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  1. What do hamsters dream about... Tunneling? Running the wheel?
  2. This is a music video, I just thought it was neat how they did it and how it fits the theme.
  3. This version of "Little Boxes" by Walk Off the Earth.
  4. From who? My dad's wardrobe is limited to burgundy, forest, navy, and gray, lol. But this is what I do when I shop and why I know I need to take a different approach, lol. I just end up staring at the mirror for 10 minutes trying to figure out if something looks flattering on me, and then inevitably come to the conclusion that I still have no clue. And on the rare occasion I do find something that I can tell looks good on me, I never find anything else in that exact color again. So I'll pick out something that I think looks close, but it's meh, or blah. I haven't detected any pattern. That's why I started out asking about warm/cool, because I thought that might at least be the start of a pattern, lol. (But then I find out I'm a neutral, so that's not much help either.) I mean, how do I even I know which colors are which? Say I pick out a yellow shirt that I think will flatter me: What color yellow is it? Is it a warmer yellow or cooler yellow? There's so much crossover between shades of differently-labeled colors, and unless it's on the extreme end of the color spectrum (which are colors that tend not to suit me in either case), it can be hard to tell the difference between a warm and cool color. How can I see a pattern if I don't know where on the spectrum a color falls? I can't seem to get a feel for the general range of colors that have a good chance of looking nice on me, so I don't have to keep guessing. I just want to be able to buy something online and not have to either send it back or tolerate how it looks, you know? I hate shopping. *Sigh*. Sorry Carol, I swear I'm not trying to be contrary, lol. I guess I really just need a professional eye. I probably will never pay for one though.
  5. "Fries" (aka "French fries") is the American word for these: While "chips" is the British word. "Chips" is the American word for these: While "crisps" is the British word. As I understand it, anyway.
  6. They're both cats, so both of course.
  7. But then I would have to buy a garment or cloth in every color I want to test. I don’t have that many clothes, lol. Isn’t there an easier way? Also I’m not sure that way of testing is going to help me much, because I’m going to be drawn to look at the garment regardless, lol. Just about everything looks equally good or bad to me, that’s why I can’t tell what looks good on me.
  8. Another color to add to my 'do not wear' list: Pink. Almost any shade of pink. I rarely find a pink that works. I took a chance on purchasing a sweater online with some pink in it, and I shouldn't have, because I look sickly in it. I need to just not ever buy pink.
  9. I Googled some images of chartreuse and held my hand up to them. I don't think any of these look good against my skin tone (but I also hate this color, so I might be biased): Most of these shades, on the other hand, I was okay with or neutral about, except for Pear, which is not good.
  10. "Maybe I was looking at Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' for too long." [Link]
  11. "#that's it, that's the show" [Link]
  12. That happened to me last night. So annoying. Unless he's got a woman about to give birth in the car, a limb that needs reattaching, or someone who really has to use the bathroom, I don't understand the rush.
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