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  1. Mr. Fantastic (aka Sherlock Holmes)
  2. Boy howdy, do they ever! But sometimes they can also be genuinely charming. But it can be sooo hard to tell the difference. Exhausting, actually. So right Arcadia!
  3. Here I used the term "narcissist" loosely. What I actually meant was "someone who is only concerned with themselves (most of the time)
  4. Fairyfood (one bite and you'll never enjoy human food again ~from The Spiderwick Chronicles)
  5. Using her...of course he was! But that's the point of charming isn't it? That's what narcissists do, they manipulate by being charming...
  6. I think sfmpco hit Sherlock right on the head with the above. However to bring light to a paragraph... What about in "His Last Vow", Sherlock managed to get her fully convinced he liked her and was going to marry her? When Sherlock needs to be he can be quite charming...
  7. Of course if Jim kept coming back it would be terrible, but I mean I think we haven't worn out that avenue just yet! ;)
  8. Maybe Jim was alive but didn't intend to come back; then he found out Sherlock was going to be shipped of then most likely killed and so he thought "Gotta save Sherly and the only thing that will is my return!" Thus, "Did you miss me?" As for something new...well they kinda tried that in season three with the "king of blackmail". Did you like that new? I didn't. Bring back my ol' fashioned villain...
  9. So the filter doesn't like the combination of the words video and animal?
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