30 minutes. I’ve had people stay over an hour after closing, in just about every place I’ve worked.
  17. I wish I would have flying dreams. I never have and they sound nice. I’ve been able to make myself aware that I’m having a dream, but never been able to control my dream. At most, sometimes I can wake myself up (but sometimes not).
  18. ^ Same! Thanks for articulating that, because I think this is why it was so distressing to me too, but I was never quite able to express that.
  19. Ditto. I started watching the show because I was very bored and there was nothing else on. I was nervous about it, because I don’t like seeing torture or rape, and I was afraid it would be chock full of either or both. I did end up fast-forwarding through a couple scenes, but it really wasn’t too bad. Season 2 was better than season 1. I would probably watch a 3rd season if they made one, but I don’t have strong feelings about it being cancelled (which I did not know until just now). I haven’t seen the movies.
  20. Not in my experience, lol. It’s funny that you think libraries don’t have noise or talking people. Academic libraries are still relatively quiet, but public libraries? Not here, for sure. Especially if you’ve got kids in there. And you’re not allowed to shush people anymore, lol. Why were they asking that?
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