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  1. HerlockSholmes

    Technophobe needs help.

    Tried again tonight after powering off. Exactly the same thing happening. Waste of time! Mods, can you delete the Herlock’s London Adventure thread please. Thanks👍
  2. HerlockSholmes

    Technophobe needs help.

    It’s witchcraft Carol.
  3. HerlockSholmes

    Technophobe needs help.

    Ok, I honestly do hate everything to do with computers!!! As I intended to post a few pictures in my Herlock’s London Adventure thread I thought that I’d just have a bit of a practice getting a picture from my phone to my tablet to IMGBB and on to here. Simple I thought. No chance! I took a photograph using my phone of my new Sherlock Holmes glasses case - no problem. I uploaded it onto Dropbox - no problem. It appeared on my tablet in Dropbox - no problem. I logged into IMGBB and clicked on upload. The selections came up and I selected Dropbox, which came up - no problem. Then I touched on the image that I wanted to upload onto IMGBB - PROBLEM!! The screen went straight to a white screen with the Google name at the bottom and the logo in the middle! Totally immovable. To get rid of it I had to ‘power off’ and then back on at which point, after around a seconds gap, it returned me to the IMGBB page. Of course the image hadn’t been uploaded!! Why does nothing work for me? Any ideas? Id be grateful as ever👍
  4. HerlockSholmes

    Jeremy Brett

    Exactly Carol. Make-up can only achieve so much and using younger actors would only achieve so much. Plus if they filmed The Gloria Scott faithfully it would have left Edward Hardwick temporarily unemployed. If Brett had lived they would have gotten around these issues and, let’s face it, your average watcher of the series is hardly likely to be referring to Baring-Gould or any of the other chronologists as they watched.😃
  5. HerlockSholmes

    Jeremy Brett

    Strangely enough a friend of mine emailed me this interview recently.😃
  6. HerlockSholmes

    Jeremy Brett

    The ages of the three main actors would have eventually caused problems should they have continued with the series; as Brett certainly wanted to complete the Canon. As they first appeared their ages were Brett 51, Burke 50 and Hardwick 54. The series does require a ‘suspension of belief’ however when it came to ages. Chronologists like Baring-Gould places The Speckled Band, for example, in 1883 which would give us Holmes at 29 and Watson at 31. Not remotely believable ages for Brett and Burke. More ‘suspension of belief’ would have been required should they have elected to film A Study In Scarlet (the story where Holmes and Watson first met.) Baring-Gould places this in 1881 with Holmes 27 and Watson 29. They did film The Musgrave Ritual (with Watson in tow) despite the fact that, in The Canon, this tale was told by Holmes himself as it had actually occurred in 1879 (when he was 25) and before he’d met the then 27 year old Watson. Finally of course there’s The Gloria Scott. Holmes first case and the reason that he became a Consulting Detective in the first place. This occurred in 1874 not long after Holmes had left university so he would have been 20 (too much to hope for a Brett who was 62 for the final recorded episode.) I suppose that the series makers could have given it the ‘Musgrave’ treatment and re-written it later in his career and with the good doctor at his side. Or maybe they could have done a Holmes/Dr Who crossover episode? A TARDIS would certainly have come in handy.👍
  7. HerlockSholmes

    Jeremy Brett

    You can’t go wrong with a The Sign Of Four. Many believe it the high point of the series. In around 4 weeks time I’ll be standing outside The Lyceum theatre where Holmes, Watson and Mary Morstan waited for the representative of Thaddeus Sholto to arrive. Dressed as myself though.😃
  8. HerlockSholmes

    Jeremy Brett

    Well reminded Hikari. I have a list of Holmes related births and deaths but hadn’t checked it for a while. No apologies for this short clip of The Master at work. Best Holmes ever.......no doubt👍
  9. HerlockSholmes

    Just Joined

    Carol, ‘piped’ to the post is a typo. Steve meant ‘pipped to the post.’ It’s mainly from horse racing and means the horse who just takes over from the leader at the end to win the race. He just beat him to the finishing post.
  10. HerlockSholmes

    Just Joined

    Hi Steve, I’m also a member of The Society. I love Sherlock but like you I’m a traditionalist too. Also like you I grew up with brilliant Rathbone, followed by Wilmer and Cushing until, for me, the main man, Brett. welcome to The Forum 👍
  11. HerlockSholmes

    Technophobe needs help.

    My knowledge of frogs is next to non existent I’m afraid. We have a pond in the garden but I’ve never seen a frog though.
  12. HerlockSholmes

    Technophobe needs help.

    I’m unsure where the phrase comes from VBS? I recall hearing it when I was a child though.
  13. HerlockSholmes

    Technophobe needs help.

    Either that or he was as mad as a box of frogs👍
  14. HerlockSholmes

    Technophobe needs help.

    Yes a bearded Holmes. Doyle’s father was a good artist but the illustrations that he did for this version of A Study In Scarlet we’re very poor. Rathbone’s ‘Hounds’ is still considered by many to be the best version ever and I agree. A great movie. Rathbone was spot-on as Holmes.👍
  15. HerlockSholmes

    Technophobe needs help.

    Rathbone certainly looked the part too. Especially in The Hound. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=rathbone+hound+of+the+baskervilles&safe=strict&rlz=1C9BKJA_enGB704GB704&hl=en-GB&prmd=isvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiJlIj0wqvdAhURdcAKHZEsDHUQ_AUIESgB&biw=1024&bih=1251#imgrc=CfpluF728lXB4M: Strangley the poorest illustration of Holmes was by Doyle’s father. https://www.google.co.uk/search?safe=strict&rlz=1C9BKJA_enGB704GB704&hl=en-GB&biw=1024&bih=1251&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=N9CTW83iO9LrgAbCroG4Cg&ins=true&q=charles+doyle+holmes&oq=charles+doyle+holmes&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-img.3...32896.40419..41612...2.0..0.79.1102.20......0....1.......5..0j35i39j0i67j0i5i30j0i8i30j0i30.cSVHLnDDCe0#imgrc=6PgEKDrhmf1OzM:

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