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  1. If anyone has an interest in true crime I’d recommend HH Holmes: The True History Of The White City Devil by Adam Selzer. There have been numerous books on HH Holmes but there won’t be a better researched one than this. He strips away all the myths and presents the story of a man that killed many people but nowhere near the numbers that are often attributed to him. He also debunks all of the stories of torture chambers and the like. HH Holmes was a horrible man but he was a conman constant juggling scams and usually with more than one court case pending. You almost have to take your hat off to him for avoiding prison for so long. Holmes didn’t kill for pleasure though but for gain or convenience. I guess you’d have to call him a sociopath. Someone with no real feeling for others. If someone became an obstacle to his plans they simply ‘disappeared.’ Tragically this even involved children. This is a brilliantly researched and well told story and I’m guessing that it might now e considered the last word on the terrible Mr Holmes.
  2. By the way, I’ve just taken delivery of Ratking by Michael Dibdin, my first Aurelio Zen novel. I don’t know when I’ll get around to reading it though as the book that I’ve just started is 960 pages long.
  3. I thought that her name sounded a bit familiar so I just checked her on Wiki. She certainly had an eventful life Arcadia. I also saw that her third husband claimed that he was in fact the author of West With The Night but the evidence appears to be overwhelming that she did indeed write it. There was even a biographical mini-series about her on CBS in 1988 starting Stephanie Powers.
  4. That’s great Carol, thanks👍
  5. Some Scottish accents can be difficult especially the further north you go up into the highlands. My Gran was Scottish and although she never lost her accent I’m guessing that it mellowed after 60 years or so in England. Her mother, my Great Grandmother never left Scotland but even her accent was fairly mild (to my ears anyway.) I do like the Geordie accent but to me, it’s difficult to distinguish that accent from others from the North East (places like Sunderland, Gateshead and Durham.) To those from that area they’re completely different of course. My accent is from an area known as the Black Country (in the Midlands) which often gets mistaken for a Birmingham accent. To me they sound absolutely different o course. To give an example, a Birmingham accent is Ozzy Osbourne. A Black Country accent is Lenny Henry (or Timothy Spall in Auf Wiedersehen Pet) I remember the scene in Who Killed Harry Field well. It was a brilliant episode with Freddie Jones as Harry’s father. The episode with Morse up high...was that the one about the stolen paintings by Alma Tadema? Was it called Ghost In The Machine or am I confusing the title with another episode?
  6. I just wanted to add that this thread isn’t just intended for just recommendations by me. It would be good to hear recommendations from anyone on whatever subject. I enjoyed the book Carol. It was nothing heavy or deep, just a good, well written whodunnit. I don’t want to put anyone off by my use of the word ‘supernatural’ though because there are no ghosts or monsters. Maybe a touch of the Midsomer Murders about it.
  7. This is just a thread where anyone can recommend books of any type: fiction or non-fiction Apart from Holmes stories I read very little fiction but I do have a few on my ‘to read’ or ‘to buy’ lists and the first book I’ve chosen is a fiction one which I’ve just finished. The author George Mann is a guy that I sort of knew. Before he became an author he was the Assistant Manager in a bookshop in a town close to where I live. Since then he’s been busy. He wrote a sci fi novel called The Human Abstract which he was working on when I knew him. Since then he’s written a series of steampunk novels featuring his characters Newbury & Hobbes and 4 books in a series called The Ghost. He’s also wrote a Dr Who novel set in the David Tennant era. I have to admit that I haven’t read any of these except for The Human Abstract which was very good. What I have read though is George’s 2 excellent Sherlock Holmes novels The Will Of The Dead and The Spirit Box. He’s also edited 4 collections of Holmes short stories. The book that I’ve just finished though, and the one that I’m recommending, is Wychwood. It’s set in Oxfordshire and follows a Journalist called Elspeth Reeves who returns to the village where she was s born, Wilsby-Under-Wychwood, after a failed relationship. While she’s living with her mom a series of strange murders occur which follow the folklore legend of the Carrion King. It goes without saying that she gets involved with the investigation. This is a really good read with an intriguing plot. If you like your crime fiction with a touch of folklore and the supernatural thrown in then I’d certainly recommend this one. It’s 346 pages but I read it over two evenings as it flies along at a brisk pace. George has written a sequel called Halloween which is already on my list.
