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  1. @Douglas, thanks! Also, if he said I was pretty, I wouldn't have minded so much. It was the word 'hot'and the age gap between us that kind of made me react like that.
  2. I've come up with some good comebacks over the years I was talking to some older guy in the library just now, he said I was really hot. I said 'my boyfriend thinks so too'. He left.
  3. I think Matt smith would be a great Sherlock, and Benedict Cumberbatch would be a great Doctor
  4. How do you attach a GIF? But for now, this is me.
  5. I read an article somewhere which highlighted the fact that, in a relationship, men fear humiliation and unrequited feelings, whereas woman fear rape or abuse. This made me realise that in terms of relationships, men and women live in completely different worlds. No offense to men, but lots of them don't realise just how much women face this every day.
  6. I usually keep a neutral avatar, however, even so people deduce from my usernames (which are also usually neutral, that I am female.) Even when I was single, I took to writing in my profile that I had a boyfriend to ward off unwanted attention, but for some reason that didn't stop the perverts and the pedophiles . This maybe crude, but on one chat site, a 50 year old man went round asking young girls if he could get some of their 'real poop'in the mail. That still makes me feel sick.
  7. Yeah, those sorts of people always have a reason for what they do, even if you can't see it at first.
  8. Thanks, and I wasn't condoning his behaviour, just trying to understand it.
  9. Thanks for your support, @Douglas, and I wholeheartedly agree. However, it may not be his fault. Some religious ideals are drilled into people from an early age, and they grow up thinking these things.
  10. Okay, I have decided to leave that chat website. A guy started spamming religious messages about anti abortion on the chat. So, for reasons that I would prefer not to divulge into (that you can probably infer yourselves), I was extremely offended and I politley told him I understand, but I disagree, and some people are forced to become pregnant at a young age, which is horrific and traumatising. I said all this very politley and in a calm way. Yet I started recieving private messages from this person, who is now blocked and reported on the website, asking me where I live and telling me he was going to kill me with his gun. Sooo, needless to say, that website is history, and so is my attempt to convince an ignorant man about the horrors of forced pregnancy. *sigh*
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