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  1. Hi Carol, almost 7 8 years ago I saw one of them, my mum was watching, but can't remember completely. I remember a silk sock, twins and cigarette ash. I should watch them probably
  2. Thanks for you comment Boton. I never thought, but you are probably right about other characters. I saw a 'meme' about House/Holmes likeliness. I couldn't upload it here but if I menage it, you'll see it if you didn't already Anyways, it's good to talk with you guys here.
  3. Hello all. What do you think about House MD, is it really a Sherlock Holmes adaptation or just a serie with some eastereggs. Please let me know your ideas.
  4. Hello again everybody, thanks for your replies. I read that too many people dislike Elementary, maybe it's becouse it's too American after Sherlock. We all agree that Buttercup Cumbersnatch is one of the greatest actors and his portrail of SH is really mind-blowing. I'll take it short. Thank you again. I hope we'll have fun with all of you. Until next time,
  5. Hi, I am Conrad. I am really new to the "forum" thing and English is not my native lenguage so, if I make mistakes please let me know. Been reading SH stories for 11/12 years. The first one that I read was "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle" I was at 4th grade that time. Still reading over and over. "The Red-Headed League" is my all time favorite. Of course I am watching the adaptations, thanks to technology. Currently watching "Elementary", in my opinion it is the closest one to reality and really absorbing but BBC's "Sherlock" is great too. That is all for now. Please tell me if I make a mistake. All right then. Have a good day.
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