  8. I’m wondering if they’ll find a way of having a young Lewis making a brief appearance in one of the new episodes? I wonder why Kevin Whately isn’t on our screens these days? He made a brief appearance here on stage at a recital that his daughter took part in (I didn’t know that she was a singer?) https://www.wharfedaleobserver.co.uk/news/19195501.recital-family-occasion/ He also did some Charity work. His mother died as a result of Alzheimer’s. https://insidecroydon.com/2021/03/15/tv-star-calls-on-londoners-to-stride-out-for-mental-health/ I didn’t know until around a year ago that his wife actually appeared in Morse in the episode Masonic Mysteries. She managed to get murdered very early on though. I know that I’ve heard him doing voiceovers on tv fairly recently. I can only assume that he’s in a position where he can be pretty selective on any roles he might be offered or that he’s focusing on other things. He’s a well regarded actor who, as far as I’m aware, appears to be well liked, so I’d have expected more appearances. Maybe he doesn’t get offered the kind of roles that he is interested in playing? Maybe a bit of ageism here? Significant roles rarely go to 70 year olds (even fit and healthy looking ones like Kevin Whately) To be honest I’ve always expected some kind of one-off follow up to Auf Wiedersehen Pet. Four of the main characters are still alive and kicking after all. It was a really popular series but I’m not sure if it was seen in The States and whether it would transfer well especially with the broad accents. You may have needed subtitles Hikari but years of watching Morse and Lewis would give you a head start.👍🙂
  9. The copy that I have is the paperback will this design https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jonathan-Strange-Norrell-Susanna-Clarke/dp/0747579881 Except that mine is red instead of black. There was certainly no issue with the printing or binding with mine Carol.
  10. I’m pretty sure that the series covers the whole book Arcadia and so unless Susanna Clarke writes a sequel there’s going to be no series 2. The series was very well received overall. I really need to finish watching it. I think that I’ve seen 4 of 7.
  11. I haven’t watched it all yet Arcadia but there were 7 episodes first shown over here 6 years ago. They haven’t got around to a season 2 so it’s looking like there won’t be one.
  12. Was I correct in saying that the next series will be the last? I know that this is true of one of my favourite series Doc Martin so I wasn’t sure if I was mistaken about endeavour. I always suspected that we wouldn’t have seen the last of Lewis but that does seem to be the case especially will Lawrence Fox’s current political ambitions. I read something the other day that an 81 year old David Jason would consider playing Frost again with the right script.
  13. I haven’t decided on whether to watch Stranger Things yet but I might give it a go when ive finished watching Jonathan Strange £ Mr Norrell which I love. I’ve been thinking of getting the dvd set of the tv series Gormenghast which has Christopher Lee in it. I loved Mervyn Peakes trilogy and I’m intending a re-read if I ever get round to it. I’m currently reading Three Men In A Boat which I haven’t read since I was a teenager. The copy I bought also has Jerome’s follow up novel too which I’ve never read. I’ve walked past Jerome’s house many times as it’s very close to where I live. Unoccupied at the moment I believe. Ive seen Endeavour and I agree that it’s a quality series. I think that they intend one more series but I’m not certain? Vera is also very good as was Frost with David Jason. I definitely intend to look into Aurelio Zen but probably book first. I also recall seeing a couple of episodes of Montalbano a few years ago and always intended to see more but never got around to it. It looks like they’ve followed the example of Endeavour with a Young Montalbano series. Ive never really gone for Marple apart from the Margaret Rutherford version. I know it wasn’t an accurate portrayal and the stories were a patchwork affair but I have a soft spot for Margaret Rutherford. I recently saw a documentary about her then read a biography. I’ll have to give them more of a go. I do like Poirot, especially David Suchet’s. I’ve read all the short stories but only one novel, The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd which is a classic. I’ve got a Poirot novel written by another author somewhere but haven’t read it yet. The Monogram Murders I think it’s called. Ive seen a couple of Wallenberg with Ken Branagh but not the other version. So many things that I ‘intend’ to look into further but haven’t managed to yet.
  14. It’s nice to post somewhere where you don’t feel that you’ve spent an hour mud- wrestling a giant eel Whilst someone hits you with a baseball bat Carol.👍 I certainly won’t try my post-boosting tactic then.😃
  15. Never enough hours in the day Arcadia🙂
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