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    The Sherlock Holmes stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes; The Stories of Charlotte and Emily Bronte'; Walking; Animals and Pets; and Meeting interesting people.
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    A Study In Pink
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    The Hounds Of Baskerville
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    The Empty Hearse
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    The Abominable Bride

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  1. Douglas

    Whats Your Favorite Case?

    Hi Carol, How are you? Well, with THE SPECKLED BAND, at least, I just found it to be a very interesting, and well-told story; all the way through; but then again: all the stories are good!! So as you say: it really is a matter of taste; and taste is something which is hard to rationalise or explain, I suppose!
  2. Douglas

    Whats Your Favorite Case?

    Hi Hikari, Yes, THE BRUCE PARTINGTON PLANS was also a very good story; Yes, HOLMES and WATSON's arguments can be very funny indeed!!
  3. Douglas

    Jeremy Brett

    Hi Hikari: Yes; wasn't he brilliant!
  4. Douglas

    Whats Your Favorite Case?

    I'd have to say that my favourite "Case" is THE SPECKLED BAND!
  5. Douglas

    Jeremy Brett

    Yes; I've just started watching all of the JEREMY BRETT as SHERLOCK HOLMES episodes (in chronological order of release date) again; and how wonderful they were!!
  6. Douglas

    "A Study in Scarlet"

    And thanks, Sheerluck!
  7. Douglas

    "A Study in Scarlet"

    Hi Herlock, Thanks so much for this Link; I've just finished reading the article now; it was very interesting! And I see what you mean; about the order of the stories!
  8. Douglas

    "A Study in Scarlet"

    Thanks so much, once again, Herlock; Yes, I might have a quick look at THE GREAT GAME, just out of curiosity! Kindest Regards, always, Douglas
  9. Douglas

    "A Study in Scarlet"

    Hello Herlock, No: you haven't bored me to death at all!! And in fact: thank you so much for this! I find it very interesting! I have a very vague recollection of reading one of the stories, a long time ago: in which Sherlock himself narrates the story, because it was before he met the good Doctor: but I couldn't remember which story that was! So thanks so much for this! I really do appreciate it; and it's very good of you to write this! And by the way: I must say that that "The Great Game" game sounds very "interesting"!! Yes, I must admit that it might be a bit too much for my old mental constitution to cope with!! Anyway, thanks so much once again, Herlock (love you name, by the way!); as it's always good to talk with you. Take care. Kindest Regards, always, Douglas
  10. Douglas

    "A Study in Scarlet"

    A STUDY IN SCARLET is an excellent story; I've just started reading all of the 60 Sherlock Holmes stories again (this will be my third time through them all), in chronological order; starting, of course, with this one.
  11. Douglas

    The Lower Criticism

    Hilarious stuff!
  12. Douglas

    Jeremy Brett

    Thanks, Carol; I'll have to check that one out.
  13. Douglas

    Jeremy Brett

    And I must check Douglas Wilmer out.
  14. Douglas

    Jeremy Brett

    Thanks, Herlock! Yes, sometimes I can't decide who was actually a better Holmes: Rathbone or Brett! It's a very close call; I reckon! They were both brilliant!
  15. Douglas

    Good Day

    Good on you, Carol: that's funny!!

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