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  1. I’m happy that you liked and probably you were as surprised as me with the ending of the book. The bad part is that I haven’t seen something like a PART 2 or continuation. Which makes me sad. Right now I’m in my finals week, so I don’t have time to read something not related to my courses. #donoteverpickaccounting at the University. After this week I’m starting with Mr. Mcbird. If I’m missing something in my review by all means help me. Thank you team, Cheers. Wilson Marte
  2. Yes, now that you all mention it, the one on the left looks like Jeremy Brett but the pipe and the hat are our Sherlock’s signature garments lol. Still that was a great observation, nothing less of what I expected from a Holmesian!! Cheers team and thank you for the support. Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  3. Hello everyone, This is my first time writing a post apart from the one introducing myself. In my introduction post, I talked about this amazing book and it surprised me that it was not that famous here. Ignoring if anyone wrote about it, I decided to write a short post. I also attempt to practice my English writing skills since I am an English second language learner ( Here Hoping that our amazing friend Hikari will read and give me some feedback). Without going around too much I introduce you to the Fifth Heart by Dan Simmons. In my opinion, the book is long and catchy. Every page or two there will be something that will make you keep reading. The plot is complex I do not recommend any deduction while reading the book because you are going to be disappointed and impressed at the same time. The book is also full of fun facts which personally I enjoy them a lot. The writer majestically uses several United States figures at the time ( Theodore (Teddy or the Kid) Roosevelt, Henry Adams, US Senator Cabot Lodge, John Hay, Mark Twain, even President Cleveland, etc) which caught my attention also. SECOND LANGUAGE LEARNERS, I STRONGLY SUGGEST TO LOOK FOR THEIR PICTURES TO HAVE A BETTER IDEA OF THEIR LOOKS. The book weirdly and by coincidence connects both main characters Sherlock Holmes and famous writer Henry James. I also appreciated the fact that both character's lives were narrated separately several times developing in-depth both characters. Here Henry James is struggling with his writings and decides to chase his so dreamed fortune as a play-writer for the British Theatres, Holmes Struggles with his identity as the World's First and Foremost Consulting Detective and the fictional character created by Dr. Watson. Regarding Holmes, the author makes use of his observation and deduction skills but not as often as we all love to see. The book introduces a new character, Lucan Adler, and Prof. James Moriarty (this is big my friends, very big) as the two main nemeses. Of course, The Woman has to be in the book, to write such a big novel and not using the gorgeous Irene Adler would have been an unforgivable sin. The book also alters several pieces from the life of Sherlock Holmes which traditionalist Holmesians are not going to enjoy. But, I still encourage people to read it since it is something different and very interesting. For real Holmesians, you might get mad at the writer with the changes that he made to the original book, but there is nothing to worry about since we just simply have to go back to our Holmesian Canon (the fun part of reading). It is a very descriptive book. For second language learners, I suggest being ready to use the dictionary several times and probably look for the words online. A modern book that is written in the style of the old Victorian novels, What can go wrong? I found that the book was more descriptive than what I'm used to reading by Conan Doyle (Probably the part that I hated the most. Since I love to go straight to the point as soon as possible). If interested or not in the book I wrote this to inform the members of this blog about the existence of this book. As I mentioned before, traditionalist Holmesians probably will get mad but there is nothing wrong with changes. As a millennial and probably the only thing that I'm proud of about my generation are the changes that we encourage our society to make. I do recommend the book since it will be unforgettable being beside these two figures during this adventure. Dominican Holmes Military Arts and Science Full-time Student.
  4. Hi Carol, Of course I’ve watched it was amazing. Even for someone that loves classic shows like the one with Jeremy, this one was incredible. Thank you very much Carol I will Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  5. I’m Wilson Marte from the Dominican Republic. I have been reading sherlock Holmes’ since I was 9. I was first introduced to our beloved detective by Scooby Doo. For those who watched Cartoon Network 13-16 years ago probably you watched the episode where Scooby is dressed as the classical Holmes. I asked my father about who he was and he told me that he was a fictional detective, a very famous one. After that I watched Jeremy Brett’ piece of art on the role of Sherlock Holmes. Also I have read most of the adventures and right now I’m focusing on Dan Simmons’ work and Bonnie Macbird. I am Very interested to see how they portrayed Sherlock Holmes in their books. I came here to read and learn more about our detective. I speak Spanish. Sorry for any grammar mistake that you could find. Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
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