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  1. linear_panda, Very good point!! I'm always wondering that, too!!
  2. linear_panda, This is very sad; and I'm so sorry. Take good care.
  3. SherLOCKED123, Thank you so much for your kind words; that's very nice of you; and virtual hugs right back at ya!!
  4. Hi Van Buren Supernova, I just wanted to say thank you so much, for sharing your thoughts and feelings about this topic of loss and grief; it's very good of you, because I've found this to be very helpful, and I'm sure others on this Forum will also. Yes, we're very lucky to be in such a safe environment such as exists in this wonderful Forum, whereby we can express, open and honestly, how we feel about things. We're all here for you, and we understand how you feel. Please take good care of yourself, and thanks, also, for your kind words. Kindest Regards, always, Douglas
  5. So very well said, Carol! Yes, I really hope we do see them all again on the other side.
  6. Dear Martina, Thank you SO VERY MUCH, for this; you and this Forum are wonderful! Kindest Regards, always, Douglas xoxoxo
  7. Dear Moderators, Please feel welcome to delete this Topic if you deem it to be inappropriate or not in keeping with the general mood of this Forum. One of the main reasons that I thought to start this topic, was that I know that there a lot of nice, genuine, and sympathetic people here, including those who have suffered a lot in their lives. In fact, I've found this SHERLOCK FORUM to be one of friendliest and most supportive Forums that I've ever seen, during the past twenty years since I've been on the Internet. For me: my two greatest losses have been those of my little brother and only sibling, Michael, in June of 1990, when he was 27 and I was 29; and our little boy dog Sasha (aged 15 years and one month), who passed away in January of 2019. And I would have to say that any sad loss is something from which most people never really recover: despite what "experts" such as Psychologists and Counsellors say: regardless of the time period which has passed! The concept and "advice" of "just get over it", really is useless to most of us; I'm sure. So once again: Dear Moderators: please feel free to delete this, if you think it's not appropriate and/or offensive. Best Regards, always, to everyone here on this wonderful Forum. Take good care, and Stay Safe! Douglas xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoo
  8. Dear Artemis, I'm so very, very sorry. Please take good care. Douglas xoxo
  9. Dear Fiona, I've just read your Post, now, and I'm sorry that I'm almost four years late; But I'm so very sorry that this has happened; I know what it's like: I lost my little brother and only sibling, Michael, in 1990, when he was 27 years old and I was 29. Please take good care, and I hope you're going along all right: everything considered. Kindest Regards to you, always, Douglas xoxo
  10. Yes; the English language can be very confusing at times!
  11. Fantasy Lover: I'm so sorry that this has happened to you; I would be very upset and confused, if this had happened to me: that's for sure! Please take good care.
  12. THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD (1965: BLACK AND WHITE): based on the John Le Carre' novel (1963) of the same name; starring that brilliant Austrian actor OSKAR WERNER; along with English actors RICHARD BURTON and CLAIRE BLOOM: great movie!
  13. I wondered if it would be possible to have all of the Sixty Sherlock Holmes stories listed here, so that we could discuss each story individually? But only if this isn't too much trouble to set up.
  14. Caya: I totally agree! Yes; that was the point! His show was having a go at men; not women! Because a lot of men can't control themselves!
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