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  1. It’s a string of words basically Arcadia. There’s no need for such vagueness. I tend to think that a series 5 will happen but I’m not basing that on any knowledge ( how very un-Holmes like of me☹️) Lets hope that Moftiss don’t get too Doyle-like and start seeing their creation as a burden that they want to distance themselves from. I wouldn’t have thought so.
  2. I’m assuming that this is old news? https://thedigitalweekly.com/2020/01/25/sherlock-season-5-bbc-and-netflix-release-details-revealed/
  3. Are they hinting here at their next project? https://www.denofgeek.com/uk/tv/dracula/69539/dracula-could-frankenstein-be-next-for-gatiss-and-moffat
  4. So what’s the current betting about the possibility of Sherlock news this year now that Dracula is done and dusted?
  5. Hi all, I watched Dracula with the same reservations that I had when I first watched Sherlock and like Sherlock I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was really well done though maybe they could have rolled back some of the humour (or am I just being grumpy?) One thing hit me straight away though. Claes Bang = James Bond. I think he’s made for the role. I was never a massive fan of Daniel Craig I’ll admit but I think that Bang could be just the man to play the role with that slightly sinister hint of Connery but with the humour and style of Roger Moore. The trouble now is that however they chose to take over from Craig I’m gonna be thinking “nah, should have been Bang.” Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year?👍
  6. Things look different here? 🤔 I’d like to wish everyone a great Christmas and New Year .
  7. Looks Ike we aren’t going to get a new Columbo then. I can’t say that I’m disappointed. That said, a few years ago I couldn’t see myself liking a modernised Holmes but it happened. We’re all used to different interpretations of Holmes though. Columbo was Peter Falk and Peter Falk only. I really can’t imagine being convinced by a new Columbo. I remember Stephen Fry once saying how brilliant Columbo was and although I rarely see an episode whenever I do I can’t help agreeing with him.
  8. I never actually received my Arsenal Lupin book which got damaged in transit. I keep meaning to re-order. Thanks for reminding me Carol👍 Considering Doyle tended to be a bit dismissive toward his most famous creation he certainly wasn’t willing to let anyone else write Holmes into stories. This is the reason that Solar Pons came into being. Doyle refused to let August Derleth write Holmes stories after Doyle had told him in 1928 that he was definitely finished with him. So Derleth invented Pons. Holmes in all but name. And I’m glad he did.🙂
  9. I assumed that the five that are mentioned at the bottom aren’t the ‘other’ five? Maybe they are though?
  10. It would be the nephew’s Carol. I wonder why only these three get a mention? https://conandoyleestate.com/
  11. The Directors are Catherine Ruml Doyle who is the daughter of Doyle’s nephew from his first wife. Richard John Francis Doyle who is the son of Doyle’s nephew from his second wife. And Director Of The Conan Doyle Estate is Richard Pooley who is Doyle’s step great Grandson. They don’t exactly advertise who the other 5 are though. No mention of them on the Estate website.
  12. Perhaps with someone like Stephen Fry petitioning something might happen? I thought Rupert Everett was excellent as Holmes too. It would have been good if they’d decided to make another one. Ian Hart was a was Watson twice of course, to Everett and Roxburgh. Apparently he appeared in an episode of Elementary too.
  13. I also hope that he gets the long overdue recognition that he deserves in the form of some kind of Lifetime Achievement Award.👍
  14. Me neither Carol. I enjoyed Mr Holmes. I wouldn’t have complained if they had decided to do another ‘older Holmes’ movie. Not 90 of course but perhaps in early retirement.
  15. Perhaps they might have asked him to star in Mr Holmes instead of Ian McKellen?
  16. It’s hard to believe but the great Jeremy Brett would have been 86 years old today. What a loss. Happy birthday Mr Holmes👍
  17. North By Northwest has always been in my top 5 movies. Haven’t seen it for a while so I might break out the Hitchcock box set over Christmas and watch it again (it might make up for Holmes & Watson.......and I never thought I’d say that!)
