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  1. This is certainly an option. I’ll look into it in the next few days.
  2. It was graphically the best match I could find at the time, but it bugged me a little too... so Done. ✅ 😁
  3. Apologies for any inconvenience. [emoji846] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  4. We recently moved from http to https, it seems I hadn’t updateded the url with Tapatalk setup. If it still doesn’t work for you, then you may need to log out of the forum within the Tapatalk app and log back in. (Posted via Tapatalk )
  5. I have adjusted the permissions, these topics should now be visible.
  6. I have tested the exact procedure as described in your post with my own iPad, Dropbox, and imgbb accounts and cannot replicate the issue you are having. I would suggest that the most likely source of problem lies in the communication between Dropbox and IMGBB (over the Internet) Perhaps the support people for these services might be better placed to advise?
  7. I just had a look and for some reason the permissions were only allowing Mods & Admins to post in this topic, this should now be resolved.
  8. Yep, it doesn't appear on mobile devices.
  9. I appear to have fixed the search drop-down too! 😂
  10. We've recently updated the forum software (again) one of the things that the latest updates has introduced is native support for iOS style emoticons! 👻👻👻
  11. I have to say I’m beginning to feel a little left out, I’ve not received any emails from Photobucket at all, let alone an apology or any special offers. 😢😭
  12. I’m guessing that they are basing the 400 photos on those taken with the average digital camera available today at around 24 megapixels resolution.
  13. They seem to have published their permanent prices on the website.
  14. If you navigate to that link for the "New" paid plans, then attempt to close the tab, a survey pops up asking why you aren't ready to purchase the plan... Not that I'm suggesting that anyone should tell them exactly why, just pointing it out...
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