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  1. Here's a Scot accent I can sit through all day . . all night . . all millennium. Here's Gerard Butler, aka one of God's glorious gifts to womankind, explicating some Scots slang for us non-Scots. (contains Language. duh.)
  2. Hikari

    Herlock’s London Adventure 2018

    I suppose by the time you get this, you'll be at home (in the dreary Midlands). I'm glad you got to make your pilgrimage this year. You have me salivating more than usual to visit London. According to Helene Hanff, author of '84, Charing Cross Road', she was told by someone who was familiar with London that visitors tend to find what they go looking for there. She said, "I'd go for the London of English Literature', and he replied, 'Then it's there.' Thanks for giving us a small window into a fascinating world. No wonder Sherlock Holmes loved London so much. None of our cities here can compare to London for richness. New York would come closest, but our cities are just not old enough to contain as many layers and stories as does London. Welcome home, from the dreary Midwest!
  3. Hikari

    Herlock’s London Adventure 2018

    Sheerluck, Do I take it that's where you're broadcasting from? I've never been to Glasgow, but if it produced Craig Ferguson and Peter Capaldi, it can't be all bad. Even if Craig does say in reference to his homeland, "DAMP is a colour!' Craig ran off to LaLand and now eats Cobb salad and makes like he's an Angeleno. I don't begrudge him the craving for sunshine. Where I grew up, near Cleveland, Ohio might as well be called 'The Glasgow of America'. Boiled foods, gray skies, big-necked yabbos arguing about football . .(our version). I particularly am taken with how Glaswegians pronounce the common name for homicide. 'Murder' becomes, exotically "MAHRduhrrrr". Makes me smile every time. I even devised a drinking game around the Scottish TV show Taggart set in Glasgow. Rules were easy--take a drink every time someone said 'MAHRduhhrrr' or MAHRduhhrerrr (the person who commits MAHRduhrrr). Last one still conscious at the end of the episode wins!
  4. Hikari

    Herlock’s London Adventure 2018

    Is that in pounds sterling, or sardines or what?
  5. Hikari

    Herlock’s London Adventure 2018

    Aww, does that mean you are on your way home? All good things must come to an end. Sounds like it was a great time, though!
  6. Hikari

    Herlock’s London Adventure 2018

    I never thought that it was very secure for the PM to allow the people to get that close to his front door, myself. In all the movies & TV shows we see, the mob is hounding the PM right up to his very doorstep. That's a little too 'among the people' for me! I'd be interested to know if Number 10's official cat is still on the scene?
  7. Hikari

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    Possibly. I do hope for Mark's sake that you are correct. From the vantage point which we have as mere viewers, we both are indulging in conjecture. I hope it's clear that I am a MG supporter. I don't happen to feel as warmly toward his colleague but since Mark's been friends with him for years, I think he takes it all in his stride. At times, the SM - MG collaboration has felt somewhat less than equitable to me, but of course none of us can know what has gone on in the writers' room and behind the scenes. It appears to me that in a joint interview situation, it is generally Moffat who appears to take the lead and take the lion's share of the commentary. Mark seems to do a lot more of the 'on-set diary' types of bonus commentary footage, for which I am glad because I find him the more appealing and restful personality of the two. Perhaps he is also the more conciliatory/compromising one in order that their creative partnership has lasted so long and been so fruitful. These are, I hasten to add, complimentary remarks from me. I try to embody these traits myself and I appreciate and recognize them in others. In this partnership, Mr. Gatiss has the Sherlock looks, but his personality is more like Watson's. It has to be . . two hotheads wouldn't get very far as a team. Also, Mark has a very active career in front of the camera as a performer. His acting work consumes a lot of his time, and so perhaps he was more than happy to let Moffat be the one with the primary reins on the shows they work on together. I'm not intending to be 'unfair' or belittling in any way. Just observing that the two halves of this creative partnership have quite differing personalities and probably work styles, too. I'm sure I have warmed up to Mark because he seems more like myself . . notwithstanding that I am not nearly that creative.
  8. Hikari

