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  1. Hikari

    Benedict Cumberbatch News

    The FallBatch mutual man-crush is always fun to see. These two big goofs genuinely like each other. Both really enjoy talking (a lot) and laughing (a lot), which means that they both chose professions well-suited to their wiring. I'm at work now and am watching this with the sound turned off. It's even funnier that way. Just watching their lips move showcases how very rapid-talker (with gestures) both are.
  2. Absolutely they do. Pine-scented candles are everywhere. No need to go to a fancy department store--Walgreens and the dollar stores have them, next to their cinnamon and peppermint stick & Christmas cookie candles. I'd advise caution when burning them in smaller spaces though, as they can be overpowering. My boss burns one in her tiny office and the smell wafts out into the public areas, as well as my work area. It burns the nose. I love the scent of fresh pine but this is more like sticking one's head into a bathroom recently scrubbed violently with Pine-Sol.
  3. Hikari

    Introverts, how is your day?

    I have not resided at home for nearly 30 years, but my 81-year-old mother still makes me an Easter basket (my original Easter basket from when I was 2 years old is still in great condition despite being a near-antique now). I still get an Easter basket because I am not married, according to her. I think I am the only one of the kids to get a birthday check as well. She gets all of us a Christmas present every year, but I get these extras because she feels sorry for me.
  4. Hikari

    Marvel Movies

    Viggo Mortensen fans . . if you want to see him in a role that is utterly original . . that will make you ask whether his character is a true visionary or just a certifiably insane narcissist, check him out in Captain Fantastic. He's no epitome of refinement there, but 'brilliant' I will give you. His Aragorn was a revelation to me from the guy I had only known previously from greasy thug parts, as in A Perfect Murder. Just think . . we almost got Stuart Townsend instead. I think Viggo's Aragorn was a very large part of the selection of Return of the King as Best Picture of 2003. RotK did break the mold for the fantasy genre to be awarded the industry's highest honor, but for me there is a very significant difference in craftsmanship between Peter Jackson's trilogy and anything in the Marvel universe. Personal taste. I'm rooting for a Star is Born but the MCU fandom may get its wish come Oscar time.
  5. Hikari

    Marvel Movies

    In other Marvel movie news . . and this is bound to make all you MCU fans out there really happy: the Golden Globe nominations were announced the other day, and Black Panther is in the running for Best Drama of 2018. Chadwick Boseman is not nominated for Best Actor however. The Globes are the precursor to the Oscars and are indicators of which movies will be heavily favored at the Academy Awards a month or so later. We are charting new territory if a Marvel superhero movie is really going to be contention for the Best Picture Oscar. (If there have been others, someone please enlighten me.) Black Panther was the biggest opening Marvel has ever had (at least until Avengers Infinity War) . . I don't think it belongs in the Best Picture category myself, no matter how popular. Because it's a comic book movie. If that makes me a film snob, I plead guilty. I think 2018 was possibly the weakest year for movies we have ever had. Black Panther faces competition from 'Black KkKlansman' . . I could not make this stuff up. A bright spot in an otherwise bleak landscape is Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga's A Star is Born--a film I liked very much for the transformative performances by both Cooper and Gaga. It is a big budget studio concept film popular entertainment at its best & is well-acted and designed. I wouldn't have said it deserves to stand in the company of Citizen Kane and Laurence of Arabia, but then, Best Picture nominees are so often disappointing and/or relics of their times. The Oscars that matter to me are the performance ones, and when a performance is truly deserving and the actor/actress truly made happy, that is a good Oscar show. I won't be watching this year most likely.
  6. Hikari

    GIF Your Mood

    Ah, yes . . "Mrs. Hudson, leave Baker Street? England would fall!' So that's two (2) mince pies and one unidentified, possibly cinnamon roll. And a handful of gingernuts. How does Sherlock Holmes grow so tall when he only eats carboydrate based items and no veggies? Black coffee, sugar, mince pies and gingernuts do not a healthy diet make!
  7. Hikari

