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  1. I just realised the fonts on all our signatures changed.....
  2. In the beginning of S3 I have to say that I couldn't look at John without screaming how the moustache was completely unnecessary and just annoyed me... Although I was very easily provoked back then.
  3. You are certainly not in the minority. I like it small and cozy too, but its hard when nobody is online to reply or react, and by the time they do, you have sort of lost interest. I would love to make it more popular with current users, instead of recruiting more, but sometimes thats the only option...
  4. So I noticed a lot of the threads are dying out and there are usually not many people on the forum. So here we can brainstorm ideas to restart threads, recruit members and make Sherlock popular again.
  5. The tv show is very different to the comics, its less of a spin off and more that they just took the characters and made something new.
  6. I mentioned the other four, because they are some of my favourites! I didn't like Riverdale, because it came across to me as cringy, trying too hard and cliche. Plus, there was of lot of objectifying women, which I hate...
  7. It was better than the first, mostly because the animation was better and the songs less cheesy!
  8. Bleach Stranger things Gilmore Girls The promised Neverland I started Riverdale and hated it
  9. Awww, this room is so fuzzy, it's not toxic and I love that ❤ I'm so sorry to hear that, Douglas, I'm sending my sympathies and virtual hugs in these strange times.
  10. So, @Carol the Dabbler, you are also right about the cutlet thing.
  11. Artemis is right about it meaning 'victorious' but it is also just a reference to the Japanese food chicken katsu. Me and my brother love Japanese culture, so we wanted to give our cat a Japanese name. Our first choice was 'Kuro', which is Japanese for black/night, (he has the most magnificent pitch black fur) but we decided on Katsu in the end.
  12. I watched Frozen 2 with my niece last night
  13. My cat can almost definitely read. I put a sign on my wardrobe door saying, 'do not let Katsu inside' (katsu is my cat, as you might have guessed). I came back, and the sign had been ripped up and shoved under the wardrobe. So I opened the door, and, surprise, surprise, there he was. I think he ripped it up so nobody saw it!
  14. Yes, same! Red and green always seemed like such a beautiful combination.
  15. I know this is quite an old thread, but since its quite quiet on here, I like to start things up again!
  16. I think having red hair is cool, its so vibrant and unique! Unfortunatley, my hair is brown, although I do dye it aurburn occasionally.
  17. Good point. I forgot Molly could be badass when she wanted!
  18. Hmmm, it seems so, theres only usually two or three people online at a time.
  19. Hmmm, yes, I see what you mean, but that thread has sort of fizzled out.
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