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  1. I will check out the Solar Pons stuff. Never heard of him, but this could be interesting. On that side note, I am thinking about writing my own detective, setting it around the 1840's with Dupin and Sherlock being my main inspirations for this one.
  2. Oh, I know of thieves, half of my family is thick with them. But I will look into the book series you suggest Herlock. Herlock, that is a reference to Arsene Lupin correct? Something about Doyle getting upset that the author of that book used Sherlock without permission? Correction, I have found out that it is not a book series, my mistake.
  3. I must say, this whole thing has been interesting to think about, the possible connections between the detectives. There's also a story about a young man, can't remember his name, but he is the son of Sherlock Holmes, can't remember the wife, but I do know that later in life the boy would be referred to as Nero Wolfe. Honestly, with some of these things, we could possibly make an entire detective family tree.
  4. I have been wanting to write a story about Dupin though, wishing to see how people would take to my own interpretation of the character. People have done that with Sherlock Holmes for years, each one being different than the other unless they are in a series.
  5. Just looked up the Wold Newton family thing, now that is interesting to think about.
  6. Oh, I need to look more into it then. I do believe he did say something close to that. And honestly, I would love the two to be connected that way, it's better than that book I heard about where it turns out Sherlock's cousin is Dracula.
  7. Thank you for the welcome, and I believe he was. If I remember correctly, Sir Conan Doyle took inspiration from Dupin for Holmes, technically making Dupin an ancestor to Holmes. Why has no one worked that into something? Connecting the two detectives through bloodline.
  8. Hello, I was wondering what people's opinion would be of C. Auguste Dupin and the stories that Edgar Allen Poe wrote about him. We already know Sherlock's opinion of the character, but what about everyone else here? I've personally only read one book in the three that Edgar Allen Poe wrote for him, The Murders in the Rue Morgue, and that was years ago in my mid to late teens I believe.
  9. Ah, another newcomer? Thank you for the welcome.
  10. Thank you for the links, I'll post something there when I have some more free time. Talking about detectives, comparing them, and learning about new ones will take hours away from my day.
  11. Thank you both, and Hikari, I will look into that Lounge you have. I have been interested in talking about other detectives as well like Hercule Poirot and Auguste Dupin.
  12. Hello, I am Sarios, I have been a fan of Sherlock Holmes for many years, starting with the original stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Ever since then I have been a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and he was my first step into fictional detectives.
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