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    Different strokes . . . Mofftiss works for me, particularly when, as often, though two individual men in body, they appeared to be sharing one brain vis Sherlock, and that not always to the good. I personally have more affection for Mr. Gatiss, who is definitely the half of the pair I would choose to spend time with on a pub-crawl or any other time. I would categorically not choose to spend any time with Mr. Moffatt if I could help it. Both of them had good moments in their scripts which they wrote individually, though it is my impression that, when and if differences of opinion arose in which direction to take a script, Mr. Gatiss had to make way for Mr. Moffatt. The partnership was allegedly one of equals, except when it wasn't. Moffat also stacked the deck by having his wife and his mother-in-law in the producers' suite. I'm sure nobody worked harder on the set than did Sue Vertue, and Moffat must be doing something right to get on so well with his mother-in-law.
  9. Hikari

    Herlock’s London Adventure 2018

    If you ask 100 Americans want the 'Elgin Marbles' are, I guarantee 99 of them will think it's the schoolyard game, marbles, possibly made in Elgin, Illinois. I wish I were kidding, but I'm dead serious.
  10. Hikari

    Herlock’s London Adventure 2018

    Is 'permanently borrowed' synonymous with 'stole'?
  11. Hikari

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    I guess if being misunderstood is the penalty for getting to use a righteous portmanteau like 'FreeBatch', it's a price I'm willing to pay. I'm a teacher by training and inclination and thus am used to explaining myself again and again. Anyway, anyone who is an honest-to-god FreeBatcher instead of using it for convenience and a nod to platonic friendship the way I do has allowed their wild fantasy lives to lead to derangement. Who would actually believe that BC and MF have the hots for each other based on their portrayal of roommates on television? When both are or were in long-standing relationships with women and fathers several times over? Though apparently I am a very square, cis-hetero dolt if I think that proves anything.
  12. Hikari

    Hot Gifs

    The director gets most of the credit for a movie or a show but in actuality I think there are always *two* directors on any shoot--the oft unsung DP is at least as important to the proceedings. It seems easier to describe what the Director of Photography (aka the cinematographer) does on set all day than what the Director does, really. I think of the director as working primarily witht the human element . .the actors . . talking about motivation and dialogue and so forth and keeping the machine of the production oiled as it were. The DP has the oversight over the technical aspects and would advise the director about the scene blocking and the lighting and how a shot should be framed and etc. Really, a smart director will let the DP have his/her head and not interfere too much.
  13. Hikari

    Recently watched movies

    Speaking as a children's librarian, I can say "Yes . . perennially." Though he may not be as in favor as some years ago. Not all of his stuff is equally popular here, though. The top requests are for the Charlie books and for the BFG and Matilda. Occasionally James and the Giant Peach.
  14. Hikari

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    I know 'FreeBatch' does have those connotations amongst some of the fandom. I mostly use 'FreeBatch' because it is so much easier to type out than 'Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman'. While I've enjoyed my share of JohnLock fan videos over the years for the often dizzying creativity which they demonstrate, JohnLock to me means friendship. As does FreeBatch.
  15. Hikari

    Recently watched movies

    In the last 12 months, I have lost all three of my cats. Still grieving and still not used to the emptiness of the house, though I've gotten to the point (finally) that I don't cry every single day. Maybe every other. It's just so weird to be the only living thing at my house besides a plant that's on its last legs. They may have been 'only' cats, but they were like children to me. Plenty of mental anguish resulting from my losses, but I don't have the luxury of a complete crack-up and have to just keep buggering on. So I do, but three lights have gone out of my world. In the last few weeks, I've had a few visits from a furry denizen of the neighborhood that I think would be keen to move in with me. He (I think?) is being fed as part of a colony of homeless cats who've staked a claim at an abandoned house up the street a few doors from me. It's hard not to cave and invite him in, and I might, still. Supposed to get down to 32 tonight. But I'm also resistant to taking up that whole commitment/attachment thing again. I'm a creampuff when it comes to sorrow. If I don't take on another pet, I don't have to go through that soul-killing trauma again. The pain now is part of the joy then . . that's part of the deal, but I'm not sure it's a deal I can make again and survive it. Also, I hope to move in the coming year to somewhere more congenial, and I've learned from hard experience that 85% of landlords don't allow pets.

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