  18. Well I I didn’t know that Grant had been considered as Bond. 58 was a bit much though. Connery was only 53 when he made his Bond comeback in Never Say Never Again (which I quite liked) I didn’t know that Moore was considered before Connery either! I saw a clip of Brosnan the other day making a brief appearance in the final scene of one of my favourite movies of the Eighties The Long Good Friday. As for the possible continuation of Bond my views might not be popular. I don’t want him as a Taiwanese Transsexual or a Haitian Hermaphrodite or a black lesbian dwarf or a gay Italian amputee. It’s 100% good to have a female lead role spy who outperforms all the men and saves the day (the more the better) but let’s leave Bond alone please. But to answer Hikari’s question of : will Bond return? I just can’t see there being no Bond. There’s always a Bond. And let’s face it...£$£$£$£
  19. You could be right Carol. I guess that we could add horror movies to that category? Even as one of worlds biggest Brett-as-Holmes fans even I can’t picture him as Bond.👎 Ive always thought that if they’d started Bond movies in the fifties then it had to have been Cary Grant for me.👍
  20. The BAFTA’s began in 1947 (Wiki) but it’s true that Brett never got any kind of acting recognition. Considering how highly regarded he was (especially for his portrayal of Holmes) it’s surprising as the acting profession appears to like throwing awards at anyone. I didn’t realise this (or I’d forgotten it) but apparently he turned down the chance to take over from Sean Connery as Bond leaving the way open for George Lazenby.
  21. True enough Carol. Even more so perhaps after the Douglas Wilmer and Peter Cushing tv series which were both very good. Its now approaching 25 years since the final Grenada episode. September 12th next year will be the 25th anniversary of Brett’s death. Stephen Fry and others are pushing for him to be given a posthumous award. Long overdue in my opinion.👍 This is a good interview if you get time for a look.
  22. The things I’ll do for Sherlock Holmes Arcadia 😃I can at least console myself with the fact that I only spent £1. Sherlock Gnolmes next perhaps?
  23. You’re probably right Carol. I couldn’t help wondering if there’s been an element of intentional ‘will they, won’t they’ going on? I haven’t followed any press talk so I don’t know. I wonder what this one will be like when it surfaces? https://www.arthur-conan-doyle.com/index.php/Sherlock_North So many updated Holmes versions. I only saw two episodes of Miss Sherlock which I wasn’t keen on. Maybe I need to give it another go? I think Hikari quite liked it but what did everyone else think? Then there’s this which I’m not looking forward to. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/showbiz-tv/hot-new-netflix-tv-series-17061304 A drug addicted Holmes who lets the Irregulars solve the cases and he takes the credit! Is nothing sacred?😃 I think that I have a long wait in store for a new ‘traditional’ Holmes. The closest I can see is the third Downey Jnr movie (I think in 2021?) I do sometimes wonder if someone will attempt a series? The nearest we got was the Matt Frewer movies and I can’t see him making anymore. Perhaps programme makers are just reluctant to follow the Grenada series. I talked to someone in London a few weeks ago who knew a young actor who really wanted to play Holmes. He’d talked to a few people to see if the idea might catch on but he was told by a a Producer friend to forget it, with the words “ you will always be measured against Brett. It ain’t worth it.” So he gave up the idea.
  24. To be honest JP I’m not what you’d call a film buff so I haven’t seen Ferrell in anything else (as far as I can recall) so I don’t have anything against him. There was just something about his Holmes that I wasn’t keen on. Maybe if I watched the movie again it might ‘grow on me’ a little? Im a bit of a nit picker when it comes to Holmes portrayals but in this case I don’t think that I was setting my hopes too high. I just think that it could have been a much better movie.
  25. Hello Carol, I saw a few clips of H & W so I wasn’t exactly filled with optimism. You’re right about critics though. I tend not to trust them but when you read that every single one gives the thumbs down theres a fair chance that they’re on to something. I must say that I’m quite looking forward to Dracula as I’m a bit of a fan of old horror movies (as opposed to modern gore-fest, torture porn stuff.....Hostel etc) I don’t know any of the actors really although I think that I checked a few out a while ago and recognised a couple. Maybe when this is done they might start thinking in terms of Sherlock? I tend to think that they do intend to do another but I’ve heard no real news.
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