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  1. Thank you for replying. The link is - https://www.studioannecarltongames.com/product/sherlock-holmes/ Probably would have made sense to add that to the post so people could have an idea as to what it looks like. Can you unhide my email address please, that would be great. Thank you
  2. I apologise if this is not allowed. My mother recently passed away and when going through her house we came across some Sherlock Holmes chess pieces. They have never been used and we would like to sell these on and thought they would be ideal for a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast. Please contact me at laurabutler84 (at) gmail-dot-com if you are interested in seeing photos. The set still sells for £345, (https://www.studioannecarltongames.com/product/sherlock-holmes/). In this link it is the burgendy and ivory painted set. We would sell for £250. I live in Kent, England, postage/collection would need to be discussed. Thank you.
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