    Dr. Watson's mustache

    I never knew that mustaches were compulsory in the British armed forces. Interesting. I'm surprised that it wasn't full beards, if the thought behind this was that daily shaving would have been an unnecessary distraction to men in the field as well as a waste of precious commodities like water and soap. Particularly in desert warfare, shaving water would have been wasted. Interesting that the pendulum swung the other way and in another generation, facial hair would be disallowed for soldiers in uniform. Hygiene and also safety reasons , as well as aesthetic. . facial hair can become infested with lice, catch fire & give an enemy a hand-hold in close combat., not to mention looking unkempt in a very short time without constant maintenance. In my local police department, facial hair was banned until a couple of years ago, when the new police chief had a mustache. Then he got indicted for theft in office and now we're back to a clean-shaven guy. Dr. Watson is, beyond being a medical man, presented as the very model of a conventional Victorian gentleman. This is his role, to be a foil for the very unconventional Victorian pseudo-gentleman, Holmes. In the Victorian and Edwardian eras, mustaches on men were the rule rather than the exception, across the board, for civilians as well as military. Growing a mustache was a rite of passage for a young man to announce that he was of his majority and not a kid anymore. Dr. Watson would have been unconventional had he not had a mustache . . .hence, Sherlock Holmes's clean-shaven face except when he glues whiskers on for a disguise.
  8. Hikari

    GIF Your Mood

    Since those crumbs fell on the plate with an audible 'clunk', I'm guessing the outside is a bit like shortbread, is it? This style of handheld mince pie is not sold in America that I have ever seen. Just wanted to add that this scene is, I believe the second time ever we saw Sherlock actually eating (the first being a bun of some kind in ASiB directly after John insulted his website. Here, he is consuming a mince pie at a time of stress (family Christmas). So I deduce that Sherlock Holmes defaults to eating carbs for comfort. Ergo, he is human after all. Plus we also know he LOVES ginger nuts!
  9. I'm not sure this is a 'rant' but it is causing me a headache today so . . My optometrist talked me into trying the new top-of-the-line bifocal contacts from B&L. For several years now, I've been doing the 'trombone slide' and I even bought some cheaters from the drugstore. Since I pay a lot of money for the daily disposable contacts, having to buy extra glasses to go over the top of them is annoying as hell. Usually get by without them. I am leery of buying bifocal glasses because a lot of people I know have issues with theirs. My eye doc raved about these contacts and said, no worries,, they adjust automatically to what you need, unlike the glasses. Today is the first pair of my trials. My distance vision is fantastic. I cannot, however, read the small print on the computer. Right now I am sitting a full arm's length away from the keyboard just so I can see to type this. Since I work in a library, not having good near vision is problematical in the extreme. Were I working on a construction site or anything that didn't require reading small print, these would be great. However, since the whole point of going BIFOCAL was to improve my close reading, these are not doing the trick. If I want to wear cheaters over my contacts, I can go back to my previous brand of non-bifocal, which cost $200 less per year. I will be going back in a week and telling him these are a no-go; put me back in my other ones. If he weren't in eyes, he'd probably be selling cars for a living because he manages to stealthily upgrade me (at additional cost) every chance he gets. I'm disappointed because I thought I was going to see a difference for the better and instead these are much worse for me. I have to read a story aloud tonight also, but fortunately that is bigger print and I can see that all right. Just hoping nobody asks for help in the non-fiction because I won't be able to read the call numbers!
  10. The first time I took this test, in my early 20s, it came out INFP and that seemed very llike me at the time. I had anotherI INFP correspondent and we congratulated ourselves on our synchonicity. I suppose a lot of INFPs gravitate toward the study of the humanities and literature, as I did . . but he was an anomoly--the vice president in charge of marketing for a metro health system. His role as a hospital administrator required a lot of presentations, piublic speaking, pressing the flesh at fundraisers and playing rounds of golf with people he didn't like, equally despising the game of golf itself. He was a sensitive Introvert in a hard-charging, high-prrofile Extrovert role. He got great reviews from bosses and colleagues but admitted that his job took so much out of him, he was very much a homebody on his weekends off. Safe to say he never prepared specifically for the role of VP of health care administration . . he kind of fell into it, and then the money became too good to give up. My career has aligned a bit more closely to what I studied for in college . . children's librarianship is very close to education in many respects. But all these intervening years have really shown me the darker sides of life and burst the idealistic bubble I once carried around with me. I have tested INFJ more recently, but have noticed I keep bouncing between that and my initial INFP, even when I take different versions of the test. It's become something of a game--what am I going to test as today . .? As far as I can tell, I keep testing 'P' on the basis of answering '5' to the question, "I get lost contemplating nature when out for a walk.' Which is true . . I do. Getting lost in contemplation of something besides my own hamster brain is the whole reason I go for a walk. I couldn't just blunder through the woods without taking notice of, well, . . woodsy stuff. I realize this is a 'P' characteristic in this situation . . but in the rest of my daily life, I feel a lot more 'J'. The test doesn't think so but I know so. Those dreamy 'P' days are done for me.
  11. Hikari

