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    The Sherlock Holmes stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes; The Charlotte and Emily Bronte novels; Walking; Animals and pets; Meeting interesting people; Favourite actors include: Jeremy Brett; Edward Woodward; Gordon Jackson; Billie Whitelaw; Oskar Werner.
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    A Study In Pink
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    The Reichenbach Fall
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    The Sign of Three
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    The Lying Detective

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  1. Douglas

    The Favourite Movies Thread

    THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD (1965: BLACK AND WHITE): based on the John Le Carre' novel (1963) of the same name; starring that brilliant Austrian actor OSKAR WERNER; along with English actors RICHARD BURTON and CLAIRE BLOOM: great movie!
  2. No worries, Carol; I'll give it some thought.
  3. I wondered if it would be possible to have all of the Sixty Sherlock Holmes stories listed here, so that we could discuss each story individually? But only if this isn't too much trouble to set up.
  4. Douglas

    Benny Hill !

    Caya: I totally agree! Yes; that was the point! His show was having a go at men; not women! Because a lot of men can't control themselves!
  5. Douglas

    Benny Hill !

    Yes; he probably wasn't quite suited to the "younger" generation; having said that: some of the "older" generation didn't like him either! I think he overdid the "girls in scanty costumes" bit; but when they weren't being featured, I thought he was a very funny and clever man; He was possibly at his best, in the 1960s, when he worked for the BBC: before he started working for THAMES TELEVISION from 1970 onward: The BBC episodes (1960 - 1969) were in Black and White, and the THAMES TELEVISION episodes (1970 - 1988) were in colour.
  6. Douglas

    Benny Hill !

    Yes, Caya: the songs were hilarious!
  7. Douglas

    Benny Hill !

    Does anyone agree with me that BENNY HILL was the funniest comedian of all time?!
  8. Douglas

    What's your age?

    Aw; that's very nice!! But I still can't believe that there are people in the world who are older than me!!😄
  9. Douglas

    What's your age?

    Having recently turned 58: I'm old!!
  10. Douglas

    Your favorite (male) actors

    EDWARD WOODWARD (English Actor) (1930 to 2009); and GORDON JACKSON (Scottish Actor) (1923 to 1990). In particular: EDWARD WOODWARD as DAVID CALLAN in CALLAN (1967 to 1972); and GORDON JACKSON as GEORGE COWLEY in THE PROFESSIONALS (1977 to 1981).
  11. Douglas

    Where is everybody from?

    Yes, Carol; I agree! How ridiculous: telling you to not act too smart because boys won't like you!!!! It's that sort of nonsense that's made men worse with their interactions with women!!
  12. Douglas

    Where is everybody from?

    Excellent Post, Caya! Once again, I say, that sadly too many men have taken too many liberties with women over all the centuries!!
  13. Douglas

    Where is everybody from?

    I agree, Arcadia; but a lot of Males do seem to have a bad attitude with regards to Females, sadly.
  14. Douglas

    Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes

    Well said, Carol; I agree.
  15. Douglas

    Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes

    Yes, my choice would be JEREMY BRETT, as SHERLOCK HOLMES; although, of course, BASIL RATHBONE was very good!

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