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  1. My name is pretty name self-explanatory , I use it as an avatar in pretty much every website I create an account on , except mathematical site where it would be too generic or already in use . I am deeply into abstract algebra , algebraic structures are for me the most beautiful things on the universe or so . That would be too much a challenge to explain it, both what they are or rather how they could be defined for general public, and what they mean for me . Too many lines .. Obviously it is not related to Sherlock Holmes but obviously it is not unrelated , obviously enigmas are exciting for mathematicians in general, even the ones which are made in flesh ( without bad pun ) , I guess it is common place , but also I see quite a parallel in the fact of "using the world " ( human world , or physical world for physics ) to solve complicated abstract problems , and how in returns they enlighten or give a fresh and naive look on events , humans , or things ...
  2. No I have found the glasses, I just examined the darkest place of the supermarket, which was the place where there was a highest chance that the customer should have left his glasses . To be honest , I have just a really good sight and consequently a good observation sense . Hoping that would help me to spot some good-looking man at the supermarket some day , but no 😂
  3. When you begin to make british friends just to hear their accent .. When you re-watch the series while doing the household chores or exercising .. When you use Sherlock example to explain to people your fundamental inadequation to society ( supposedly from high intelligence lol ) .. When you go buy crisps at your local supermarket, hear sellpersons talking about glasses a client lost in the store on the morning, and you find them in 3 minutes ... Other occurences may happen in the future ( sadly ? )
  4. I agree And also to a certain extent, that sort of explains why he has some poor social skills . If you try to understand one single person by deduction and statistics , and most importantly try to explain to them why they are doing this or that ( even when they tell something else ), in general you are going to be not very welcomed . I am not as smart but I tend to overanalyse , and some of my friends just hated that I was trying to explain details to them about things that happened . Also making deductions in person like Sherlock ( even to a lesser extent ) can make you like a psycho sometimes lol
  5. Oh I certainly am fan of Conan Doyle stories, of course . Altough certain of them I did not read recently , and not in english . But I am beginning to re-read them all in english, after seeing the series I get also that older people may not be as much huge series fan in general compared to the younger one ,well of course there were plenty of adaptations of Sherlock Holmes for television I guess, but now it is on computer, android device etc ..
  6. How do you do repeated experimentation for murder-solving , or just figuring out real-life events ? Just wondering .
  7. Hi , are there any Sherlock Holmes fan living in Paris ( french or expat ) ? I was also wondering about real-life event in this city related to S.H , I saw there is a meeting of "Sherlock Homes society" here next weekend , but I am in weekend trip Also as a sport -lover I have tried bartitsu , which is a fighting art practised by SH ..
  8. Thanks for welcoming me Yes I agree with the " Sherlock has a bad habit of getting stuck on a particular hypothesis, and will do his best to stick with it even if evidence starts pointing in a different direction." I must say it sort of disappointed me , in the sense that it is the proper of highly intelligent people in every field ( like science for example )to contemplate a priori all kinds of hypotheses , including the exotic ones , compared to more mundane minds which are proner to dwelve into one theory . And then maybe correct it when facing other elements . I guess that it is more related to a storytelling constraints than failing to grasp Sherlock personality , since the whole hypotheses disply is very well used when Sherlock locally uses his talents to uncover a person 's personality or intentions, because he can explains it very succintly to the world by the bias of interaction with Watson for example . I did not know there was a shorter version of " A study in pink " , that makes sense now, but to me it looked it should have been introduced in a less obvious plot twist than " a taxi is here " and "the luggage is here " . I agree also with your explanation of the poison plot, but that hypothesis raises a lot of questions about its realizability , and it is kind of weird that S.H. seems to be very quick to raise these kind of questions in psychology mining stuff and questioning police investigation techniques but less adamant to do it when faced with a real plot movement. I have to rewatch to find other elements, and good, it is holidays
  9. Hi guys, Merry Christmas . I am a fan of Sherlock series obviously, but I must say I have been puzzled by inconsistency in Sherlock deducing process . I would say they are of two types : 1) very slow hypotheses switching . My example is the moment where S.H. get puzzled by the fact the lost luggage in " a study in pink" is in the neighbourhood. I get the fact that the taxi slow appearance in the game is somehow theatrical, but it bothered me in the sense that S.H looks quite not as smart and quick as expected at this moment. 2) inconsistent hypothesis . My example is the suggestion by S.H. in "The Hounds of Baskerville" that the poison could have been spilled into the cup of coffee. I do no see how Henri could have been drugged in this manner before . Have you other examples ( I have other , but I probably need to rewatch to remind ) , or are you disagreeing with my recriminations ? Caroline
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