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  1. Nofin

    Which story...?

    Hi all, I finished the complete collection and no butler. It must have been a pastiche, but from where I don't know as I always remembered it as the genuine article. It wasn't vital information but just something to add a little colour to what will probably be a very dry academic paper. Thanks for your suggestions. If I find it I will let you know.
  2. Nofin

    Which story...?

    Hi Herlock, I'm now at page 954 of the Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes and no sign of my butler yet. I am starting to think it must have been an imitator...
  3. Nofin

    Which story...?

    562... Well a bit less, I didn't stop there
  4. Nofin

    Which story...?

    At page 560 of the Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes, no sign as yet of my butler...
  5. Nofin

    Which story...?

    Thanks Bedelia, I will check that out but I'm pretty certain that I have not read that book.
  6. Nofin

    Which story...?

    Thanks Carol, I will give that a try. My plan B is to read through the Complete Sherlock Holmes again which, to be honest, is not a bad way to spend winter evenings...
  7. Nofin

    Which story...?

    Hi Hikari, I'll check it out! I seem to recall that the butler was the client at the beginning of the story rather than the suspect, but it was a while ago that I read it. (I'm have all the stories but they are packed in boxes back at home) Thanks, Nofin
  8. Nofin

    Which story...?

    Hi All, I am an MA student at the RCA and am writing my dissertation on silversmithing. I remember reading a Sherlock story in which he deduces a client is a butler by the blackness of his thumb from polishing silver cutlery but I can't find it. Can anyone help?

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