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  1. I can suggest another singing Holmes but for some reason I can’t post a link at the moment but if you go on to YouTube and type in The Wizards Dream. It’s Christopher Lee singing with Italian heavy metal band Rhapsody Of Fire.
  2. Was he as good a singer as Nigel Bruce Hikari?
  3. I went onto the light theme and it seems to have worked Carol thanks. 👍
  4. Sorry I’m late replying Carol. If you go onto the Jeremy Brett thread on Other Versions then go to a post that I made on Sept 21st (there’s no time) in response to you. My post begins “I was on the Thames...” Your quote is blank as is the quote from Arcadia next post. Then there’s a post by you but the quote from Sherlockogy is blank. If you go onto page 4 of 19 all of the quote boxes within responses are blank. My initial impression (though I haven’t checked in depth) is that it might only be in posts further back in time? I don’t know if this helps in any way?
  5. Thanks Carol, I’ve just gone back to a few blank white quote boxes and the text won’t appear but in the top right hand corner of the boxes is a curved arrow pointing to the right. Touching on it takes me to the original quote (which is usually on the same page of the thread of course)
  6. Just a quick question. Looking back over a few threads I’ve noticed that some of the white response boxes are blank. It says the name of the responder but there’s no response there. It’s not a big issue but does anyone know why this has happened. It seems a waste of space to start a thread just to ask a question but I didn’t know where to post it. Perhaps a pm to a Mod might have been better?
  7. I’m not aware of him being linked to any charity Carol. He did speak about depression on behalf of on charity group I believe and he financially supported Lynda Pritchard’s run for cancer but these two facts don’t cry out for a knighthood of course. He was known as a kind hearted man so it’s entirely possible that he made contributions without publicity but again you can’t knight someone on a possible or a probable. Being the best Holmes ever is enough reason in my book but not everyone would agree. By the way Carol I’m typing from an iPhone (not my own) and the screen keeps freezing when I try to use these emoji’s. Am I alone with this problem?
  8. I never made it back to the Forum by September 12th. 25 years since Brett’s death☹️ Why no posthumous Knighthood? I think it’s been called for by Stephen Fry and others.
  9. Maybe forever wasn’t so bad then. I can’t remember some of the others but they were howlers. There was one where the word ‘the’ was replaced by a completely different word.
  10. I just thought that I’d post recommendation for anyone who likes a bit of crime fiction. The similarities between Dr Thorndyke and Sherlock Holmes are fairly obvious but the character is certainly no pale imitation. R. Austin Freeman wrote over 60 short stories and novels using his hero the Medical Detective Dr Thorndyke of 5a Kings Bench Walk, London (an address I’ve walked past many times....number 9 was once where Jack the Ripper suspect Montague John Druitt had quarters) The doctor is assisted by his colleague Jervis and his lab assistant Polton. The stories were written between 1907 and 1942 and although no dates are mentioned in the 5 short stories that I’ve read I’d certainly say Edwardian era. Freeman was known to have been much more concerned with accuracy than Doyle was; especially on matters of science but don’t get put off by thinking that these are dry, science-heavy stories because they aren’t. I really enjoyed the 5 stories that I read and I’ll be looking for more. Collections all appear to be hard to come by at the moment and I’m not keen on the idea of buying them individually. Thorndyke is, like Holmes, a bachelor but no mistruster of women. Theres appears to be no ‘darker side’ to Thorndyke that I can see so far. He’s polite, genial and gets on well with police. So yes he’s not as big a ‘character’ as Holmes. Less depth you might say. Nevertheless if you enjoy a good detective story I’d thoroughly recommend Dr Thorndyke. A word of warning though. The book that I bought was Dr Thorndyke Investigates. It’s a collection of 5 shorts issued by Oxford City Press in 2011. This must have been proof read by a 10 year old! So many errors. ‘Of’ instead of ‘off.’ ‘Forever’ written as two words. As soon as I saw the book I could tell that it was a very basic, economy issue but that’s no excuse for so many errors.
  11. As Hikari said it was Duvall’s English accent that caused comment. It was exaggeratedly posh. I’m sure that I’ve read somewhere that he’d modelled it on English conductor Sir Adrian Boult. I think he made a good Watson opposite the edgy Williamson.
  12. The RJD version did take a couple of watches for it to grow on me but it did. I think his accent was fine and much better than some American accents by English actors. It didn’t come across as too exaggerated like the famous Robert Duvall version. My initial reservations were around the level of action in the first movie and the fear that Downeys Holmes was going to turn out to be a freakishly intelligent John Rambo type. There’s enough of the ‘real’ Holmes there to keep everyone happy though and I did like Stephen Fry’s Mycroft too. I wonder what Doyle would have made of Mycroft having a nude scene? I totally agree about Moriarty too Hikari. Jared Harris is both menacing and creepy. My favourite Moriarty (perhaps unsurprisingly) is Eric Porter but he’s not on screen enough but he does like like the Paget drawing the most (not that that’s a major consideration though) Im looking forward to the third movie especially as we are in a Holmes vacuum at the moment (apart from Enola of course) Elementary seems to go on forever but I’ve only watched the first 3 series (although I have series 4 on dvd) so we need some Holmes. What will come first? Holmes 3 or Sherlock 5? My money’s on the former.
  13. Apologies for going off-topic but I’ve just finished watching the HBO series “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark” about one woman’s quest to bring the Golden State Killer to justice. I’m certain that you know the story. Great series of 6 episodes if you haven’t seen it. The book was recommended to me a while ago so I ordered it from Amazon with 25% off and guess what? I still had some Christmas voucher money to be deducted so I saved a huge....68p. Hey, every penny counts.🙂
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