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  1. Mycroft licked the fork clean and put it back down on the plate at precisely four o'clock. "I'm sorry, there's nothing but crumbs left. But it was very, very good," he purred. A picture? OMG it's the middle of summer!
  2. Thanks for the info! I might start an RP just to see if anyone's interested. Fear of rejection isn't my thing lol. If I understand correctly, all RPs in the forum are open? So anyone can read them and join in?
  3. Someone told me Mycroft's mansion was being sold last year. I tried googling it to find more info. Instead, I came across a Forum thread about how many offices Mycroft has. I was impressed by the quality of the discussion so decided to pop in for a visit.
  4. I have a deerstalker! I wear it out in public even though I probably look like an idiot. Does anyone remember the TV series called 'Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'? 30 min episodes. They were vaguely humourous but I'm not sure if that was intentional. Sherlock was played by someone named Lesley, I think.
  5. I've been having a look around and the dates on the last posts look quite old! Am I looking in the wrong place or is there not much activity these days? I'm interested in starting an RPG but, again, is there much activity?
  6. Thank you! I'll have to look around for some instructions. I did kinda cringe when I saw I had posted the same thing three times!
  7. Hi! I'm a new member. I read and loved the entire canon long before I watched the show. Honestly I'm still not sure how much I actually like the show, but I love Mycroft, so that's reason enough for me to stick around! I'm also not sure how to post to this forum, so obviously I don't have the Holmes brain...
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