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  1. That's Arnold J. Rimmer. A dead crew member and now hologram on Red Dwarf. The H is for hologram.
  2. I added my support. I keep meaning to start a project for Skeldale House, but never seem to find the time. Now might be an excellent time to try.
  3. A limerick: 12 + 144 + 20 + 3√4 + (5 x 11) = 9² + 0 7 You don't get it? It's clearly: A dozen a gross and a score plus three times the square root of four Divided by seven plus five times eleven is nine squared and not one bit more.
  4. As a healthcare worker Toby do take extra special care of yourself. Your work is appreciated even if some people don't show it now.
  5. A t-shirt balaclava and a rag soaked with detol would make a fine short term mask. I'm trying not to worry about the social and economic future we can expect. Instead I'm trying to focus on writing and starting a blog. I'm trying to maintain a routine of some sort and avoiding the relentless onslaught of terrible news from around the world. I'm just taking it day by day and looking towards the end of all this. I don't expect things to be the same, but I do know that we can all get through this if we support each other and ignore the idiots. Stay home, stay safe, be well.
  6. Many of us are in the exact same position VBS. I know I am. Hopefully we can all get through this relatively intact.
  7. I hope you're all keeping well. It's turning into quite the shitstorm, init. Keep washing those hands.
  8. The Brexit headache is only beginning. Sigh.
  9. https://twitter.com/BBCLondonNews/status/1222081082323095552 🙄
  10. It's one of those films that deserves a wider audience. A lot of nostalgia for me as well being set when it is.
  11. Starter For 10 (2006). I'd forgotten this film. Set in the 80s at Bristol University James McAvoy get into uni and then works at getting on the team for University Challenge. A fun little film. If you haven't seen it Benedict Cumberbatch is the Bristol UC team. Mark Gatiss is the UC host. If you haven't seen or don't like UC then it may seem a little dull but it's still worth watching for the performances.
  12. I thought that was nice as well. And because Dolly Wells was in it I was hoping for a reference to The IT Crowd. 🤷‍♂️
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