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  1. HerlockSholmes

    Recently watched movies

    Today I got my pre-ordered copy of Der Hund Von Baskerville which had been missing for years. It was filmed in 1929 and was the last silent Holmes movie. It was a touch expensive at £35 (around $45) but worth it (to me at least😃) Carlyle Blackwell’s Holmes is described in the movie as the genial detective. Has Holmes ever been called genial before? There are some pretty atmospheric scenes and I believe that they spent more money on the Dartmoor scenery than they did for the brilliant Rathbone Bruce version. There’s also a 1914 short Holmes Hound to watch which I’ll watch tomorrow along with the extras. A day of Holmes collecting utopia for me. Id recommend this to anyone but I can’t see anyone dashing out to buy it😃
  2. HerlockSholmes

    Doyle canon/pastiche film collection

    I never thought of the Sign Of Four Wontner movie.👍
  3. HerlockSholmes

    The Language (and travel) Thread

    I think I unwittingly invented a phrase there Carol😃 I haven’t a clue where that one came from. ‘By a long chalk’ is more like it. Its the Queen’s English not mine after all😃
  4. HerlockSholmes

    The Lion's Mane

    Absolutely Hikari. I think it always rankled that he never got the plaudits that he might have expected, and certainly hoped for, from his historical novels. I’ve read a few and they’re pretty good but then again I’m not the best judge by a long straw. They certainly aren’t remembered in anything like the same way as Scott or RL Stevenson. Although Doyle dismissingly called his Holmes stories his ‘police mysteries’ but they made him and he knew it.
  5. HerlockSholmes

    The Lion's Mane

    And this is why I live in a country where there’s nothing more dangerous than a badger😃
  6. HerlockSholmes

    The Lion's Mane

    It’s indicative of how Doyle regarded his detective fiction in comparison to his historical fiction when we consider research. For his book The White Company for example he did huge amounts of research as he wanted to get everything just right from weaponry to battlefield tactics to historical background. When it came to his Holmes stories however he simply wanted to tell an interesting and exciting tale. He got many things wrong and made many errors. If he hadn’t have we wouldn’t have people writing scholarly pieces on the minutiae of the stories to this day. If he’d have taken more care to be accurate and done more rigorous research there would have been no need for a Baring Gould or any of the many other commentators, critics and chronologists.
  7. HerlockSholmes

    The Lion's Mane

    The problem with a Forum for me is that I occaisionally forget to log out when I’m going out (as I did last night.) When I log in the next day and see that posts have continued on the thread and I’m still logged in I feel like a man who’s sitting in the corner of a room ignoring everyone else.☹️ It might have been a bit galling for Watson to have seen Holmes blending in to life away from London. Not that he’d have wished him ill of course but he might have hoped that Holmes would soon tire of his quiet, bee-centred existence and decide to hot-foot it back to Baker Street in time for a plate of Mrs Hudson’s scones. More Sherlock-narrated tales by ACD would have been interesting (or more tales full stop as Hikari rightly says apart from a measly 60 over 40 years!) Holmes would surely have been approached regularly to look into problems and solve crimes. Can we imagine Holmes opening the village fete though or judging a cake baking competition?😃
  8. HerlockSholmes

    The Lion's Mane

    Holmes stupid!! besleybean wash your mouth out.😃
  9. HerlockSholmes

    The Lion's Mane

    Hikari, can you recall any pastiches that are narrated by Holmes himself. As you know I have the memory of a goldfish and I can’t recall any pastiche authors using this device. Saying that, I’m now expecting you to name loads of them.🙂
  10. HerlockSholmes

    Your Favorite of the Original Four Novels Poll

    Just to add. We all know how many tv and movie adaptations there have been. Most people accept, as Hikari said earlier in the thread, that the short stories are better. Yet the two best adaptations, in my opinion, are from the longer stories. The Rathbone/Bruce Hound (the best ever in my opinion.) And The Sign Of Four from the Grenada series with Brett (which many believe to have been the high point of the series.)
  11. HerlockSholmes

    Your Favorite of the Original Four Novels Poll

    Another aspect of course is the impact that the stories have had. Most people have heard of Sherlock Holmes but have never read a single story. If you ask anyone to name a story we all know which one is the likeliest one for them to name; almost to the point of certainty in fact. Even if they only say “the dog one.”😃
  12. HerlockSholmes

    Hi All

    I hope you enjoy it Juggler.
  13. HerlockSholmes

    Hi All

    That book is called Grenada’s Greatest Detective by Keith Frankel by the way. Copies are just under £10 at the moment. Highly recommended.
  14. HerlockSholmes

    Hi All

    I’d been thinking of the name Alf but that was as far as I could remember. You beat me on the detective work there Hikari. I was going to look in a brilliant book on the series that I got around 6 months ago but forgot. Not very Holmes-like😃
  15. HerlockSholmes

    Hi All

    I used to know the names of the two stuntmen that filmed the Reichenbach scene but I can’t recall them now. Brett rules of course👍 Welcome to the Forum Juggler.

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