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  1. Mischief Girl

    Google’s Sherlock News

    It IS a game. I just clicked on "view more" in the Mycroft video and saw they are advertising it as such. I am still sure, though, that Bendi's Uber heroics were press for the game. I bet this game will cost a pretty penny to play!
  2. Mischief Girl

    Google’s Sherlock News

    Why do Mycroft's teeth look so badly stained in the above video? I know the British have a reputation for poor oral care, but come on!
  3. Mischief Girl

    Google’s Sherlock News

    And then there's this:
  4. Mischief Girl

    Google’s Sherlock News

    Count me in for voting for the whole Bendi as hero, thwarting four would-be muggers with a convenient witness (the Uber driver) singing his praises, as an act. I completely believe this is a promotional event. And, Hikari, you know full well that Moftiss & Co are absolutely that calculating! And the video for The Game is Now--"Do you want to come back?" and "We'll have to start recruiting real people..." I smell promotion all over this!
  5. Mischief Girl

    Myers-Briggs personality types -- and quiz

    I have taken the MBTI a couple times and I am consistently an INFJ. The N and F are almost always 50/50, but the I and J are pretty extreme. I once told an MBTI expert that I was an INFJ but wished I was an INTJ, which she thought was hysterically funny, and to this day (20 years later), I still wonder why. I completely buy Sherlock as an INTP, but then again, I only know him from three places--the books, Jeremy Brett (the quintessential Holmes, for me), and Cumberbatch. I haven't seen a Rathbone movie since childhood, and I've never seen Elementary, and the one Guy Ritchie Sherlock movie I saw was so long ago I couldn't tell you a thing about it. Except it took place in London...I think.
  6. Mischief Girl

    Stories Behind Your User Names & Avatar Pictures.

    I am new to this site, introduced to it by my very best internet friend Hikari. I use Mischief Girl (often shortened to MG) any time I am on line. My first and much loved rescue dog was named Mischief, so it's to honor him. My avatar picture is of my sweet Pippa, who died this February. She was an English Setter rescue and had the gentlest soul. I really enjoyed the Sherlock series with Bendi...correction, I really enjoyed the first two seasons of Sherlock, and with the following two seasons with each episode I'd shake my head and ask "What did I just see? Sherlock Holmes as Jason Bourne?" I do love the series and kudos to Moffat and Gatiss, but they sort of jumped the shark with some episodes. In no way do I consider myself an expert on anything Sherlock, but I enjoy the stories as written by Doyle. I read every one over a Christmas break one year in college. Fun fact: "Musgrave" is a family name of mine. It was my grandmother's middle name. So I get a thrill every time I hear of The Musgrave Ritual. Looking forward to hanging out here with you and meeting new folks. It'll take me some time to figure it out, I'm sure! So please don't think I'm being rude if I don't respond to you.

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