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  1. So right now im reading the baskerville hound or baskervilles hund in Swedish and i wonder what u think about the book I have seen the series but I'm not done with the book get so please no spoilers on the end Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  2. Yeah evry are we celebrating midsummer Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  3. Hi i have experince that Ikea isn't the same thing in the rest of the world like in neterlands for example where I have childhood friends that have told me. Pippi longstocking was a big part of my childhood to she was one of my biggest idols when I was little it's fun that you have such a big interest in sweden and if you wondering something about it just ask, I live in Stockholm were are u from? And good luck to learn all of our city's Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  4. Exactly sweden are neighbour with Finland Norway and Denmark it's not dark dark we have a little sunlight and I mean I'm used to it but and in the summer it's always sunny outside but I live in like the middle of sweden and if you go more north it's get dark and South it's more sun so the sun it's always here but it gets cold. Sorry if this was a weird explanation but it's hard to describe Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  5. Thanks! Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  6. I'm from sweden there winter is cold dark and just boring and the summer is cold to sometimes Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  7. Hi so I never been in this forum before and I hope I will find it funny to discuss the topic here and meet new people here I'm a big Sherlock Holmes fun since .. weel I don't know how long really I'm from sweden so if my spelling is bad so please respect that and yeah i don't really know what else I should say so bye for now Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
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