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  1. HerlockSholmes

    Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes

    It's a bit strange though considering you can see Gillette's 1916 silent Holmes movie and the quality is amazing!
  2. This series is now available in a German box set. The booklet that comes with it is in German (naturally) but it's well worth getting. I've seen the series before but I haven't watched this box set yet as my DVD player is broken!
  3. HerlockSholmes

    The Best Non-BBC [Whatever]

    Hi Carol, I didn't realise that Gatiss was not on the credits? I also quite liked Robert Morley as Mycroft in the Holmes/Ripper movie A Study In Terror.
  4. HerlockSholmes

    Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes

    I've just checked. My box set is called The Definitive Collection. It has some good extras which are that a few of the movies can be watched with a 'commentary.' I've just looked on eBay, one is selling for around £12 including postage! I paid £35 for mine
  5. HerlockSholmes

    Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes

    I have a different box set to Pamela's and they're excellent quality too. Isn't it a bit strange that you can get excellent versions of the movies and yet the tv companies (with millions to spend) show the poorer versions. They've also fairly recently released the surviving episodes of the Douglas Wilmer(who as you know appeared in Sherlock) series on DVD which is really good.
  6. HerlockSholmes

    New member here

    Hi Van, Thanks for the welcome. I'm going to be tested out very soon as I'm off to London for an 11 day break which will involved a lot of London Walks (including 2 Sherlock Holmes ones.) My own fault for being so unfit! I need to go for a lie down now after the exertion of typing this reply. Thanks again for the welcome
  7. HerlockSholmes

    New member here

    Hi Doe, Thanks for the greeting. To be honest I don't know why. I just never really considered doing it. I joined 2 Forums about Jack The Ripper (the other subject that I've been interested in for 30 years) recently so this gave me the idea to look for a Sherlock Holmes Forum to join. And so here I am.
  8. HerlockSholmes

    Canon References In BBC Sherlock

    It could have been worse......but not much!
  9. HerlockSholmes

    Series 5 Rumors, Speculation, and Wish Lists

    Hi, does anyone know anything about the version of Dracula that Gatiss and Moffatt are going to do? I haven't heard anything since I first learned about it. I'm assuming that it's going to be a modern adaptation like Sherlock? I could be wrong though. If it happens and it's successful this might impact on a possible 5th series. At the very least it might push it way into the future?
  10. HerlockSholmes

    Peter Capaldi as Sherlock Holmes

    If I had to pick an actor to play Holmes after Brett it would have been Jonathan Hyde. He played Culverton Smith in The Dying Detective. I've always thought that he'd have made a great Rathbonian Holmes.
  11. HerlockSholmes

    The Best Non-BBC [Whatever]

    Hi all, good suggestionfor a thread by the way. For me the Granada series is miles ahead of everything that's ever been done Holmes-wise. Brett's is the finest Holmes. Burke and Hardwick are both superb Watsons. Rosalie Williams as Mrs Hudson was perfect as was Colin Jeavons as Lestrade. Finally, for me Charles Grey was brilliant as Mycroft and Eric Porter made a truly chilling Moriarty. If I discount the Grenada series I'd go for Holmes - Rathbone (brilliant as the calculating machine detective.) Watson - Andre Morell (a sensitive performance in Hammer Horrors Hound Of The Baskervilles) Mrs Hudson - Irene Handl (a great, slightly comic performance in The Private Life Of SH) Mycroft - Charles Grey ( yes he was in the Grenada series but I can cheat
  12. HerlockSholmes

    Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes

    After he'd given up playing Holmes on film and on radio Rathbone was persuaded to play Holmes on t.v. one more time (after he'd appeared in an unsuccessful Holmes stage play written by his wife Ouida). It was called The Adventure Of The Black Baronet and it was aired in 1953. Nigel Bruce wasn't in it due to ill health (he died in October of that year). An actor called Martin Green played Watson. The story was written by Conan Doyle's son, Adrian. By all accounts it wasn't anything to write home about and most felt that Rathbone was 'going through the motions.' It would have been great to see though. It hasn't survived. It's unlikely that it was even recorded at the time so it's not something that's going to show up (like the Gillette movie did a few years ago.) You can read the story though in a collection called The Exploits Of Sherlock Holmes; jointly written by Adrian Conan Doyle and John Dickson Carr ( Carr also wrote a biography of Doyle.) You can now get 4 of the Rathbone/Bruce movies colourised. I can't remember them all (I'm not near my collection at the moment) but one is Terror By Night. I think The Woman In Green is another. I prefer the black and white myself but it's interesting to see them in colour. I've been trying to find out if they will colourise the rest but no luck so far.
  13. HerlockSholmes

    Canon References In BBC Sherlock

    Hi all, Bit late posting but I've only just joined. Another reference is the use of Sherrinford as the name of the prison island. Doyle was initially going to call Holmes and Watson 'Sherrinford Holmes and Ormand Sacker.' Thank god he changed his mind.
  14. HerlockSholmes

    Canon References In BBC Sherlock

    Hi, I've been interested in The Whitechapel Murders for around 30 years, I post on the Casebook site and the JTR Forum and have nearly 300 books on the subject. Fairly recently there was a book published called The Strange Case Of Dr Doyle: A Journey Into Madness, in which the author proposes Doyle as the Ripper! It's possibly the worst book on the subject ever written (worse than the ones proposing Lewis Carroll or Toulouse L'Autrec!) Doyle was interested in true crime and was a member of The Crimes Club but he definately wasn't the Ripper. Surprise, surprise!
  15. HerlockSholmes

    New Russian Sherlock Holmes TV series

    Hi all, The Livanov/Solomon Holmes series was very good, spoilt slightly by poor subtitles. Livanov was Margaret Thatchers favourite Holmes! It's not lucky to play Watson in a Russian tv series though. Vitaly Solomin died of a stroke in 2002 (Livanov is still alive and in his 80's) and Andrew Panin, who I thought stole the show in the newer series, was found dead on the floor of his apartment in Moscow in 2013 with an unexplained head wound! I don't know whether they will do another series with a different actor. I don't know how popular the series was in Russia?
  16. HerlockSholmes

    Jeremy Brett

    Hi all, I apologise if I'm telling you something that you already know but there's a little known gem on YouTube. It was recorded for the 1992 Telethon and it's called The Four Oaks Mystery. It was a short crime drama in 4 parts, each one starring a famous fictional detective. The first one stars Jeremy Brett as Holmes and Edward Hardwick as Watson. It's only around 15 minutes long but worth seeing. If you haven't seen it before it's almost like Brett's been brought back to life to play Holmes again!

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