    Favorite Christmas movies

    Gradually working my way through my stash of Christmas movies. Yesterday (like today) was rainy and dreary, so what better antidote to cr*ppy weather than that miracle cure for the doldrums, particularly if one is female? No, I am not speaking of chocolate, though that's not a bad runner-up. I am speaking of Richard Armitage's smile, which is like the sun breaking out all over. THE VICAR OF DIBLEY Series Finale and Christmas Special: A Wholly Holy Happy Ending (2006) Geraldine Granger (Dawn French) has been the vicar of Dibley for 10 long years of rural insanity. The tiny (fictional) village of Dibley (pop. ? but it seems to consist of the 6 or 8 people that make up the parish council, all sharing one brain amongst the lot of them) is in Oxfordshire and has provided Geraldine with a really easy commute all these years . . she lives next door to her church. When G. gets word that the cottage 2 doors down has been sold to yet another weekending Yuppie Londoner, she hastens down there with Alice (Emma Chambers) in tow so they can give said party a piece of their minds. "On second thought, I'd just give him a piece of my mind; you don't have any extra to spare, " she tells her infamously dimwitted BFF/special project/verger. Only, when Harry (RA) opens the door, Geri is so blinded by his white teeth she completely forgets what she meant to say and falls for him on the spot. Who wouldn't? Improbably (but hey, this is a seasonal comedic fantasty) Harry falls instantaneously for the vicar, too, though he doesn't know immediately that she's the vicar because she's not wearing her work uniform. The name of the first part of this two-part episode is entitled 'Handsome Stranger'. Quite. Handsome isn't even adequate. Richard (just on the rise here, shortly after North and South revealed a new star in the heavens to the United Kingdom, though we over here were still oblivious ) possesses a masculine beauty that literally makes my eyes hurt to behold. It hurts so good. Don't worry if you haven't seen all (or any) of the episodes of this show. The jokes and characters are of the broadest kind and were essentially unchanged in 10 years . . within minutes you will know everything you need to know about how things work in Dibley.
  12. Hikari

    Episode 3.3, "His Last Vow"

    Collectively the Holmes boys are screaming 'Nooooooooooooooooo!' (Big Myc is screaming on the inside.) The last thing they want is to have to take the 'rents to more West End musicals. M: . . .the agony . . the horror . . .!
  13. Hikari

    Marvel Movies

    Shout-out to my fellow vintage 1965 Gen Xer, Robert Downey, Jr. for representing 53 years old so well. He gives middle-aged people everywhere hope that sh*t doesn't have to fall completely apart in the 50s. Of course, he works at it. Maybe I don't want to work that hard . .lol. RDJ deserves kudos also for being that rarest of rarities: A Hollywood A-list celeb who had a messed up childhood and a severe drug problem who *went to rehab and made it stick* THAT is is superpower.
  14. I'm not sure either of my parents *got* me in that way, but I am definitely more like my Dad in my temperament and love for intellectual pursuits. My father was the reader and the writer in the family and he passed these down to me. My mom reads magazines, does the crossword in the newspaper and has HGTV on pretty much 24/7. She may read an actual book maybe once every 3-5 years. Apart from a diet book I gave her last year, I believe The Help is the last book she read. My dad would be gratified to know that there are now two librarians in the family. Once I was having a tense conversation with my mom. I only see her in person two or three times a year at most, and I can't remember now what the disagreement was about, but she flung out, "You are just like Dad!" She meant to wound me with that, I guess. My parents' relationship lasted for 41 years until he passed away but they were very different people and sometimes things got rocky. I said, as calmly as I could muster, "Thank you. I consider that a compliment." That took the wind out of her sails. The older I get, the more like my Dad I feel. As a child I thought he was a grump at Christmastime, muttering about 'rampant materialism' and 'collective insanity.' Now I am the one muttering these things!
  15. Hikari

    Martin Freeman News

    I would love a virtual digital assistant named Mycroft. My Orwellian nightmare would at least be well-modulated, intelligent & twirling a virtual umbrella.

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