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  1. Sheerluck

    GIF Your Mood

  2. Sheerluck

    Recently watched movies

    You watched Die Hard too soon. I usually watch it Boxing Day. The Christmas season doesn't begin for me until my first mince pie. So soon, now, soon.
  3. Sheerluck

    GIF Your Mood

  4. Sheerluck

    GIF Your Mood

    I need a gif to express embleer.
  5. Sheerluck

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    They shoot people for allergies? Seems harsh. We just get jabs.
  6. Sheerluck

    GIF Your Mood

    There's also no gif for rabelaisian.
  7. Sheerluck

    Marvel Movies

    Given the state of CGI, there's no reason the cameos cannot continue.
  8. Sheerluck

    GIF Your Mood

    Have you been creatively accounting the pension funds?
  9. Sheerluck

    Marvel Movies

    Lots of great tributes to Stan Lee. 👍
  10. Sheerluck

    The "Hijacked Thread" Thread

    Ten to make and the match to win.
  11. Sheerluck

    GIF Your Mood

    There's no gif for frumious.
  12. Sheerluck

    Favorite Christmas movies

    Die Hard.
  13. Sheerluck

    The "Hijacked Thread" Thread

    There's a breathless hush on the Close tonight
  14. Sheerluck

    Recently watched movies

    The Secret Life of Pets. A dull and by the numbers animation. There's really nothing to recommend it.
  15. I know,I have the exact same system.

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