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  1. I’ve always wondered the same thing Hikari. Some actors take the “once is enough for me” approach of course but some, like Tom Baker, for example wanted to do more but was never given the opportunity. On the other side John Neville was asked to play Holmes in a tv series but had to turn it down due to commitments. The role went to Peter Cushing. I’d definitely have liked to have seen more Plummer. Likewise Rupert Everett. Jonathon Hyde is still my ‘Holmes that never was’ though. If only......
  2. Hi Hikari, I haven’t seen Silver Blaze for a while but I think that it’s only on for around 30 minutes but it was pretty good. Watson was played by Thorley Walters who is fairly unique in that he played the part in 4 completely unconnected movies with 4 different actors playing Holmes. I think that you can see it on YouTube.
  3. Hello Hikari, He also played Holmes in Silver Blaze which was pretty good. I don’t know whether you’ve seen it?
  4. Hello Carol, In The Final Problem, when Holmes and Watson are out walking, a messenger arrived saying that there was a sick English woman back at the hotel needing Watson’s attention. This was actually a ruse by Moriarty to get Holmes alone. It was also used in one of the Rathbone/Bruce movies though I can’t recall which one (which is annoying) Watson is called away by a false message so that Moriarty can visit 221B. I can’t think of any other examples but there was the movie The Seven Per Cent Solution where it’s Holmes who’s called away under false pretences.
  5. https://thenorwoodbuilder.tumblr.com/post/61994044448/sherlock-holmes-and-love-yes-youve-read I don’t know if there’s anything worthwhile here? The stories do touch on the subject of love but of course it’s other people’s love and Holmes comments are hardly in depth. He rarely lets the mask slip. The Three Garrideb’s one is probably the most famous. There’s also The Empty House where Holmes returns and meets Watson. I think Brett and Hardwick played it perfectly with Watson still feeling wounded that Holmes trusted Mycroft with his secret but not him. At least he didn’t punch him like Martin Freeman.🙂
  6. That phrase isn’t used in any Doyle Holmes story as far as I can recall.
  7. I agree. One of those actors I’d have liked to have seen play Holmes more than he actually did.
  8. Series 5 ???? https://www.devdiscourse.com/article/entertainment/1428558-sherlock-season-5-can-be-possible-in-2022-sherlock-holmes-watson-can-fight-criminals
  9. The complete works have been put out there in separate volumes by David Marcum but I’ve bought the complete works on Kindle for around £5. I’m really enjoying them. The short stories you can dip into when you have 30 minutes free. There were also 2 volumes called The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes involving cases by other detectives written by various authors which was made into a tv series. One of them was a Thorndyke mystery where he was played by John Neville who played Holmes in A Study In Terror which was based on a Holmes vs Jack The Ripper novel. I’ve always thought that Neville made a very good Holmes and it’s a pity he never played the detective more although he was offered the part in a tv series but commitments caused him to turn it down and the part went to Peter Cushing. Seeing Neville play Thorndyke is just like seeing him play Holmes again. There’s a scene where his friend Jervis is looking at him as he examines a slide on his microscope. It could easily have been Holmes and Watson.
  10. I’ve just watched the court room episode where Cuddy lies to prevent House going to prison. You can’t help wondering how far he would have to go before his friends and colleagues would decide to wash their hands of him. I love the character of House but it’s impossible not to gave sympathy with Wilson. You almost find yourself telling at the screen “just tell him to *^@&^*” David Morse was brilliant and understated. I’ve seen him before but I can’t recall what he was in? I haven’t seen the ‘pretending to have brain cancer’ episode yet. Couldn’t imagine Holmes behaving like House.
  11. Celtic Frost are what was known as a thrash metal band which obviously isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (I’ve always been a rock/metal fan) Into The Pandemonium was labelled ‘avant garde’ by some reviewers at the time. A fair bit of weirdness on there. It’s a shame that you had to miss DCD Arcadia. One of those bands that you really regret the years that you missed listening to them or seeing them. I’d heard the name but for some reason had written them off as a New Romantic type band! Their not exactly Spandau Ballet😀
  12. I really think that they should make a movie from the Michael Kurland books. I loved them. I can’t recall if you read them Hikari?
  13. Good points. Perhaps the disease, as well as being cases, are all ‘Moriarty’s? I’m on series 3 and already House has had 2 enemies. 1st Vogler and now there’s a Cop whose trying to get House jailed for drugs (I’m looking forward to see how House ‘defeats’ him and how he avoids completely alienating his long suffering Dr Watson-figure?) I thought of the Lawyer as The Woman (can’t recall her name at the moment) You get the impression that she might have been ‘the one.’ Then just as he gets her back he pushes her away.
  14. Good stuff Arcadia. Ive been listening to some Moody Blues lately. I have ‘In Search Of The Lost Chord,’ ‘On The Threshold Of A Dream,’ and ‘Question Of Balance.’ Ive seen Jethro Tull a few times and have most of their albums. Brilliant stuff. Fairport Convention get a massive thumbs up from me. Sandy Denny could sing the phone book and make it sound amazing. I love Dead Can Dance too. I only really ‘discovered’ them 3 or 4 years ago. Great choices.🤙
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