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    Sherlock, reading good books, writting book and drawing a little
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  1. carolinne1

    How I think Moriarty faked his death

    One and only answer Richard Brook. I don't think there's any possibility that Moriarty could survive bloowing his head off. That's what Sherlock figured out in TAB - Emillia Ricoletti found a women who looked exactly like her and that's how she faked that. But we literally saw how Morriart shoot himself so I think the only possibility is that it wasn't him - but Richard Brook (who we know was an actor) Also you know: it never twins!
  2. carolinne1

    Hello everyone.

    I just want to say hey. I'm Caroline and I'm from Poland. I started to watch Sherlock in 2014, but unfortunately I don't have anyone in my life who watch this, so I decide to join you.

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