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  1. Funny thing is, it wasn't that bothersome when I watched it. The only episodes I was actually appalled with from the start were TEH, T6T and of course TFP. After that I started to look back at series as a whole and realised it was never as good as I thought.
  2. Well, you may see it as some kind of tongue in cheek commentary on Sherlock and fandom but from what I read Moffat(and Gatiss to a lesser degree) saw it as some invigorating work of art that no one should have anything against. I mean, how dare they criticise the episode with Sherlock's lunatic sister that is imitating Anthony Hopkins but in the end just needed a hug??? As for the quirky characters you love this show for. Sorry, but I don't see any. This Sherlock is not autistic or whatever adjective has been thrown around. He simply acts as an unpleasant jerk for most of the time. The writers also ask of me to be extremely charmed by him despite his behaviour. Practically every other character there exists to react on something related to Sherlock. John here has little to no agenda.He's there to comment how amazing Sherlock is and sometimes he's also there to be saved by Sherlock. Molly... pure idealization of a fangirl.I know many see themselves in Molly. I don't. Maybe that's my problem. I can say they did a decent job of writing Mycroft... until the last episode that is. I felt he was the only character whose "incredible Holmes geniusness" wasn't brought to the point of caricature. The acting though has always been better than the writing quality of this show deserved.
  3. As a Bond fan, I've already been in a situation like this before. The writers misunderstanding the novels in the first place coupled with their promises of "updating" them. It never goes well... The only difference is I don't disapprove of the main actor in Sherlock.
  4. Yeah, well, they took the whole "fanboy" thing way too far starting with TEH and reached truly astonishing fanfiction levels with TFP. We shouldn't overlook the fact that great PR did a lot of heavy-lifting for this show. Even when it was way better than season 4 it wasn't the greatest piece of human making the world has ever seen and THAT'S PRECISELY the way it was dubbed. During series 4 I constantly had the feeling nobody involved with the project still had the heart to do it. I felt it was a bit like "Do we still have to do this?" "Yeah, I guess..."
  5. That final montage with Mary's narration has to be the most smug, self-congratulatory pat on the back I have ever seen.
  6. Eurus probably switched the cameras off with her will power. After all, that's what all REALLY SMART people DO.
  7. Of course she did. With all the cameras around and guards as well. I am still astounded with the quality of that episode I have to say. One of the main beefs I have is turning Mycroft in an imbecile. I was always a fan of his reserved and obviously very intelligent demanour.
  8. Eurus needs cell from which she can't escape from. The whole Holmes family must lack a glass-seeing gene. Because it says Eurus locked Mycroft in her cell.. the one without the glass.
  9. This just reminded of people who hated James Bond until Craig arrived. I think there's enough of character exploration/whatever that's called dramas out there. Can't see why a series starring a famous detective who primarily solved crimes had to be one of them.
  10. I've seen that "BC Sherlock is the closest to Doyle Sherlock" argument when it came to discussing which interpretation was the best. After all, nothing boost points like saying something is faithful to the original material.
  11. When I watch a show called Sherlock and the main character is Sherlock Holmes then I think it's not much to ask to have one decent mystery case per episode. After all, he is, alongside Poirot, the most famous fictional detective out there. It seems to me that the writers don't value that "one mystery per episode" schtick that Doyle himself established in his novels. Instead EVERYTHING has to be connected to Moriarty and EVERYTHING comes from him. Why? After he but a bullet in his brain that seemed to be a dead end for any detective work in this series. Instead, we have all sorts of tedious stuff about Mary that few even liked and a bloody catastrophy of the last episode. Moffat seems to regard all of this as some groundbreaking piece of television and then gets salty when fans treat it like it's a soap opera(like I said-an obsession with romantic links between the characters). Now, when I see those old comments around the internet about this incarnation of Sherlock being the closest to the Doyle writing I have to laugh. It actually reminds me of the same thing that happened with James Bond franchise.
  12. You see, IMO, that's something that should never be said when it comes to any series with a detective in it. Especially not Sherlock Holmes. But I guess it is to be expected with this version since there are perhaps three episodes with a proper case to solve. Out of twelve. No wonder some are so obsessed with shipping Sherlock with whomever they please.
  13. It does, my dear, it does. What I resent the most that they didn't even try to make a compelling crime solving show. Instead we were supposed to marvel at Sherlock's sudden humanness... if a show is called Sherlock Holmes then I expect exciting mysteries solving.Instead, I got Sherlock demi-god for one part who makes deductions out of think air and then for the other I get Sherlock being chummy with an assassin and his psycho sister(urgh, Eurus, why oh why)... WHY OH WHY...
  14. Well, they certainly challenged me to throw something at the tv. Especially during the finale.I need to find a barfbag.
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